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why did Laurence Olivier hate her?

I don’t think he hated her. He was rather frustrated with her. He once said (before they started working on The prince and the showgirl) 

‘One thing was clear to me. I was going to fall most shatteringly, in love with Marilyn. She was so adorable, so witty, and more physically attractive than anyone i could imagine’ - Laurence Olivier

So you can definitely tell that he was very smitten with her. Unfortunately their working techniques were very different. Her Method acting was the opposite to his rather laissez-faire attitude. 

He once said that in his opinion ‘She is a brilliant comedienne, and therefore an extremely good actress’ but this changed quickly after he told her on set “All you have to do is be sexy, dear Marilyn”. After that statement nothing was the same and Marilyn lost all her respect for Olivier. He then called her ‘a professional ameteur’.

Rumors have it that he wanted to have an affair with her as well and because it didn’t work out he got bitter. He also saw an opportunity to revive his career by playing opposite the famous Marilyn Monroe.

In retrospective and many years later Olivier had nice things to say about her 

‘She gave a star performance. Maybe I was tetchy with Marilyn and with myself, because I felt my career was in a rut…I was as good as I could be, and, Marilyn! Marilyn was quite wonderful, the best of all. What do you know?’ - Laurence Olivier

Brad Pitt: I hated making Interview With The Vampire. It was dark all the time and that made me depressed and then the script gave Lestat more attention than me and that upest me.At a certain point in filming I would’ve done almost anything to just not be there.

me: holy fuck at this method acting its like “where does Louis end and Brad Pitt begin?!”

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don’t ask me why

have you ever wondered why i always drive alone?

same reasons why i never pick up my phone

i got these issues that you can’t subscribe

and i’m scared to talk to anyone for what they might prescribe

these days i just try to keep to myself

well aware i’ve lost touch with everyone else

i understand that i’m fading away

i’d rather play dead than play catch up

because no one really cares all that much

i can’t keep having the same conversations

i look to the floor to keep concentration

focused hard on every single word

my nails are dug deep and my stomach hurts

i am selfish it seems, but i’m trying my best to breathe

hoping you don’t notice as i keep laughing