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What is pooh baseball?

a few years ago, 4chan’s /v/ board discovered a game about playing baseball with Winnie the Pooh characters on Disney’s Japanese website

the thing about this game was that it was insanely difficult. the “normal” characters in the game’s earlier levels required pretty precise timing to hit their pitches, and as you progressed through the games levels and made it to characters like tigger and owl the game flat-out started cheating. tigger’s pitches would zig-zag in mid-air, owl’s pitches would turn invisible halfway through and you had to hit them on pure timing alone, and so on. it was insanely hard and everyone was enamored by it. why is this winnie the pooh game for babies insanely hard, requiring reaction times that almost seemed inhuman?

then people beat all of those characters and made it to christopher robin. christopher robin was next to impossible to beat. he incorporated every previous character’s throwing quirks and would switch them up with every pitch. he would sometimes even combine them, like pitching invisible screwballs. you couldn’t defeat him. 

everyone on /v/ loved this game. it gelled perfectly with the internet’s sense of humor at the time. people would photoshop christopher robin’s face on meteors with winnie the pooh preparing to bat the meteor out of the sky. fancomics were drawn. christopher robin became an angry god hell-bent on destroying everything in his path, winnie the pooh became earth’s last hero standing in defiance of the gods. it was insane. all because of this weird, insanely difficult japanese winnie the pooh baseball game. 


I’ve decided! I’ll take all these guys down and become the number one in Japan!

Happy birthday Kagami! [August 2nd] (*’∀’人)♥


This a collection of all the paintings I managed to complete for the month of September! Like last month, I also did some portraiture studies. 

And now I’d like to thank all my follower (old and new!) for all the love you all show my art c: Every Like, Comment and Reblog is very much appreciated and it means the world that y’all like my art!

Alright, so I hope you have a lovely day and SEE YA IN OCTOBER

To Keep Beauty From Fading

When all your face appears most fair,

When comets and meteors gild your hair,

And in your eyes the moon and sun

Contest, surrender, and burn as one,

When ivory Venus smoothes your brow,

And Mars recurves your lips’ red bow,

Make haste to utter this binding verse

And hold the stars to their kindest course:

“Figure of fire
That shift and change,
Planets that move
by heavens hinge,
Be signed and fixed
Forever here,
And close my image
Within thy sphere.”

Measure a yard of golden string,

Loose from your fingers let it swing

Then tie it in thirteen sturdy knots -

Hide it among your scents and pots

- (Crone’s Book Of Magical Words by Valerie Worth)

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What makes you ship bellarke?

Man, there are so many  reasons I ship it it would honestly be easier to list why I don’t, but let me give this a shot.

1) Let me get this one out of the way first: Bob and Eliza are meteorically hot.  Stratospherically hot.  Hotter than the face of the sun.  Etc, etc.

2) The season one bickering is my favorite type of ship.  Constantly annoyed with each other with an undercurrent of rock-solid respect?  BE STILL MY HEART.

3) They really are Extra, as the kids say, when it comes to touching each other.  They’re either hugging until they are physically pried apart or finding stupid reasons to touch each other when it is completely unnecessary.

4) Clarke puts Bellamy before everyone else and Bellamy puts her before everyone else.

5) They can be vulnerable with each other in a way they aren’t with anyone else.

6) They let each other be mad when one of them has fucked up.  I cannot emphasize how important this is in a healthy relationship: to accept that you fucked up and let your partner be mad, and to be able to be mad at your partner while still remembering how much you love them and how important they are.

7) They have a neverending supply of forgiveness for each other in case of #6.

8) The fact that they’ve gone from “enemies” to “reluctant co-leaders” to “friends” to “the most important person in each other’s lives” in less than a year.

Come Over Here pt.1 | myg

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“We all want the ones we can’t have.”

word count: 1.6k

pairing: yoongi x reader

genre: angst, fluff, smut, breakup!au

disclaimers: unedited

description: Now he sits alone at a table meant for 2, dreaming about the girl he’d never get to keep.

Min Yoongi was never one to show any emotions. He went through life with closed off emotions and a blank face. He didn’t care about the world around him - not giving two fucks if a meteor came and wiped the human race right of the face of the earth.

His heart was made of ice, and no one had the fire to melt it. That was, until he laid eyes on you.

