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i'm so thirsty for jarchie

here i wrote some words

Jughead’s skin is cool to the touch when Archie scoots closer to him under the covers, and he frowns as he pulls the teen towards him, an arm falling around Jughead’s waist. Jughead makes a sleepy noise, annoyed almost, but he shivers, which only confirms Archie’s fears.

“Hey, are you cold?”

“Mm,” Jughead murmurs, shivering again. “M’fine. Used to it.”

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Joseb fluff fics? I endorse this fully. I prompt you with cold weather and methods of warming up and Joseph being the sort of person who gets really flushed when it's cold out.

aaaahh, I love this idea so much that i actually sat down and thought about and and tbh it sounds cute as all heck. but uh ah it may not have gone entirely according to plan haha. don’t worry, though, i’ll get better as i figure out how i like to write the characters.

Headcannon: Sebastian is basically a furnace and he’s never affected by the cold while Joseph is the exact opposite and can barely stand 60 degree weather without his fingers and toes going nmb.

Description: The temperature drops dramatically on their way back to the office after following up on a lead on some case and Joseph doesn’t have a jacket so Sebastian warms him up in the least gushy way he can think of while still being kind of gushy u feel me

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

[Word count: 869]

Dean x Reader


“D-Dean,” You manage to stutter out between chattering teeth. “D-Dean, I’m c-c-cold!”

The pitch of your voice rises to a whine at the end of your sentence, and Dean spins around on his heel to stare at you with a frown. “And? So am I.”

You pout, tightening your arms around your torso and look down the road as the two of you make your way back. It had been a late night hunt - weren’t they always? - and Sam had taken the Impala to dispose of the vampire bodies (vampires who turned out to be the small town’s mayor and his ‘family’), leaving you and Dean to clean up. The two of you made quick work, and had decided to get as far away from the nest as possible to reduce the risk of being caught.

Now, you and Dean were strolling down an empty road in the general direction of your motel. Either side of the road were empty fields, leaving you open to the elements. The wind was cold, and there had been a few minutes of torrential rain that left you damp and cold. Your jeans cling to your thighs and your t-shirt sticks to your chest and back, and your canvas jacket is heavy, weighing you down and you trudge along, feet dragging in the gravel.

“Dean, please!” You whine again, this time not caring. “I’m cold, and I don’t wanna get sick again.”

“What do you want me to do about it?”

You bite your lip for a moment, wondering what he would think about your suggestion, before shrugging to yourself and asking, “Can I borrow your jacket?”

He stops in his tracks for a moment, and you stumble into his back. Scrambling back, your cheeks flare up as he hisses, “What?!” As if you’d just asked if you could drive Baby off a cliff. 

“Please, Dean! Please?” You try your hardest to convince him, and he only needs some minor pushing before he throws his head back with a sigh and slides off his jacket. 


Chewing your lip, you tug off your jacket and drop it to the ground before glancing down at your top. Your pause is only momentary, because you shrug and start peeling off the now skin-tight shirt, dropping it on top of your jacket. 

“Jeez, lady, what’s taking you so long?” He mutters, turning around to face you before he freezes, mouth agape and eyes wide. “Oh.” His shock wears off, and his lips curl into a cocky smirk as his eyes scan over your body appreciatively. “Did you want to use my jacket as a blanket so we can get it on at the side of the road?”

“Dean!” You hiss, crossing your arms, which only succeeds in him staring at your breasts. “Dean!” Your voice is sharp as your hand whips out to strike him on the stomach. It’s not as effective as you’d hoped, but he jolts and offers his jacket once again, clearing his throat awkwardly as he glances away.

“Give a guy a little warning next time, Y/N, damn…” 

“Well, unless you want me to get your jacket all wet.”

“Hmm, I can think of something else I’d like you to get wet…” You pull his jacket on with a huff, bending over and throwing your wet top and jacket at his chest. The strike is a bulls eye, hitting him dead-center between the pecs, and he lets out an ‘oomph’ as he reaches up to grab them before they fall. “You weren’t joking when you said you were cold, huh? It feels like I’m holding a block of ice rather than your clothes.”

“Feel sorry for me yet?” You ask innocently, raising your brows and tilting your head.

He smirks again, stepping closer and winding an arm around your waist as you both start walking again. “Definitely. In fact, I’m feeling sympathetic. When we get back to the motel, I’ve got a good idea on how to get you warmed up.”

“Oh yeah?” You mutter, curiosity tinting your words.

“Oh, yeah…” He replies, looking down at you to wiggle his eyebrows, and you snort. 

Snuggling closer into his side, you wrap your own arm around his waist, before saying, “I think we should wait ‘til we get back to the bunker to try out your method of warming me up, I don’t think Sam would appreciate it all too much.”

He huffs quietly, and you giggle. “What, my method is totally appropriate. Sam wouldn’t mind at all.”

“Yeah huh, okay Dean Winchester. I know you all too well to know that your method definitely isn’t appropriate. But I was thinking of cuddling and snuggling when we get back. In the same bed together. Maybe in a little less clothing than we’re in right now? How’s that sound?”

Dean’s grin lights up his whole face as he stares down at your expectant face, eyebrows raised in agreement at what you’re suggesting. “Hell yeah, that sounds amazing.” 

He bends down, pausing for only a moment before leaning in and pressing his lips to yours. He pulls back a millimeter, smiling against your lips, before mumbling, “Man am I glad that it’s cold outside.” 

HIDDLESTON has a strange method of warming up for murder scenes – forcing his co-stars to wrestle him while stripped down.

In an exclusive chat, David said: “It was weird because when we were rehearsing it, Tom suggested we took off all our clothes and got in our boxers and we just wrestled.

