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when one becomes an apprentice one gets used to the way things are around the office rather quickly

Healing: Energy Systems

This is a post on how to actually go through an energy system and remove/deal with blockages/anomalies. For information on how to actually read energy systems, refer to this article.

This isn’t a strict guideline of course, you are free to edit the method as you see fit. This is just a recommendation based on my own methods, with an explanation as to why I do each part.

Note that this should NOT replace going to the doctor/psychiatrist if you have an actual physical issue/mental. Doctor/psychiatrist first, magic second.

Pre-Requisite/Related Info:

Onto How to Actually do the Healing: 

1. Obtain permission to read and heal the person’s energy system. Permission is obviously very important because of consent. It also gives a person a chance to set their wards and other protections to allow you through.

2. Gather information on your patient’s energy; what energies they do and don’t work well with. The quickest way is to just ask them, most people know what energies they do or don’t mesh well with. This is important to know as some people react badly to certain energies, while on the contrary, energies they do work well with can ease the healing process even more. If your recipient doesn’t know what energies work well with them, you may have to do a general reading of their energy and/or use your intuition.

3. If you’re going to have something to help supplement your energy, get it now. “Supplements” are things that help to provide energy, so you’re not using too much of your own, or for the purpose of providing the element of the supplement. Some examples would be candles for fire energy, a charged bowl of water, etc. You can do a healing without a supplement but they do help, for both reasons listed.

4. If this is a distance healing, cleanse and ward your “connection”. This means cleansing your phone/laptop if using those, and/or cleansing the chat you’re using to talk (such as Tumblr IM, Discord. Usually just uploading a cleansing gif or two works wonders.) This can prevent gunk in the connection from interfering with the reading and healing. Not a strict requirement but it does help. Warding is necessary to prevent parasites and/or negative energy from coming back and sticking to you.  

5. Cleanse them or ask them to do a cleansing of themselves. Have them cleanse their environment (if distance), and cleanse the environment you will be performing the healing in as well.  This will help clean out any “interference” with the reading and make it easier to read their energy. It can also help to loosen blockages/anomalies a bit. This also isn’t a strict requirement BUT I do find it to be very helpful.

6.  Read the energy system. If distance, having a map is very very helpful. Additionally for distance, I recommend sending the actual energy through your communication device (phone/laptop/whatever) but using the map to “aim” the energy (and of course you will be using the map to read the energy system as well.) Details on how to make and use an energy map are available in this post.

7. Gently accustom the receiver’s energy system to your energy, or whatever energies you will be using. This is to prevent “startling” or “shocking” the energy system; to make sure your energies do not hit it too hard, and so that a person’s subconscious magical defenses don’t activate. I accustom the receiver by slowly sending a small amount of energy to each point, beginning with the Heart Point, moving down, then getting the points above the heart point.  

8. When you find a blockage/anomaly, figure out what you need to do to heal it. These are just a few examples; what blockages/anomalies you see and the methods to heal them are not limited to these few; also these are short summaries; for more detailed information, refer to this post. And of course, you can also communicate with points to help ease the healing process.

    • Rocks: Remove them, slowly and gently.  If the rock simply reforms, there may be an additional cause inside the point or in another part of the energy system. 
    • Leakage/Cracks in the point: Seal them up.
    • Toxic/Negative energy: Slowly remove it while adding in beneficial energy to replace the loss.
    • Blocked/closed valves” to points. Why is it blocked or closed? Are the valves calloused shut? Or are they blocked by something? Or are they shut with no apparent cause?
    • Shrunken energy point/point too small: Slowly add in energy to stretch and open up the point. Also check for blocked entrances that flow into these points. *
    • Point too large: This is usually because energy is not exiting correctly, the point is producing too much energy, or both. *
    • Calloused point: This is usually accompanied by a layer of negative energy. Remove the negative energy while “washing” the point; gently scrub and massage away the callous. If the callous simply reforms, there may be an additional cause inside the point or in another part of the energy system.
    • Parasites: Remove them from the body, then capture and kill it. Be EXTREMELY cautious as the parasite could just jump into your energy system instead; have your wards and other protections up.
    • *Tip for all of these: Always check if there is something else in the system that is causing the blockage/anomaly.  

9. Finish up. Methods may differ, but I like to close with an all-over healing and full body cleansing. Let your recipient know that you are finished with the healing.

10. Cleanse yourself. You want to make sure you didn’t pick up any of the recipient’s negative energy.

*Remember that energy systems are very relative- determining if something is unhealthy is based on strange, noticeable differences. For example, if someone has gigantic points in general, and their hand points are super large as well- then those hand points are probably healthy. However, if the hand points were small while the rest of the system has rather large points, then those points are highly likely unhealthy.

This is not an end-all-be-all guide; this merely contains suggestions based on my experience and my own method. Remember, this should not replace going to the doctor/psychiatrist if you have an actual physical issue or mental issue.  

I hope this helps and inspires some of you to learn advanced healing work! And remember, you have to practice, practice, practice, to git gud. 

Polishing Up a Reading

This is how I personally do readings when I’m being fancy. I’m not saying your way is wrong.

INTRODUCE yourself. “Hi, nice to meet you! Thank you for letting me read for you today!”

DISCLAIM if you need to do this in order to feel comfortable. “Just as a reminder, this reading, as with all readings, should be taken in context of your personal experiences and with a grain of salt.”

RESTATE their question, especially if you had to slightly alter the wording to fit your method of divination. “I am reading for the question, ‘what will my love life be like next month?'”

INTRODUCE your reading. “Today I drew for you three cards…” “Today I cast these fives stones…” etc.

NARRATE your interpretations. “The Lovers card means you will have a healthy and fruitful romantic life in the upcoming month!”

DESCRIBE what about your tools helped draw you to this interpretation. This adds an extra layer of depth to any reading. “I was especially drawn to how the Lovers are holding hands, with a dove over them.” “I noted the close proximity of the Fehu rune to the Isa rune, which…”

SUPPORT your reading with the holy trinity: Intuition, Appearance, and Book Knowledge. Allow your intuition to flow forth and unite your spread in to a coherent narrative. Read the spread as it lies before you. Research extra textbook meanings to ensure nothing is missed.

