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What is pooh baseball?

a few years ago, 4chan’s /v/ board discovered a game about playing baseball with Winnie the Pooh characters on Disney’s Japanese website

the thing about this game was that it was insanely difficult. the “normal” characters in the game’s earlier levels required pretty precise timing to hit their pitches, and as you progressed through the games levels and made it to characters like tigger and owl the game flat-out started cheating. tigger’s pitches would zig-zag in mid-air, owl’s pitches would turn invisible halfway through and you had to hit them on pure timing alone, and so on. it was insanely hard and everyone was enamored by it. why is this winnie the pooh game for babies insanely hard, requiring reaction times that almost seemed inhuman?

then people beat all of those characters and made it to christopher robin. christopher robin was next to impossible to beat. he incorporated every previous character’s throwing quirks and would switch them up with every pitch. he would sometimes even combine them, like pitching invisible screwballs. you couldn’t defeat him. 

everyone on /v/ loved this game. it gelled perfectly with the internet’s sense of humor at the time. people would photoshop christopher robin’s face on meteors with winnie the pooh preparing to bat the meteor out of the sky. fancomics were drawn. christopher robin became an angry god hell-bent on destroying everything in his path, winnie the pooh became earth’s last hero standing in defiance of the gods. it was insane. all because of this weird, insanely difficult japanese winnie the pooh baseball game. 

To Keep Beauty From Fading

When all your face appears most fair,

When comets and meteors gild your hair,

And in your eyes the moon and sun

Contest, surrender, and burn as one,

When ivory Venus smoothes your brow,

And Mars recurves your lips’ red bow,

Make haste to utter this binding verse

And hold the stars to their kindest course:

“Figure of fire
That shift and change,
Planets that move
by heavens hinge,
Be signed and fixed
Forever here,
And close my image
Within thy sphere.”

Measure a yard of golden string,

Loose from your fingers let it swing

Then tie it in thirteen sturdy knots -

Hide it among your scents and pots

- (Crone’s Book Of Magical Words by Valerie Worth)

Constellations - Hannah Baker x Reader

Request - “Hiii there!, could I request a Hannah baker x fem reader where they both go star gazing and the reader reveals her feelings for Hannah:)”

A/N: Y/S/N is Your Ship Name and Y/E/C is Your Eye Colour.

“Fuckkk, It’s so coool!” You sighed at your computer screen, resting your head on your hand and scrolling with the other.

“Y/N, I’ve said I’ll go with you!” Your best friend, Clay, threw his arms up.

“I know but-”

“You’d rather have her. I get it.” He faked annoyance, but his sly grin was hard to hide.

“Not that she’d go with me, anyway.” You despaired.

“Would you stop saying that? Just ask her already.”

“She’ll think I’m a nerd.” you motioned to the computer screen displaying the information about the Geminid Meteors. Clay rolled his eyes.

“It’s just so exciting!” Your eyes lit up as they met the screen again.

“What is?” Hannah asked, taking a seat in the chair next to you. The voice made a lump form in your throat.

“Uh-” You stuttered, taken aback by her sudden appearance.

“This meteor shower thing. Y/N wants to go, but I’m busy and her parents won’t let her out alone so late.” Clay lied. You shot him daggers.

“Oh, really? That’s awesome! I’ll go with you, I’d love to see it.” She smiled. When she noticed your silence, she faltered a little, “If that’s okay with you…”

“Yes! Yes, of course! Thank you Hannah.” You grinned back.

You and Hannah had been friends ever since she’d moved to Liberty High, and somewhere along the line you’d fallen, deeply, for her. She was one of the most beautiful girls you’d ever seen, and the way she lit up a room when she entered was magical.


CLAY: Tony just texted, asking if we still wanted to use his Mustang for the stargazing


CLAY: But it’s okay, he said you and Hannah can borrow it, and wishes you luck ;)

CLAY: Think he’s an even bigger Y/S/N shipper than me

YOU: Shut up Clay


You sat in Tony’s Mustang anxiously, outside Hannah’s house. You were wearing your favourite warm dress, and the backseat was packed with multiple fluffy blankets and hot flasks of soup, and two pairs of binoculars. Your fingers tapped against the steering wheel. What if she noticed you wanted this to be more of a date and got scared? What if she outwardly told you she didn’t like you?

