meth cake

Acute meth overdose possibly?

So I think I experienced acute meth overdose this morning, now that I did a little bit of reading online. I’ve smoked weed a little bit after smoking meth and I was fine. However, after smoking over a gram of meth after 5 days, my tolerance was too high for me to realize smoking the amount of weed i did was a bad idea.

However, I also smoked that much meth beclause I wanted to experiment and see how much my body and mind could handle if I smoked a lot. Well, safe to say I’m never doing that much ever again lol.

Between my chest getting really warm and tight multiple times, constant body temperature changes, clenching my jaw, paranoia, having difficulty swallowing because for me the meth cakes my throat so I was constantly drinking water to ease my anxiety, blah blah blah. Once I was able to get myself together and take a shower, the boyfriend came over to lay with me because I just needed him near me, I started coming down and was a wreck lol. He commented on how much I was shaking, but, quite honestly I had no idea I was shaking mainly because I was sobbing uncontrollably and shit. Uuuugh.

I’m sure you full time users are just like “lol this amateur”…

Also, if you stumbled across this and don’t do drugs, I just want to say I don’t want to hear your comments of “just don’t do meth” or similar. You’ve never tried it so keep your trap shut lol.

Anyway, hi, I’m alive, another day. I smoked a bowl before work (dumb I know) cuz I was just so sluggish and lo and behold, the comedown from that came at work about 2 hours later. So that was just fantastic. Anyway. I am staying away from meth for a whiiiiiiile. I need me some sobriety… in the meantime. I’m here to chat if you folks wanna talk ❤

I’m probably going to screw this up since I’ve never done one of these before, so I’m apologizing in advance. However, thank you all so much for following me, for reading my writings, for just saying hey every once in a while, and for posting a ton of quality shit. So here it goes.

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Fyi don’t do a gram and a half of meth in 5 days and then follow it up with 4 big hits of weed.

Pretty sure my body told me I did TOO much. 2 hours of rapid heartbeat and constant body temperature changes on top of having a meth caked throat that’s hard to swallow.

I did it because I wanted to see how I would do after doing a shitload of meth after 5 days. Bawling my eyes out comedown. Bleh. It’s 450am now and I’m finally back to where I was before the weed.

Shout out to my heart for not exploding.. thought it was going to….

Anyway, bed time. G'night tweaker folks.

It’s entirely possible I just baked the most dangerous cake for Breaking Bad.  The ‘crystal meth’ is rock candy (see previous post) and while not as dangerous as the first lot I made, I’d still recommend removing the big shards before taking a bite.

The inside is a marbled blue and white two-layer cake, but you won’t get to see that until later…