meteor to the face

Grand total of Charon abuse across all parallel dimensions:

* bitchslapped by a frog and sent to jail by a man in a rock costume (game)
* slapped to the ground by a man not in a rock costume (generations)
* thrown bodily across the room, hit with a Surf attack, ass kicked by Giratina, blown around in the background several times across the rest of the volume, THEN sent to jail by a man in a rock costume (DPA)
* fell down a flight of stairs after throwing a smoke bomb, got defeated by sellotape, got punched by regigigas, got beaten up a different way by every single one of Rotom’s formes, fought three protagonists four stat trainers the rest of the commanders cyrus the gym leaders AND shaymin while clinging by the skin of his teeth to giratina’s head, got smashed with Cynthia’s Meteor Mash right to the face, nearly drowned, THEN got his ass kicked by rotom again, this time throwing a large boulder at him.

…Then sent to jail by a man in a rock costume. (PokeSpe)

Layne attending a party at her home in 1998/1999 (she said it was a couple of years after Demri’s death, which was in October 1996). She said after most of the crowd left at night Layne was still there, and she wanted to go swimming so Layne followed her to the pool. Layne didn’t get in, but sat in a chair sipping a beer. He told her as a kid that he excelled at swimming, he said “I loved to dive into water.” He said the water felt like a whole other world. As Layne sat there and Nancy was swimming, a huge meteor went over them and it lit up Layne’s face. She said he looked like a kid again, and at that moment there was no darkness in his life. Layne said, “Did you see that? How close do you think that was to us, Ann? Do you think that almost hit us, Ann? How lucky are we to have seen that?” Ann responded that it was beautiful, and Layne retorted, “Do you have any idea how rare it is for a meteor that big, and that bright, to come that close to us? We are really really lucky people Ann. You and me.”

oh yeah by the way, since we have all this fresh wet snow, earlier today i was out having an impromptu snowball fight with tony, just like. spontaneously living my life. but !! He threw a big ol meteor right at my face? And my dog was like. Way into that cos she ran right after it, also right into my face. and then I accidentally ate her snoot?

Yeah. I got my mouth full of dog mouth and honestly I can’t say that its a thing I’d reccomend

Yurak Unt.

So my D&D group were playing our second storyline, run by one of us who had never played before. Well we get the story started, killing off a bunch of zombies here and there in the middle of a circus. when I, a Goliath fighter by the name of Yurak Unt (often mistaken as me saying you’re a c*nt) climbs to the top of the ferris wheel where i see tents just toppling over and 2 large monsters stampeding towards us. i climb down, warn the others.

DM: You see two zombie ogres burst through all the tents.

Me: What are they wearing? (trying to determine what i can loot)

DM: all they’re wearing are overalls and wielding morning stars

Me:You mean they’re wearing ogre-alls *shit eating grin spreads on my face

DM:…..Fucking meteor crashes into you all. you’re all dead.

A second part to this campaign was a bit further down, we came across 5 pedestals, DM going through everyone
Dm: this one has your name, that one has your name. *points to me when i interrupt*

Me:Mine just says “you’re a c*nt”

oceansimmmer  asked:

could you please link us pepper's cc because im absolutley in love with her cc, if you cant link all of it can you link as much as you can?


Skin: It’s the Summer Skeletons V2 by @pyxiidis found HERE

Eyes: I use the Meteor Eyes by dustflwr. I’m using defaults but there’s a face paint version. Find them HERE

Dimples: They’re from Pralinesims and you can find them HERE

Hair: It’s the 1989 hair by Primadonna-sims and recolored by @holosprite, I can’t find Primadonna-sims’ blog but the link to the post is here (it’s the mesh so you need it) and the recolor by holosprite is here.

Choker: It’s by @crazycupcakefr and you can find it HERE

Glasses: They’re from  @plumsbob You can find them HERE

Eyeshadow: It’s from @grimcookies and you can get it HERE

Lipstick: It’s from @alyssajoltsims and you can find it HERE

Jeans: She’s using a recolor of the trill jeans by @pheebsims and you can find them HERE and the skinnies by @crazycupcakefr found HERE

Tops: She has tons so I’ll share the two I use the most: The first one is by @wildlyminiaturesandwich and you can find it HERE and the other one is by @bluebellsims and you can find it HERE

Shoes: It’s the nana bow sneakers by @simblob and you can get them HERE

Her beanie is from Get to work, I also tried to find her romper but the creator deleted their blog.