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Kai Anderson P1

I looked outside the window of my dad’s station wagon, watching the familiar city of my teenage years, and childhood approach. I was silent, breathing on the window and drawing a heart onto it with my finger. My dad sighed deeply “You haven’t spoken since we left the airport, love bug! Aren’t you excited to be home for nearly 2 months? A nice get away from college?” I looked over at my dad and smiled “Of course, dad. I’m just, tired.” I lied, my dad obviously knew what wad on my mind: Kai. It had been 462 days since he last spoke to me. We were together since 8th grade, he was my first boyfriend, and he was supposed to be my last. My heart was still broken, I didn’t want to even hear his name. We had a life planned together, a future, dreams. I watched them burn up in front of my face, dashing and dividing like meteors in the Earth’s atmosphere that I wished on, over and over again. Hoping I could have him again, maybe hear the reason why he left me like this. I was supposed to have came back home many times… But avoided it, because I didn’t want to remember that it was supposed to be spent with him. We finally got to my parents home, they had recently remodeled it, it looked so different. Hard to believe this was the same house. I looked over to see my brother and my mom. My brother having grown at least 6 inches since I last saw him, towering over my mom. He was dressed up, with a leather jacket sporting traditional goth bands, and punk bands all over. His hair in a green Mohawk, and a pair of Doc Marten boots strapped on his legs. He looked just like me, I could see I taught him well. He smiled at me and waved, as my mom opened the door for me. Embracing me into a long hug, before letting me go, her familiar smell of cinnamon soothing me. My brother came up after and hugged me tightly, “Wow, Kat, you’re so short!” He exclaimed, a man’s voice coming from his throat. I chuckled into his hug, then pulled away when my dad began to struggle with the luggage I had. “Dad!” I yelled, running to him “Stop, you’ll throw your back out again!” I scolded, grabbing my bags from his hand. “Kat, c'mon, you’re supposed to be on a break from college! You shouldn’t carry your own bags.” “Knock it off, I can carry my own bags,” I said begining to carry them up into the house. “Stop it!” My mom said, grabbing my bags from my hands as my dad and mom dragged them to my old bed room.

As the night carried on, I laid on my bed, my mom hadn’t changed a thing. My eyes looked over to my desk that Kai had carved “ K + K ,” with a heart around it and felt a lump in my throat. I grabbed my phone, “Why am I doing this, nothing good will come from this,” I said before dialing his number, to my disappointment, which I didn’t understand why I would be surprised it went to voicemail. “Hey, Kai. It’s me, Kat. I’m in town for a while. I know you probably don’t want to talk to me, but I would love to see you. Um… I’ll be at my mom and dads.” I hung up the phone, and felt that familiar sting, like someone had stabbed me right in the chest. God damn it, Kai. Why the fuck would you do this to me? You were supposed to my forever. I began to sob into my pillow, that same sense of loneliness, overtaking me. Filling me with dread, heartache, and panic. Everything was bad, my grades, my eating and drinking habits. The thought that Kai may have met another girl, haunted me, I could not get the thought out of my mind. I hugged my pillow, dying to see him again. How could I allow myself to be this fucking miserable… I hardly recognized myself anymore. I was never the type to beg to die at night, and felt horrendous disappointment when I opened my eyes to feel absolute anguish. I would survive the day, by drinking myself stupid between classes, then pass out. Over and over again, my life was hell. With nothing, but a feeling of contempt for the people who were happy, or in love around me. I hated this world, but I was too much of a fucking coward to take myself out. Long I stared, at the bottles of bills, razor blades, cords, ropes. Even going so far as to walk to the top of the university, drunk off my ass, a vodka bottle in hand, looking down at the ground, letting my foot hang over the railing. It could be so easy… I could be free. But I was a coward… I grabbed my pillow and screamed as loud as I could into it, this pain… it was so intense and I couldn’t stand it. Why couldn’t he have stayed… Why did this happen to me? All I did was love, Kai.

The next day, my eyes shot open. I didn’t remember falling asleep, I rubbed my eyes, feeling that same emptiness that wouldn’t go away. “Day 463,” I spoke outloud, checking my phone to see no new notifications. I was still wearing the same clothes from last night, my boots still laced, my face itchy from my makeup being left on. I stood up, and walked down the stairs, the aroma of pancakes filling my nose. I walked into the kitchen, it recently having been remodled. The cabnits and floors, a stained hardwood. The stove a beautiful range top, and a high tech fridge. I sat at the table and rubbed my eyes. My mom, looked back at me with a smile. Her hair still messy from last night’s sleep, her tiny body drowning in a pink robe. “Goodmorning my gorgeous daughter! So lovely to see your face in my kitchen again.” I smiled at her softly, my mom was my best friend at one point. I am sure my distant behavior bothered her, but she was never one to pry. She walked over to me her slippers slapping on the floor, a plate in hand with 3 fluffy pancakes stacked on each other. She handed me a bottle of blueberry syrup and smiled. “I always remember your favorite, honey,” She said, grabbing a coffee mug. She sat down in front of me, taking a long sip of her fresh coffee, followed by a soft “Mmmm,” as she pushed up her shoulders. “So good on a cold day, makes you feel nice and cozy.” I nodded as I poured syrup over my pancakes, politely eating it. “You know, Kat. You can talk to me about anything?” I stopped what I was doing and stared at her, knowing what she was about to bring up. “Mom, don’t,” I pleaded “I’m just saying, I am here for you. We used to so close. I just… Miss you. I am here if you ever want to talk to me is all,” She said with a genuine smile, before reaching out and holding my hand for a brief moment. The kind gesture warmed my heart, reminding me that my mom did really care about me.

