Older paladins meeting younger paladins. 

Lance LOVES Keith’s really long hair and is always messing with it. Braids, clips and simple things at first but as they get older and closer he ends up doing Keith’s hair almost every morning sometimes in pretty elaborate designs that he’s picked up from different planets. 

Lance and Keith’s rings. Meteorite with special crystals found only on a single moon on a planet they visited. Also had they EXTREMELY private ceremony there. Bonding ceremony that binds their quintessence/ souls together. The rings act like receptors for each other’s thoughts. Telepathic rings All of this was Lance’s idea and literally had to kidnap Keith to get him away from their jobs as ambassadors. The minute Keith knew what he was doing he CRIED for hours.

The Last Novelization: Chapter 3 Part 3

Oh look! I updated! Yeah so, long story short, I’ve been dealing with some things in the real world for awhile, and haven’t been up for working on multi-page translation projects. But now, here it is! 

Back to feels in the next section, but as always, please do not ask me when it will be updated. I doubt I’ll need to take that long of a hiatus again, but I still cannot guarantee anything about the time frame. 

Also, I just want to note since I did get a few comments on this, in the extremely unlikely event that I end up completely dropping this, I would edit the most recent update to make a note of it and change the main page of my blog so that it wouldn’t say I’m working on it. So unless I do that, assume that I still plan on finishing it.

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29 please!

Rant about history.

oh man I’m gonna stray away from controversial here

The time it took humans to go from powered heavier than air flight to landing on the moon was around 60 years, and that’s freaking amazing.  Think about it people went from seeing nothing in the sky flying that wasn’t natural, to the odd airplane that was a novelty, to commercial air transportation being semi normal, to landing a person on the moon in their lifetime.

And when we landed on the moon the technology involved and the computers used couldn’t keep up with a early 2000′s cell phone, think about that it’s crazy.  I mean I know that as a species we are capable of so many great things, but that leap we took to the sky and to the stars just blows my mind into 10,000 little bits.

It kills me to know that there is a fully functional Saturn rocket at the Kennedy Space Center. 

You know why it’s there?

Because it was supposed to be launched. 

That’s right they had it ready to go, but people were bored with landing on the moon somehow so in the interest of budgets they canceled the last flight and eventually put the rocket on display (outside in the elements) at KSC. 

Can you imagine being bored with landing on the moon?

Thankfully there was a lot of money donated to build a big building to house this giant of engineering with the largest and most powerful engines ever built indoors and to display it in a way that is educational and awe inspiring, but still it could have gone to the moon.  I’ve seen it both when it was outside and inside and I am at least happy that it is protected and restored now.

I have a small piece of the Apollo 9 heat shield that my grandmother gave me that she got when she was a teacher and did a field trip to JPL and it’s one of my most prized possessions, that and my hunks of meteorite as well as my meteorite ring (which never comes off) are things from space which I love, but mostly that little fleck of gold because it is a piece of what I feel is one of the greatest engineering and human feats of all time.

This was disjointed, and possibly not really a rant.  I just think the whole thing is so freaking cool though.


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 4.14.16

theme thursday: prong-set jewelry finds

varied prong-set finds by happylittlegems

it was hard choosing only a few items to show off from happylittlegems (from whitewater, WI!!) … from meteorite to geodes to gemstones, i just can’t get enough.