SUMMARIZE your entire spread in to a paragraph. Hit your main points, reiterate the important messages, and give your querent a bite-sized takeaway of the entire reading. I believe summarizing is important even for one card, one rune, etc., spreads.

extracurriculars can take up so much time and it can be hard to find time to start and finish assignments, projects, and study for tests and exams. here are some tips to help you pull through it!

get some sleep

go to sleep early or take a nap. do whatever you need. without sleep, you’ll only feel more miserable and tired and irritable. you’re more likely to do poorly during practices and classes. don’t force yourself to pull an all-nighter. instead, go to sleep early and wake up early to finish up the last bits of work left to do.

write it down

if you get an assignment or find out a deadline, write it down. don’t tell yourself that you’ll remember it because you won’t.

schedule your time

a planner or a bullet journal or a calendar app are the most common ways that people keep track of the things that they need to do. jot down the events that you need to be at + the starting and ending times. schedule study time like an event too. school is important too!!

find spare time and use it

use spare time during lunch period to get that last question done on a math assignment. use the downtimes at meets to start the first paragraph of that essay you need to turn in. finish up language homework during transportation time. use worktime in class to get a head start on things. you actually have a lot of time if you add up all the spare bits.

do what works for you

use study methods that fit you. you don’t have to force yourself to write notes if you find that it doesn’t help you. if reviewing flashcards helps you more than writing mind maps, then do that instead. don’t get caught up with thoughts of what you “have” to do based on the overwhelming aesthetics and popular methods commonly displayed in the studyblr community.

get an early start on things

start homework as soon as you get it. begin projects on the first day and not before the deadline. since you’ll be busy most of the time, it’s better to get a head start on things and have a few extra days and bits of time to spare for those emergency club meetings and matches that drain your time.

stay healthy

your body needs to be in top condition in order to do all of those sports and keep up with those clubs and stay on track in school! drink plenty of water, eat balanced meals, and have healthy snacks and breaks when you need them.

weekends are your best friend

even if you have games and matches and events during weekends, you can still wake up early and find time in the morning. you can also find time in the evenings too! you have a lot more time on weekends. remember to use some of that time to also relax and wind down too!
don’t make up flimsy excuses if you know that they’re not true. you can’t help it if you’re tired, but don’t pretend like you’re tired and push off those essays until another day.

talk with your teachers

if it gets really bad, try to talk with your teachers, advisors, and coaches to see if you can work something out. school is still important and balance is key. i’m sure that you can work something out.

drop something if you have to

in the end, your own physical and mental health is what matters the most. please take a day off if you have to, and if you can’t handle it anymore, then you need to acknowledge that and drop something (not school).

you can pull through it!!! it might seem overwhelming, but you can get used to it. however, remember that you are only human. don’t disregard your own health and education. don’t stress yourself out too much! if it is too much for you, talk to a teacher or advisor immediately.

hope this helped and good luck! if you’d like to request a post, go here and if you’d like to see more helpful posts, go here!! thanks :)

[TRANS/INTERVIEW] GRAZIA Magazine April 2017 Edition - Himchan & Daehyun

B.A.P Himchan and Daehyun’s relationship is much like that of ‘Tom and Jerry’. It turns out that B.A.P fans have already compared them to such from a long time back. At the sight of them bickering without rest, (we) asked “(what if you guys) fight at this rate,” Himchan and Daehyun both answered at the same time, “this is playing!” and caused a big laugh.


Daehyun’s thighs vs Jongup’s butt
If you absolutely had to have one…,
Jongup’s butt. I’ll refuse anything that’s Daehyun’s (laughs).

Bungee jump vs Skydiving
Ah… (I) have a lot of frights (I’m scared of it),
(so I) give up

Kakaotalk vs Phone call
Phone call. It’s annoying typing out texts.

Sleepiness vs Hunger, the thing that’s harder to resist is?
Sleepiness. I have a lot of sleep

Party vs Time alone
Party with friends and alcohol.


Straightforwardness vs Beating around the bush
Straightforwardness. (I) don’t like it when there are misunderstandings because of words (talking).

Ballad vs Dance
Still dance (for now). (I) like it more when (both) vocal and dance skills are distributed (and) displayed. Like Bruno Mars.

Mello vs SF Movie
Mello. (I) originally (always) liked mello. Especially <A Moment to Remember>(, I) wanted over ten times.


It’s the first time doing a photoshoot with just you two, right?
HC,DH (at the same time) yes.

Were the other members not jealous?
DH They were making fun of us saying “We’re going to sleep in~”
HC (They said that they’re) happy that they don’t have a schedule. But the other members are probably at the practice room right now as well.

(We’re) curious what time of conversation was passed on the way to the studio.
The two (we) didn’t say a single word (laughs).

Really? (We) heard that (you) two are the most chatty, (I) guess not.
HC It’s the truth. (But) in the morning(, we) two (both) don’t have words (don’t talk a lot).
Normally(,) even if it’s just (us) two(, we’re) on fire (chatty).

What do you guys do to play normally?
HC (I) drink alcohol (laughs).
DH (I) eat outside, (and) eat inside the dorm as well.
HC But because this friend ran away from the dorm…,
DH Look at this hyung? Don’t misunderstand. (He) means that (I) became independent from the dorm recently (left the dorms to live on his own).

Yongguk, who left the dorm first, left with the reason that “the members don’t clean.” Why did Daehyun leave the dorm?
DH It’s the same. If (you) see Himchan hyung and Jongup’s cleaning style(,) anyone would want to run away. For example(, they) file (their) clothes on the floor like pancake. (I) suffer from rhinitis and also have sensitive skin(,) so (I) try to be clean(,) but this is impossible in the dorm.

(I) also saw the video where Daehyun scolded Himchan saying to please stop wearing my (Daehyun’s) clothes without permission. How is it recently?
DH Yesterday as well(, Himchan) hyung wore without my permission the shoes that (I) left in the dorm and was caught red handed. So I plan to wear Himchan’s clothes (without permission) as well.

