When Reading Legend by Marie Lu (Spoilers)

Meet Day

Meet June

Day in ACTION!

Day jumps out a 3 story building

Day Throws a knife at Metais’ shoulder

June finds out about her brother’s death

June Blames Day

Day’s Past

June Kicks ass

Day saves June

The Jay Ship Begins

The Kiss

June finds out who Day is

June Turns Day in

Thomas Kills Day’s Mother

Day get’s shot in the knee

June Has to watch ALL OF THIS

Day gets arrested

June starts finding out the truth

Day’s Innocent!

But still going to be Executed!

But Then His Brother Takes his place

Then Day finds out and cries

One Little Jay moment

Time to search for Eden


Okay, so I just thought of a Legend wedding and got really emotional for a bit.

It’s not a big wedding/small wedding but just imagine: Eden being Day’s best man, and Tess being the maid of honor. 

However, June’s sad because neither her father or Metias is there to walk her down the isle, but Aden being a great friend does it “to make up for what his father started” and June was honestly in tears when this convo went down. 

And gosh it’s such a sweet ceremony between two lovebirds who’ve been separated for like ten years and have spent the past year or two trying to remember. Every second is absolutely gut-wrenching love and emotional because of the intimacy that has grown over the past years of reunion that the other can’t possibly keep themselves from smiling or staring. Sometimes they catch  themselves and each other spacing off because they’re so wrapped up in each other. 

Finally, when they are announced as Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Altan Wing, they share a deep, sweet kiss that has June in tears because she’s been waiting so long for this, and Day seeing her this way is in tears too because he finally remembers clearly. 

And then they go have one bangin’ awesome afterparty, and all I can think about is their first dance being to this rendition of “Cant’ Help Falling In Love” because I’m positive that June would been into oldies because that’s what Metias would’ve listened to if he could because I know their parent’s would’ve (I’m not okay). And they can’t help but stare into each other’s eyes the entire time. 

Finally, it’s the mother/son-father/daughter dance and the two are like “shoot we’re orphans,” but nah, Tess comes in and she dances with day and Eden goes up to June and dances with her and I’m rambling because it’s the sweetest thing. Of course, Aden has his turn after politely asking Eden. And of course, Day and June dance away some more. 

But then there’s the toasts and stories. 

Eden would absolutely have the best speech. It’d be full of puns and he’d definitely keep it upbeat. “Yeah, I saw it coming, even if I couldn’t physically see it at the time, I saw it!” and “You know I had a really good bonding session with june in that hospital wing the night of the attack. You could say we had a nice gurney that day.”

And Tess would retell their entire life story (minus the killer your brother/parent/sibling thing. “I remember the first time we met June, it was during a Skitz fight. Day was observing from above, and I was in the crowd making bets. Somehow, I got pushed into the ring, but June took place and absolutely DEMOLISHED Kaede. Course, she did get stabbed in the side, but then we never would have met. And even despite you getting in the way of mine and Day’s life together… I’m glad you did.”

And then Aden would slyly be picking on Day in the entire speech. “Yeah, I mean life was great until that msifit came in and ruined my love life, but without him, I guess the military would still be in power, so I guess I owe him.”

And then for June and Day, their toasts would be absolutely full of tears. June would be reflective of everything that happened because she remembers it the most: “Growing up, I always worked hard to beat the mysterious legend Day… Never did I think that one day he’d become my best friend and show me the truth. Tracking him down and entering that skitz fight was both the worst and best thing I’ve ever done. The road to get here wasn’t easy… But it was definitely worth it.’

And Day would just absolutely be in shambles by the time he has to go: “I’ve never exactly had it easy. Even with June, my life was never easy until after the war… but it was certainly brighter. I called myself Day because every day that you have on their earth counts, and June is the night to my day. She’s bright life the stars and just as beautiful, if not more, than the sun. I never completely recovered all my memories, but i do have some glimpses of what it was like before my brain fell apart. I remember the days in the cell where you’d secretly give me water. I remember the time I carried you into the Colonies. I even remember the time I lay on the hard ground with you reassuring me I’d be alright. And in that hospital, the day I woke up, you were the first to greet me… But i had no idea who you were. And you let me believe that because you didn’t want to give me any more heartbreak. Now we’re back here because I’m positive that our reunion wasn’t just a hoax my Tess. It was fate.”

