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Is it at all possible to use a whip like people do in movies? Like in Castlevania, Trevor uses it to cut someones finger off and rip another persons eye out. Thanks!

The whip Trevor Belmont is using is called “The Vampire Killer” and it’s a mystical weapon, but I don’t know whether that’s the one he’s using in the anime or if he gets it later. You can assume though that the Belmont’s have mystical powers. What Trevor Belmont is using is a bullwhip, if you want other examples of the whip being used in film there’s Indiana Jones and The Mask of Zorro.

You can put someone’s eye out with a whip, but you can’t rip it out and you can’t get enough force going with a leather whip to cut someone’s finger off.

A chain whip? Oh hell yeah. You can take a finger off with that.

What I will say is worth taking from the new Castlevania anime is not what Trevor does with the whip so much as how he handles it. A good example is the final fight with Alucard. Where he uses it to trip, where he uses it as a disarming tool, and does a good job of showing how it always remains in motion. One aspect Castlevania does get right with Trevor is the use of the secondary hand for guidance when rapidly changing direction, when he wants small circles or very specific strikes he’d be unable to achieve with just his wrist.

The whip as a weapon is a useful secondary or supporting weapon to your primary. It works better as a harassment tool, a means to create openings, trip your opponent up, lash them, and wear them out. Whips and chain weapons travel on circular strike paths that are difficult to block. In the hands of a master, they can rapidly change direction mid strike and circle around the sword or spear to hit their target.

If you want to take a finger off, then you’ll need to attach a blade to the end as seen in the whip chain, the rope dart, or (to crush it) the meteor hammer.

The basic beginner stage to ground your understanding of how this works is the yoyo.

The whip has it’s place as a secondary weapon in multiple martial arts, and the tip will give you some serious burns. If you want to look into the whip as a defense tool, Anthony De Longis is a good place to start.

Keep in mind, however, that the weakness of all chain/rope/whip weapons is space. You need space to be able to get the techniques off. Even with lineal striking, you need room. It is a ranged weapon, and one that requires a lot more space to work than a gun or a bow.

So, yes, you can use it as a weapon. You probably also want your characters carrying weapons that are more versatile like the sword or a knife or a gun, that can make up for the situations were the whip falls short.

If  you’re in an open space and you want to keep five attackers on the defensive then it’s great. You can scare the shit out of them and keep a full defense going. However, you can’t really do it in your living room.


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How exactly did Tetsuo Umezawa defeat Nicol Bolas back when Bolas was both a pre-mending walker and an elder dragon? I haven't been able to get my hands on legends cycle 2 and the wiki was light on details

Tetsuo Umezawa tricked Bolas into following him into the meditation realm, which was basically a spirit realm. Back home, he had set a massive spell called the Meteor Hammer into motion to destroy Bolas’ body and sever his connection to the Leylines of Madara. With the connection gone, Bolas’ spirit was vulnerable and bereft of powers. Umezawa was then able to defeat him in combat with power he’d taken from another enemy.


Someone introduced me to Meteor Hammers and I went ‘oh! That’s VERY similar to what I had planned for Alf’s collar weapon’.

So that’s what I drew last night. It’s worth pointing out that Alf’s collar is lighter in his hands. It listens to him!

Date a girl who can sprint across rice paper without tearing it or even making it crinkle. Date a girl who can jump many feet in the air and land on top of a telephone pole, then run along the wires. Date a girl trained in many martial arts and also how to use nunchucks, bamboo poles, meteor hammers, flying daggers, and katanas. Date a girl who has memorized every pressure point and knows how to kill a nazi with her thumb. Date a girl who gives amazing massages.

Gem Weapon/Powers/Abilities (Updated 6/4/17)
  • Inherent Gem Abilities: Bubbling, regeneration, photokinesis (flashlight effect), shape-shifting, super strength, awesome dancing, fusing
  • Peridot: Can control metal
  • Ruby: Heat, Gauntlet
  • Garnet: Gauntlets, can swim in lava, immunity to extreme heat, future vision, electricity/power generation
  • Sapphire: Ice, can fly, future vision
  • Lapis Lazuli: Hydrokinesis, elemental water from her gem, Memory Projection using water
  • Lapis Lazuli as the mirror: Memory projection using mirror
  • Rose Quartz: Healing tears, Shield, plant attacks
  • Amethyst: Whip (also electrically conductive), spin dash
  • Pearl: Spear, hologram projection, solid light projections, charged blast from spear, sand manipulation, can summon/store objects in her gem
  • Steven Universe: Healing spit, Shield, Plant attacks, ability to bubble himself, empath (ability to sense another's emotions, even at a distance {lapis, Blue Diamond}), dream walking (may be an extension of his empath ability), Healing tears (healed and changed Lars)
  • Stevonnie: Unknown, presumably Rose's sheild
  • Opal: Bow, exploding arrows, agility
  • Malachite: Hydrokinesis, Jasper's helmet, Spin dash, can also change direction of spin dash in mid-air
  • Sugilite: Meteor Hammer
  • Sardonyx: War Hammer
  • Alexandrite: All of the Crystal Gems' weapons, both fused and singly
  • Temple Gem: Unknown, though presumably the same as Alexandrite
  • Lion: Portals, Pocket dimension, enhanced roar, can walk on water
  • Centipeetle: Acid spit, Creature Creation, Ability to climb walls and sheer cliffs
  • Mask Island Monster: Invisibility
  • Lighthouse Monster: Possession of inanimate objects in vicinity, memory projection, ability to levitate objects (perhaps an extension of possession)
  • Jasper: Helmet, being super judgmental of fusions, spin dash
  • Smokey Quartz:
  • Yellow Diamond: Electrokinesis
  • Yellow Pearl: Unknown
  • Blue Diamond: Pathokinesis (The ability to inflict others with her own emotions)
  • Blue Pearl: Unknown
  • Ruby {Eyeball}: Chisel-shaped knife
  • Ruby {Doc}: Pyrokinesis
  • Ocean Jasper {Snow Monster}: Unknown
  • Biggs Jasper {Orange Snow Monster}: Also Unknown
  • Bismuth: Extreme heat resistance
  • Holly Blue Agate: Electrified whip
  • Bloodstone (Ronaldo): Katana
  • Topaz(s): Fusion Engulfing, Pugil mace/regular maces
  • Aquamarine: Water wings, super speed, tractor beam
  • Blue Zircon: Hologram projection
  • Yellow Zircon: Hologram projection
  • Rutile Twins: Unknown
  • Padperadshca: Retrocognition (predictions of the recent past, which would be useful if she could predict things that were /not/ in her immediate vicinity)
  • Fluorite: Unknown
  • Rhodite: Unknown
  • Morganite: (Mentioned) Unknown
  • Crazy Lace Agate: (Mentioned) Unknown
  • Snowflake Obsidian: (Mentioned) Unknown
  • Nephrite: (Mentioned) Unknown

