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No to Low Stress College Study Strategy

I started using this study method my 2nd month of college, when I realized that it was better for study-life balance and my emotional wellbeing. It makes me feel productive and alert all day, and gives me plenty of free time to pursue hobbies, clubs, and personal interests. It sounds kind of hardcore at first, but it’s seriously wonderful if you give it a try! Here’s the game plan:

  • After the first few days of the semester, I sit down with all of the syllabi from all of my classes and write down every single assignment for the rest of the semester into my planner. Include exams, readings, lab report due dates, worksheets, essays, etc. Everything.
  • Every weekend, I set aside however much time I need to knock out every single assignment for the upcoming week that is possible to do in advance. I do my textbook readings, textbook practice problems, my humanities readings, short essays or write-ups to accompany those humanities readings, etc.
  • Even though I’m doing more work, I generally spend the same amount of time in the library as my friends who only do their work for Monday over the weekend. This is because if you don’t commit to doing a large number of assignments, you tend to spend a lot more time on minor assignments than is truly necessary - do I really need to spend 3 hours on this 1-page essay for my English class if it’s only graded on a 10 point scale? Couldn’t I finish this in 1 hour and then devote more time to the rest of the readings I need to do for that class this week?
  • I still have enough time to sleep in, have long lunch breaks, go the gym, go to parties in the evening, etc.
  • You can do this, no matter your workload. I am a pre-med science major taking 20 credits (max course load) a semester, with two labs, and I can get it done. My roommate is an English major with heavy novel reading assignments and she can get it done. (Disclaimer: this mostly applies to undergraduates.)
  • Research papers and midterm exam studying generally get their own day separate from homework assignments. I like writing essays in 1 or 2 sittings, but if you like to spread it out just break up the essay into manageable pieces and do it over multiple weekends, or do the pieces between classes (see next bullet point).
  • After blasting through most of my assignments over the weekend, during the week I generally only have to do busy-work that is assigned at the end of classes and continue studying for midterms that week. I easily finish these assignments in the breaks between classes during the day.
  • With this strategy, I always complete all of my homework well before dinnertime, and often have days when I don’t have any assignments to do. I use this free time for club meetings, hanging out with friends, going to the gym, marathoning Netflix, pursuing hobbies, working a job, whatever.
  • I also use this extra time to be able to study for exams much more effectively - when you don’t have busywork assignments floating in the back of your mind, it is much easier to focus. You will study more productively and effectively, and with much less stress. Exams are worth way more of your grade than the homework assignments you blast through each weekend, so it’s best to be able to focus exclusively on them Monday - Friday.
  • The best part about this strategy is that your workload is heavy on Sunday and sometimes Saturday, but you get to relax Monday - Friday. You basically have a 5 day weekend every week, assuming you enjoy going to class.

If anyone also uses this method, I’d love to hear from you or hear your variants/study suggestions! If anyone tries out this method for 1 or 2 weeks and finds that it works for them, I’d love to hear about it! If you try it and hate it with a fiery burning passion and loathe me for even suggesting it, I’d love to hear about it!

I believe in you!<3 No matter what study method you choose to use, just do your best and exceed your own expectations.


Ashol Pan.

13 year old Ashol Pan is one of the estimated last 250 Mongolian eagle hunters left in the world. And one of the very few women that are granted the privilege to be trained in this ancient, traditional hunting method. Golden eagles are used mainly to hunt foxes during the winter months.

Some images courtesy of Caters News Agency.

if i was a movie director, id constantly hire jared leto for horrible roles like man with horrible constipation or chronic toenail biter so he has to method act like, not shitting for 3 months, or biting his toenails

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Ford as a were-plaidypus!

  A new discovery about the Plaidypus has necessitated that I expand my previous entries upon them, and indeed include an entirely new creature to my  Journal.

   While generally docile, the Platypus do actually have venomous spurs similar to their mundane counterparts. However, instead of releasing a toxin that causes pain, it invokes a transformation within this victim.

