`Can’t do crossfit it looks too hard. I’ll start exercising next month. Diet starts Monday.’

Those excuses look lame now, huh?

Do it.

Get it brave lady!

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(at National Capital Bible Church)

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Sometimes people run in their underwear to aid the Children’s Tumor Foundation in their fight against neurofibromatosis. And sometimes at least one of them is a CrossFitter. Hats um… off, to the awesome @danalooks. You rock lady. Donate at

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5/24/17: Re-Enter The Muscle-up

Here’s a story for you. I went to CSFBK for a day of Back Rack Reverse Lunges and a gnarly MetCon. But the lunges went quickly and I had a minute to kill, so I hopped up on the rings and did my first strict muscle-up in, what, at least a year? This is after being away from consistent CF training for a couple weeks, doing absolutely no pull-ups, and otherwise making ZERO attempts to muscle-up in any way, shape or form. Outside of a couple false grip ring rows in the warm-up, I just…did it. The moral of the story? Twofold. One, don’t discount the value of long term recovery. Yes, you lose some conditioning when you haven’t been in the gym, but you also rebuild a lot of the slower-forming connective tissues that you beat on day to day. It takes time to get stronger, and more importantly it takes time to recover deeply when you’ve been training a lot. I was VERY fresh on the rings. Secondly, sometimes you have to sneak up on a skill or a PR. Especially if you’ve been trying and failing a lot, it pays to walk a way for a while and let yourself forget some bad habits. Come back when you’re fresh and there you go. Huzzah. Now let’s see if I can hang onto it for good this time. Also, weighing in the 170s now (!) doesn’t hurt.


  • 3 x 6 Back Rack Reverse Lunges

RESULT: Worked at 95lbs. Easy.


  • 12 x 24kg Kettlebell Swings
  • 10 x 75lb Thrusters
  • 8 Burpees
  • Rest 2 Minutes

RESULT: Whew, this was tough. I forget my exact time. 13 something maybe? I had to scale to 8 thrusters for the last two rounds. Otherwise this was a good one, but a motherfucker.

Stop being stupid.

Don’t load up the bar when you know your form sucks.

Quit pushing through a metcon when your body is screaming about a bum shoulder.

Take a break from running if your toes are falling off.

Seriously. Take a moment to listen to your body.

Catch your breath and realize that not hitting the road every day or ringing the PR bell isn’t akin to giving up.

Sometimes you just need to take a step back from it all and realize, injuring yourself will only put you back.


Day 3 and sore all over.

PS Thank you flexible dieting. I think I love you.

I asked Chris for something extra to go with the class wod… I accidentally did 5 rounds instead of the 3 he intended.

In 3:00 row 400m and then perform max muscle ups in remaining time.
Rest 2:00.

4-4-3-5-5 muscle ups

In round 3 I accidentally jumped up and grabbed the rings plus the extra strap. So I call that an equipment malfunction, otherwise I would have gotten 4 that round too.

These didn’t feel great though. A little out of practice.

— class —

STRENGTH: 5x4 close grip bench press
55-85-95-105-115 x2 

Failed 115 for reps 3 and 4. Bench game so weak. This is me caring.

8 burpees
10 front rack goblet reverse lunges 53#

6 + 12 as written

All TTB were unbroken. Rounds 4 - 7 I got to 6 easy, but hung on and kipped singles for the last three reps. Grip was fine, just lost the rhythm. Or got tired, ya know?

Re: flexible dieting. I’ve been logging my food for 20 days. However, I didn’t get the right calculation of macros until about 2 weeks ago. My weight went from 148 to 142 in the first week, but I’ve stabilized at 145 for now. I feel good. I’m enjoying myself. Still at maintenance calories. Don’t really feel like cutting… Also, photo is post-wod and post dinner :)

Sunday CrossFit: Wallball, overhead walking lunges, and ball slams!

This workout made me sweat more than ever!


Complete reps of 10-20-30-20-10 for time:

Wallball, 20#/16# OH Walking lunges, 45#/25# Ball Slams

RESULT: 22:05 (modifications: wallball @ 14lbs, OH walking lunges @ 25lbs, ball slams @ 15lbs)

Notes: Wallball will destroy you and ball slams are super fun.

Skillwork: Rope Climb and Handstand Push Up

RESULT: My first ever rope climb was “textbook!” That’s awesome, but I’m nowhere near a HSPU… yet!