A tap on the window interrupted you. Hannah was holding two coffee shop cups and had a blanket over her shoulder. You smiled at her and unlocked the car so she could get in.

“What’s in the mystery cups?” You chuckled.

“Hot chocolate. A stranger once told me it’s the cure for all things shitty in life. And i thought, since this will be absolutely epic, it can’t do anything but make it better, right?” she placed the two cups in the cup holders and threw her blanket in the backseat with yours.

“I wouldn’t get your hopes up…”

“Oh, I would.” She pressed her lips in the most certain smile, which reassured and calmed you.


The car door banged shut, and you shook out the blanket you’d taken, laying it neatly over the bonnet of the car, then layering another on top.

“Now, be careful, if anything happens to Tony’s baby, he may murder you.” You joked. “Actually, he’d definitely murder you.”

“Believe me I wouldn’t dare.” She laughed. The light sound warmed your cold bones.

The two of you sprawled on the blankets on the Mustang, downing hot chocolate. A third blanket, plus the one Hannah had brought, were draped over you, not letting a single fleck of cold air in. You were fairly close to one another so that the blankets fir over you both, but you weren’t complaining.

“Mmmm.” You sighed in pleasure, the warm sweet liquid slipping down your throat.

“Even if for whatever reason the meteors don’t come out, this alone is perfect.” Hannah watched the starlit sky with childlike eyes, before flickering a glance at you for only a second, and you could’ve sworn you saw her blush.

You watched as she sipped her hot chocolate and let her surroundings fill her with wonder. This has got to be the right time, you thought.

“Hannah?” you gulped.

“Y/N?” She mimicked.

“There’s something I need to tell you.” you fumbled.

“What?” There was a look of worry concealed beneath her cool exterior.

“Well…promise you won’t hate me? But… I sort of, kind of, really like you?” You exhaled.

“I really like you too, Y/N.” She smiled gently.

“No, Hannah, I mean as more than a friend.”

“So do I.”

“Oh.” you were speechless for a moment, before the reveal caught up with you, “Really?!”

She chuckled, placing down the empty hot chocolate cup behind her. “Obviously, I was starting to get a little worried that you were completely not getting the hint.”

“What hint?” You almost shouted, still shocked.

“You didn’t realize I was constantly flirting with you?” She laughed loudly. “Like, pretty much ever since we met?”


Your confused expression sent Hannah into further fits of giggles.

“Come here.” She pulled your chin to her face. Her soft lips met yours passionately, and you could feel her smile through the kiss. A stray finger tangled through the other’s hair every now and then, while your lips were loving each other. Hannah rolled slightly so that she was on top of you. You opened your eyes a small amount to see where your hand was going, but a glint of something caught them, and you ended up practically pushing Hannah off you.

“Hannah, look!” You pointed excitedly up to the sky, where you could see a fantastical meteor shower. Hannah’s laugh once again made your body shiver with warmth, and her eyes followed your finger to the constellations.

“It’s beautiful.” She stated. However, her eyes were not focused on the meteors, but on your thrilled face and the starry reflection in your Y/E/C eyes.

[BTS Scenario] Harmless

Hey guys! So I got inspired to write this little AU for the Daegu boys, it’s my first animals!au so I hope it’s okay :3 please enjoy and tell me what you think!

2429 words. Wolf AU.

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“You really can’t stay?” Y/N asks, a sliver of hope in her eyes. 

“I’m sorry, but I have to leave town tonight. Maybe next time?” Yoongi replies soothingly, face etched with apology.

“Meteor showers don’t happen every day you know, we’re lucky to even know the day this one is coming…” she looks away now, fingers fiddling with each other. Ah, the sulking starts, Yoongi sighs internally. It’s not that he doesn’t want to watch this rare event with Y/N, it’s just that he can’t. And he can’t even tell her why.

“I’ll be back soon and take you stargazing every night, I promise.” He reaches to hold her hand, unable to bear the air of disappointment around her.

She lets him, interlocking their fingers. “Okay,” she leans on Yoongi, savouring his warmth since she has to spend the next few nights without it. Y/N doesn’t even know why she’s so upset, he leaves every month, she should be used to it by now.