   I made this discovery after being injured by one of their spurs myself. At first there was no reaction, so I concluded that the Plaidypus must be non-venomous, but this was soon to be proven otherwise.  At the setting of the sun I was transformed into a half man, half Plaidypus beast that I will from henceforth refer to as “The Were-Plaidypus”

   Unlike the traditional Were-form, I seem to change every night rather than according to changes in the lunar cycle. Fortunately, other than a ravenous desire for Maple syrup and shrimp, I seem to retain all of my human faculties.  I have read of a few lumberjack tails that speak of a cure for my affliction. Tonight I shall see if these cures work, either way I shall report my findings in the morning.

🐾 - other were (specify)

In which Ford learns about some special aspects of Platypus the hard way. I like to think he was trying to get a platypus pelt by capturing one instead of the correct way he gives in his journal here. (he learns that later.) Otherwise Platypus are perfectly happy to let folks pet and love on them. (because they are soft and I want that to be true.)

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Malfoy curses a lot. Like, way too much, and Harry eventually makes a sweat jar so when he swears he has to contribute a galleon and they'll give the total of it to a charity at the end of each month. He swears and doesn't have a galleon on him, so Harry jokes he can pay with a kiss. Draco, strangely shy, does exactly that. It escalates quickly, and when they pull apart he says "That was bloody f*cking brilliant" and Harry reminds him of the jar so he says, "Guess I'll have to kiss you again."

this one is adorable omfg it’s so cute

also i’mma finish the rest tomorrow bc sleep is calling my name

After a few months using the swear jar method, one would assume that they’d get fairly accustomed to watching their tongue. 

Which meant that Harry immediately knew that it must’ve been a really bad day when Draco merely stubbed his toe and let rip the longest string of swears he’d ever heard for a simple injury. 

“Fucking hell of a god damn bitch ass bloody table this piece of shit is in MY WAY!”

Harry blinked from the couch. “Should I count that all separately or as one?”

Draco shot him a glare. “What the hell are you talking about?” He barked.

Simply sliding his gaze to the swear jar on the kitchen counter, he shrugged, raising a brow. At the action, Draco groaned and rubbed his face in his hands. “I…ugh. I don’t have any galleons on me at the moment,” he muttered, already feeling for his pockets. 

Having mercy, Harry simply put downt he book he was reading and opened up his arms. In an attempt to cheer him up, he smiled. “Well, maybe if you kiss me then that can count as payment.”

He expected a scoff and a roll of his eyes. Maybe even grumbling and a peck on the forehead. 

What he did not expect was for Draco to march over, plant his ass on Harry’s lap and drag him in for a heated, heated kiss. 

Teeth scraped against lips and Draco’s tongue shoved its way into Harry’s mouth before the other man could even register what was happening. Noses bruised and groans were shared, only growing in volume when Harry’s hands found their way under Draco’s shirts, digging his nails into his back. 

Only during a brief break for air did Draco sigh in content, a quiet ‘fucking brilliant,’ leaving his mouth. Unaware of his mistake, he simply moaned when Harry captured his lips in for another kiss. “That’s another for the swear jar!”

“Tch…guess i’ll just have to kiss you again.”


Safe (Jon x Reader)

“Imagine being Ramsay’s prisoner in Winterfell and waiting to be rescued by Jon.”

Requested by @iknowyouwuvme: “Jon x Reader where he’s really protective of the reader and he finds out that she was raped by Ramsay and Jon kills him.”

Warnings: Spoliers from season 6 of Game of Thrones, implied rape, violence, murder, Ramsay being Ramsay.

You’d been the prisoner of the Bolton Bastard for what felt like forever. He was a cruel monster that never failed to surprise you with new torture methods, mental and physical. He’d raped you, beat you, and over the past month, even flayed you. Your only solace was when you allowed your thoughts to drift back to Jon. The only man you’d ever loved, the man you were taken from and brought here.

You stood in the room you’d been locked in, your eyes focused on the battle taking place outside Winterfell. You wrapped your arms around yourself as you watched. Dread filled you, Ramsay had promised to bring Jon back, alive, to Winterfell just so he could force you to watch him kill him in front of you or kill you in front of Jon. It would depend on his mood. You stepped away from the window when you watched the wildings and other men who fought with Jon being overwhelmed in the fields.

