19 feet away from history. 
This is the office where I worked in 2007. That’s me on the bottom left corner, hard at work making the Meth Minute 39 series for Frederator Studios ( who were at the time developing a little show you may have heard of called “Adventure Time”).
See that long-haired guy all the way on the right side? That’s David Karp in the preliminary stages of inventing Tumblr. At this point, the only people who had heard of Tumblr are in the room. A lot can happen in 6 years! But don’t worry, everyone… he knows why we all love Tumblr and he’s not going to let it get ruined! I got a feeling.


The watermelons return in episode 32 of The Meth Minute… only this time they’re not so happy. In fact they’re Emo. Or maybe Goth. It’s hard to tell. Not even the other fruits and vegetables can figure it out.
Directed by Dan Meth.
Starring: Lee Rubenstein, Dan Meth, Steve Nelson, Lindsey Chen, Jared Roessler 

Additional Art: Josh Weisbrod 

Music: Dan Meth 

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Happy 4/20


I’m calling it…


Syd Barrett Visits His Accountant

It’s that magical time of the year: Tax season. Here’s what happens when the most psychedelic man on earth is forced to do the most boring activity ever. Features three fake Syd songs that sound so authentic we fooled numerous Pink Floyd fansites into thinking they were hearing unreleased tracks.

“Nasty Prisms, Good Sir” apparently became a bit of an internet catch-phrase; When you Google It you will find over 3,000 mentions of it around the web. Everything from ugly bootleg T-shirts to bad bands on Myspace to people trying to figure it out on Yahoo! Answers.


Meth Minute Mondays:

This episode of The Meth Minute 39 seems to be many people’s favorite, including myself. It was also the most fun to make; getting away from the computer and spending all day in the park with some friends in July. Can’t be beat.

People often assume it took a long time to make and that we used hundreds of watermelons. In actuality, it was the quickest video I’ve ever made. 13 watermelons, two days of shooting, and two days of editing.

PS: If you like the song (and who doesn’t?), you should check out the blog of John Crave, the musician who performs it.

Emomelon Days
are crying all the pain that’s inside them…
Emomelon Days
will be dead inside your heart.
Emomelon Days
are lonely ‘cause the world it is so phoney
Emomelon Days
are cold and very dark.

Don’t be glad when the days are dying
because Emomelon Days are reincarnated in tears
to be cried again…


Meth Minute Mondays: P-COK

It’s all about peacocks, specifically one named P-Cok. Ever notice how peacocks get all the girls? It must be the feathers. Play on playa. 

I knew I had tapped into something big when, months later, I was at this random bakery in Canada and the girl behind the counter was singing all the words of this song. True story.



This is my attempt at taking the children’s entertainment industry by storm with a slew of new kid-show ideas. As it turns out, my kid-show ideas are not suitable for kids!

Features the first appearance of Stoic Squirrel, Agron, Circles, and the Odd Number Vortex.


THE METH MINUTE: “Mustard Water”

Strike The Hammer! Coins Fall To The Floor
As You’re Gathering The Weapons For the War!
And If You Wanna Be The Best, You Gotta Take the Test!
Climb To The Sky, A Champion Will Rise!

Watch on

Alan Kaufman: Rock Star Accountant

Your taxes are due in two days!!. Better make an appointment with accountant Alan Kaufman, just like all the other "unintelligible rock stars" do. When they aren’t being chased by groupies, these music icons are getting chased by the IRS. Featuring Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Cher, Bono, and more.


Decade of Distraction - #16 of 101 

This weekend I was actually having a hot dog and accidently squirted mustard water onto it and I was like, “My own cartoon taught me nothing”. 


The Palms 
This one still makes me laugh. 
Especially the part whenoOOOOOghhgh-Huhvmnh. 


Decade of Distraction - #21 of 101 

I just attended a party for my Grandpa’s 100th BIRTHDAY. One of the many accomplishments of his long life was composing the soundtrack to this ridiculous cartoon I made. To be fair, he composed it in the late 1950’s… but when I got a hold of a recording, I found that it fit perfectly with the sight of bug-eyed hand-men trying to lift a cup of coffee. Happy Birthday, Grandpa.


a collection of  rejected kids show ideas
featuring The one and only Stoic Squirrel


Decade of Distraction - #22 of 101 

Don’t jive me, computer.


The Meth Minute 39 Thousand

This week we look deep into the future at the (hypothetical) continuation of the Meth Minute series… What animated adventures are (probably not) going to happen in the next 75 years of weekly cartoons? The possibilities are endless (and unlikely to ever happen).


Tonight is the series premier of my friend Devin Clark’s series “Ugly Americans” on Comedy Central. Before his show goes on to be a huge hit, let’s take a look at this old episode of the Meth Minute 39. I recorded Devin pretending to be Mike Tyson and the result made me collapse on the floor of the sound studio in hysterics.

Ugly Americans: Tonight after South Park on Comedy Central. 


this just in:

I know I’ve blogged this a few times already, but now it’s finally hot and summer-ish and beautiful. I spent the whole weekend in the park and I ate a ton of watermelon. It’s time to sing along once more.