This is a ring made from Dinosaur Bone, Gibeon and Lunar Meteorites and a  14K gold band. These unique materials band together the remnants of a species side by side with what caused their very destruction.

Dear men who buy this $4,200 ring,

Okay, so this ring is made of meteorite and 18ct gold, with nine different little stones representing the planets of our solar system. That’s right, nine! They count Pluto and so do I! This is pretty much the most awesome thing ever, and I’m mostly just jealous of you, so shut up. However I’m not a man, so my tiny lady fingers wouldn’t be able to wear this masterpiece anyway. The best part? The meteorite band rotates separately from the gold band and rotates around your finger. I bet Freud would have a field day with that…

“My boyfriend gave me this meteorite promise ring for our first anniversary a year ago. I love surprises, so he hid the original ring box inside five other packages from different stores around town. Since I only know it was found in India, the rock and its mysterious history make me wonder what’s ahead for us.”

Taylor McCausland was photographed in New York City on January 25th. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel.


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 4.14.16

theme thursday: prong-set jewelry finds

varied prong-set finds by happylittlegems

it was hard choosing only a few items to show off from happylittlegems (from whitewater, WI!!) … from meteorite to geodes to gemstones, i just can’t get enough.