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so i laid awake last night uncontrollably imagining a whole AU about characters arguing the benefits of different animation methods and styles and how they convey or break reality and how it appeals to audiences and how artists put their soul into their work (sometimes literally) and i’m an idiot


To all you Miraculers: Here’s another cool AF show from Zagtoon. Quality’s iffy but the theme song alone is friggin’ great. Hope it makes it to America (Netflix at least).

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lmao like the only time i EVER see hard disney fans even mention ghibli and miyazaki in comparison to disney films is in light of disney’s own mistakes and laziness like damn y’all need to calm down

lemme teach you a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ about stylistic choices in animation and sheer laziness

STYLISTIC choices is about having the full capability of creating characters separate from the previous protagonists while at the same time tying them to the studio that produced them.

And that’s not even scratching the surface.

Considering that a good portion of Ghibli’s library consists of LEAD FEMALE PROTAGONISTS who are usually very young, they need to find a set balance between recognizable and unique.

Ghibli was founded on traditional art and the studio still holds many of those values with it. This is of course including hand-drawn animation in which there is no single model, only the same character drawn over and over again. Is this about CGI vs traditional? No, both can and have provided beautiful films and scenes but it’s not about which one deserves more recognition. It’s about the methods used and how the choices for each one vary. I only bring up the animation methods because it’s part of the reason as to WHY these characters are so simplistic in design.

Still though, they need each lead character to stick to the Ghibli/Miyazaki style to a certain extent. They need to share certain qualities to make them fall in line with the rest of Ghibli’s library.

I mean, they have their differences but they’re obviously Ghibli characters so okay they all have relatively small eyebrows (though considering that they are Japanese that ties in with their ethnicity but OKAY moving on), they all have the eye highlight thing going on, and they all have very non-pronounced noses. I suppose yeah those are all the same. They do shift but those characteristics are roughly the same.

Still though, that isn’t a problem nor is it blatant same-facing. All LAIKA characters have skewed noses, all Dreamworks characters have thin noses, and all Aardman characters have bulgy eyes. Does that mean they’re same-facing? No. It means they’re sticking to stylistic choices to keep themselves separate from the competition.

Don Bluth MADE the choice to stick to a style closely resembling Disney. You know what happened? A whole generation grew up thinking that Anastasia and Thumbelina were both DISNEY films, not Bluth and Fox animation.

There’s a reason why studios tend to go for their own set style.

But hey! Want even more evidence that it’s a stylistic choice?


Save for Haku because he’s a fuckin’ dragon.

While gender is never really brought up in Ghibli films, masculinity and femininity are both neutral here, it’s safe to say that their designs and treatment are both equal. Ghibli isn’t out to make exclusively beautiful/handsome characters, they make them as simple as possible to keep them relatable and much more easier to manage.

The difference here is that Disney has always set out to make their MALES different while sticking their females to the same “doe eyed, small nose, thin lips” ideal. Yes, there is a set Disney style and it has always focused on those features and that necessarily isn’t a bad thing. It’s the Disney style. HOWEVER it seems to only apply to their females. Even worse is their marketing of said females.

External image


The Disney style has shifted from time to time and it shows evidence that it CAN include more diverse female designs. Both Kida and Calhoun are wonderful examples of this. It’s not as if Disney hasn’t evolved or changed their views on female characters to a certain extent. Unfortunately, said shifts haven’t always worked out in our favor or headed in the right direction. It wasn’t until Tangled that Disney came out with it’s true “get richer quicker” scheme with their female leads.

watch as i shift into MAXIMUM PUNZEL-DRIVE

As of late it’s Disney’s sheer laziness when it comes to female design and their own avarice that has caused SUUUUCH a dramatic shift in how fans are taking the Disney style now. When Ghibli audiences and fans never look at a new movie and go “oh it’s Chihiro but tiny” or “oh it’s Chihiro but on a broom.” That is the set style, not a lazy copy-paste.

But hey, let’s bring in OTHER females to see how this works out. I mean, the Ghibli style is prevalent to ALL of their characters so surely they all the parents look exactly like their children.

Let’s look at these lovely lady leads and compare them to their parents.

Congrats, kids, you’re all adopted!

WEIRDLY ENOUGH all of the characters and their parents (if they have any) share same characteristics while at the same time remaining completely unique to each other. It’s almost as if they also take after their father and/or previous generations of their familly. Haha, genetics!