(We’re) curious how Himchan will counterattack?
HC Daehyun and Yongguk are almost at the level of a neat freak. Especially Daehyun is an FM (Field Manual) type (sticks to the set plan). (He says that) everything has to go the way that it’s been planned for (his) heart to be settled. Sometimes(,) it’s tiring because of that.
DH I’ll reveal something again. (Himchan) hyung has a lot of sleep(,) so it’s difficult waking him up every time in the morning.
HC Ah! I thought of something to counterattack. When (we) drink alcohol(,) Daehyun often gets up (and leaves) first. Even if serious conversation is being passed(,) if it becomes the time that (he) had set to go home(, he) leaves without looking back. At those times(,) it’s somewhat disappointing (sad/hurting).
DH If I don’t get up (and leave) like that(, you guys) are going to keep holding (me) to stay.

(You guys are an) idol group, is it alright if (you) keep talking about drinking alcohol?
DH It’s alright, (because) I quit drinking alcohol (laughs).
HC Is that why (you) eat so much recently?
DH That’s right. Until before the music video recording(, I) lost a lot of weight(,) but because of this(, I) gained 4kg more.
HC Ah~ Diet! (I) want to stop eating chicken breast.

(You guys) must be on a diet.
DH (We) two both really like eating(,) but during promotion period(, we) control our gluttony. (Our) styles are a little different. (Himchan) hyung likes spreading out a variety of food and eating it(, while) I go for one food.
HC Because it’s important for an artist to have a variety of experiences (laughs).

(I) think to gain experiences(,) traveling is the best choice. Do (you) travel as well?
DH Early this year(, I) went to Sapporo. It was (my) first out of country travel(, but) it was really good. (I went) shopping, ate good things, (and) saw snow.

What did Himchan do during the break?
HC I went to New York and LA and came back. When B.A.P had a little over a year’s worth of break(, I) lived in New York for about three months(; but I) want to go back. (I) traveled around wherever my feet led me.

(We) heard that (you guys are) leaving again on a world tour soon. (And) that (you) plan to open a Seoul concert prior to it in the coming March 24~26.
DH Last year(, we) opened large concerts at a lot of different countries(, but) this time(, we) plan to hold smaller concerts at less countries. Should (I) say that it’s closer to a fanmeeting?
HC (We) planned a lot of time to communicate with the fans.

During the past winter(,) Bang Yongguk(,) who is both the leader as well as the oldest hyung(,) had to leave the team temporarily due to his panic disorder diagnosis. (We’re) glad that (you guys) could promote again as 6 (and) a whole again.
DH (I) believed that Yongguk hyung will return healthy again, but (I) didn’t think that this day would come this quickly.
HC (I feel) that finally now B.A.P has become perfect again. Not only just Yongguk, but it feels really empty when someone leaves the team.

Matching teamwork again after a long time(,) what type of conversation was passed?
DH (We) each calmly welcomed (Yongguk) hyung’s return in our own ways. (I feel that) this type of method fits the best for someone that is manly and with little words like Yongguk hyung.
HC Rather than words(,) it’s more important to show (him) trust with actions.

In place of Yongguk(,) Himchan(,) who is the same age as Yongguk(,) acted as the leader.
HC There was a lot of burden. Because Yongguk and I have different methods of leading the team(,) our connection with the members fit well(, but since I) had to act alone as half of a leader.
DH The two are complete opposites. If you compare it to a family(,) Yongguk hyung is the simple (and) brave (dependable) father(, while) Himchan hyung(,) should I say(,) like closer to the kind mother who shows plenty of affection?
HC Perhaps because of that(,) the dongsaengs (the younger members) treated me like whatever (laughs).
DH Hey, we worked harder to treat (you) more comfortably because you might suffer alone. Since Himchan hyung often plays along with the dongsaengs (the younger members) goofing around. Anyways(,) for B.A.P(,) both hyungs are necessary.

When did (you) feel Yongguk’s absence the most?
HC When (we) got on the stage. (We were) worried that due to Yongguk’s absence the empty space might look big.
DH Moreover(,) it was when we had released a full album and not a single(,) so it’s the truth that we were under confusion as well. But in times like this(, we) as five worked “really, honestly, (to our) greatest extent” the hardest.
HC And that is why the result of the single album <Rose> released March 7th is really important. It is of course Yongguk’s return, (but there are also) a lot of situations tied in.

What type of situations are (you) talking about?
HC Early this year(,) B.A.P faced our fifth anniversary. While happy in one part(, I was worried) that the days that B.A.P can promote as a whole is not that much left. Firstly(,) Yongguk and my age is now twenty eight…,
DH This means that after about 2 years(,) the (Yongguk and Himchan) hyungs have to go to military.
HC (I) don’t think that there has been a time that B.A.P as a whole has been able to complete a big picture. So that is why during the preparation of this album(, I) portrayed my opinion strongly more than before.

(We heard that) while choosing the title song(,) it was changed 4 times. In this step as well(,) was Himchan’s influence big as well?
There were three songs in competing. At first(,) by the company’s suggestions(,) ‘Distopia’ was the prime candidate as the title song. But giving this and that different reasons(,) Himchan hyung persisted on ‘Diamond 4 Ya’. The other members were for ‘Wake Me Up’.
HC (I) felt that ‘Distopia’ was too obvious (a choice), (and I) didn’t like the beginning arrangement of ‘Wake Me Up’. But if (B.A.P released) a trendy song like ‘Diamond 4 Ya’(, I felt that) it could be a chance for B.A.P to advance one step further.

In the end(, you guys are) promoting ‘Wake Me Up’.
HC (I) quickly folded my stubbornness (gave up) (laughs). Instead(,) while arranging ‘Wake Me Up’, (I) strongly requested that “please have this be done this way, (and) that be done that way.”

Looking over B.A.P’s promotion records(,) there wasn’t a lot of the members’ personal promotions. Is there no plans to release albums as a solo or a unit(,) or to expand your areas toward acting or entertainment?
DH (I) feel that it will remain this way for a while. Last year November, while promoting a song called ‘SKYDIVE’(, I) suddenly had this thought. “Ah, (I) should try working harder as a whole group!”
HC There are still a lot of people that do not know about B.A.P’s existence (laughs).
DH This is the first time I’m saying this here(, but). (I am) really thankful of Himchan hyung(,) and on another side sorry. (Himchan) hyung is talented in many ways in music as well as entertainment skills, but (Himchan) always puts team promotions first.

