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you know it’s occurred to me that people are so used to me coping that when i can’t cope they get Angry™. like. oh you’re struggling? haha well you never struggle so get over it and here are my top ten newest issues for you to deal with instead. 

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How would dmab people realise they're pregnant? People here know usually because they don't get their periods so do they have periods in mpreg universes? I've read one where pregnant men lubricate inside while that doesn't happen if they're not pregnant

Yeah it’s the sort of thing that depends greatly on how the verse itself is being set up by the writer, and how the pregnancy itself works. 

I normally go with that there is no “cheat” method to find out like that. Just the other pregnancy symptoms and the ability to test positive on a pregnancy test. But that’s because most of the time it’s easier then explaining exactly how the biology works in this story. 

I am now going to be forever and ever a hundred times more the advocate of “have you seen a doctor / professional first?” when people ask about any sort of medical issues in conjunction with witchcraft.

anyway I’m mad about the old order again like wtf kinda nonsense they take babies-6 year olds from their families and allow them 0 contact with them and then raise them with their rhetoric and tell them they can’t have attachments, not even to the people they were raised with or to people that acted as their parents, and give them the choice of either selflessly putting themselves on the line for the order, going to the corps to basically do unpaid labor, or leaving the order when they have 0 outside connections. not to mention in the eu the choice was made for them if they weren’t picked by a master by 13 and if they got expelled their braids were literally ripped out of their heads

what the fuck is wrong with the order tf

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I'm having trouble trying to explain to other people what Demisexuality is. They usually just say, "Oh, so you are Bisexual?" and when I say, 'no' and try to explain they look at me like as if I'm nuts. I was wondering if you could explain it in a more concise way that I can point out to them instead of my rambling method. If you don't, I completely understand. Sorry for bugging you by the way. ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

I’ll try my best!

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