After breakfast, I decided to go explore the town I hadn’t seen in 2.5 years. Exploring the downtown shops, visiting places I hadn’t seen and familiar places I used to see. I arrived at an old book store, I used to go to after school. It looked exactly the same as it had before. I pulled open the heavy door, a chime echoing through the big store. “Kat!” I heard a familiar voice exclaim. I looked over to see Mrs. Wells, the book store owner. Her hair showing streaks of grey, tightly placed in a bun. Her half moon glasses, kept around her neck with a silver chain. She still looked eccentric, wearing her witchy dress that was a deep, purple, velvet. She pulled me into a hug, with that same smile. “Oh my favorite customer ! How is college?” “It’s fine,” I lied with a chuckle. “Well good! How long are you here for?” “Until New Years,” “Oh my goodness that’s while! I am so excited to see you here!” She said with a laugh. She walked over to the counter and smiled “Go ahead, pick a book ! I’ll be here if you need me.” She put her attention to her own book, letting me walk away. I walked up to see my favorite book: “Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” I pulled it out and smiled. This was definitely the book I used to read. A sense of nostalgia rushed over me, making me feel at peace for just a moment. I opened the book, to see my old signature, when horror struck me. I dropped the book like a hot plate, when I saw Kai’s name in the book, checked out not even a week ago. My heart pounded in my chest, my hands shaking. “Kat, are you okay?” Asked Mrs. Wells, looking at me from her desk in concern. “Yes, I’m fine sorry, I’m… Tired,” I lied with a fake laugh. I picked up the book and put it back, before rushing out of the store. “Bye nice to see you, I’ll be back,” I said before walking out “Okay, bye?” She said in confusion. I walked over to the alley way, right next to the building. I held myself against the wall, before starting to cry. I just wanted to forget him. Why couldn’t I? I slid down the wall to my knees, crying silently by myself. “Excuse me miss, you dropped something,” I heard a voice behind me. Fuck, how embarrassing. I stood up, rushing to frantically dry my tears. “Thank you, I’m sorry,” I apologized, as I turned around. “I’m a real….” I stopped what I was saying, as I stared up at the person who had came to give me back whatever it was I had dropped. Sporting long, blue hair. Different from his nicely kept, brown hair. He kept it somewhat longer than most men, however this was much different. His dark brown, sunken eyes staring down at me, his body now built and muscular. I held my breath as the world around me seemed to stop. “Kai?” I asked in no more than a whisper, a single tear falling down my face. He reached out his hand, and touched my cheek with his thumb, clearing the tear from my face. I stood there emotionless, not knowing what to say, as he acted as if this was entirely normal, or like I would be overthrown with happiness at the sight of him, his exoression smug, and smirking. I felt light headed, having to remind myself to breath. “Here,” He said putting a locket in my hand. I looked up at him, not knowing what it could be inside. I opened it, to see my most favorite picture of him. Immediately taking me back to the moment. The happiness, the hope, the feelings. I clentched my hand around it, and a flood of a million emotions ran through my mind. “Why?” I asked, choking on my tears, trying to speak. “To remind you that I still love you,” He spoke coldly. I scoffed, angry that he would lie like that. “That’s not true, at all. You wouldn’t have disappeared if you did.” I spoke, trying to keep composed. I kept my fingers on the cool silver of the necklace. “Listen, Kat. I want to explain more to you, explain why I did what I did, and perhaps even get your forgiveness, but I want you to come over to my house, so we can talk, could you do that?” I stayed quiet for a while, thinking about if I should walk away, even though I wanted nothing more than to embrace him, kiss him, hold him. Anything. Noticing my hesitation, he knelt down and put one hand on my cheek, and brought his lips to my ear. “However far away, I will always love you,” He whispered, before kissing my cheek. My whole body shook at his touch, after being so alone and aching for him. He pulled away from me, and looked down at me with a smile. “Will you be there?” I slowly nodded, and dried my eyes. Holding tightly onto the locket. “Very good, see you at 8:00,”

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Marshmallows and Shooting Stars

“When will we get there? If it’s not soon, I’ll die of boredom.” Sam’s stares out the window at the passing Arizona desert.

“Ask one more time and it won’t be boredom that kills you,” Dean says

Dean doesn’t really mean it, of course. Sammy’s a good kid. Ridiculous smart, and easy to talk to. But driving across half the country with a bored twelve year old would make anyone a bit touchy.

He sighs. “Come on Sam, you know the drill. It’s the job–there’s always lots of driving. Dad’s on a hunt in Texas, and someone needs our help in California. He gave you the choice, you could have stayed.”

A dark look passes over Sam’s face. “No. This is better. I like being with you, Dean.” He smiles a very small smile. “I do get tired of being in this car, though.”

“Hey!” says Dean. “Don’t talk about my baby that way!” He runs his hand soothingly along the dash. “He didn’t mean it, girl,” he croons.

Sam rolls his eyes. “You are so weird.”

“This car is a classic! And she’s going to be mine someday, just you wait!” Dean pats the steering wheel.

They stop for gas and supplies in a tiny town surrounded by desert nothingness. A few hours later the sun goes down and, as Dean knew would be the case, they are nowhere near civilization.

“Looks like we’re sleeping in the Impala tonight, Sammy. That alright?”

Sam groans. “Whatever.”

Dean finds a good place to pull off the road. “Grab the cooler, Sam? I’ve got to get some stuff from the trunk.”

Sam looks curious but doesn’t comment.