What part of Daehyun does Himchan think is outstanding?
HC Acting, leading (a program), singing, dance, et cetera(,) whatever he does(, it feels) natural. (He also) gets along with whatever group he is with. So (I) often push him saying, “do something,” but Daehyun keeps taking his foot out (not going with it).

Are you following after (Himchan) hyung’s meaning to put team activities first?
DH It’s more that (I) don’t think it’s time yet. (Perhaps that I want to) polish up a little more? There has been times that (I) attempted this and that while not completely prepared and ended up disappointed.
HC But still starting from the end of this year(, we) plan to expand personal activities. Perhaps (we’ll) start from B.A.P’s main MC Youngjae.

From on forth(,) how will the two people(Himchan and Daehyun)’s life flow on?
HC (I feel) firstly that (I) want to focus on this moment (now). (You) can’t tell what’ll happen even tomorrow(,) so how can (you) draw out a far future.
DH (I) can’t think of anything else other than practicing so that (I) may become a closer to perfection as a singer.
HC But(,) if there is one thing that (I) wish for(, it’s that) even after coming back from military service(,) that (I) want to (still) be a B.A.P member.
DH It will be like that. You can believe it. Rather than words(,) I’ll show it through actions, like (Himchan) hyung!


Creating a Thoughtform

This is a tutorial on how to create a thoughtform that is specifically supposed to be sentient and capable of making independent decisions, just like any other being. I’ve seen them called “tulpas” too. This is NOT how to make a Servitor! You do not want to create a Servitor using this method - they are not supposed to be sentient lol.

A Warning

Only make a thoughtform if you can accept responsibility of creating a sentient being. Neglecting your newly created buddy can result in sickness and even death of the thoughtform. A fully solidified thoughtform can survive without you and you two may even part ways one day, but in the beginning stages, you need to be vigilant! Think of it like having a kid, basically. You are bringing something into existence that can feel pain. It can feel loneliness. It can suffer from abuse and neglect. If you can’t handle that kind of responsibility, turn around now! 

If you can, carry on. But be aware that once you cross a certain stage in the creation process, undoing your work will feel cruel. 

Step One - Creating the Base

Your thoughtform is going to develop its own personality traits and appearance quirks on its own, but you need a starting ground. No energy or magic stuff should go into this. This process should feel like creating a character, almost. Create a basic list of personality traits you would like the thoughtform to have, as well as its appearance. You can have it mirror existing things like Pokemon, or an animal, or you could create your own humanoid or creature! The possibilities are endless. Mirroring it off of people can create existential crises, just a warning. 

Step Two - Giving it Life

This process can be different for everyone. But the basic stuff is, you need to give your thoughtform a source of energy to help it grow and develop. This can be changed at a later time, so if attention is your energy source and your thoughtform becomes completely independent far in the future, you can make it so it can eat astral food in supplement to your interactions to survive. Starting out, however, I suggest giving at least three sources of energy. Your attention/your own energy is a necessary energy source. Using the Sun and Moon are also good sources of energy. 

Giving your thoughtform attention and your energy includes:
- Thinking about it
- Talking to it and parroting responses (basically talking to yourself at first)
- Interacting with it and parroting its actions (kinda like puppeteering?) 
- Further designing its appearance and personality
- Actually doing energy work to funnel energy into its form

This is the stage where you need to stop EARLY if you have any doubts on creating it. You will start to see signs of sentience the more you feed it energy. Once you do, going back is a little too late.

Step Three - Sentience and Development 

*Be sure to have safeguards in recognizing a malicious entity pretending to be your budding thoughtform. It is very easy to get tricked when determining sentience.

So now you have a thoughtform that is starting to have its own responses and thoughts. Great! When you talk to it, you don’t have to force a response. It will happen independently of your own thoughts.

You may start to notice the thoughtform’s appearance changing as it gains the ability to do so. The thoughtform’s personality will develop independently of your input as well.

This stage requires a LOT of attention. You may want to give it the ability to get energy from astral food and such now in supplement to your interactions. Your new thoughtform is very fragile in this stage and neglect can seriously harm it - causing sickness or causing it to disappear from existence completely. 

Step Four - Solidification and Maintenance 

Eventually, your thoughtform’s personality and appearance will be what it will be (outside of natural development that you see with any entity). It will have its own life and goals and dreams and fears. It will not depend on you for life, but hopefully you’ll remain close! Neglect can still harm a thoughtform and they can get injured and sick like any other entity. You should maintain your relationship to the best of your ability. Hang out with them on the astral, watch movies with them, talk to them - pretty much anything you’d do with a spirit companion.

If your thoughtform wants to leave the nest one day, make sure that attention is NOT the main source of energy anymore. They might want to go do their own thing and while goodbyes are hard, they’ll still probably visit :). They can do anything an entity can do, so they might go start a family, or find a job, or adventure - the possibilities are endless for your friend! 

I hope this helps! Keep in mind, these are MY views, and this is MY method. May not fit your narrative. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

The 5 Components Every SMART Goal Contains

Most people tend to set goals, but do not think about how to set up their goal in a successful manner.  The acronym SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Based.  Setting your goals around each one of these concepts can help ensure success with a goal, but there are also other actions you can do to be sure that your goal gets achieved.

1.    Writing It Down 

Writing down a SMART goal can make the goal seem more real and tangible.  If you decide not to write down goals, it can lead you to forget them, or even lose focus towards the goal. Post the goal in a place you can see it every day so you can more easily stay on track.  

2.    Have A Purpose

The purpose of each goal you set should be clear.  For any goal to be reached, there needs to be a powerful reason behind it.  In order to gain energy and motivation to work towards your goal, look at the pros and cons of achieving it and determine how important this change could be in your life.  Once the full effects of accomplishing your goal are realized, it will be easier to motivate yourself.

3.    Rewards

When setting goals, make miniature goals that will lead up to the result. Each miniature goal you accomplish should earn you a reward that will help you build self-esteem and reassure you that you can accomplish the goal.  Good examples of goal-achievement rewards are going out to the movies or buying new shoes.

4.    Accountability

Identifying the people in your life that can help you become successful in your goals is especially helpful during the process.  Ask your friends to help and encourage you stay to on track.  For fitness goals, workout partners act as an extra layer of accountability who will meet you at the gym, encourage you on days you’d rather not go, and discouraging your next brownie binge.  If you surround yourself with people who appreciate your goal, the support can help you through the rough patches.

