It was really more of a yelling match, but who’s surprised? It was David O. Russell.

David took exception, as he’s prone to doing. He charged at Jennifer with a profanity-laced tirade, and the two were said to have had a heated exchange at that point. The studio released a statement suggesting the two were keeping the intensity high for sake of the next scene–they suggested it was “method acting.” We would suggest that reasoning is method bull****.

Wow, this is one of the first articles that I have read post statement that is pulling no punches about the reported incident. There is definitely no love lost for DOR. 

this is not grief, not anymore
this is anger
this is my fist in the air, my raised middle finger,
my fuck you to him.
this is refusing to stay silent any longer
this is screaming his name, what he did,
this is not a cry for revenge,
but a demand for justice

this is exhaustion at every chewed up, spit out hollywood movie
peppered with sobbing starlets
black eyes served by condescending method actors
this is not method acting
this is real life
this is my body
this is my story

this is not shame,
this is not sorrow
this is my mother asking if i could just try to work it out with him
this is my father, serving jail time for child molestation
this is the first boy i told
who asked me why i let it happen
this is the high school teacher who said it’s not that likely
and that i should be grateful this is america

this is steubenville
this is kitty genovese
this is daisy coleman
this is college campus,
high school party,
boyfriend’s bedroom,
girlfriend’s car,
darkened alley,
this is everywhere

this is romance novel heroine with belt buckle bruises
this is broken, this is broken
this is the culmination
this is the straw that breaks my back
in the same place my grandmother’s broke
when she tried to leave her husband
this is rising up, protest,
fighting back
this is fighting back
this is it
—  Rachel Thompson, rape culture
Method Act
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don’t ask me why

have you ever wondered why i always drive alone?

same reasons why i never pick up my phone

i got these issues that you can’t subscribe

and i’m scared to talk to anyone for what they might prescribe

these days i just try to keep to myself

well aware i’ve lost touch with everyone else

i understand that i’m fading away

i’d rather play dead than play catch up

because no one really cares all that much

i can’t keep having the same conversations

i look to the floor to keep concentration

focused hard on every single word

my nails are dug deep and my stomach hurts

i am selfish it seems, but i’m trying my best to breathe

hoping you don’t notice as i keep laughing