You knew that Ramsay didn’t fight fair, he would lead Jon into a trap. Your eyes went wide as you thought about the possibility of never having Jon hold you in his arms again. How did things become like this?

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So, about Great Aunt Liz's Rumball Recipe... d'you think vodka would work? See, I have some of that, flavored caramel, that isn't going to get drunk (drank?) very quickly due to the caramel flavor, and honestly caramel vodkaballs sound pretty darn good... Also, I'm fairly certain that 50+ year old family recipes are purposefully vague like this because they're FAMILY recipes, so the new wives would have to spend time learning them with the matriarchs, to ensure family secrets stay in the family.

I’m deathly allergic to alcohol and know nothing, but people have been taking about bourbon balls so I guess so?  

As far as lack of measurements go- that’s the case on my uncle-in-law’s family, who are Sicilian and guard the recipes under eight layers of matriarchy but in my mother’s family it’s because THEY NEVER FUCKING MEASURE ANYTHING IN UNITS NORMAL HUMANS USE.

Really you read GGG’s recipes and they’re measured in things like “Fill the Red Pot with water to the second dent” or “put the dough on top of the fridge and let rise until you can see it again” or “Handful of salt vs Tom’s Hand full of salt”.  Great-aunt Liz’s are usually worse- The rumballs contain suggested measurements at least, most of hers just have a list of ingredients and “Oven, until done”

There is a method to the madness, at least- Mom spent an exciting three months before college transcribing probable measurements before leaving for college, and discovered that “Handful” Is about a tablespoon, and “second dent” about a quart and so on.  There is something delightfully matrilennial about “trying to make beef stew by guessing how big my great-great-grandmother’s hands were.”

A Simple Negativity Purifier for the home!

This is a simple spell which is perfect for low energy and spoonie witches!

What you need:
1 glass
salt/sea salt
7 bay leaves
Onyx or Black obsidian (optional)

Simply put all of the ingredients into the glass whilst thinking of your intent and you are good to go!!

Place the glass in the centre of your home for full effects, if you feel your home is over saturated with negativity place several glasses around your home.

Don’t forget to cleanse and recharge the contents, you can do this under a full moon every month or you can use you own methods that work for you.

Blessed  be ~Quinn

Grounding Theory and Application

Recently I was asked by wrecklessheartofg0ld and devinaswitchyhaven to describe my personal method of grounding because I don’t use the ‘growing roots’ method that I see a lot of people using. The way I describe my method would be more along the lines of ‘equalising myself’ and ‘connecting to the web’.

The reason I describe my method of grounding in this way is because, for me, grounding is a lot like equalising the pressure when you go scuba diving.  And you do this by ‘connecting to the web’ and letting yourself ‘equalise the pressure’ you feel from spellcasting or energy work.

If my analogy doesn’t make sense at the moment I promise I’ll go into greater detail later but first I should probably explain what grounding is and why you should do it for the people who have never come across the term.

Alright. So the term Grounding actually comes from the process of electrical grounding in which an object is allowed to discharge (get rid of its excess charge). If an object is negatively charged, grounding lets excess electrons to flow from the object into the earth, and if an object is positively charged, electrons flow from the earth into the object.

Within the magical community, this process of electrical grounding has been applied to create the witchy equivalent (though really it’s almost the same process and it’s called the same name).

This is based on the theory that magic is a form of energy and when a witch casts spells or practices energy work, it’s likely that they’ll end up with either too much or not enough personal energy. For a witch this can be an extremely uncomfortable experience especially if you are close to either side of the spectrum (i.e. very little personal energy or way too much personal energy).

Unfortunately there are also physical symptoms which usually accompany being unequalised such as headaches, migraines, uncomfortable buzzing sensations under the skin, nausea, vomiting, pain, irritability, insomnia and exhaustion. The symptoms are typically worse the further out of alignment you are.

Grounding also helps people who practice astral travel, dreamwork, journeying, and hedge hopping with reconnecting with ‘reality’ and feeling like you’re ‘in the now’ and present in the world.