And there’s more, but I’m getting too emotional but so would they and I just really want them to be happy

o rio doce está morto
acaso comprarão outro
com ouro
e aço?
os peixes
as plantas
as aves
toda vida esculpida por milênios soterrada
no leito adormecida extinta a existência
o caudaloso espectro do fim
o planeta é tempo e paciência
seus seres suas paisagens
o dinheiro é tempo e urgência
seus metais suas porcentagens de lucro
da margem dos saldos astronômicos
dos líquidos e brutos da gana
da ganga lama da alma humana
um rio de dor surgiu.

- Caio Augusto Leite

Why I love Tay so much it's hard to understand

Some nights I just wanna lay in bed and think about how much Taylor has done for us and how much she has up her sleeve. I mean like name another celebrity that sends gifts to their fans and reads every single word of their post. Like who does that? Even though I know she’ll never see this in a million years because i know I’m just another swiftie, thank you taylorswift for everything. There has been no regret through this relationship that this wasn’t what it was supposed to be. So I would just like to say, I love you Tay to the moon and back and nothing can change that. And don’t ever EVER change unless it’s for the better. I will forever and always call you my role model and I will forever and always be loyal and supportive. Thank you for being here with your songs that I always scream at the top of my lungs which my step siblings hate or whisper it in the dark in the middle of the night or just sing, in the shower, in front of people, everywhere even though they told me I sucked or to shut up. I cared for a while. Until I heard shake it off. That changed everything. That was my anthem for a while and still is. Shake It off also helped me through this I guess this funk i was having where I had no confidence or determination in anything other than school because of this horrible dance teacher I had that made me feel inferior to everyone else. I mean who does that to a 10 year old?! I’m 11 now. I know I said I was gonna end this but it think I’m gonna keep going so I hope you don’t mind. I remember being three years old and just like jumping up and down on my bed singing our song at the top my lungs like I don’t even care who cares.? I almost think one of my earliest memories was that my dad had to move his truck to a different spot at my great grandmas house and I went with him and our song was on and he let me stay in the car until it was finished and I remember singing that whole thing. Our song was where my love for you began. And then love story came and I was constantly singing it and watching the music video. And I remember when fearless came out I would carry around the lyrics booklet and study them like it was my job. They used to do this little st Patrick thing in my neighborhood and one time they had karaoke and I really wanted to do it and i’m was really scared and finally I got the nerve to ask your them if they had love story or any Taylor Swift and they said no. And then like 10 minutes later some girls started singing love story and I got really mad but I guess I didn’t really even care at that point so I just rode around on my bike screaming love story at the top of my lungs with my friend. And then Christmas rolled around. I didn’t even know about the fearless concert being I was about six or seven years old and I remember Christmas morning opening the package with The sticky note that said Taylor Swift fearless concert and would ever date and location it was. Which was Orlando but I don’t remember the date. I was so stoked it being my first concert. I think it was May when the concert was or June and my mom always being late got us in there literally like 60 seconds before the curtain went up. And everybody was shouting Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. My mom told me to sit down in the aisle and wait to get in our seats and you came up and I was COMPLETELY mesmerized by the way you were dressed that you were right there in the same building as me. I think this sparked my fandom of you to the fullest and all of a sudden I knew I wanted to meet this girl that I did that I wanted to go to this thing called the t-party I would do anything. Then came speak now the single a few years later and I remember getting it on my iPod and listening to it with my cousin and we both became instantly obsessed and this was at maybe age 8??? Christmas rolled around again and what do I one I got speak now tickets!! I was super stoked to see you again and I was more devoted this time then i was last time. I had this little biography book of u and I would go around asking everybody trivia about you with the book. I have that book til this day. Back to speak now. This was a really awesome experience after I found out me and my friend were going to the same concert but sitting on different sides of the stadium. 😔😥 so we decided to make shirts that had corresponding shirts like mine said speak and hers said now and we made them with white t shirt and puffy paint and tried to write all the song titles from speak now but didn’t succeed. Speak now tour was a wonderland. I can’t even explain I mean like the 3-D book? Even though I can’t really enjoy it now that I’ve lost the 3-D glasses. Great job Kaelyn. I was completely obsessed with back to December for a very long time. Red came out and I remember that day at school being so anxious to get home. And as soon as I did I grabbed my iPod and went to the App Store and got my copy of red. I also made my dad buy the deluxe version at target he was kinda mad I bought both but oh well. I went to the red tour and I dressed out fully and was all lit up just hoping to catch the corner of your eye or maybe even meet you. I obviously didn’t succeed at making it to club red. I went through some hard wrenching things in fifth grade and it chokes me up trying to talk about but it’s not like my friends are on here from school so I can open my heart. This girl and I bonded over you and were best friends and in third grade we were in different classes and we were still great friends until fourth week in around ignoring me and she started to drift away but I didn’t want her to. She Started being really nasty and different than she used to in fifth grade and I was a victim of her teasing at the end of fifth grade. During the beginning of 2014 she was my BFF because I would take any friend I could get. Because i didn’t have any of my friends in my class. The two girls she was friends with the at the time wasn’t talking to her so she decided to be my friend. I thought it was the best thing in the world back together turns out I was wrong. Soon as she became friends with the other girls he can just left alone by myself. It was heart wrenching. After that starting in May she started being really mean and nasty to me. She said I was always there and following her and her little group around and she and this other girl who is now my friend because she didn’t know any better than to listen to the other girl would make me come home crying every day. But the other girl in the group the one that went to the same speak now concert that was the girls friend wasn’t mean or nasty. And one day the mean girl started a horrible rumor about the one I was kinda friends with. I wouldn’t stand for it. I wasn’t bullied yet here. She went to the bathroom crying at lunch and I followed her. I talked to her and then we went to go eat lunch together. To this day we are best friends. I know I’m kind of all over the place but hang in here with me. One week in that year is what I call the worst week of my life, was the week the nagging started, my dance studio kicked me out for no reason, the Dance I was working on in class for months went down the drain, missed pictures for yearbook, kicked out of safety patrolI, and missed the auditions to go to the Philharmonic with my school. It was the most stressful and emotional time in my life. But I made it through it. I was saying before school started when is Taylor going to have another album out? It’s like you read my mind the same week I started school shake it off was released. I love that song with all my heart and I still do. That music video still makes me laugh matter how many times I watch it. I was really surprised when I heard it. my mom is actually the one that told me about it and I freaked. When 1989 was released mom let me stay up till midnight that night to get it on iTunes and I listened to the whole album before going to bed for school the next morning. I couldn’t get it to stop playing in my ear buds ever since. On Christmas I got my tickets for my fourth Taylor Swift concert and I’m crying just thinking about how great it’s going to be. I’m going with five of my friends and we’re going to have a blast me and dancing Our awkward dance all night long. Can’t wait for October 27, 2015 exactly a year of 1989 came out. I made sure my mom got that day just because of that. Before that I want to make sure i secure meeting you. my friends are counting on me and I want to want to give this to them and share the experience with them of meeting you. I’ll be at the Miami show hoping and hoping to meet you. I do not know the seat and row number that I will find out as soon as possible. if there is any spelling or grammar mistakes please forgive me. Sometime Siri does not like to work and it’s also four am. I know you get this all the time but I would really appreciate if you read this I’ve been up since 2 AM doing it. And I would wait forever and ever to meet you.
Hugs and kisses, Kaelyn
taylorswift taylorswift taylorswift taylorswift taylorswift taylorswift