Images I Think Of For MBTI Types

I just came up with this on a whim, so…

INFP: happy children, tears on a wooden table, the sunlight reflecting off a lake at sunset

ENFP: brightly colored balloons, sunlight showing through vibrant green grass, an old looking map with pins marking destinations

INFJ: stars shining brightly on a cloudless night, someone lying down in the grass at night, meteor showers

ENFJ: evergreen trees, a green cloak, someone’s face resting on their hand smiling patiently

INTP: constellation maps, a cyan-like blue, blowing off a stray hair strand

ENTP: a bright orange question mark, a questioning smile, a wooden baton

INTJ: #c4db6e colored curtains, black words printed on white sheets, partly cloud skies

ENTJ: a gray metallic surface, yellow-brown ladders against the neat walls of a house, an empty bookshelf

ISFJ: black and white photos simply framed, fading sunlight on an old photo album, a picnic under a willow tree

ESFJ: colorful tablecloths (usually plaid), striped book binders, a collection of highlighters in the order of a rainbow on a wooden table

ISTJ: messy stacks of faded yellow paper, dirty blonde hair, cooked turkey on a fancy restaurant table (don’t ask me where I got this from)

ESTJ: black suits, striped ties, pushing your glasses up when it slides down your nose

ISFP: dusty leather-bound books, dried strokes of colorful paint on an easel (not a painting; just a few random colorful strokes on white paper), caramel-colored hair with blonde streaks

ESFP: lights on a skyscraper, a sparkling gold microphone, swishing wine in a cup

ISTP: rusted metal, magic tricks, ripped and stained jeans

ESTP: a dull red skateboard, gold-colored winter hats, snow-topped mountains

Letting My 8 Year Old Cousin Hear Outer Space/Carry On for the First Time
  • Line: I can still taste the ocean like it was today.
  • Cousin: Ew, that's gross. People pee in that.
  • Line: I guess I was running from something, I was running back to you.
  • Cousin: That's a whole lot of running. I mean they live like across the ocean.
  • Line: The darkest night never felt so bright.
  • Cousin: *headbangs*
  • Line: Nothing like the rain when you're in outer space.
  • Cousin: *looks me dead in the eye and keeps a completely straight face* ....Wouldn't that be a meteor SHOWER?
  • *Carry On begins*
  • Line: You know it's gonna get better.
  • Cousin: *grins* They're right, it really does.
  • Line: I got one foot in the golden life, one foot in the gutter.
  • Cousin: *nods slowly* I understand. I've been there. I get it.
  • Line: Survive the ignorance
  • Cousin: *raises eyebrows* People be trippin.

Fear has grown, fear so old
Fear is pulsing in my skull [ ]

Grey came to a skidding halt just after dashing out of the near building. His arm flew up to protect his face from the meteor’s explosive impact that nearly crushed him. He’d have to be more careful.
Now the monstrous demon was rising from broken foundation, the young mage would not be able to escape combat the entire invasion - or his fear.

((The first round of demons Grey mostly ran from, he’s not actually combat experienced! pt.2))

A couple of smooth operators sitting on the loveseat 

Rose wishes her hands weren’t so sweaty and Kanaya is chastising herself for taking “a casual walk through the meteor” at face value and not dressing up in proper date attire

okay but whoever qualifies to the rio AA final already has a selling narrative

simone and gabo - reigning world champ vs reigning olympic champ!!!!!! gabo came back with a vengeance after being one upped at nationals! she has something to prove! SHOWDOWN OF THE AGES!

simone and aly - reigning world champ and aly who lost a tie breaker in london for an AA medal! she is back again to finally get that long sought after AA medal! 

simone and laurie - reigning world champ and rising star laurie hernandez the underdog!! sneaking ahead of gabo just like gabo snuck ahead of jordyn in 2012 after her meteoric rise! its historic! 

simone and marta - reigning world champ and actual fossil face off!!!! live!!!!