When Dean slams the trunk shut he sees Sam standing awkwardly next to the passenger door, wondering where to go. They usually eat in the car, so Dean understands the hesitation. “Over here!” he yells, and when Sam sees what Dean is carrying, his face breaks into a grin.

“A campfire?! Really?”

Dean laughs, dropping the armload of firewood. “Yep. There’s a package of hotdogs in the cooler. And I bought marshmallows.”

Dean hasn’t seen Sam so excited in months. We went to that aquarium in Chicago on his birthday, he thinks. Dad didn’t want to, but I insisted. Sammy needs kid stuff. We had to leave early because of the werewolf attack, but he was having fun before that. And that was over three months ago.

He watches Sam arranging the wood in a pyramid, the way Bobby had taught them. Bobby, he thinks with a smile. After we take care of this ghost problem, we’ll go see Bobby. He always cheers Sam up.

Soon the fire crackles and they stuff themselves with hotdogs and marshmallows. When they can’t eat another bite–Sam’s going to have a stomachache in the morning, Dean thinks–Dean looks up at the sky. Perfect.

“Come on, Sam. One more thing before bed.”

Sam grins. “There’s more?! This is the best night, Dean.”

Dean leads them over to the Impala, ruffling Sam’s hair as they go. When Dean leans against the front bumper Sam’s face is puzzled, but Dean just smiles and says, “Look up.”

Sam leans back, and the look on his face is brighter even than the meteors streaking across the sky.

“I’d forgotten!” Sam says. He lays back on the hood of the car so he can watch without straining his neck. “The Perseids…wow, Dean, I’ve never seen them like this!” He lapses into awed silence for a few minutes, but it doesn’t last. Soon he is almost chattering–so unusual for Sam–telling Dean everything he knows about the meteor shower. “People call them shooting stars, but they aren’t really stars, of course, they’re meteors. And this meteor shower comes from the tail of a comet..oh, I can’t remember which one, I’ll look it up next time I’m in school, or at Bobby’s house, he has good encyclopedias, anyway, that’s why we see it so regularly, because we see it every time the comet’s orbit comes near ours. Oh! Did you see that one? Wow, it crossed the whole sky! I think I read that there are as many as sixty meteors an hour during the peak days of the…”

Dean smiles, letting the sound of Sam’s voice wash over him as the starlight fills his eyes. Yeah, we’ll take care of the ghosts and then go see Bobby. Dad won’t like it…I’ll just tell him Sam needs a new Latin textbook. He probably really does, that kid learns so fast. And then we’ll go see a movie or go to a park. Maybe find a zoo. Go swimming…

Dean realizes Sam isn’t talking anymore. He looks over; Sam’s fallen asleep. Dean chuckles. “Well. It’s been a long time since I’ve carried you to bed, Sammy.”

He gets Sam to the back seat and covers him with a blanket. Stretching himself out on the front seat he says into the darkness, “Mom always said angels were watching over us, Sam. I don’t know about angels, but I’ll always be looking out for you.”

written for SPN hiatus creations | Week 16: Dean Winchester

HC: Behind Blue Eyes

Heero gets his eyes from his mother. Although she was of Japanese descent, she was born with blue eyes – a rare genetic mutation that passes down from mother to child. Hence, she was named Aoi (blue). His father, who was of Russian descent, had brown eyes.

The first thing Dr. J noticed about Heero when he had first encountered him as a child, was the intense blue shade of his eyes. Dr. J often scolded the boy for having such a unique feature. His blue eyes made him highly recognizable and thus posed a risk to the mission.

In fact, when Dr. J created a clone for the boy (if you accept the Frozen Teardrop bullshit), he altered the genes to make the clone’s eyes brown. Alpha (the clone) was made to be better than Heero (Beta) in every way - and J used the color of the clone’s eyes to make a point. The shame grew unbearable then.

The blue-eyed boy was eventually chosen to pilot Wing in Operation Meteor. He was taught to hide his eyes during unplanned face-to-face encounters. He even let his bangs grow wild to conceal the shameful blue.

Heero was conditioned to believe that his eyes were an abomination to be scorned and ridiculed. That is why he was so taken aback when Relena complimented his eyes in episode 33. He truly believed that his most striking feature was a source of shame, and he was taken by surprise when someone suddenly claimed otherwise.

For years, Heero had lived under the impression that something as beautiful and unique as the blue shade of eyes he had inherited from his mother, was as ugly as the darkness he felt inside. Thanks to the kind people he had met during the war and afterwards, Heero learned that the truth was precisely the opposite. Suddenly, he didn’t feel the need to keep his head down all the time. Suddenly, he could bring himself to look people in the eye again.

In sum, my poor baby needs a hug… XD

Star Shower | Sal/Larry

Tags: fluff, teen boy mischief, fluff, this is some fluffy self indulgent shit y'all, coming out, confession

Sal shook Larry awake gently. He had stayed the night and as usual, Larry had fallen asleep first. Normally he would just let him sleep but he had looked outside and just couldn’t let him sleep through this.

“Larry, Larry wake up cmon-”


“There’s a meteor shower outside you gotta see this! We should go to the roof of the building for the best view! Your mom has keys right?”