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Layne attending a party at her home in 1998/1999 (she said it was a couple of years after Demri’s death, which was in October 1996). She said after most of the crowd left at night Layne was still there, and she wanted to go swimming so Layne followed her to the pool. Layne didn’t get in, but sat in a chair sipping a beer. He told her as a kid that he excelled at swimming, he said “I loved to dive into water.” He said the water felt like a whole other world. As Layne sat there and Nancy was swimming, a huge meteor went over them and it lit up Layne’s face. She said he looked like a kid again, and at that moment there was no darkness in his life. Layne said, “Did you see that? How close do you think that was to us, Ann? Do you think that almost hit us, Ann? How lucky are we to have seen that?” Ann responded that it was beautiful, and Layne retorted, “Do you have any idea how rare it is for a meteor that big, and that bright, to come that close to us? We are really really lucky people Ann. You and me.”

Marry You

Sinja AU Week day two: Harmony or chaos.

“Okay, Sinbad, you have to breathe. It’s not a big deal; you’re only going to propose. Don’t freak out.” Sinbad mumbled to himself, sitting in his car in the driveway of the house he shared with Ja’far.

‘But what if he says no?’ Whispered his thoughts.

Sinbad felt anxiety rising in him, hoping that didn’t happen. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

He just had to wait until the date was over, whisk Ja’far away to the park and propose during tonight’s meteor shower. Easy.

Except, life had different plans for them that night.

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the fallen angel and the ravenous beast

Growing up in Meteor City means facing dangers no child should confront. Chrollo knows every peril and is afraid of none, not even the legendary Starving Beast, peculiarly strong and fierce, that hides from the rest of the world in a place where a lone life is a short life.
But legends aren’t supposed to bleed when they’re cut, they don’t have a mouth to speak, they don’t have a name, a past, or a thirst for bond.
While his new friend slowly learns trust and affection again, Chrollo discovers that not every beast is a monster, and that real dangers don’t always come from where they’re expected.

Here is my participation to the @hxhbb17! I had a great time writing this, I hope you’ll enjoy it. :3

And because I’m a lucky bastard, I’ve been paired with the talented @dailyfeitan who made an amazing art you can see here. Thanks buddy! 

Thank you so much to the organisors for this event! (*ゝω・)ノ  


Gif is mine

watching meteors with archer?? please and thank you :)) 

Requested by Anon~

Scientifically, you both knew what meteors were. Just hunks of rock and ice falling through a planet’s atmosphere and leaving behind a trail of flaming debris. But it was easy to put that out of your mind for a moment, and focus on how pretty and awe-inspiring it was.

Even Jon watched with a small smile on his face. Something as simple as a meteor shower. It happened all the time; as common as finding a comet out in space. But it was special, this time. Because it was just you, him, a comfy patch of grass, and tons of rocks falling through the sky.

You leaned sideways against him, touching your shoulder to his. And the mutual contact definitely put you both even more at ease.

[RusAme] Unknown Spirit- Part 4

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Part One  ||  Part Two  ||   Part Three

Canada ended up taking nearly all of the kitchen knives despite Russia and England reminding him that weapons wouldn’t do them any good. “I would take America’s guns, if he had them here,” he complained, looping a bright blue ceramic knife and its cover onto his belt. When England looked like he was going to complain to him again, Canada turned around, brow furrowed in anger. “Until you can prove whatever this is doesn’t bleed, I’m taking a weapon.”

“It is not bad to be prepared,” Russia said as England sighed, handing over Ziploc bags full of salt to each of them.

“This will do more damage,” England said, eyes darting around the kitchen, looking for more things to arm themselves. “If you have silver, that’d be best to wear.”

“I don’t know about silver, but I know there’s iron around here,” Canada muttered and pulled out a cast iron pan from a lower cabinet. He fished around a cutlery drawer and pulled out a spoon and pie server. “These are silver, at least.”

“Great,” England said eyeing the items. “You can make it a great omelet,”

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Meteor: "Satou san! Shishamo! Let's ride a 🎢 together!"

Send 🎢 to ride a rollercoaster with my muse and see their reaction

“What-” Satou-san turned to face Meteor, Shishamo in his arms. He had no desire to get on a roller coaster, it seemed like too much of a terrifying ride for him. The man was about to make a polite refusal for the sake of his sanity but his cat interrupted.

“Nyaa!! Nyaa!” Shishamo answered excitedly. Satou-san knew what this meant and he wanted to released a horrible moan. Though he could not do that in front of Meteor. 

“Well Shishamo wants to go on so we’ll ride together!” Satou-san made the type of smile he uses for first impressions but in truth he was anything but happy.