What ??? Really???


Warming up

Taylor sat on the bench under the window in her house as she watched the snow pile heavily outside. Snow stretched out as far as she could see and she knew that the roads would be slick with ice thanks to this winter storm. An sense of uneasiness settled over her, knowing the roads were dangerous and Tom was on his way over. She had told him not to worry about her, that her power would eventually turn back on, and she wasn’t too cold. But of course, he refused and adamently told her he was on his way.

He wasn’t answering his phone and she felt her anxiety rising as she sat back down on the couch and covered herself with the only blanket she had in the house, due to her nonperment residence in Nashville. Plus it was Tennesse, how cold could it get?

Turns out she was painfully mistaken and paying dearly for it now. Her thoughts wandered to her thinking she was going to freeze to death and no one would find her because Tom obviously had-

Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door. She ran over and opened the door wide to find Tom on the other side, all bundled up, with extra blankets, sweaters, and two hot chocolates in hand. God, she loved him.

She ushered him inside and immediately went to hug him. She didn’t realize how cold she actually was. “Taylor, you’re freezing! Jesus, how long has your power been out?”

She buried her face in the crook of his neck as he sat them down on the couch. She mumbled into his chest but he figured its been a while, considering how cold she was.

She straddled him, her skin cold and his still warm. Her thighs against his, her chest against his, her arms around his back and his around her waist. He wrapped a blanket around them both. “Now what do we do?” she asked. “Wait till we warm up.” He rubbed her back; his hand creating friction between their skin and she shivered, moving closer to him.

She could feel the warmth slowly spreading through her, but it wasn’t fast enough. She wanted more, needed more. She pulled away and looked at him with a mischevious smirk planted on her face. “I can think of a way we can warm up a bit faster.” She whispered, her hand coming from behind his back to stroke him through his boxers.

“Taylor…” his tone warning, but it also held that surrendering sign she’d come to love in the last few months. “Really… right now?”

“Yes.” she nodded, attacking his lips. Already she felt warmer, her core heating up from the inside out. “Here, right now.”

He laughed, kissing her back; hard. His hands went to her hips, lifting her up slightly and moving her underwear to the side as she worked him out throuh the front of his boxers. He was warm, so hard and warm in her hand and she squeezed, wrapping her fingers tightly around him. “Did any of your movie training say anything about this?” she teased, rocking her hips against his as she pulled on him, harder than she intended. He let out a groan and moved his head so his mouth would be on her ear. “Do that again,” he whispered, blowing hot air into her air causing a shiver to run down her spine. She tugged on him again and he let out a groan louder than the last. She was about to continue but he stopped her before she could.

He took her hands and set them beside her and he moved his to slip underneath her sweatpants to take them off and connect with her clit. She sighed and let her head fall onto his shoulder as he worked her. Her cheeks flamed and she couldn’t remember ever feeling this warm. He ran his tounge along her collorbone, leaving two stinging marks in his wake. She moved against him a little faster, trying to get their bodies to meet up and connect, searching for any new kind of friction this time. Tom moaned, feeling how wet she was for him and wrapped his fingers in her hair at the back of her head, tugging so her neck would be on display for him. He attacked her neck as he sucked and pulled and kissed every inch of skin he could reach. “I approve of your method to warm up, because I suddenly feel like I’m on fire.” He mumbled into her neck.

“I know.” She could feel her toes again, her fingers as she lowered herelf onto him and took his entire length inside her. “Me too.” Her toes curled as he let her body adjust to him.

Tom hissed in pleasure, loving the now familiar sensation of being joined. It wasn’t new, but she was in no way bored or tired of how incredible he felt inside her. It was so refreshing being together like this. The sexual tension was no longer exhausting, no longer something they had to try and fight against or hide. It was simply the two of them reveling in each other.

His fingers dug into her hips, helping her move faster. As their thrusts sped up and they moved with purpose, the blanket fell from Taylor’s shoulders to a heap around her hips. Neither of them cared enough to pull it back up around them as they were both sweating at this point, the cold being a far thought from either of thier minds. The air around them, between them, held moisture from the heavy breathing, but they only moved faster.

Tom took it upon himself to remove Taylor’s sweater and threw it on the floor. He wrapped his fingers around her bra straps, pulling them down so they fell around her arms, leaving her neck and shoulders bare. He kissed the rise of her breasts, felt her fingers in his hair, holding him, pressing him closer. “Faster.” She demanded and he smirked. There was no pleading with Taylor now, not anymore. He obliged and went faster and harder than before. He flipped them over quickly and she couldn’t help the small smile that graced her lips as he pushed himself on top of her. She needed him as much as he needed her. Her thoughts seemed to dissipate, the fervent kisses taking precedence.

Hair sprawled, chest heaving, her breath gets caught in her throat as she feels her stomach tighten and a fire begins to course through her veins. “Tom,” she moans and he silents her with a kiss. He knows exactly what she needs.

The intimacy that radiates between the two, the light caress touches, the way she stares at him, begging him to go faster, and then the way she moans out his name in appreciation for abiding. They way their hands meet together as that coil within her finally breaks and she lets go of everything as he soon follows.

Chests heaving, Tom rolls off of her and pulls the blanket back over them. “You know, I wouldn’t mind if the power stays off if this is the way we keep warm,” he says with a smirk. Before Taylor could respond, the lights switch on and the heat kicks up again. They look at each other, “You know it takes a while for the heat to come on so it’ll still be cold for a little while.” He smiles at her and picks her up, bridal style, blankets and all, and carries her to the bedroom where they spent the rest of the night keeping each other warm.

They aren’t two separate entities, they are the pieces of the same holding, that finally found one another. Twin flames arching forward in unity.