Larry just barely peeked up from his pillow, which he’d previously had his face shoved into. “Meteor shower…?”

“Yeah! It’s so cool, cmon pleaaase?” Sal made his best puppy dog eyes at him, hoping they were effective behind his prosthetic. Larry’s heart skipped a beat at the sight and he slowly rose from his sleep with a grunt, “Alright fine since you seem so excited. We’ll have to sneak out quietly since mom is asleep, I think I can find her keyring-”

“You’re the BEST, Larry Face.”

“I try, Sally Face.”

The boys both carefully and quietly slipped away out into the living room and Larry ever so carefully reached for his mom’s keyring, hidden on top of the fridge in a vase.

“Since burglaries are a big problem around here she keeps them hidden.” He explained quietly, “Wouldn’t want someone to get in here, find those, and have free access to the whole building.” Sal nodded in agreement. “Smart.”

They silently sneaked out of the apartment, creeping down the hallway and to the elevator. They took it to the top floor and found the utility door that led to the roof. It was meant for only going up to repair the AC and heating systems, but it would make for a perfect clear view of the sky, especially since this side of town was darker. Fewer street lights make for a clearer sky, albeit a scarier neighborhood. They walked up the short staircase inside the door and were met with the door to the roof. Larry tried multiple keys until one finally worked, opening the door and letting them out onto the roof.

Sal found he’d been smiling uncontrollably out of excitement as they made their way up. Good thing Larry couldn’t see his face, he probably looked like a doofus. He couldn’t help it though, he loved to stargaze. His mother used to sit with him and teach him constellations. He sighed at the bittersweet memory and looked over at Larry as the taller boy took a seat on the cool concrete beneath them. He followed suit and they watched as the stars seemed to fall all around them.

“See? I told you this would be the best view.”

“It is really beautiful, you were right. I could paint this.”

Sal smiled and they watched the sky in silence. Occasionally they’d gasp and point out an extra bright meteor.

“We should make wishes! It’s not often there are so many shooting stars at once.” Sal suggested, he knew it was silly but it would be fun.

“Heh. Sure, but we can’t even tell each other what we wish for.”

Sal points at a bright streak as it flies across the sky “You first!”

Larry closed his eyes for a moment, smiling softly, “Done.”

Sal spotted another and made his own wish, smiling behind his prosthetic.

“So what’d you wish for?” He asked Larry playfully, nudging his side.

“Hey I already said we can’t tell! That’ll ruin it.”

They shared a laugh and went back to watching in comfortable silence.

“This is nice. Thanks for helping me come up here, Larry.” Larry smiled and nodded, “Of course Sal, and yeah this is really nice. Peaceful.”

Sal nervously glanced at Larry before shuffling closer, the two of them now laying so close their arms were touching. “Kind of chilly.” He said, making an excuse. Larry looked over at him, “You cold?”

Sal nodded and Larry moved closer, lifting his arm to give Sal room, “Well c’mere. I’m always warm as hell so I don’t mind.” Sal flushed behind his mask and shifted into Larry’s side. His heart jumped as Larry’s arm wrapped around him. Why did he have to be so sweet?

“Hey Larry? I actually have something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about because I trust you most, but the first thing I want to talk about leads into another thing.” Larry cocked his head to look at him curiously, “Oh? I’m listening.”


Larry blinked and smiled softly, heart seeming to speed up just a little, he hoped Sal couldn’t hear it, since his head was lying on his chest. “…Oh. Ok cool, what’s the other thing?”

“You’re the guy that made me realize I like guys.” Sal admitted more quietly, chewing his lip. He was grateful Larry couldn’t see his face now more than ever.

“Really? I’m flattered…to be honest.”

Sal breathed a sigh of relief. At least he wasn’t weirded out by it.

“-and to be even more honest, ditto.”



Sal looked over at Larry and blinked slowly, “H-huh??”

“I mean, me too. You made me realize that I kinda like guys too.”

They stared at each other for a long moment and then both of them laughed, Sal burying his face in Larry’s chest. “What a relief honestly! I was so nervous all for nothing.”

Larry snickers and subtly tightens his arm around Sal. “I’m glad you trusted me to tell me. I was too scared to myself- I didn’t want to assume your orientation just because you’re a little feminine, you know? So it made it a bit scary to tell you.” Sal nodded understandingly.

“I mean it’s not like I haven’t dropped hints, you’ve just not noticed. Or you pretended not to.” Larry raised an eyebrow, “If you have I didn’t notice. Maybe I’m just dense, but in all seriousness, why is it that you’re attracted to me? If you don’t mind me asking.”

Sal processed the question, humming softly as he thought, “Well you’re very sweet, and hilariously goofy sometimes, and you ARE my best friend. Plus you’re tall, warm and have nice hair when you actually take care of it, that’s a plus. Oh, and your eyes-”

Larry smiled nervously and glanced away, “That means a lot coming from you, you have no idea.”

“What about you, Larry? Why do you like me?”

He bit his lip timidly, face visibly red at this point, even in the low light. “You’re sassy and don’t let anyone tell you how to live or present yourself, you’re spontaneous and brave…and of course you’re really cute and small, and you have the prettiest eye color, your hair is always soft, you also smell nice.”