Overall, grounding serves two purposes:

  • It stabilises and equalises your personal energy
  • It reconnects you with the earth and it’s systems (what I like to call ‘the web’) and helps you focus on reality and being ‘in the now’

In a perfect world, witches would learn how to ground before attempting to perform any magic or energy work, but unfortunately I see a lot of witches jump straight into casting spells without thinking of what it can to them.  Grounding really is an essential skill for any witch who wants to keep practicing witchcraft without horrible side effects.

So while there are many grounding techniques available, this one is my personal method. If this method does not work for you I would recommend looking at the classic ‘growing roots’ method.  

Connecting to the Web

Everything has its own energy/frequency/vibration/magic. Whatever you want to call it – everything has it. To ground effectively you need to be able to connect to this mass of energy and equalise your own personal energy.

For me, I visualise all of this energy as an intricately interwoven web (like a spider’s web or the internet); a mass of connections each transmitting their own energy and connecting to the whole. This is why I call it connecting to the web. Because for me, it is a web.

I developed this method of grounding because I found that I didn’t always have the time to sit down on the ground outside and sometimes it’s not appropriate (for example: At work or in the middle of class. Really whenever you feel that you need to equalise the pressure of either too much energy or not enough).

1)      First you have to visualise your own energy. You can do this sitting down, standing up, listening to a lecture, watching tv, sitting at your computer – ANYWHERE. You can close your eyes if that helps you however if you close your eyes for a long time in a public place this will become quite noticeable. The more you practice the faster you will be.

2)      Then you need to visualise ‘the web’. You won’t see all of it. You should be able to see the energy of the world around you and how it connects to each other. You won’t see the whole web. Maybe if you were out in space you could, but down here on earth you can only see the bits around you.

3)      You’re already connected to the web. That’s the best part. As a living, breathing organism which has its own personal energy; you are already connected. You just needed to be able to see it so you can get yourself back into alignment again. You should see a little tendril of energy coming from you and connecting to the web. You need to reinforce that connection.

I’m not gonna lie; grounding is hundred times easier if you can stand barefoot on the ground or sit outside with your palms resting on the ground. However, like I said earlier, that’s not always an option.

4)      Now for the equalising process. Like with scuba diving, I found the best way to equalise the pressure from either too much energy or not enough is to breathe. I know this may sound ridiculously simple – but it works. Take deep breaths and as you breathe in, draw in energy from the web. As you breathe out, send out your own energy to mingle with the web.

5)      It may take a few repetitions but you should feel settled once you finish. That buzzing under your skin will be gone and you will feel lighter and refreshed.

And that’s my method. Now I know some people recommend grounding every month or every week but really you should ground every day. I know that may seem like way too much work, but it really isn’t. The more you ground the faster and better you’ll be at it, so if you do it every day it becomes second nature. The second you start to feel off or out of alignment – equalise.

I hope this helps!

- Marci

Sword Fighting For Fic Writers: Chapter 1

It’s going to take me another day or two to finish the full guide, so I’m going to start posting these in chapters. I will continue to post one chapter a day, and also post the full guide as one monster post when it’s done. I may refer to future chapters in these, those will be turned into links as chapters become available.

You can follow the tag #Swords for Fics if you want to keep up without following me :) There will be around 12 chapters or more.

My background: Hey there! I’ve been training in the Italian method of sword fighting for about 7 or 8 months now. So I’d say I’m still quite the novice but I’ve learned a lot and I’d like to share some of that with you all! I’ve trained with two handed swords, one handed swords, sword and buckler, dual swords, dagger, spears, quaterstaff, and poleaxe. (Not rapiers though, sorry.) I also have a “writing” background in animation and illustration.

What’s this for?: As I discovered when trying to storyboard a fight a year ago, action scenes are a pain to write when you don’t know your options. There are a ton of great fics out there with great swashbuckling adventure, and you all do an amazing job at bringing out the most important part of any fight: how the characters feel about it. And while that’s often all you need for good story telling, this is for writers who want to spend more time playing in that action.

Terminology?: There’s a lot of terminology in sword fighting that the general audience won’t understand, or may not even share the same names depending on the school of sword fighting. I’ll be using some terminology as I learned it, but will mostly try to describe things in layman’s terms.