5.    Look It Over

Take time to look at the method you’ve decided is best to achieve your goal and be sure that the method fits your lifestyle and commitment level. Lack of motivation occurs when people are overwhelmed and overloaded; so be sure you choose a method that fits your pace for the best chances of success.

Goal-setting can be difficult because habits and behavior change is slow and gradual.  Use these tips when setting your next goal. Always stay focused and be confident in your ability to reach your targets for the best chances of success. If your goal is fitness-related – weight loss, cross-training, or improved health, Aqua Boot Camp can help you achieve that goal.


everything-shall-be-blue  asked:

Hi! I love all your posts, they are really useful, but I was wondering if you could do one about washing clothes. I'm moving out in a few weeks and the only thing I know is that you are supposed to separate you clothing according to colors... which colors? I have no idea. Help

Absolutely! Doing laundry on your own can be super stressful the first few times, but after you’ve gotten use to it, the routine becomes easy.

Washing Clothes 101

1. Don’t separate. In a perfect world, you would be color sorting your clothes to perserve the crispness of their colors. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world and doing laundry is expensive! I don’t know a single college student who actually separates their whites from their colors, and I would advise you to follow our example and to wash everything together. If you have any pieces of clothing that are very fragile or delicate, set them aside in a bag. Wait until this bag is full, and do a separate wash for them on a delicate cycle.

2. Detergent. Buy whatever detergent is on sale at your local dollar store. Generally speaking, liquid detergent has more washes in it than pods do. 

3. Making detergent. I’ve read some interesting arguments on Tumblr about how making your own detergent is more worthwhile than purchasing product. I actually found a post that broke down the pricing of everything. Based off of how much time/money they spent to put everything together and how many loads they got out of it, my fancy smancy 3-in-1 Tide Pods were 3x as cost effective. I would avoid making your own detergent, unless you know what you’re doing and really want to.

4. Cold vs Hot wash. Cold washes get stains out better and are more eco-friendly than hot washes. Period the end.

5. Do I need fabric softener? Fabric softener is not necessary at all! Its main purpose is supposedly to perserve the softness of your clothing’s fabric during its time in the washing/drying machines. And maybe it does, but not in a very noticeable way. What it does do is smell strongly, a smell that I happen to really enjoy, but not everyone does. That said, fabric softener is super inexpensive, and a bottle of it will last you a year because you only use a small amount per wash. So if you like the smell of it, absolutely- go for it!

6. Do I need dryer sheets? Once again, no you do not! Dryer sheets help keep your clothing from sticking together and getting staticky, which is something you will notice occasionally as you start doing laundry. That said, they are very similar to fabric softener in the way that they mostly act as a scenting agent. Unlike softener, they aren’t super inexpensive, but are supposedly reusable. 

7. Card vs. Coins. Both of these are payment methods for washing machines. Some laundromats have both, most only offer one method. I personally prefer the card because it means that I don’t have to walk around with pockets full of quarters. But some laundromats will charge a small fee for the card and a larger fee if you loose it and need a new one. 

Identifying Washing Machine Types

Unfortunately, there isn’t really a “once size fits all” method for operating washing machines. There are so many different brands of washing machines, all of them varying in age and efficiency. The best I can do is to break the machines into two different categories (pictured above). 

The washing machine on the left is a newer model, the sort of machine that you will find in most laundromats. These machines are generally larger capacity, and are fully automatic. 

On the right, we have the older model. These machines require more legwork and caution then their counterparts because they can overflow easily.

The Method (Washing)

How to Wash Clothes Using an Older Model

1. If you have liquid detergent, start by pouring it into the bottom of the washer. Generally one cap is enough for one full washer. If you’re using pods, see step 4.

2. Pile smaller items towards the bottom of the washer to avoid clogging the machine. If you have to place larger items like blankets on the bottom, make sure that they are situated loosely. 

3. Be careful not to overload the machine! These machines are finicky and do not like to be overworked. Load clothes up to the top of the plastic tube that juts out from the center of the machine. 

4. If you are using pods, now is the time to add them. Two detergent pods per normal laundry load.

Please note that the following two steps are interchangeable. It does not matter if you set the cycle first, or wait until adding your money before setting the cycle. 

5. Set the machine to whatever type of cycle you have decided to use. For everyday clothes and blankets, use a normal, cold wash. Heavier washes will cost more money and take longer. Your average wash should only take a half hour.

6. Add your coins or use your payment card to start the machine. 

7. If you want to add softener, you will need to wait until the “add softener” light turns on. This is about midway through your wash. You’ll pour the softener directly into the machine. You’ll notice how the machine stops running when you open the lid. It’s crazy what technology can do nowadays!

8. Wait until the washing machine finishes its cycle, otherwise the bottom will be filled with water and your clothes will be drenched.

9. Start moving your laundry into dryers. 

How to Wash Clothes Using an Newer Model

1. Fill the machine with clothes, taking extra care to ensure that they aren’t packed tightly.

2. Locate and open the soap compartment located on either the side or top of the washer. Pour your detergent in the one marked “detergent”. If you are using pods, see step 5.

3. Add any softener you may wish to use into the compartment marked “fabric softener”.

4. Remember to close alls compartment, or else you might get hit with some water.

5. If you are using laundry pods, add them directly to the machine, dispersing them throughout the clothes. Two pods per normal laundry load.

Please note that the following two steps are interchangeable. It does not matter if you set the cycle first, or wait until adding your money before setting the cycle.

6. Set the machine to whatever type of cycle you have decided to use. For everyday clothes and blankets, use a normal, cold wash. Heavier washes will cost more money and take longer. Your average wash should only take a half hour.

7. Add your coins or use your payment card to start the machine. 

8. This type of laundry machine has a security lock that activates after you have started the wash cycle. Nobody, not even you, will be able to access what is inside this washer until after it completes its cycle. Feel free to leave the laundromat and get some chores done in the meantime!

9. You will hear a distinct “click” after the washing machine has finished working. Start moving your wash into dryers!

The Method (Drying)

Unlike washers, all drying machines are essentially the same. They will all be oriented like the newer washer model. 

1. Clean on the lint traps in the dryer before you even begin loading your clothing in. Find the lint trap and slide it open, use your hands to scrape the lint off the screen. Put this lint in the nearest receptacle. 