But okay, let’s be a little more fair with Disney.

Let’s look at two families with two daughters.

Mitosis or go home

There is having stylistic choices and there is being lazy.

There is creating a character with similarities to their parent and there is making a recolor of your lead character.

There is creating simple designs for a traditionally animated film and there is reusing the same model because it worked so well the first time.

There is being a small Tokyo-based studio with 300 employees and there is being a large American animation studio with 800+ employees.

THAT is why no one ever complains about Ghibli’s approach to character design and THAT is why Disney doesn’t even come close to Miyazaki.

Let’s finish this off with some MORE wonderful Ghibli characters (most of which being my personal favorites so they belong on here too.)

Now go watch more Ghibli.

Jem and the Holograms Reanimate!


Simply put, this is a non-profit project to reanimate the entire first episode of the Jem and the Holograms cartoon. Each scene will be assigned to a different animator, creating a unique and personalized take on our favorite and most outrageous cartoon! If you’re unfamiliar with Jem and would like to get acquainted, the entire series is currently available on Netflix so please support it if you can! For accessibility and timestamp purposes, though, here’s a Dailymotion upload of the episode.

If you’ve never seen a reanimate before, here’s a couple of other ones to get the idea. [Sailor Moon] [Dragon Ball]


Email us your portfolio and/or an animation reel at ; we do not require that you have prior experience with animation in order to apply, but do please give us some idea of what your comfort level with animating is so that we can assign a scene to you accordingly! For example, if you want to participate but have never animated, we can assign you a scene with minimal movement!

If you’d like to request a specific scene (either through a timestamp or screenshot of the scene), you may, but if not you’ll be assigned one!

Once your application has been approved, you’ll receive your scene as a clip as well as audio ripped from the scene, and you can begin working on animating.


ALL FINALIZED SUBMISSIONS MUST BE 24fps, 1280x720 NTSC, submitted in mov format!!! It’s especially vital that it’s in the correct framerate! If you need help confirming that you’re working in the correct specs, feel free to shoot a WIP to us via email.

We want your specialties in art to shine through in your reanimate, so we do not require anything specific from the medium, style, or method of animation, but we do ask that you put in good effort and please refrain from any vulgar or offensive humor in what you draw. Jem is friendly for all ages!


The first deadline will be around May. Of course, if you need an extension and are certain you’ll be able to finish your scene, we’ll be happy to give extensions.

We’ll be doing a check-in around late March to see where everyone’s at, that way if anyone needs to drop their scene, or even wants to do more, we can plan accordingly.

PLEASE NOTE: contact us via an email we can reach you at! If we’re unable to get in touch with artists, we’ll assume they’ve dropped from the project.


Homemade Special Effects

Today, we’re hoping to inspire a little animated fun! We’re using a neat animation method called ‘pixilation’, in which humans are used as stop-motion puppets, to get from Point A to Point B. So grab your tablet or your smart phone or your camera, and come make human stop-motion with us!

Why walk there when you could slide there? Just like in stop-motion animation, the puppet moves just a bit for every photo that’s taken. So: Step to your left, Photo, Repeat!

Here’s the oldest trick in the ‘Special Effects’ book! In George Méliès’ ‘A Trip to the Moon’ from 1902, he infamously turn the camera off, had the subject leave the screen, and turned the camera back on to continue the shot, thus creating cinema’s first disappearing act! So, remember that film is just a series of photographs, and that you, too, can teleport!

Fly there! This one also counts as a daily work out. Just like we did in the slide, except with a jump! And a very well timed cameraperson… So: Step to your left, Jump, Photo, Repeat! You’ll notice we did a few jumping photos in place at the beginning and end to really make the puppet look like she can fly.

Have fun with it! What do you have in your home that you can play with and add to the animation?

Our favorite part about animation is that truly everything is possible! So whatever kooky idea you have, you can make happen with just a little planning and the right tools. 

For more details on how we made these animations, be sure to watch Animation basics: Homemade special effects - TED-Ed

"Ladybug" Miraculous Ladybug PV Song
Noam Kaniel
"Ladybug" Miraculous Ladybug PV Song

I do not own anything

© Toei Animation / Zagtoon / Method Animation

TM & © 2010 - 2012 Zag Inc. All Rights Reserved

Voilà! The song from the Miraculous Ladybug PV! I have no idea whether someone posted this before or not.