Sal silently soaked in all the things he listed, taken aback by the long list of traits Larry apparently saw in him. He hid his face in Larry’s chest again, “You’ve gotta be bluffing at least a little bit there-”

“Who says? I’m being genuine here. You’re fantastic.”

“And you’re a cheese ball.”

“You know it. Cheesier than that greasy gas station pizza mom always gets.”

They both share a laugh and as their snickers die down they find themselves staring at each other, meteor shower forgotten at this point. Larry simply leaned forward and placed an innocent kiss to the lips of Sal’s prosthetic. Sal gasped audibly and lifted a hand to the mouth of his prosthetic. “What if I just-”

He shifted and lifted his mask, only enough to reveal his mouth, and before he lost the nerve he quickly returned the kiss before bringing his prosthetic back down over his lips. The two boys just stared at each other for another long moment, lost for words.

“So what does this mean, Sally Face?”

“I guess it means whatever you want it to mean. Are we boyfriends? Are just two pals that kiss sometimes and cuddle a lot? Doesn’t matter to me as long as you’re still my best friend before anything else.”

Larry smiled widely, eyes crinkling at the corners, “You know what? I agree. We don’t have to worry about labeling this thing we have for the time being, right? It doesn’t have to be like one of those romantic comedies, this is real life, and this is the realest relationship I’ve ever had. We can take it all slowly and feel our way. It’s best to be cautious right?” Sal nodded in agreement, draping his arm over Larry’s middle and squeezing gently.

“Exactly that, and I’m glad.”

Constellations - Hannah Baker x Reader

Request - “Hiii there!, could I request a Hannah baker x fem reader where they both go star gazing and the reader reveals her feelings for Hannah:)”

A/N: Y/S/N is Your Ship Name and Y/E/C is Your Eye Colour.

“Fuckkk, It’s so coool!” You sighed at your computer screen, resting your head on your hand and scrolling with the other.

“Y/N, I’ve said I’ll go with you!” Your best friend, Clay, threw his arms up.

“I know but-”

“You’d rather have her. I get it.” He faked annoyance, but his sly grin was hard to hide.

“Not that she’d go with me, anyway.” You despaired.

“Would you stop saying that? Just ask her already.”

“She’ll think I’m a nerd.” you motioned to the computer screen displaying the information about the Geminid Meteors. Clay rolled his eyes.

“It’s just so exciting!” Your eyes lit up as they met the screen again.

“What is?” Hannah asked, taking a seat in the chair next to you. The voice made a lump form in your throat.

“Uh-” You stuttered, taken aback by her sudden appearance.

“This meteor shower thing. Y/N wants to go, but I’m busy and her parents won’t let her out alone so late.” Clay lied. You shot him daggers.

“Oh, really? That’s awesome! I’ll go with you, I’d love to see it.” She smiled. When she noticed your silence, she faltered a little, “If that’s okay with you…”

“Yes! Yes, of course! Thank you Hannah.” You grinned back.

You and Hannah had been friends ever since she’d moved to Liberty High, and somewhere along the line you’d fallen, deeply, for her. She was one of the most beautiful girls you’d ever seen, and the way she lit up a room when she entered was magical.


CLAY: Tony just texted, asking if we still wanted to use his Mustang for the stargazing


CLAY: But it’s okay, he said you and Hannah can borrow it, and wishes you luck ;)

CLAY: Think he’s an even bigger Y/S/N shipper than me

YOU: Shut up Clay


You sat in Tony’s Mustang anxiously, outside Hannah’s house. You were wearing your favourite warm dress, and the backseat was packed with multiple fluffy blankets and hot flasks of soup, and two pairs of binoculars. Your fingers tapped against the steering wheel. What if she noticed you wanted this to be more of a date and got scared? What if she outwardly told you she didn’t like you?

A tap on the window interrupted you. Hannah was holding two coffee shop cups and had a blanket over her shoulder. You smiled at her and unlocked the car so she could get in.

“What’s in the mystery cups?” You chuckled.

“Hot chocolate. A stranger once told me it’s the cure for all things shitty in life. And i thought, since this will be absolutely epic, it can’t do anything but make it better, right?” she placed the two cups in the cup holders and threw her blanket in the backseat with yours.

“I wouldn’t get your hopes up…”

“Oh, I would.” She pressed her lips in the most certain smile, which reassured and calmed you.


The car door banged shut, and you shook out the blanket you’d taken, laying it neatly over the bonnet of the car, then layering another on top.

“Now, be careful, if anything happens to Tony’s baby, he may murder you.” You joked. “Actually, he’d definitely murder you.”

“Believe me I wouldn’t dare.” She laughed. The light sound warmed your cold bones.

The two of you sprawled on the blankets on the Mustang, downing hot chocolate. A third blanket, plus the one Hannah had brought, were draped over you, not letting a single fleck of cold air in. You were fairly close to one another so that the blankets fir over you both, but you weren’t complaining.

“Mmmm.” You sighed in pleasure, the warm sweet liquid slipping down your throat.