2. Place the lint trap back in- the dryer will not run until it is fully secured.

3. Start loading clothes! It’s impossible to gage how powerful or efficient a dryer is until you try it. I recommend dividing your clothes between two dryers and running them for 30-45 minutes. If you want a more involved but faster method, divide your clothes between as many dryers as possible, and run them for the shortest amount of time. 

4. Add your dryer sheets. The rule of thumb is two sheets per normal sized load.

5. Some machines have a one-size fits all cycle, which could be anywhere from 30-50 minutes. Other machines (most public machines) have a pricing system. My local laundromat has 15 minutes for 25¢, so I’ll put in a 75¢ for 45 minutes. 

6. Select the cycle you would like to use on your machine. I aways recommend the hottest cycle to save money.

7. The first few times you do a load of laundry, you’ll have to keep checking your clothes for doneness. Dryers do not lock, so you can open them at any time to check your clothes. So can the creepy guy in the laundromat- so it’s best to keep an eye on them.

8. After your clothes are done, load them back into your laundry bin.

9. Remember to discard any dryer sheets, little shriveled up pieces of paper, etc from the inside of the dryer. I also like to be polite and to clean the lint trap for the next person.

anonymous asked:

Hi, when i adopted my dog they said to get a martingale collar for her, because she pulls on the leash, so they said it would good. I just have weird feelings about the collar because it pulls on her neck. Is the martingale collar good or something you recommend or not?

Martingales are designed to prevent a dog from slipping out if their collar. It does not choke them, it just tightens up on the slack so if your houdini decides to do the ol’ back up and slip out move, the collar stays on. They are not intended to be training collars. My dog wears one cause he’s fancy. His neck is so long that 1/2″ collars look weird on him, so i’m now addicted to 2″ collars with cute designs!

Back to the point. Whatever you use must be intended as a stepping stone. Your goal can be a nylon collar, rolled leather, or martingale (brachycephalic breeds need harnesses) but these are for dogs who do not pull. You do not want flat pressure around the neck, it will damage the trachea. 

So you try out whichever method you deem fit for your dog & pair it with training. There is no right answer, your dog will be different from everyone else’s. Some people will encourage their methods over others, but ultimately it is what works for your dog.

It is important to know that every tool that is used to prevent pulling is considered an aversive technique. Positive punishment. You are providing an unpleasant response to an undesired behavior. Whether thats a head collar, neck collar, or body harness. So in order to prevent yourself from relying on these methods, you must pair commands with your leash walks. 

Dogs do not know how long the leash is, especially since you’re constantly moving. So when you give them a correction the instant they pull, they aren’t really getting the message. You’re being reactive, instead of proactive, and that can get confusing. Dogs pull because it usually gets them what they want. They want to get to that tree, and if they yank your arm, they get to go there! So you need to first remember that you are walking your dog for them, not for yourself, and use the privilege to smell as a motivator. If your dog pulls, then he does not get to smell that tree, but if he walks nicely - then you need to reward him by letting him smell the tree. A walk where you go around the block with no interruptions may sound nice to you, but it is torture for your dog! So many smells! Sights! Sounds! And you’re just going to go back home!? What is their incentive to not take control and make you stop at every fire hydrant?!?

Alright, so what to do? You simply give them a warning before they’re about to reach the end of the leash. Let them know that the end is near! What happens after your warning is strictly up to you and what works for your dog. You can change directions, stop in your tracks, or give a correction. I tell Charlie “easy” when he gets close to the end, and he almost always slows down right before he pulls. We tried every other method out there before he finally got the picture. Neck collars, harnesses, head collars… some work wonders for dogs, and some can actually make the pulling worse!

But ultimately, you can’t just rely on your tool to do the work for you. Nothing out there can actually teach your dog not to pull, because the second you remove that device - they’re going to pull! 

I’ll give you my go-to analogy. You’re in your car on the freeway, most likely you’re going to speed a little bit, speeding gets you where you want to go, faster. Now you’re on the freeway but there is a police officer nearby, you cannot speed without being negatively impacted. So when the collar is on, the dog is going to listen, when the collar is off… he probably wont. Why? Because the only incentive to not speed is to not get a ticket, but what if there was a reward for not speeding. Every time you went the speed limit, you got to get something you desired! Well then i’m sure a lot more people would go the speed limit!

Ok, enough cheesy analogies. The point is, teaching your dog not to pull takes training. There is no collar out there that is going to teach your dog anything, they are just band-aids. Your goal is to no longer need them after a period of time. But, some dogs have underlying reactivity issues and may never be able to walk nicely on a leash. Just because it can be simple, doesn’t mean it is for everyone. There are those who rely on their gear without even trying to train, but there are dogs who are either in the middle of training, or are not responding to training, that have to use this stuff. What i mean is, not every dog learns the same way. Just because you may have trained a dog once and it was super easy, doesn’t mean that all dogs are super easy. I have met Golden Retrievers that will make you want to cry and don’t even care - they just do not respond to positive reinforcement, and that is certainly not typical for the breed. So anyone with a Golden Retriever can scoff and say well MY Golden Retriever was walking nicely on a leash at 6 months. That means nothing! Stop judging!

Broken Spell Jar

My travel spell jar broke at last. That thing had been sittiing in my car all summer! Honestly I had expected the wax seal to soften before now but hey! What an opportunity, right?

There can be many reasons why a spell jar has broken or become unsealed, and it’s all dependent on what the jar’s intent was. For me, it was protection and reducing inner road-rage when travelling. So perhaps this particular jar has done it’s job and there’s nothing left of it to give. Figure out why this has happened to your jar and then go from there.

So what do you do when the spell jar breaks? Well, again it’s dependent on your situation, but here I’ll show you what I’ve done for this particular spell jar which can be utilized for other spell jars. Feel free to use this method for yourselves and to adjust it according to your needs!

First, empty its content and separate what is salvagable and what is not. Everything to be discarded you can- burn, flush down, throw away, bury, throw outside- whatever is appropriate for the materials you’re getting rid of.

Take what you salvaged and use whatever cleansing method you see fit for your own items. I’ve also salvaged the jar, because I am ALL ABOUT reusing stuff.

