meteor plan

here’s a refresher on what each character is up to in homestuck, so you know what’s going on when the upd8 hits!

  • the goal - to create a new universe free of tyranny. vriska has drawn up battle plans. the battle is about to commence.
  • john, roxy, and alpha rose (specifying bc we have 2) are on the meteor and plan to go fight the condesce. their goal is to kill her, or barring that, keep her busy so she doesn’t mess with anything during the important shit.
  • john also has the earth (alpha kids’ version, dirk and roxy’s point in time, flooded and inhabited only by carapacians) shrunked and captalogued. the plan is for jade to unshrink it after the battle and for everyone who survives to live there.
  • dave and dirk are on dirk’s planet, lotak. they plan to fight “lord jack”, the jack from the alpha kids’ session who got lord-english-ified by the condesce. lord jack is on his way to the session.
  • terezi is jetpacking on her way to lotak and plans to fight lord jack with the striders, and just used her mind powers to do some remembery shit to gain alt terezi’s memories in the most recent panel/flash.
  • alt terezi (from the game over timeline) and (vriska) are hugging it out in the dreambubbles. they’re not really super relevant anymore but they were in the most recent panel so they get to be up top.
  • jane is on healing duty, and will be using teleporty windows placed by jasprosesprite to get to people during the battle. she is currently on the meteor.
  • the mayor, alpha calliope, and jade’s body are inside on the meteor. jade is asleep, and needs to stay that way until the condesce is killed, so that she doesn’t go grimbark again. should jade wake up and not immediately go grimbark, vriska’s plan is for her to go fight dog tier jack, and a note has been left tied to her finger saying this. wv and calliope are just hanging out, since neither really has any combat capabilities. calliope has the ring of life.
  • meanwhile, jade’s consciousness and alt calliope (the one who predominated) are travelling through the dreambubbles. alt callie is saying cryptic shit about space while jade waits impatiently to wake up. alt callie plans to do Something that is not yet made clear.
  • karkat is passed out on lofaf (jade’s planet) after kanaya knocked him out. he wanted to go fight, but kanaya promised echidna she would protect him, so he is sleeping.
  • kanaya is also on lofaf, and has just received the matriorb from roxy. she plans to light the forge and get this frog universe business moving.
  • echidna has just met with karkat and kanaya and agrees to allow a new universe to be created as logn as karkat is protected. she wants karkat to guide the new universe’s inhabitants.
  • jake, gcatavrosprite, and jasprosesprite are on lomax (jake’s planet). gcatavrosprite is asleep. jake is supposed to deal with spades slick when he comes. vriska wasn’t sure if ss would be a threat so she just stuck jake with the job. jasprose plans to help jane move around and heal people.
  • spades slick is on his way to the session, carrying in a magic storage oven the entirety of the felt and ms. paint.
  • dog tier jack and dog tier pm are on their way to the session, still in seemingly eternal combat. vriska’s plan calls for letting pm deal with jack, and if/when jade wakes up, send jade to help her.
  • alpha vriska, meenah, and tavros are in the dreambubbles with a giant army of ghosts of dead alt-timeline trolls that tavros assembled. they plan to take on lord english. aradia and sollux are there too.
  • lord english is on his way, destroying space as he goes.
  • caliborn knows the future and how he will imprison the beta kids in the homestuck juju, beat up the alpha kids, and then jake will use his hope powers to fuck with caliborn. then arquiusprite will come in and hold off caliborn long enough for dirk to imprison his soul (along with arquiusprite’s and half of gamzee by mistake) in lil cal. then eventually he becomes lord english. caliborn has the ring of void in his future vision.
  • the condesce is in her battleship on her way to fuck shit up. she has the ring of void. her motive is to create a new universe which she will be dictator of.
  • gamzee is in the fridge.
  • davepetasprite (davesprite and alpha nepeta) and arquiusprite are bro hugging. they both plan to go fight lord english, though davepetasprite did not appear in caliborn’s future vision.

low-relevancy players

  • eridan and feferi aren’t really relevant to the plot anymore it would seem, they’re probably mixed in with tavros’s army.
  • casey has an army of skeleton consorts.
  • nannasprite - both pre-retcon nanna and post-retcon nanna survived so there’s two. they are on locah (jane’s planet).
  • dad crocker is in jail on derse.
  • dd, hb, and cd from the alpha kids’ session. hb was killed by dirk ages ago. the other two are alive and on derse.
  • edit: oh yeah and aranea is not only dead, but never got back alive to begin with

i think that’s everyone!

Coulomb: “You haven’t changed at all, Ling. It’s been a while, 5 years, isn’t it?”
Ling: “Why are you here… Why are you in Amestris? No… why are you alive, Coulomb?!”

From the drama CD, don’t worry, I’m 100% sure with the translation in this dialogue. Soo… Coulomb is supposed to be ‘dead’? Conspiracy in the Yao family? Ugh if only my Japanese is better or if only I could ask Monjin herself about this .___.

Ling and Coulomb (translated)

The original by Kimidori is here. Translated by Terrazaru, thank you very much dearest! ♥

Below is my little discussion with her.

Me: So Ling doesn’t aware that Coulomb is his brother?
Terra: It seems so, Coulomb speaks very politely to him. Could he be the unwanted child?
Me: That could be, they’re not getting along very well, after all…
Terra: Maybe he’s a child from the concubines? Eh wait, that still makes him a prince.
Me: I want to think that way too, but these things really need to get cleared up.
Terra: From the comic strip, the way he speaks clearly shows that his position is far below Ling.
Me: Oh no… Maybe the artist’s interpretation is different? :/

… What do you guys think?

Meteor Plan Part 2 comments

I finally understand everything now. Well, not everything actually… But I can tell what the hell is going on.

So, Coulomb. Ling’s older brother who taught him swordsmanship and martial arts was really dedicated to make Ling the emperor. But it was Ling who sentenced Coulomb to death under the accusation that he was scheming a conspiracy to kill Ling’s older siblings, in order to put him on the throne.

Coulomb treasured Ling, he has always been. He said that quite few times. He said that he treasured Ling more than anything, he thinks of Ling as the most important person in the world, he won’t let anyone–anything get in his way to make Ling the emperor.

At this part I furrowed my eyebrows, is Coulomb some kind of possessive older brother? Yandere??

But Ling said that the most important thing for Coulomb is not him. It is Coulomb’s pride, it’s his pride that turns him villainous (?) and they got on battle for the second time. This time Ling managed to defeat Coulomb and killed him.

:’( My favorite character always ended up dead.

… I would like to write the review in detail but my Japanese is very limited. And I doubt if anyone would like to read it. Well, do you?

Coulomb and Ling

Okay. So it’s safe to assume that Coulomb has this kind of hate-love feeling towards Ling (or is it more hate than anything else?). Notice his changed expression when he remembered about the little boy, and the last bubble word in the last panel, he thought “Such a troublesome brat…”.

I wish Kimidori put the furigana along with the kanji so I can read it and translate it somehow… I might as well hire a translator to translate these Coulomb things :/