“Even if for whatever reason the meteors don’t come out, this alone is perfect.” Hannah watched the starlit sky with childlike eyes, before flickering a glance at you for only a second, and you could’ve sworn you saw her blush.

You watched as she sipped her hot chocolate and let her surroundings fill her with wonder. This has got to be the right time, you thought.

“Hannah?” you gulped.

“Y/N?” She mimicked.

“There’s something I need to tell you.” you fumbled.

“What?” There was a look of worry concealed beneath her cool exterior.

“Well…promise you won’t hate me? But… I sort of, kind of, really like you?” You exhaled.

“I really like you too, Y/N.” She smiled gently.

“No, Hannah, I mean as more than a friend.”

“So do I.”

“Oh.” you were speechless for a moment, before the reveal caught up with you, “Really?!”

She chuckled, placing down the empty hot chocolate cup behind her. “Obviously, I was starting to get a little worried that you were completely not getting the hint.”

“What hint?” You almost shouted, still shocked.

“You didn’t realize I was constantly flirting with you?” She laughed loudly. “Like, pretty much ever since we met?”


Your confused expression sent Hannah into further fits of giggles.

“Come here.” She pulled your chin to her face. Her soft lips met yours passionately, and you could feel her smile through the kiss. A stray finger tangled through the other’s hair every now and then, while your lips were loving each other. Hannah rolled slightly so that she was on top of you. You opened your eyes a small amount to see where your hand was going, but a glint of something caught them, and you ended up practically pushing Hannah off you.

“Hannah, look!” You pointed excitedly up to the sky, where you could see a fantastical meteor shower. Hannah’s laugh once again made your body shiver with warmth, and her eyes followed your finger to the constellations.

“It’s beautiful.” She stated. However, her eyes were not focused on the meteors, but on your thrilled face and the starry reflection in your Y/E/C eyes.

[BTS Scenario] Harmless

Hey guys! So I got inspired to write this little AU for the Daegu boys, it’s my first animals!au so I hope it’s okay :3 please enjoy and tell me what you think!

2429 words. Wolf AU.

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“You really can’t stay?” Y/N asks, a sliver of hope in her eyes. 

“I’m sorry, but I have to leave town tonight. Maybe next time?” Yoongi replies soothingly, face etched with apology.

“Meteor showers don’t happen every day you know, we’re lucky to even know the day this one is coming…” she looks away now, fingers fiddling with each other. Ah, the sulking starts, Yoongi sighs internally. It’s not that he doesn’t want to watch this rare event with Y/N, it’s just that he can’t. And he can’t even tell her why.

“I’ll be back soon and take you stargazing every night, I promise.” He reaches to hold her hand, unable to bear the air of disappointment around her.

She lets him, interlocking their fingers. “Okay,” she leans on Yoongi, savouring his warmth since she has to spend the next few nights without it. Y/N doesn’t even know why she’s so upset, he leaves every month, she should be used to it by now.

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Date to the Ball (Yondu x Reader)

The guardians along with yourself had just saved the small city of Jerco from a giant monster of some sort. You had not been apart of the Guardians long. On one of their missions they had been paid to transport a crate to a Spartax commander. Surprisingly when they opened the box they found a scared Tarren woman inside. The blue man had quickly declared that they wouldn’t be handing you over. 

“We’s ain’t slave traders!” he had said making everyone agree and let you out.

Over the past few months you had slowly started opening up to them all. You told them how you were originally from earth but had been taken when you were a child. You had even showed them your powers of invisibility making them understand why the commander wanted you. The leader, Peter Quill quickly invited you to join them instead and for the first time you found yourself around friends. Yondu, the blue man had been the first to get you to open up. He told you he knew what it was like to be kept in a cage and in return you trusted him. The two of you would talk and laugh and before long you had fallen for the old Ravager Captain. You never admitted you feelings to him, knowing he would never feel the same about a freak like you. So you kept quiet, watching him from afar and dreaming of a love story you knew you would never have. But tonight maybe you would have a chance. The city of Jerco was throwing their century Ball. Every hundred years a huge meteor shower would light up the sky and the people would feast and dance under it. After you all had saved them they had invited you all to come, with one catch. The people here were an old race, they believed in male and female companionship above all else. Any male could come to the Ball but a woman had to be accompanied by a man. Luckily for all of you everything counted up perfectly. It was no doubt that Peter would ask Gamora and Drax, Mantis. Nebula, Gamora’s sister had shown up a few days ago to rest up on the ship before leaving again and you had a feeling Kraglin would ask her, so that left you and Yondu…right?

All day Yondu watched as the other Guardians got ready for the Ball. He knew Quill and Gamora were going together, that was no doubt. Going into the city with the others he went and rented a suit for the Ball. He wasn’t overly excited about the dressing up part but it was free food and alcohol. Seeing the women across the small street in another shop he looked through the window to see y/n holding up a dress and smiling lightly. The scene brought a smile to his face at the sight of her eyes lighting up. She truly was a beautiful sight and he knew he would have to ask her soon but he was nervous. All the possibilities of her saying no filled his mind and made him relentless. Shaking his head he went and paid for the suit and made his way outside. Looking over he saw Kraglin talking to y/n and furrowed his brows. He watched silently as Kraglin said something to her he couldn’t make out before she nodded and smiled at him. Feeling his blood boil he grit his teeth together and marched back to the ship. Getting to his small room he threw the suit on the bed. “Fuckin’ stupid.” he growled to himself. He knew he didn’t have a chance. He thought he did. After all he and y/n had gotten close over the months. They stayed up talking even after everyone went to sleep. But it wasn’t enough. She was going to the Ball with Kraglin. Punching the wall he laid on the bed and sulked. How could Kraglin do that, he knew he had something for the girl. Whatever he was more her age anyway.

