remember when jared leto absolutely terrorized his suicide squad castmates and turned himself into a laughing stock bc he misinterpreted what method acting is, only to have 7 minutes of screen time and be cut from most of the film’s promotional material? i know it was a while ago now but i dnt think anything more satisfying will happen in our lifetime

Extreme Antagonist Acting Do’s and Don'ts in Film Examples

Bill Skarsgård- “It”

- Prepared thoroughly for the role, reading the novel, as well as putting an entirely new spin on the iconic character, receiving much praise, while having respect for the original. ( He’s 27)

- Was well aware when and when not to be in a dark place in order to portray Pennywise’s demented and demonic self. (As staying in those places mentally can prove to be detrimental to actor’s mental health.)

-Was extremely kind and helpful to his cast and crew, especially the children whom he worked with, making sure they were OK between takes, and treating them with the same respect he would treat any adult actor.

Jared Leto- “Suicide Squad”

-Sent cast members live rats, a pig carcass, anal beads, and used condoms as “gifts” from the Joker. This can be sourced by interviews with the cast on Youtube, (such as ‘Suicide Squad’: Will Smith talks about the crew relationship with Jared Leto’ ) where Will Smith talks about how Leto sent him a dead pig.

-Method acted as the Joker, creating an uneasy and distasteful environment to those he worked with. (Method acting is not supposed to do that.)

-His overall performance as the iconic character that many talented actors had played before ended up lacking variety despite it all.

I have never met these two in person, nor can I vouch for their character, but it says a lot about an actor in a working environment who is able to do their job well, as well as treat those they’re working with with respect and kindness.

me and lana dey rey: *riding across the country in a volkswagen van, trying to get back to connecticut because lana’s coke dealer lives there*

me: hey lana there’s some roadkill by the side of the road let’s see what it is

lana, already used to my scavenging habits: *sighs* ok, beth. *lights a blunt*

me, going closer to the roadkill: wait holy shit….. this is lorde (ella maria lani yellich-o’connor)…. lorde are you okay?????

lorde (ella maria lani yellich-o’connor): yea i was just method acting for my new album, what are you doing out here

me: i’m with lana we’re getting drugs

lorde: ok it would really help if you just carried me around like roadkill for my album lana wouldn’t even notice really

me, weirded out but will do anything for lorde because i feel like she is my friend: um ok *carries lorde (ella maria lani yellich-o’connor) back to the van* hey lana……. just have this roadkill here im going to put it in the back

lana: *nostrils flare* is that…… ella maria lani yellich-o’connor i smell…

me: *laughs nervously* oh hohoh of course not miss grant you must surely be mistakening the smell of ella maria lani yellich-o’connor for this large non-decomposable bird i picked up

lana: …. that would be a good lyric…. thank you for providing me with inspiration. i agree with you, spiritually. *hands me the blunt*

lorde, arising through the back: im so glad we’re all blood sisters

me and lana: *harmonizing in our exasperated moans*

The exploits that have occurred in Day-Lewis’ eternal quest to remain in character are legendary: he broke his own ribs for My Left Foot, fought random strangers in Rome for Gangs Of New York, and learned to speak Czech for The Unbearable Lightness Of Being, just so he could speak with a Czech accent. Just to reiterate that: The man learned an entire language, just so he could then perform his lines in an entirely different language, but with just a touch of an accent. That’s fucking bonkers, no matter how you feel about art and cinema and wacky mustaches.

It’s all well and good for Day-Lewis; it’s fun to have a really nutty actor out there to win Oscars for us and maybe make some nice shoes while he’s at it. But now other actors have picked up that the best way to be truly great is to torture yourself. That’s why Jared Leto starved himself to win an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club, and mailed used condoms to his co-stars to prepare for the role of the Joker. That’s why Adrien Brody dumped his girlfriend and ditched his life to be in The Pianist. It’s why Jamie Dornan followed a random woman to get in the head of a serial killer for The Fall. If you replaced the second half of most of the sentences in this paragraph with “and then began a police standoff that lasted three days,” it would fit just as well.

It’s all the same path that made Dustin Hoffman stay up for days (supposedly) to look exhausted in Marathon Man, even though he got thrown shade from Laurence fucking Olivier to JUST ACT. Acting is becoming a war of escalation over what an actor is willing to do in real life, instead of, you know, while acting.