So now what? You can take your kept items and use them for other spells or rituals. Charge them, bless them, charm them, whatever! But deep in my heart guts, I feel like these items should immediately be reused for the exact same spell you previously had it in. But that’s just what my heart guts are telling me. If you wanna put them all back in the same jar for the same spell, go ahead! you do you.

Another method would be to just discard the entire spell jar, but I feel like this is such a waste of potential for the spell’s contents. Again, do what you feel is right. And if you have other suggestions on what to do for a broken spell jar, let me know!

anonymous asked:

Hello ! I love your blog and really appreciate your head cannons ! Could I ask how the RFA+V would react to an mc who has a hard time looking into the eyes of others because it gives them anxiety and how they would help them get over it ?

Hi there! Thank you so much, I’m glad you like my stuff(´∀`) oh, and thanks for messaging me earlier! feel free to anytime 

and of course, love~


  • at first, he thought it was because of his flirty comments. which he did say a lot
  • but he noticed mc also did it when in normal conversation, as well as with other people too
  • so one day, he uses his scripts as a way to ask them
  • “mc! help me practice this one scene?” “of course! I’ll be right there”
  • he picked a quite intimate scene, one where the characters has to be face to face
  • it wasn’t even his character smh
  • mc walked in and zen smiled, pulling them over and resting his forehead on theirs
  • mc’s cheeks go red. zen smiles to himself, but shows them the script
  • “all you have to do is listen and look at me…make sure my expression is alright” they nod quickly
  • and so he starts. the line is romantic and hinting at sad, kind of sounding like a goodbye
  • he actually gets into it lol but he notices mc looking away from him in the middle of it. he finishes the scene before he asks
  • “mc..can i ask you something?” they beat him to it. “i didn’t keep eye contact, did i?” he smiles again. “is it embarrassing?” “well, no…it just stresses me out when i do that.”
  • he used to be the same way. he still kind of is. he understands
  • “come here” he teaches them how he got over it - for the most part - because of his job by pretending they’re a different person, a character
  • it works out!


  • he actually has the same problem
  • but he really wants to look into mc’s eyes, especially with zen telling him how romantic it is 
  • so he does some research and tries to find a method that fits him
  • and he got it down! but then mc has the same problem…
  • so he tells them what he came up with! 
  • “ok, so. what I do is first…” “…but if this doesn’t work for you, I found others!”
  • they eventually find one that works 
  • the first time they both maintain eye contact with each other for more than a full minute, they are so happy and hug each other
  • when they get even more comfortable, they get really affectionate
  • the both of them are only really comfortable with each other 


  • can’t relate, but understands
  • she still gets anxiety attacks every once in awhile
  • so to help, she cheers mc every step of the way
  • she makes them start with glances. a small smile while looking at her before they turn away
  • makes sure to always give mc a reward by a small shoulder kiss
  • look, i love those 
  • when it’s just the two of them alone at home, she takes mc’s hands and gives them small encouragements
  • this is where jaehee tries to make them have full on conversations
  • when they manage to have one, jaehee is non-stop grinning
  • she’s so proud of mc aww 


  • it probably frustrates him at first 
  • because he’s so used to this sort of thing. looking at people is easy for him. he’s been trained to do it
  • but mc mentions anxiety and he takes it much more seriously 
  • jumin doesn’t have anxiety, but he knows how to handle people around him that does
  • he’s been in these situations before
  • however, he puts 10x more care into his actions with mc
  • this, he takes care of himself. he makes it a gradual process. looking at his neck, chin, nose, forehead, and finally eyes
  • jumin does the same, to make them more comfortable that their not the only one doing it
  • mc can probably draw him with their eyes closed
  • he’s also very patient, never snapping at mc 
  • they make time to do it after he gets home from work

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • never pressures mc 
  • doesn’t even mind that sometimes they won’t look him in the eye
  • in all honestly, he gets anxious about that sometimes too 
  • but if mc really wants his help, he’s there
  • he actually starts by using pictures of himself
  • holds it in front of his face while they talk, making mc look into his eyes on the picture rather than his actual eyes
  • it really helps, which mc thinks is amazing
  • one day, he cut the picture so his mouth was still the picture, but his eyes were his own eyes
  • they had a 10 minute conversation
  • saeyoung puts the picture on the table after and mc sees that it was cut
  • they look at him, shocked. saeyoung is grinning
  • “you did it, angel!” he’s met with a tackle hug

v / jihyun

  • these two didn’t really have this problem until after V got the surgery
  • because right after the doctor took the tape off, he looked for mc
  • of course, they were right there in front of him
  • he stood up and cupped their face, smiling widely and kissing their forehead
  • mc is blushing so hard and so would i tbh
  • he lifts their chin to look at him, he’s still grinning 
  • “sweetheart, please don’t be nervous when you’re looking into my eyes..i want to show you how much love I have for you..”
  • so mc gives in and looks into his eyes for a bit
  • at first, they’re as scared as they always are. but they warm up to him and his eyes
  • they’re just so…comforting
  • of course, this really only works for jihyun
  • with others, jihyun squeezes their hand and steps closer to them
  • the problem doesn’t go away, but it lessens around him
I’m not going to make this easy for you, Father.  Not after what you’ve done to me; not after what you tried to do to me just now.  I’m going to follow my sire’s example.  I’m going to be just as nasty as you are—but I’m going to do it with more style.
—  Vanyel Ashkevron, Magic’s Pawn.  But also probably Lotor at some point.
Parents in Fiction

It’s surprisingly hard to find good parents in fiction, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Good stories require tension, and tension within families is often something that everyone can relate to on some level. Even in the happiest homes, there will always be problems, but it’s too easy to turn parents into two-dimensional ‘perfect’ characters in good situations. For those who want to write characters with a decent home life, write parents as central characters, or parents as side characters, these tips may help.

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The problem whenever there is a really successful superhero movie is that people think it means that every movie then has to imitate that one in order to be successful. 

I groaned at this headline, and I loved Logan. It was a brilliant movie - the dark tone worked for the story it was telling. But that tone doesn’t work for every story, and it doesn’t fit every character. Trying to make a “one-size-fits-all” method of storytelling just ends up boring and exhausting. 

Tell the stories that suit the characters, not an abstract type that you think is the only thing that sells. 

