meth trash


august 19 / for the anon who asked what stationery i use!! this is everything i carry in my pencil bag for school. i am studyblr aesthetic trash forgive me

the pencil bag is from staples and i keep it in my binder, but i took it out for photo purposes hehe. everything in the front mesh pocket are the things i use the most. you can keep reading if your interested more about the supplies!

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The abortions that occurred after Roe v. Wade, these were children that weren’t wanted. Children who, if their mothers had been forced to have them, would have grown up poor, and neglected and abused. The three most important ingredients when one is making a felon. But they were never born. So, 20 years later, when they would have been a prime crime age, they weren’t there.
And the crime rate dropped dramatically.
P: What’s your point?
B: My point is that you were a meth-head white trash piece of shit and your children, had they been born, would have been meth-head white trash pieces of shit. So by terminating those pregnancies you spared society the scourge of your offspring. When you think about it it’s a blessing.
P: I’ve never thought about it that way.
B: Maybe you should, maybe you should stop punishing yourself. I mean, what does a good mother do? A good mother does what’s best for her children. And maybe what was best for your children was wiping ’em out before they had to live miserable fucking lives.
—  Boo