meteor shower 3

Five - the high level edition

so I remember to write more deeply about it in my analog space later… maybe. 

1. I recognized a Relationship to Men pattern last night and it just about sent me to the kitchen floor in a laughing-snotting-sobbing heap. I prepped supper instead. History fucking repeats. 

2. My knee is deeply bruised and my arms still feel as if I bench pressed a house. I’m going hiking and sleeping on the ground all weekend, anyway. Clear skies and 70s with 50s at night and Orionid Meteor showers? Yes, please. 

3. ((not my person, not my person, and also not my person – duly noted))

4. I think I will dance under the stars tonight. 

5. There will be kissing. 

Diakko Week - Day 1: Stars/Astrology 

I’m late for the first day but I really love drawing starry skies and I just needed to do a clichè meteor shower scene for them..  <3 @dianakko-week

under read more for some sketchy crack bc I’m really dumb and so is my sense of humour.. orz

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Despite all the points they get for answering questions in class, Ravenclaw always loses the House Cup. Like disastrously. At least five of them are caught sneaking out of the library after hours every night because they just got so caught up in a book that they lost track of time. There’s a meteor shower at 3 am and ~technically~ they aren’t allowed in the Astronomy Tower at that hour (or out of their common room at all), but it’s for the pursuit of knowledge so what’s the harm? They swear they saw rare flora/fauna near the Forbidden Forest so they just need to take a quick trek in and out to gather specimens. They get caught using experimental spells on each other despite the fact that it’s strictly prohibited and end up having to see Madam Pomfrey to abate the symptoms.


Meteor Shower 3 <流星雨3/Liuxing yu 3> Started Filming

Recently the production of Meteor Shower 3 or Let’s Go Watch the Meteor Shower has started rolling with the main lead Zhang Han back on board as the uber rich conglomerate heir Murong Yun Hai. Surprisingly, the female lead Zheng Shuang  is M.I.A. (rumor has it that the romance of the two stars has fizzled but it couldn’t have been the reason, right?) Intead, cute Taiwanese actress Gui Gui assumes the female lead. Hooray! New actors were also signed on to play the other  F4 hotties namely, Zhang Yunlong, Fan Shiqi, and M4M resident cutie Fangyilun a.k.a. Alen, rest assured all these guys are goodlooking, probably even better in my opinion.

I was a fan of the Japanese version with Matsu Jun and Inoue Mao, who are getting hitched sometime this year or so I heard. And even more a fan of the Taiwanese version with Barbie Hsu and Jerry Yan. But to be honest, I was not a fan of the C-version still this new cast is making me a bit excited for this.

oh my GOD. Leonid’s meteor shower was last week, on the night between the 17th and the 18th of November. This shower is named for the constellation Leo, because these meteors radiate outward from the vicinity of stars representing the Lion’s mane. The meteor shower is at its peak just before the sunrise.

So…Leo’s sky was falling and bursting into flames while Jemma and Fitz were kissing. Even the Cosmos was saying ‘About damn time’.

deadrosesinc-deactivated2016093  asked:


“Can I kiss you?” bestfriend!Luke asks you quietly as you lay on a blanket on your roof, watching the meteor shower at 3 am. “What?” you ask, confused because you’re sure you didn’t hear your best friend say that to you. “Can I kiss you y/n?” he asks again facing you on the blanket. “Yes,” you whisper as he leans toward you, he hesitates before putting his lips on yours. He tastes like peppermint and vanilla and you can smell the cologne that he’s been wearing since he was 13. He’s a good kisser, and he cups your face as he deepens it. This kiss lasts longer than you think it will, ending with Luke pulling you into his lap, your heart beating at 10,0000 miles per hour. Luke pulls away first almost gasping for a good breath of air. “I’ve been wai-waiting so long for that”

{why do i write better at 2:30 am?}