Though a rapier could be considered a one handed sword, it is used differently and I don’t have sufficient knowledge to go in depth for them. 

So let’s get started!

Available Chapters:
1: Dumb Ways to Die  2.May Your Blade Be True! 3.On Your Guard!
4. Making the Cut 5.Stick ‘em With the Pointy End 6.It’s Like a Dance
7.The Measure of a Man 8.A Crossing of Blades 9.Like Chess, but with Knives
An Interlude About Story Telling
10.You Can Barely Lift Your Sword 11.Buckle Some Swash 12.Dual Wielding
13.Everything is a Weapon 14.Got Your Sword!

Dumb Ways to Die
Beginner Mistakes

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Come to celebrate the birthday of Lucis’s very own crown heir and the prince, Noctis, and party throughout August 2017.

Noctis’s official birthday is on August 30 and to celebrate the best crown prince in whole Eos, the month will be dedicated to Noctis. Draw, write, cosplay, edit, gif, craft, headcanon, write metas, make videos, sing, bake – whatever your chosen method for a celebration is, you can join the Noctis Month!

Noctis Month is from August 1st to August 31st here in Tumblr, in a tag #noctis month


Make some Noctis related fan creations throughout August 2017. You can use 31 NOCTIS IDEAS as inspiration. Post your creation(s) in your blog with a tag #noctis month (in the first 5 tags). You can post your creations outside your Tumblr, too, as long as you link and tag them here!
Whether you do only one thing or 31+ things, it doesn’t matter. All will do!


All Noctis related fan creations are welcomed! Your imagination is your only limitation.
Remember to tag your naughty works and ships so those who aren’t not into them can avoid them easily.

Birthday, Crossover, Commercial, Animal, After Dawn, Surprise, Cute
Crossroad, Antihero, Ice, Moonlight, Book, Alternative Universe, Music,
The Best Thing in Eos, In Another Game, Just Wait, Was This Always Here
Rustling Leaves, In Your Heart, At Next Table, Phone call, Premonition, History, Fashion, Steampunk, Tattoo shop, Curse, This Is Right, This Is Wrong, Peace



  • No need to sign in anywhere. This runs in #noctis month tag freely
  • All fan creations must either contain Noctis or be related to him. Other characters are optional.
  • The 31 Noctis Ideas are suggestions only and meant to work as inspiration. You can use them or do something else. Ideas are not day related and can be used at any time during August. 
  • There’s no limit for how many fan creations you should do during August.
  • Fan creations have no restrictions; EVERYTHING is welcomed. Please do not steal other people’s works, though. That’s not nice.
  • Use tag #noctis month – please also tag your ships, nsfw, genderbends, fetishes ect. which you think might upset someone. 
  • If you have questions, ask from your fandom mama @niuniente

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It’s time to take the ‘great’ white men of science off their pedestals 

Science’s most elite magazine, Nature, published an editorial recently arguing that calling for monuments to figures such as J Marion Sims – often called the “father of gynaecology” – to be removed amounts to “whitewashing” history. Sims is widely praised for developing techniques in gynaecological surgery and founding a women’s hospital in New York in the mid-1800s. But Sims experimented on enslaved black women and infants, operating up to 30 times on one woman to perfect his method. Last month, women wearing bloodied hospital gowns staged a protest by Sims’s statue outside the New York Academy of Medicine.

Nature’s editorial sparked outrage and the magazine has now backpedalled. As critics pointed out, the magazine’s argument was essentially the same as that for keeping Confederate monuments such as the statue of Robert E Lee at the centre of recent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia. The idea that statues need to stay put for history’s sake was also invoked in the debate about Oxford University’s statue of British imperialist Cecil Rhodes, which remains in place despite protests.

As this latest controversy shows, science also has its monuments to white supremacy. Like Confederate monuments, these statues should be removed. They are daggers to the open wounds of communities that have long known that white supremacy reaches far beyond the sphere of conventional politics into medicine and science. But removing these monuments won’t be sufficient on its own. The row about Sims reminds us how hard the scientific establishment works to present an image of science as “apolitical”. What is needed is an honest re-examination of science’s history and politics – an examination of the kind that scientists have often tried to silence.