As the day wore on you waited and waited for Yondu to ask you to the Ball but he never came. You could feel yourself shutting down as everyone else got ready and started to head out. When his bedroom door opened you smiled at how nice he looked in his black suit. Feeling your nerves bubbling in your chest you waited anxiously for him to ask you to be his date. When he got closer to you you smiled at him, “You look nice Yon…”

“Yea thanks.” he grunted.

Watching him walk down the ramp and towards town you felt your heart drop. Knowing everyone else was already gone you felt a tear fall from your eye and felt yourself go invisable as you watched him walk towards the Ball without you. 

Getting to the crystal hall Yondu looked around to see many couples arm and arm around the lightly lit tables as the soft music played. He was diapointed that y/n wouldn’t come with him but at least he could get drunk for free. Seeing the others he made his way over and saw as Peter turned towards him and frowned. 

“where’s y/n?” Peter asked.

Tightening his jaw he cut his eyes at the boy. “What ya mean where is she, she came wit Kraglin.” he growled out. 

Confused Peter shook his head slightly. “No Kraglin asked Nebula.” When he saw Yondu furrow his brows and look towards his old first mate who was sitting at the table with Nebula he frowned. “I thought you would ask y/n. I mean ya’ll have been hitting it off pretty good.” When Gamora came over she too frowned to see Yondu alone. 

“Y/n is not with you?” She asked and saw Peter shake his head.

“Idiot here thought she was coming with Kraglin.” Peter said.

“So she is alone on the ship. But she was so excited about coming…” Gamora said in a pity filled voice. 

Realizing what had happened Yondu quickly left and made his way back to the ship. Opening the door he went to y/n’s door and knocked. When no one answered he opened the door slightly to see no one inside. Looking over he saw a dark blue dress hanging on the hook in the corner. The dress was beautiful and matched his skin perfectly. Cursing himself he heard soft music coming from down below deck and stepped down the stairs quietly. Looking over at the couch he saw a bundle on covers that looked to be floating some. Knowing she must be invisible right now he looked at the screen on the TV to see an old romance movie playing. It showed a black and white picture of two people dancing. Watching as a cup lifted into the air and moved towards the blanket he made his way down to her. “Y/n?” he called out and saw the cup fall. 

“Yondu? Wh…what are you doing here?” you asked in a soft voice.

When he saw the blanket fall but her remain invisible he furrowed his brows. He could hear the sadness in her voice, like she had been crying. “Well ah darlin’ Was gonna see if ya wanted ta ah go ta the Ball thing…with me that is?” He asked nervously.

After a few seconds you looked up from the floor. “Thought ya already left?” you asked and felt that pain in your chest.

“I did. Darlin’ I… I thought ya were goin’ wit Kraglin. I saw ya talkin’ wit him earlier and I thought he had asked ya. When I got there I didn’t see ya there. Quill told me you were still here." 

Swallowing you bit your lip, "So you’re only asking me cause he told you too…” you whimpered. 

“No! No angel. I was gonna ask ya from the beginning. I promise.” He said.

“So you really want me to go with you?” you asked becoming a little less invisible but still see through. 

Smiling when she appeared before him he nodded, “It’d be my honer if ya would go wit me.” he said with a bow of his head. 


A while later and Yondu held his arm out for y/n to take as they walked into the crystal ball room. She was dressed in her blue dress and more beautiful than any other woman there. Pulling her out to dance with him on the floor He held her hand with one hand and the small of her back with the other as they moved in slow circles around the floor. Looking over he saw Peter smile at him and wink when y/n laid her head on his chest. Hearing small gasps he and y/n looked up with everyone else to see the sky light up with the meteor shower. Smiling at the wonder on her face he leaned closer to her, “Make a wish.” he said into her ear.

“I already got my wish.” you said and saw his smile grow before he pressed his lips to yours. 

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Meteor Shower

They fell like needles, hurting my skin, the ground, my very soul.

The water was raining down upon me like meteors, each one wiping the face of the planet clean.

There were no more dinosaurs in my skin.

I took off my pants and threw them in the sink as I walked in my little apartment. ‘Tomorrow I’ll handle them,’ I told myself “Tonight, I appreciate the display.”

My face smashed softly against the glass pane. I open the window and let the droplets rain in.

Each one with the strength of gravity, strong enough to sting my scalp. Each one with the silvery colour of the moon above, shining through the small holes in the storm clouds.

A lightning bolt gently cruising the night sky guides my vision towards the fluid heaven that is this tempest.

I had to close my eyes. I couldn’t let them blind me, no.

I had to watch the raindrops falls.