meth sores

Choices {Cameron/Lydia}

They were supposed to go on vacation. But the night before Lydia and Cameron were supposed to leave, Lydia’s father found the girl. Taking her from her bedroom. Making the strawberry blonde write a note, saying she ran away. That was three weeks ago and ever since then, her life had been hell. Getting shared by men in her father’s group and beaten. They also injected her with meth. Tonight, Lydia was sore, chained to her bed and shaking from fear. Looking up at her father, letting out a short cry when another man walked in. “Daddy…please no. Please, I can’t take anymore. Can’t…” Soon, she’d been sedated and knocked out. Waking up with bruises between her legs. Lydia takes out a bobby pin, undoing her hand. She sneaks out the window, falling to the ground below. Shaky legs running fast and stealing a phone before she’d left. Lydia dials a number, praying Kyle answered as she hides at the school.