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What weapons would a Cobalt, Axinite, and Olivine have?


  • Mini Turbine blades that can be used like a boomerang (example)
  • Some type of explosive weapon, such as a rocket launcher (example), grenade launcher (example), or dynamite sticks (example



Mod Phantom Quartz

Pools of Becoming by Jason Chan

Flavor Friday: An Abridged Magic Story History #29

Death of the God-Emperor (Dominaria)

Following the Kami War, Toshirio Umezawa’s descendant, Tetsuo Umezawa, is chosen by Nicol Bolas (God-Emperor of Madara) to be his champion. Umezawa turns on the God-Emperor, and tricks him into abandoning his body for a confrontation in Bolas’ Meditation Realm. Bolas’ body is destroyed by the Meteor Hammer spell, and Tetsuo defeats a now-powerless Bolas in the Meditation Realm. All is not as it seems, however, as Bolas’ connection to the rift beyond the Talon Gates allows his spirit to survive and linger, waiting for an opportunity to return. (Legends II Cycle)

did this RIGHT after my superheroine redesign project last year, but never posted it because I was flooded with response to them and it was overwhelming me.  This was my idea of how I would redesign wonder woman without any theme attached.  

I still really like it.  Changed her lasso to a meteor hammer, for reasons of being super cool.

anonymous asked:

Fusion weapons between a meteor hammer + scythe, electric whip + meteor hammer, bo + shield, and axe + javelin?

Weapon Fusions:

Meteor Hammer X Scythe:
Pick Axe

Electric Whip X Meteor Hammer:
A hammer head at the end of a whip that can be electrified

Bo X Shield:
Both offense and defense; umbrella

Axe X Javelin:


So this ask has been in my inbox for a while now

I redesigned the old Overwatchsona I had. She is now definitely a defensive hero. Removed the skirt and replaced the old weapon, since my Gemsona already has a meteor hammer, thought I should go for something new: A power glove.

It shoots either in 15 short bursts of energy, or it can power up for 5 bulkier, more damaging shot. One ability is that she can leave traps that, when activated, push every enemy in it’s radius away. The other is a melee attack, where she fires a weak blast at an enemies [face] and stuns them for a few seconds.

Her ult works best when she is surrounded by enemies. She powers up an energy attack which is then shot it in to the air. It spreads out in to a dome and fries everyone who is inside it.

Do you have an overwatchsona? You can always commission me to draw it for you


 She was a viper, her weapon slithering over and around her body in a way that was equal parts deadly to her enemies as it could be to her if she slipped up. One wrong move, a moment of distraction and her own weapon could easily strangle or decapitate her. In spite of this she handled it with ease and casualty. Arms, legs, torso and even neck moved around the rope so naturally one might have thought she was born with it. 

He was as much a hurricane as he was a well oiled machine. His body was a flurry of action with not a single ounce of wasted energy. Every movement was with purpose, precision and calculation. Anyone else might’ve been thrown by such a fluid and unpredictable weapon but he took each new attack in stride. 

As allies they acted as one. Although the meteor hammer wasn’t really suited for team battles the two knew each others movements so well that her long ranging weapon was no longer a hindrance but an advantage. Moon used Princes body like it was her own, and at this point Rhubarb was as much his weapon as he was Moons. The four knew each other so well that they worked in perfect harmony. 

Side by side that made for an indestructible team but when faced against each other it only lead to long drawn out battles such as these. So well did they know each others fighting style that they had been sparring for a good half hour and neither had thrown a single move that the other hadn’t parried. While that sounded tiresome, and it sure was, Moon quite enjoyed it. Fights like this pushed her to her absolute limits and forced her to grow. She wouldn’t beat Prince with any of her usual tactics, just like he couldn’t with her. Either something new would be born from their battle or one would pass out from exhaustion.