meteor plan

shit that actually happens in pokemon:

  • a giant castle rises from the ground around the main government building. this is basically peta’s fault.
  • you ride a dragon-god into space to fight a meteor alien. this is plan b. plan a was to send the meteor alien to another dimension.
  • one guy tries to get rid of the oceans. one tries to get rid of dry land. What Happens Next Will Shock You.
  • a dude jumps straight out of the water onto an evil pirate ship, lowers the gangplank, then swims off to let a teenager deal with it.
  • there is a 1/3 chance that a runaway 11-year-old yakuza/mafia prince broke into a laboratory to steal an adorable plant creature.
  • you can buy a useless fish for several thousand yen from a shady salesman. this is actually a very good investment.
  • the devil, the god of death and the bringer of eternal nightmares all really really really like cake.
  • the space cultists would have won if dragon lucifer hadn’t showed up.
  • god is a goat, and if you take it to the right place, it will make you a baby god.
  • the most powerful trainer in the world (a 14-year-old with a pet rat) went up a frozen mountain for no apparent reason. he only comes down after you beat up his rat. this is absurdly difficult.
  • the effective ruler of the unova region is a magical catgirl space princess with a bunch of pet dragons. 
  • there’s a nine foot tall guy wandering around. his height is the least interesting thing about him. and his best friend is a flower fairy.

Honestly, let’s be real for a moment guys. For as much as the fandom likes to blame Tony for Ultron, it seems very few people understand this simple MCU fact.

Ultron was his own person, and all the deaths that were because of him, are his fault. (Discounting any people that were also killed by Wanda and Pietro.) Ultron created the meteor that he planned to drop to kill billions of innocents, he killed and injured the researchers working with Helen Cho.

While I am extremely sympathetic to Ultron’s character due to a multitude of factors, Ultron killed a lot of people, of his own choice and volition. NO ONE made him do anything he did. 

Ultron made his own choices, and it’s idiotic that people like to blame the deaths that he caused on Tony. 

Okay, but how dare?

I’ve complained a lot already, but I need to talk about Desiree specifically. I mentioned in my analysis of her that, based on her first episode, she’s my favorite ghost villain. I put her even above Ember, though just barely. She’s incredibly sympathetic, and is a character that made me want to see ghosts finding peace as part of the plot above everything.

But then they scrap all of that to make her character about “the more wishes I grant, the more powerful I get!”

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Daddy’s Girl

Summary: Told from Jensen, YN, and JJ’s POV, JJ is all grown up and marrying her best friend. Thus concluding my Peace of Mind and Stolen series. 

Song: My Little Girl, Tim McGraw

Warnings: death of character, birth, sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of

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Meteor Plan Part 2 comments

I finally understand everything now. Well, not everything actually… But I can tell what the hell is going on.

So, Coulomb. Ling’s older brother who taught him swordsmanship and martial arts was really dedicated to make Ling the emperor. But it was Ling who sentenced Coulomb to death under the accusation that he was scheming a conspiracy to kill Ling’s older siblings, in order to put him on the throne.

Coulomb treasured Ling, he has always been. He said that quite few times. He said that he treasured Ling more than anything, he thinks of Ling as the most important person in the world, he won’t let anyone–anything get in his way to make Ling the emperor.

At this part I furrowed my eyebrows, is Coulomb some kind of possessive older brother? Yandere??

But Ling said that the most important thing for Coulomb is not him. It is Coulomb’s pride, it’s his pride that turns him villainous (?) and they got on battle for the second time. This time Ling managed to defeat Coulomb and killed him.

:’( My favorite character always ended up dead.

… I would like to write the review in detail but my Japanese is very limited. And I doubt if anyone would like to read it. Well, do you?