meteor gang

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How are all the kids together? Aren't they in different sessions??

They all recently arrived in the Alpha kids’ session. The meteor gang traveled through the Furthest Ring which is the area in-between sessions. John and Jade travelled through the fourth wall into a different dimension and into a different fourth wall and now they’re all in the Alpha kids’ session. 

I think I finally get why Dave gets scared by Kanaya

She glows first off, like not a normal glow but an eerie one. Also, it’s obvious she is pretty quiet when she wants to be and doesn’t have a chainsaw around.
I seriously just imagine him sitting on that dark meteor then out of nowhere this pulsing glowing and a face.

Then Dave flips the fuck out. 

At least that’s what my brain supplies me with. 

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Again, about the rose/dave ascension & green sun space shenanigams: The green sun already existed when the trolls where there, waiting for the kids, and they just jumped out! The explosion that killed rose and dave made the green sun! So what happen

Here’s a timeline:  Dave and Rose exploded the Tumor, died and made the Green Sun. Meteor gang sees the new light in the sky and starts heading  there.  Aradia and Half Sollux show up because they were in the bubbles so they were closer. Dave and Rose then rise up out of the Sun (takes a few minutes because this thing is freaking huge). Then the meteor crew arrives at the sun. They have a short meet n greet, WV shows up and then they head on out for A2

Okay, but this line is just so funny to me. Like, i’m just imagining the Batterwitch flying around the planets, looking for the meteor gang, when she thinks she spots them, only to find cardboard cutouts or scarecrow-like figures that kinda look like the heroes from a distance and are quite obviously fake up close. Then she’s all like “drat” and starts the process over.