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MariChat Fic Rec 2017 Pt.3

Well Ladybirds and Gentlecats, Foxlilies and Turtleduds, Butterflutters, Peacockamamies, and Bubblebuzzes… it is time.

Thank you dear authors for contributing! (Even when you lost all motivation and could feel the darkness slowly encroaching on your struggling will to write. Love you guys.) And also artists!!! The amount of shameless shipping, honestly, I could cry from the beauty of it all. *✧・゚:* \(╥ ω ╥ ✿)

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Day 21 - Akumatized Marinette

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Day 28 - Kiss it better

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Day 31 - Copy Cat

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Outfit # 170 “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”

Breaking Bad S05x06 “Buyout”

“Stay. Come on, it’ll be fun.”

FFS, where do I start? This shirt is unbelievably ridiculous on him. I can’t help but think that in a fitted cut and paired with tight jeans in a decent wash, this shirt would be hot. BUT, it’s just so Jesse Pinkman here I die. It’s oversized, and in that top shot you can see his jeans bagging around his ankles above his skate shoes. *giggles* You can also see in that shot how Mr. Paul physically brings Jesse to life from head to toe through posture and stance. When he’s at the dinner table, he twirls his fork around like a heathen, and holds his glass of water claw-handed.

Jesse’s anxiety around meeting Walt at his home, and then being forced into this Hellscape dinner, has amplified his lack of manners, which brings me to one of my forever-conundrums of Jessedom. If we know Jesse’s parents and his younger brother to be unbelievably “civilised,” why doesn’t Jesse snap back into that in certain circumstances? Is it possible Jesse got into drugs and rejected his family’s values so young that he skirted keeping his parents’ behavioural norms altogether? This is probs just comedic license on Vince’s part to give us this gem of a scene, but please feel free to argue this out.

“It’s like, yo, whatever happened to truth in advertising?”

Jesse’s silence-filling lasagna scab tangent has forever changed my lasagna eating experience, but I like to take his bumbling conclusion as a little knock toward what Walt is about to drop on him. Walt admits that his kids have been taken away from the house, and that Skyler is waiting for him to die, and so he’s only living for his meth business. Suddenly, neither Walt’s motivations nor his life are what Jesse thought they were. 

I love to imagine how this dinner eventually ended. Was there an enforced desert? Did Walt drink more scotch and ramble about weird things. And, what sort of excuse could Jesse conjure up to leave? Dude has no life except Walt. Oh, ma creys. ¯\(ツ)/¯

Drug dealer avoids jail after judge praises him for good business model for selling meth

An Australian drug dealer has avoided jail after a judge praised him for his “good business model” while selling methamphetamine.

Brodie Satterley, 20, was convicted of running a “low-level” meth trafficking business in Maroochydore, Queensland. Appearing at Brisbane Supreme Court, Satterley was handed a three-year sentence with immediate parole and urged to use the initiative he showed while dealing drugs for a more legitimate career.

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The court heard Satterley had a system while selling meth which included charging interest on debts, giving price guides and discounts and offering refunds to customers who complained about the product. Satterley also sought custom feedback and held business strategy meetings, reported the Sunshine Coast Daily.

He was arrested in June 2015 after police found him in a parked car under the influence. A search of the vehicle recovered drugs, as well as his mobile phone in which he conducted his drug dealings.

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Justice Ann Lyons, a member of the Supreme Court of Queensland, said she was impressed by Satterley’s business sense and urged him to turn his life around. She said she took other influences into account, such as his lack of crime or drug use in the two years since his arrest and his upbringing by drug and alcohol afflicted parents, when deciding not to send him to jail.

Lyons said: “It obviously wasn’t the best business, but it’s a good business model.”

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“You obviously could do very well in business because you clearly are quite intelligent. Can I say that if you actually did some more study you could really make something of yourself? So please don’t come back to court again.”

After waking free from court, Satterley posted a Facebook status update reading: “3 years parole, couldn’t of [sic] gone any better.”

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Breaking Bad was such a wonderful show that it naturally generated a fervent fan base, some of them so passionate, they actually went into the meth-making business. Fans who couldn’t cut it cooking the blue stuff had to get by simply sharing their thoughts about the show online – and the results were almost as deranged. One popular observation noted by fans was that Walt seemed to adopt character traits from the people he killed, such as cutting the crusts off of his sandwiches after offing Crazy 8, or drinking whiskey on the rocks after he killed Mike (he was a rocks-less man before that).

When the show flashed forward in time in its final season, fans hip to that theory predicted that the story would end in the most messed-up manner possible: with Walt killing his wife, Skyler, and his faithful meth-cooking partner, Jesse. They came to that chilling conclusion after seeing Future Walt using the pseudonym “Lambert”, which any pause button fetishist will tell you was Skyler’s maiden name on their divorce papers.

And if Mr. Lambert’s jacket looked familiar, it should: It’s a lot like the one Jesse used to wear.

Wearing Jesse’s jacket, using Skyler’s name – it all seems to point to a finale where Walt murders them both, then eases his bloodlust with a Denny’s Grand Slam. For better or worse, that never happened.

5 Mind Bending Fan Theories About Famous TV Shows

  • what she says: i'm okay
  • what she means: why does everyone on breaking bad have flip phones? the iphone was released in 2007, and the show takes place in 2009. it makes sense that all the people in the meth business part of the show have them, but surely people like hank an marie could afford them? or even elliot and gretchen, the two richest people in the show?
"I.F.T" - Or Why Skyler White Wins This Round

Skyler White has had more to bear than most. Among being a victim of Walt’s more aggressive tactics, she’s also the first to meet with backlash from audiences any time she takes Walt’s conduct and gives it back.

But this isn’t about Skyler’s fan treatment, a topic that’s already been covered throughly and much better than I could. Instead I wanted to write about how she reciprocates Walt’s treatment, specifically at the end of 3x03 when we heard the iconic:

A line so simple yet potent that they named the episode after it, there’s no question that this stands out as one of Skyler’s most memorable scenes. Skyler and the Ted in question had been dancing around each other since season 2 and it was clear what it would come to. But this line is about SO much more than her affair with Ted himself (I mean come on, Ted Beneke? This character is about as gripping as Jesse Pinkman’s wardrobe). It’s about how all episode long Walt had been manipulating her by catching her in social situations and backing her into a corner. This line is about her using Walt’s own tactics against him to get out of that corner, and leave him lying in the ring. 

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Shadowhunters is including the characters who were actually in the books, changing plots so they make more sense than the books, casting actors who actually look like the characters and seem way more excited than the movie cast was, has writers who seem to care more about the story then creating the next big thing, yet you think the movie is closer to the books. Sure, sweetie…