I don’t like the idea that this means that we’re heading into a new era of gratuitously “gritty” movies that don’t understand that what made Logan good wasn’t the violence or blood or swearing - those were important and necessary elements, but they weren’t the be-all-end-all. What made Logan good was the emotional resonance, the compelling interactions between three fantastic actors, and the ability to create a setting that was bleak and painful but not devoid of humanity. 

Good storytelling. Not just “gritty.”

There are so many tips and tricks to increase productivity throughout the day, but these are 10 of my favorite tips! I’ve found that incorporating these into my daily routine has really helped me focus my energy and get more work done. 

Tip #1: Do a little bit every day.

This is huge! Breaking down big tasks and working on them in really really really tiny bits helps more than one would think. Knowing that a particular task will only take 5 minutes a day will help reduce the overwhelming feeling of having too much work and not enough time. This tip is something that some of the best students do, and it’s also key if you want to develop a new habit or get better at a skill.

Tip #2: Don’t worry about stuff.

You don’t need every single app or notebook or planner to get things done. Find a system and stick with it! What works for someone else might not work for you, so spend some time trying out different methods and find your fit! Remember that how you use your system is more important than what it consists of.

Tip #3: Choose 3 tasks that must get done and finish those first.

The easiest way to reduce a large to-do list is to work on the most important tasks first. Sometimes finishing everything on your list just isn’t realistic, and focusing on the most important things can prevent you from spending time on something that really doesn’t matter.

Tip #4: If something only takes 2 minutes, finish it right away.

It takes more time to plan when to do the task in the future than to do it right away. You’ll feel accomplished and you won’t spend valuable energy on something that ultimately doesn’t matter.

Tip #5: Use the Pomodoro technique.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Pomodoro technique you can read more about it here, or just by looking it up. Essentially, it’s a method of time management that breaks up work times in 20 or 30 minute intervals with breaks in-between. If you struggle with procrastination (and everyone does at some point) this technique is definitely worth trying out. So many people have had success with this method!

Tip #6: Take breaks and don’t feel bad about it.

It’s impossible to work in large stretches without giving yourself breaks. You’re going to burn out, and recovering from that won’t be enjoyable. Don’t feel guilty either. Enjoy your break wholeheartedly. Tell yourself that you deserve that break.

Tip #7: Say no.

You can’t do it all, so don’t try to. You know your limits, so don’t push them! Your precious time and energy won’t be wasted on something that you really don’t want to do, and in a few years you may not even remember doing said thing.

Tip #8: Keep a sheet of paper next to you to write down things that come to your mind, especially if your mind wanders a lot during work.

Part of my procrastination was due to the fact that my mind wandered a lot every time I sat down to try to get something done. Keeping a list of things that came to my mind while I was studying made it easier for me to focus on what mattered. Since the task is written down, you won’t forget it and when you have time later, you can go back and take care of it.

Tip #9: Keep temptations far away from you when working.

Whether it be your phone, email, or the TV, go far away from it when trying to get work done. There are a number of extensions and plug-ins that can block certain websites for a period of time which reduces the temptation to check Facebook one more time.

Tip #10: Monitor your progress.

I like to keep a list of all the things I’ve already done that day right next to my to-do list. I write down everything I’ve completed, no matter how small the task was. Sometimes seeing all the things that you’ve accomplished can make you feel better about the work in front of you. Applying this on a larger scale can be immensely helpful as well.

And that’s all! A lot of these have helped me with procrastination, so I definitely recommend trying these out. Let me know if you guys want any more posts like this, and don’t be afraid to ask questions! Best of luck!


what’s a studyblr?

  • study + tumblr = studyblr! it’s for anyone wanting to do better, looking for motivation, studying and learning. 
  • we’re like the ravenclaw common room huhu
  • some variants are appblrs (blogs focusing on college applications), medblrs (medical studyblrs), etc etc.


  • you could try making a post saying that you’re new! it’s a good way of introducing yourself
  • don’t be afraid of sending messages to other studyblrs and just starting up a conversation (pls we all love getting messages).
  • be nice to your followers and to other bloggers! (no hate/rudeness ;;)
  • tag your posts with #studyblr or #studyspo !! 
  • you can also look through those tags and reblog some stuff

making friends

  • send nice messages! with the new im system, it’s a lot easier to have conversations with people now! (don’t worry we won’t bite pls pls we love getting messages talk to me if u want to)
  • if someone that you’re following reblogs an ask game or something like that, send them a message! you could find out a mutual interest or something!
  • join a community page! you can meet lots of other people and find blogs that are studying the same classes as you :)
  • join a study group. there are many study groups set up by studyblrs. for example, you could join one focusing on biology if you’re taking that class this year. you could meet lots of new people that way!

helpful things

  • having a blog theme that’s clean and easy to navigate is really nice. 
  • you can make a tag list for people who want to look through your blog for resources!
  • making an about is helpful bc people can get to know you!!
  • natural lighting usually makes pictures 100x nicer
  • many people use vscocam to edit things like brightness
  • some studyblrs track tags. for example, i track the tag #tbhstudying and reblog stuff that people have tagged it with
  • don’t worry; you don’t have to be perfect :’)


  • pls pls pls don’t feel like you have to have all of the expensive stationery that you see in posts with a lot notes.
  • don’t let age restrict you!! i started my studyblr when i was a smol 8th grader ; u ;
  • don’t force yourself to do all of the mind maps and illustrated notes that you see a lot in the studyblr community. if you find out that it doesn’t work for you. use the method that fits you.
  • don’t focus on followers. it’s about the wish to get better through your own efforts; not the amount of followers you have
  • don’t repost pictures. always try to reblog from the original. this goes for the pictures that you find on places like weheartit or stealing credit for other people’s posts and articles and masterposts. nobody likes it ;;

welcome to the community !!
hope this helped and good luck! if you’d like to request a post, go here and if you’d like to see more helpful posts, go here!! thanks :)


Historical Paints Series - Grantaire + Verdigris

Verdigris is a blue-green pigment that has been used since antiquity, whose name derives from an Old French phrase meaning “green of Greece.” Though it was the most vibrant green pigment available for much of history, it had an unstable color prone to changing over time, making it tricky to work with. It ultimately fell out of favor in the 19th century as newer, more stable greens became available.