meteor mash

Some Disgusting tips for battle tree

Celesteela can learn heavy slam and weighs more than primal groudon

Mega Metagross has a 33% damage increase on contact moves and can learn hammer arm, zen headbutt and meteor mash just by leveling up

Ash Greninja has stats like a legendary and is 100% usable

Garchomp can learn earthquake and is unaffected by discharge

Eelecktross can learn discharge and is unaffected by earthquake

Tapu Koko is OP as hell in terms of attack and speed


And thus I uh… wound up making a Pokemon character based on Akane, or Doomfist from Overwatch, if you rather. :D;

A big scary strong Conkeldurr, who goes by the name of Onyedi. A wandering vigilante, an outlaw looking out for himself but occasionally doing what he feels is best for those who need a chance to become strong. While he does share views with Doomfist about building strength and character through battle and conflict, what kicks his anti-hero outlook into gear is him feeling as though the weak will never get a chance to improve if they’re neglected. Thus he’ll sometimes stick his neck out for those who are genuinely struggling. Sometimes, of course. Obviously he’s not a truly FRIENDLY fella, as he’s very worn and cold and irritable from everything he’s gone through.

And yep, he is indeed wearing Aggron plating. His right arm is made from similar materials used to construct Metagross, topped off with a Mega Aggron scalp to add further weight to the impact of his right hand. Moreover, with his weaponized prosthetic arm, he gains access to a very specific move; Meteor Mash. Because hey, if he’s gonna pay such striking homage to Doomfist, why not give him a way to put that hulking metallic mass to use in the form of his own version of Meteor Strike?

And yes… his ability is Iron Fist. How could it not be?

Buuuut uh yeah, that’s it! For now anywho. I dunno what I will do with him, yet, but I might have… ONE idea. One. We’ll see what I do with him in the end. |D;

E: Added some shoulder plating as mounting support for that arm as well as security to the body for better wielding vuv)b


Psychic / Ghost
Abilities: Void* / Overcoat
Hidden Ability: Mummy

*(Void: Negates damage from moves that make contact with this pokemon)

Classification: Cloaked Pokemon
Height: 6′10″
Weight: 22 lbs
Locale: Haunted Mansions

Stats: +HP, ++Sp.Atk, +Atk, +Sp.Def, –Def.

Future Sight, Psyshock, Phantom Force, Arm Thrust, Double Hit, Meteor Mash, Moonblast, Cosmic Power, Mirror Coat, Barrier, Light Screen, Metronome

The underside of its cloak is a portal to a pocket dimension, unique to itself. It can create Specties from its own ribbons. It can wrap itself around humans, but those who wear it may be subject to being devoured by its spectral body. It’ll pull fantastic objects and devices from its cloak to amaze and distract people and other Pokemon.

Spectie(Level 20)–> Spoocloak (Dusk Stone)–> Phantomanto

Grand total of Charon abuse across all parallel dimensions:

* bitchslapped by a frog and sent to jail by a man in a rock costume (game)
* slapped to the ground by a man not in a rock costume (generations)
* thrown bodily across the room, hit with a Surf attack, ass kicked by Giratina, blown around in the background several times across the rest of the volume, THEN sent to jail by a man in a rock costume (DPA)
* fell down a flight of stairs after throwing a smoke bomb, got defeated by sellotape, got punched by regigigas, got beaten up a different way by every single one of Rotom’s formes, fought three protagonists four stat trainers the rest of the commanders cyrus the gym leaders AND shaymin while clinging by the skin of his teeth to giratina’s head, got smashed with Cynthia’s Meteor Mash right to the face, nearly drowned, THEN got his ass kicked by rotom again, this time throwing a large boulder at him.

…Then sent to jail by a man in a rock costume. (PokeSpe)

anonymous asked:

So... As proven by Volumes 1-2, Pyrrha is the strongest first year student, therefore stronger than Yang... Mercury is stronger than Pyrrha considering he was able to find out so much about her and her Semblance while toying with her in the Extracurricular episode... Mercury also managed to defeat the twice as bigger, taller, and wider Yatsuhashi with effortless ease. Do you think he was purposefully throwing the match against Yang? Or that he legitimately lost? Because assume he lost on purpose

[ Aw, anon, did your question got cut off? ; w; I never received a Part 2!

But as for my opinion.. I sort of have two theories? One is that he threw the match (but did indeed give a hell of a show while doing so) but that the other was that he was intending to throw the match but got cocky and got the last bit of him punched out.

What I mean by the second one would be the equivalent to, say, a Pokemon battle. Let’s say it’s a 1v1 between uhh.. A Garchomp and a Lucario. Both of them are strong Pokemon, but it’s clear that one outclasses the other. Garchomp, being Mercury, throws out all that he can, and Lucario, being Yang, does the same. At the very end, Garchomp throws out an Earthquake (or I guess you could say Meteor Mash omfg) that should’ve thrown Lucario in the red (which it did!). However, Garchomp was still in yellow, and when Lucario retaliates with, uhh.. Idk Close Combat? She lands a damn Critical and KO’s Garchomp

That’s my personal interpretation of what happened at that last part; Mercury’s aura was shattered at the end, rather than worn out. Like, he needed to get his aura down to zero anyways, but he didn’t expect for it to get literally decked the HELL out of him.

The reasons why I stand by him throwing the match are because of your reasons and because of my personal belief as to what the plan was; your points of Mercury outmatching Pyrrha and Yatsu are true and on point, so he definitely should be stronger than Yang. And then as for me, the sequence of events as to why he threw the match are as follows:

Cinder needs to drop a Golden Apple/she needs to create discord against Team RWBY as well as Beacon -> “Mercury, Emerald, we gotta make some adjustments” -> SINGLES ROUND YAY -> Cinder’s keikaku* is coming to order so she gotta bounce -> FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT KISS KISS KISS -> Mercury “loses” -> Emerald is on the sidelines and she activates her semblance while Mercury walks up to Yang -> mmm whatcha say -> Congratulations, not only did CRME manage to incapacitate the strongest member of RWBY, but they also made her look like the absolute worst villain as well as cause a disruption/loss of focus from all of Vale (because mind you, the Vytal Festival is huge; This is the equivalent of someone acting out during the Olympics).

And then, I guess, as for the reasons as to why she decided to use this ace in the hole on Yang rather than, say, Sun or Penny or Pyrrha is that, what I’m thinking, is that Cinder has been keeping a hella watchful eye on Team RWBY. I see people question “why” but honestly, at this point, it’s more of a “why not”. RWBY attacked and dispelled Roman and Neo, RWBY managed to stop a train, Neo obviously knows that Raven, Yang’s momma, is a threat, and I’m 100% sure Cinder still recognizes that little shit from a year or so ago with the big-ass scythe from when Glynda was like “come at me bro” and Cinder was like “nah”. Ruby herself isn’t a threat, but she’s someone to keep in place imo. And then Blake’s connection to dam, Weiss being a Schnee, etc etc etc there’s literally every reason to have RWBY benched and targeted. \ o / 

holy shit this got hella long BUT TL;DR - I’m 1000% sure Merc lost to Yang on purpose. He played with Pyrrha, he took an earthquake attack from Yatsu, there’s no way a bit of I BURN was going to take him down.

*keikaku means plan ]