5 Reasons Why Method Acting Should Be Laid To Rest

The funniest thing to me is that moment in a show when a character has just died in some tragic way, and it’s just like the saddest thing ever and everyone is bawling

Then you go backstage and they’re just sitting there scrolling through their phone because now they have nothing to do for the rest of Act 2

i love the fics where one universe’s ryan is swapped with the ryan of another universe and then shenanigans ensue because obviously that’s not ryan he’s trying to murder everything in a two-mile radius

but i also get a kick out of the concept that achievement hunter ryan is just so goddamn weird that nobody notices anything’s amiss for, like. a while.

so like maybe minecraft mad king ryan is swapped out with regular ryan, and when he returns everybody’s like, “oh, hey, you’re finally back!”

and ryan’s like, “how’d you know it wasn’t me? was he trying to enslave you all or something?”

“well, yeah, but we thought that was just you, like. method acting.”


“ryan, last week you threw knives into the wall.”

“then how the hell did you know it wasn’t me?”

“oh, michael brought in donuts and you didn’t want any.”

unacceptable (yet common) behavior seen when going through ishida-sensei’s tag on twitter →

(the order of tweets is from bottom to top)

i can list multiple reasons on why this is completely unacceptable behavior:

1) don’t harass the creator on what they can or can’t do, this should be common sense
2) complain about something that has happened/is possibly implied in a chapter that’s not legally released yet (in other words, directly telling the creator that you illegally read their unreleased work for free)
3) don’t ever make light of suicide, that’s absolutely disgusting and disrespectful
4) don’t speak as if you represent a whole, not all “stans” agree with you or your methods
5) acting like a child will do nothing; do you honestly think the creator is going to take into consideration what you said and make changes to appease you specifically, just because you’re upset?

…and the results for this kind of behavior →

(taken from the account’s header)


what can’t you believe? why are you shocked?

you continuously harassed an individual and made light of suicide. how could you possibly think there won’t be any consequences for that type of behavior.

(also having the creator block you isn’t something to be proud of, so i have no idea why you would place this as your header for everyone to see…)

note: please be a decent human being and stop harassing ishida-sensei on twitter (despite his impossible work schedule, he’s still a human being). everything you tweet to him in english represents the entire western fandom in some aspect, so please take that into consideration before you tweet at him.

this behavior really needs to stop.

I wanna give a shout out to my man Bill Skarsgård for not pulling a Leto and freaking out cast/crew members.

Yes I know he scared some kids while in character but he asked if they were alright. That’s how you do method acting. You can be in character but DO NOT make the people around you uncomfortable. I heard many stories of how he scared someone or thought he did and he asked if they were okay. This boy was raised right.


The Suicide Squad cast + clearly liking Jared Leto’s method acting

method acting

you once knew a girl, stitched together parts of people she had once been rather than a person herself. she was an actress and her name changed as easily as the shows she took part in,  but she took a part of the shows with her and never realized how much.

she isnt here anymore.

you once knew her as molly, cheerful and childish, sensitive and still innocent. she had bruises on her knees from the dance numbers but never once complained, and her hair was always perfectly done up in pigtails and everyone thought she was very charming and sweet. she didnt know of the fae or anything strange on campus but she was friends with the crows and everyone else because no one could resist her pure good-hearted friendship and she was truly one of the most beloved people on campus.

she changed her name once that show was over.

she was simply fox for a while,  cunning and graceful and this was when she started to realize that there were fae. she wore her costume and even her character out of the theatre, and she never once thought she was attached to the name because it was only a character, and the name made her stand out and wasnt that fun and good. there were people around her and there were people who werent people around her and she started to attract the attention of the second type more than the first. on opening night one of her costume items was a necklace made of teeth and no one looked long enough to question it but they all knew that she had made her first trade, with those crystal beads we all had as kids and no one thought twice about it not even the fae in the audience because jimothy had always been a strange one, and plenty of students had his teeth. and by closing night she had more costume pieces that no one could source, and sometimes her outline was a bit blurry onstage and she did look more like a fox than a girl but everyone put it up to the theater twisting the lines of suspension of disbelief because all of the actors playing animals did look a little strange and the theater was just like that, but fox herself was the strangest of all the actors onstage and everyone believed how she was acting wholeheartedly even if it did last outside of the theater and even after the show had ended but theater kids are just like that so no one payed it too much mind.

