During a workup of a reaction we often need to wash the product with different solvents, in this case water and methanol. 

Why is this needed? Because most reaction what is performed between A and B what are mixed to produce compound (the product what we want) D, E, F, G, H… (things what we do not need) are also produced. 

To remove the side products (D, E, F, G, H…) different techniques should be used to purify the product of the reaction. In this case I used water to wash down the excess starting compounds (A, B) and methanol to remove side products (that white thing floating in the upper phase).

I had a couple drinks, and I wonder If I could call you, tomorrow and borrow your heart. See I've been stressing for a blessing The one that would set me apart, set me apart I got all my problems, but I no have no weed When they say money solve 'em, I say "No, not me" And I don't love no more, but I'll just let you be Cause you see all my problems and you still had loved me

Finally, the product of the large scale reaction!

That reddish-brown gunk is washed out with a little cold methanol and I will soon have some white crystals at the top of the funnel.

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Personal Riddle 2

A few of the “risky” things that I more or less intentionally did:

-Climbing roofs at night
-Petting a young male tiger
-Falling into a badly isolated power line
-Shooting “blindly”
-Drinking methanol
-Swimming with whales in the open sea
-Holding a tarantula with bare hands
-Pretending to be Estonia’s minister of foreign affairs
-Touring the country at the age of thirteen
-Flying in an aeroplane made of wood
-Standing up to my father
-Trapeze gymnastics 28 ft high without safety net

As usually there is at least one lie.
I won’t tell you the solution, but “pretend” those are all truths.

Post scriptum: In a “real” situation it is more likely you will have to make a decision based only on your own observations and conclusions. Also it is unlikely that all your questions will be answered and learning to accept this can make life a lot “less risky”.


Moonshine Whiskey - One Time Too Often (1969)

One Time Too Often, presented by the Treasury Department’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF, now in the Department of Justice), tells the story of a man who gambles his health one too many times by consuming illegal moonshine whiskey. His death due to lead salts poisoning launches an ATF investigation, which tracks the moonshine to its source: a sketchy backwoods still. The ATF agents raid the still, resulting in a gun battle and car chase as a saxophone wails on the soundtrack.

Although the film is shot like a stylized television show, lead salts poisoning from carelessly-produced illegal moonshine has long been a real problem. As it distills, moonshine can leach lead from the still components, which sometimes include lead-soldered pipes and automobile radiators in place of copper condensers. There is also a risk that the moonshine may be contaminated by toxic levels of methanol. Even today, government continues to target illegal moonshine production, as seen in this May 2014 news article from Alabama.

There’s no question that One Time Too Often is a highly entertaining film—especially for those nostalgic for television programs of the 1960s and 1970s—but how was it originally used by the ATF and Treasury Department? In so many cases we lack the documentation that would give us these answers. Fortunately, we know one way that One Time Too Often was used. A 1976 press release on the United States Mint website reveals that it was to be presented daily, along with other Treasury-produced films, as part of a new display in the Department of the Treasury’s exhibit hall. Other items on display included currency presses, half a ton of gold bars, and a moonshine still.

anonymous asked:

Part 1: (Spoiler Warning) (Also: This may not be the best explanation because I'm sick and am kind of out of it because cough medicine.) I can understand why you dislike Unknown/Saeran. He done some terrible things. But I just can't bring myself to personally hate him because that poor child has been through hell and back from brith. He was tortured by his mother, he thought that his only twin brother left him behind, than income Rika who BURNS IT INTO HIS MIND that he will never find

Part two: happiness unless it’s in her drug filled world. Not to mention the drugs they named off in the Secret Ending can cause serious damage to someone’s mind to the point that you actually CAN completely change someone’s memory of something. (Peyote Cactus) and the other is actually extremely lethal and can cause blindness. (Methanol) (I always wondered if that was the drug they used on V or if Rkia just physically blinded him.) But that is the real reason I can’t hate him for what he done.

Part 3: He was put through so much and she wrapped him beyond the possibility of repair and that’s so fucking unfair for him because he was just a lonely little boy who wanted to feel loved and someone took advantage of that fact and used him. If anything, the ending is HUGE progress if you actually know what those drugs do to a person. (Like the user being in a deep trance and detached from the world around them, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, numbness, weakness, tremors, terrifying thoughts,

Part 4: anxiety, fears of insanity, losing control, or even experiencing “flashbacks”, or hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD), which are reoccurrences of hallucinations long after ingesting the drug[I don’t me this research for a fan fiction once].) I just personally can’t even imagine the pain and suffering he went through and I just can’t hate him for completely breaking apart when the world that Rika created that he used to protect himself was destroyed.

I know everything that happened to him was beyond unfair. I also know first and secondhand what trauma does to a person. It might be through how I experienced that that I can’t use what he went through to excuse him for anything. I honestly feel super shitty for not being able to like him and projecting certified Bad People onto him but his personality matches someone so well the aspect of seeing him(especially when he’s full mint eye) paired with MC actually scares me. And yes, I know that’s bad and I shouldn’t do that but it won’t go away.

I knew the drugs were also extremely dangerous, I didn’t know that much about them though and that was an interesting… Chemistry lesson? I think that’s the right term?

tldr; I need to realize how to fully separate fiction from reality and stop being whiny about it and I need to read up on my dangerous drugs for curiosities sake.