Tell me now, pretty baby
You could never stop unaware
Too gone, for don’t you get it now?
Do you know that I’m feeling down?

Every love went through your head
Giving love turned bad
Maybe love can soothe your pains
Making up, make it better

Up Ladybug, never doubt, ‘til we find one way, forever
Up Ladybug, got a goal, we’ll be fine some day, together

Did you know it couldn’t be enough?
‘Cause I need what’s stolen away
Taking all that to a better love
When you need it all the way

When you’re going through your head
Giving love turned bad
And a love can steal your pains
Making up, make it better

Up Ladybug, never doubt, ‘til we find one way, forever
Up Ladybug, got a goal, we’ll be fine some day, together
Up Ladybug, never doubt, ‘til we find one way, forever
Up Ladybug, got a goal, we’ll be fine some day, together

See the PV!


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RULES: put together a mood board using at least six images for the sim most associated with your blog (simself, legacy sim, character, etc.) and then tag more people to do it.

I decided to choose the hairess of my current legacy Clementine Dalton because I kinda pay not as much attention to her as I should.  Featuring two characters on which Clem is partly based ( Well I see Marinette each time I look at Clem and I named her after the second pretty girl)

Disclaimer: I do not own images or characters

Clementine Charest belongs to Dez (web-comic Frivolesque)

Marinette belongs to  Zagtoon and Method Animation (Miraculous Ladybug)

Other pictures belong to their authors. 

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Okay so I roughly translated this really quickly, I hope it’s sufficient for most of you, if you want to use it let me know and give credit. Thank you!!

“Zagtoon and Method Animation Present” MIRACULOUS - A day in Paris Repetition

*Looking at pictures of Adrien*

Tikki: It’s a great photo, don’t you think Marinette?? 

Marinette: AHAHAHAH HE’S REALLY PRETTY TIKKI Adrien is perfect ! He’s too perfect and handsome that’s why I can never talk to him :( 

Tikki: Oh I have an idea! We can practice together if you want!

Marinette: Really??? You’re really cute Tikki (literal translation, she probably meant Tikki is great) It’s a great idea! Okay, let’s do it!! 

Tikki: Ready….. Repeat after me: Hi Adrien! What’s new? I was wondering, do you want to go to the cinema with me tomorrow? 

Marinette: Hi Adrien! What’s new? I was wondering, do you want to go to the cinema with me tomorrow? 

Tikki: Congratulations, Marinette! 

Marinette: YES!!! Thank you, my Tikki! I think I’m ready-

Tikki: NoNONONO not yet!! We’ll start again, okay? But this time, I’ll play Adrien’s role!

*Marinette blushes after seeing the photo on her phone of Adrien* 

Tikki: OKAY! COME ON! You can do it! -wink- (Tikki as Adrien) Hi, Marinette! 

Marinette: uhhh…hi…Adrien! uh…wh…what’s new??? and I uhh… I like ah no I ask and if….uh…uh 

(Tikki comes behind the phone and says:) Try: Do you want to come to the cinema with me tomorrow? 

Marinette: do you like to HALLUCINATE WITH ME TOMOROW ughhhhh 

Tikki: It’s not that bad, Marinette! You’ve almost got it! 

Marinette: I GIVE UP TIKKI!! We’ll never be able to go to the cinema together….

Tikki: No, that’s not true!! Stop practising for today, and we can restart again tomorrow! 

Marinette: Yes, we can do that! 

Sabine: Marinette, can I come in? 

Marinette: Yes yes! 

Sabine: Who are you talking to, my dear? 

Marinette: uhh..ummm…Alya! Yeah yeah that!! Marinette: I was having a call with Alya! 


Alya: smirking really?? Strange, I don’t remember that call! (laughsI think you were talking to a picture of Adrien!! I’m right, aren’t I, Marinette? Marinette: AHAHAHAHA ah well…ah yeah, you’ve won!! (this means like, you’ve got me!) 

*Marinette giggles and Tikki winks*

anonymous asked:

what program do you animate with? love your art style <3

I use the worst method of animation lmao
I draw everything in Paint Tool SAI then put the images into Sony Vegas Pro and pray