Craig’s palms are sweaty as he tries, for the third time, to wipe them off on his jeans before slipping his hand into Tweek’s. The summer air is tepid at best and the grass they’re laying on is itchy, but Craig couldn’t be more content. The Delta Aquarid meteor shower has been ongoing all July, but tonight the shower is supposed to be at its peak, so they wait for 2 a.m. to roll around, watching the ripples in the water of Stark’s Pond. The cicadas buzz loudly in the nearby trees as Tweek squeezes his hand tight, and Craig feels his heart thud a little harder in his chest.  

Tracking celestial events like meteor showers and comets is probably considered geeky to some people, but Craig can’t really bring himself to care. He has always loved space, and Tweek, miraculously, shares this interest with him. Tweek is really more focused on the alien part of space instead of things like lunar eclipses and black holes, but it makes Craig happy just the same when Tweek agrees to sneak out and stargaze with him on a regular basis.

“Okay but I read this book, right? And it talks about all the different species of aliens that are living on earth right under our noses, dude! And the government just goes with it!” Tweek exclaims, gesturing wildly with the hand Craig isn’t holding. “There’s a real life Men in Black organization, Craig, I’m telling you. The government calls them in to cover shit up so the world’s population doesn’t get so freaked when something doesn’t go according to plan.”

Craig doesn’t know if he believes all the alien conspiracies Tweek talks about, especially the ones about aliens building the pyramids instead of humans. But he likes how excited Tweek gets when he talks about it, so he just listens with a small smile on his face. Then Tweek spots the first meteor making a short trail across the sky, and he falls silent. Both boys watch in awe as the peace in the star-filled sky is interrupted by bursts of blue and orange trails of light that disappear just as quickly as they arrived.

“Wow,” Tweek whispers. They watch the meteors streak across the sky in silence before Craig speaks up.

“I’m gonna be up there one day, Tweek,” Craig murmurs after a while, eyes never leaving the stars. He sees Tweek’s head turn to look at him in his peripheral vision, but he says nothing in return. After a few minutes have passed of Tweek staring at him quietly, Tweek releases his hand and rolls over onto his side, now hovering over Craig. “…What?” Craig asks, feeling self conscious as he focuses his gaze on Tweek. Tweek doesn’t answer, and before Craig realizes what’s going on, Tweek’s lips are on his.

Craig is surprised how soft Tweek’s lips actually are, considering how much he chews on them. The kiss is clumsy, neither of them really sure what to do, but Tweek keeps his mouth on Craig’s determinedly, and they quickly figure it out. Craig’s hand finds its way onto the back of Tweek’s neck, pulling him closer as their tongues find each other. It’s an odd sensation, feeling his tongue slip and slide against someone else’s, but the fact that that someone else is Tweek makes him moan.

Meteor shower forgotten, Craig hikes his leg up around Tweek’s calf and rolls them over, pressing Tweek back into the grass. Tweek’s breath hitches, wrapping his arms tight around Craig’s shoulders in a hug and successfully ending their kiss. Craig buries his face in Tweek’s neck and just stays there, catching his breath.

“I wanna be up there with you. You know, when you go,” Tweek whispers. Craig goes still for a second before gently pulling away from Tweek’s embrace, just enough to see his face. Tweek looks more determined than anything else as he searches Craig’s eyes for signs of rejection while Craig stares back at him.

“Why wouldn’t you be there with me?” Craig questions seriously. Tweek answers with a wide, rare smile that makes Craig’s palms sweaty all over again.

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=.= Meteor for Hajime, Vela for Madoka.

Send =.= for my muse to do an impression of yours.

Hajime dashes across a space background with his arms spread out like an airplane saying “Wooosh!! Woooosh!! I’m a meteor!”

Hajime goes up on the school podium with bananas taped to his head and he is wearing a top hat. He starts to spin around his guitar like Meteor would do sometimes but then he somehow accidentally threw the guitar away into the crowd.

“Wow, it… hit that student’s face like it was a meteor…” 

Meanwhile, Madoka was walking around with her hair died purple, done in a ponytail, and she was wearing a blindfold. She kept on tripping over things while trying to grab for something.

“Ah-! Who shall I pull a prank on~?” 

Kiryu came in front of Madoka, about to rant about what is going on but he was cut off when his busty teacher bumped into him and fell down on him. Her breasts smothered the very unpleased moral inspector’s face.