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A Spooky Perseid Meteor Shower Experience

I was looking through the tags for the Perseid Meteor shower, which is peaking this weekend, and it dawned on me that I had had a rather terrifying and mysterious experience the first time I decided to catch a glimpse of this astronomical event, which would be perfect to share with all of you.

It was exactly midnight, as that was the time that the shower was supposed to begin. My sister and I turned off all the lights and snuck outside into the pitch black back yard.Despite the darkness the sky was mostly clear. All we could really make out were the shadows of my neighbors house and a treeline.

I was looking toward the right when my sister, who was looking left towards the tree line, said “B—-….there is a huge ball of light in the trees.” She sounded really scared. I didn’t believe her of course so I turned to reassure her that she had seen nothing when I too saw a huge ball of light in the treeline. As we watched ,it traveled upwards, slowly getting bigger. When it neared the top of the trees, my sister and I panicked and ran inside. We were terrified the rest of the night.

What was it we saw that night? Was it a UFO? A ghost (we had after all seen shadow figures in the treeline), or a natural ball of gas caused by atmospheric conditions? Whatever it was, it sure was spooky.