there was a break in shows and she wasnt cast and she went by another name that you now think may have been her true name,  but it has lost its meaning to the people she had once been by then. she was agitated and always auditioning for shows youd never known the university was producing but apparently they were,  and when she never got cast she would wander around with a listless look and the feeling that something was missing from her but what was it. without a show to put on she attracted no attention and there was nothing to see and she helped out backstage sometimes and shed see things but they payed her little mind as what was a stagehand compared to a lead actress. she was practicing constantly and her roommate complained of her being stolen by the fae and while it was investigated it turned out that no, she was just like this now and havent you realized by now that theater kids are just like this.

eventually, she was cast in something and she was the stage manager no not as in the position but that was her character and consequently her name. this was when she started making deals and even doing things for others who were too scared to do so. she seemed to know too much and no one knew how but she was safer than most people had been on campus at least that was what she though because how could anyone get attached to being called the stage manager and that protected her more than the iron ring she held or even the salt she carried around in her back pocket. and the actual director called for her to have glasses so she bought some silver framed glasses and for the first time she could see the fae but not so well it was more of a out-of-the-corner of her eyes thing, and though it was useful it wasnt enough until she stole away into a chemistry lab one night, no one knows how she got it, and when she came back she had telltale burns on her hands from silver nitrate, and she could truly see the world around her and for the first time she was scared.

and once finally she was maria and she was very proud of herself and overjoyed but terrified she was very paranoid at this point but it was really only a matter of time because it always is for actors they just dont realize it until too late and she had begun carrying iron and salt and even cream to appease the gentry and items of value for a trade but none of that can truly guard against a true name and hers was common knowledge and she realized that too late on opening night when she felt a certain spark any time anyone said maria which was far too often and she realized her mistake and it was too late and there was nothing she could do and she made it until the last show night because not even the gentry will disrupt a show but on the closing night after curtain call when she had done her final bows as maria and she walked offstage and people asked where she was headed and it was to the dressing room to take her makeup off (and people hesitantly believed her it was a tuesday and nothing does go terribly wrong on tuesdays) but later she was spotted wandering into the forest still in full makeup and costume with a dream-like expression on her face and softly singing and the hills truly were alive with the sound of music

and maria was never seen again but sometimes in the forest youll hear a faint melody and youll know it and youll wonder if shes still out there, or if she ever made it to where she was going through those hills

and youll realize the lesson that many have learned the hard way, that method acting is truly dangerous here


We need to talk about Jared Leto

I have been seeing so much unnecessary, unkind, undeserved hate towards Jared Leto, and none of it is justified.

I really want to know what’s so bad about him being in blade runner? People hate the fact that he’s a supporting role and why exactly? This doesn’t effect your life, if you aren’t a fan of Jared Leto and don’t like watching movies of him, then the solution is simple, don’t!

Why do people feel the need to comment hateful things on a person only because they aren’t looking forward to their casting role? I’m all for opinions, it’s ok to have an opinion. But when your opinion starts to cross a line of disrespect for another human being is where I get angry.

Your opinion shouldn’t be so important as to put a persons confidence down. All these people are constantly saying “no discrimination” “everyone deserves love” “peace and freedom” “you do you” and then you go and completely push down those morals you have all set up.

I’d love to see you try to go out in the acting world where you are being judged 24/7 and I want to see you get really excited for a role and work so hard to play and put so much time into it, and then see reviews such as “I hate you” “your acting sucks” “kill yourself” “this movie sucks because you’re in it” “I was excited to see this movie but then I saw you were in it”
How about you get all of that on your social media, when your a human just trying to fulfill your dreams and work really hard at it? I’m sure it sucks

It’s a good thing he doesn’t dwell on that stuff, even though it still must be hard. Because the sad thing is that he is an amazing actor, one of the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen an actor like jared Leto in my life. He gets so passionate about his roles and so dedicated and he does so good.

And by the way, Jared Leto as The joker is badass. No matter what you say. I don’t think he did amazing in suicide squad only because I blame the script writer which I’m pretty sure was David Ayer, the script was not fit for the joker and it did not do his take on the joker justice. (No pun intended). And if you don’t like his look, don’t blame him, it was the costume and makeup team that decided his look for him.

I even saw a post saying that Margot Robbie and will smith were perfectly cast for suicide squad but DC disrespected them when they decided to cast Jared as joker. That appalled me. He worked so hard and I actually think he is a fantastic joker, I also think he can go really far with this role, but he needs better scripts and better movie time which isn’t his fault.

I say to out due this hate and actually send some awesome positive messages to Jared, even some fan art.