metebelis 3

Project MotorMouth 3

As mentioned yesterday I was fortunate enough to get to Project MotorMouth 3 yesterday and got to meet Peter. While he may not have been smiling lots in his photos we got to see lots of smiles from him as he greeted us at the photo shoot and at the autograph session and during the Q&A. He was on fine form and the 45 minute talk just whizzed by so fast. 

Anyway, here are the things that I recall. They are not in any specific order and I didn’t make notes of things said verbatim so it’s just paraphrasing but for those who are interested have a look behind the cut.

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Fact #996

The ring worn by William Hartnell throughout his tenure as the Doctor contained a crystal from Metebelis 3, and it was through using the mind powers the ring gave him that he first got the part. His regeneration into Patrick Troughton was a result of Hartnell attempting to  telepathically control the BBC producers in order to continue in the role indefinitely. A very confused Patrick Troughton made sure to lose the ring within the first few moments of Power of the Daleks, fearing the power it contained. Rumours that the ring’s influence also had a role in the destruction of the missing episodes of Troughton’s era cannot be verified.