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unikornkweeen  asked:

hi do you know any jealousy or 8th year fics or both id really appreciate it thanks

Sorry for the delay! To make up for it I kind of went a little overboard with the the jealousy part of the request haha, apologies! Let me know if you’d like more simply 8th year fics: 

- Jealousy + 8th Year - 

Everything But The Kitchen Sink (frayach): NC-17, 42k

Amelioration (dysonrules): PG-13, 7k

When The Songbird Stopped Singing (nherizu): PG-13, 37.5k

Want (SilentAuror): NC-17, 4k

Incongruent (agentmoppet): NC-17, 41k

Trick Or Treat (amorette): NC-17, 9k

Sealed With A Kiss (faithwood): NC-17, 46k

In The Electricity of Your Touch (tryslora): NC-17, 24k, Warnings: A/B/O Dynamic, MPreg

Synchronicity (LadySlytherin): NC-17, 35k, Warnings: MPreg

Infernally Mundane Methods (hydr0gen): NC-16, 6k

- Jealousy + Hogwarts Era (not 8th year) -

Green Eyes (anjenue): NC-17, 3k

Malfoys Don’t Get Jealous (Icicle): PG-13, 3k

Hands All Over (LittleYepa): NC-17, 8k 

Green (sara_holmes): NC-17, 5k  

Your Taste On My Tongue (jecroisenLarry): NC-16, 6k, Warnings: D/s 

- Jealousy + Post Hogwarts - 

I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor (birdsofshore): NC-17, 37k

The Art Of Seduction (playout): NC-17, 2k 

Jealous Git (jennavere): NC-17, 4.4k

The Motivational Benefits Of Sleazy Men (fantasyfiend09): NC-17, 16k

Sæglópur (femmequixotic): NC-17, 34k

The Trouble With Good Sense (RurouniHime): NC-17, 7.8k

Pour L’Amour De Pain (alexcaster): NC-17, 16.5

Toxins (acciomalfoy): NC-17, 1k

Flirt Free Zone (enchanted_jae): NC-17, 1k

Something More (thusspakekate): PG-13, 9k

The Domestic Ramifications Of Blowing Off Movie Night (bemygoodday): PG-13, 8k

A Study In Compromise (Queenie_Mab): NC-17, 1k

Bound To Work (Secret Koko): NC-17, 9.5k

A Golden Strand (calrissian18): NC-17, 4k

Tease The Boss (enchanted_jae): NC-17, 1.1k

Partners (megyal): PG-13, 5k, Warning: Creature (Veela)

Homecoming (SilentAuror): NC-17, 1.8k

Says The Magpie To The Morning (Sorrow Take Your Own Advice) (femmequixotic): NC-17, 33k, Warnings: Past Infidelity

Why nott? (enchanted_jae): PG-13, 1k