meterial girl

Anti screeched as he felt the knife sink into his back,tar like blood dripping from the wound and immediately consuming the already coated blade.
The weapon would be broken down into pixels after Anti’s blood consumed it like some sort of parasitic fungus.
The wound in question would already begin to seal up and be pulled tight by thick black threads that came from his very flesh.
An arm from in front of Anti reached around him and pulled him close as Alphonse ’s figure fully meterialized before the girl with his revolver pointed right at her.

“…How dare you damage my property you filthy little harlot.”

He said,albeit calm and collected with that well known smile remaining.
Anti stared blankly ahead,not even moving or trying to get away from Alphonse.
After Alphonse’s comment was made he’d pull the trigger of the revolver that was aimed at the woman.
He was done playing games.