Estoy rota por dentro

y no lo oculto.

Sé que pasará un tiempo

hasta que puedas abrazarme

y no se te claven mis pedazos,

esta parte de ti

hecha añicos aquí dentro.

Poco a poco

voy comprendiendo este peso,

esta carga de nostalgia


que nadie logra sostener,

esta tristeza

que tú entendiste y acariciaste

hasta que te miró de frente

y la soltaste.

No te culpo,

es importante que lo sepas.

Me hiciste dormirla

durante tanto tiempo

que sigo creyendo

que fuiste un milagro

aunque ya no crea en la fe.

Sé que mi risa es una meta

y mi tristeza el camino,

sé que ambas volverán

a partir el mundo de alguien en dos,

pero ahora solo necesito

cuidar de mí misma

y dejarme en las manos del tiempo

que me acompaña siempre.

El tiempo pasa lento

como el vuelo de esos pájaros

que ya no llegan

y la vida parece un otoño

que no termina de romper.

He de aprender a seguir, me repito,

tras esta barrera de barro y recuerdos.

He de hacerlo, me digo,

con las manos llenas de años.

No lo estoy haciendo mal, amor.

Me dejo abrazar

por el sol de la calle,

pienso en el mar a cada instante,

pienso en él cuando me ahogo

y respiro, intento respirar,

trato de controlar el aire

que me falta a veces

y otras veces lo consigo,

y pienso que te gustaría saberlo.

A veces me río, amor,

y me acuerdo de ti,

y pienso que te gustaría saberlo,

que lo echarás de menos,

y entonces un pájaro

se para en mi alféizar

y me tiende un ala.

Elvira Sastre | Fragmento.

If we reach 1800 on the GoFundMe to prevent Suppi (fuckyeahroosterteethproductions) dad from being evicted I will say the following things on camera

  1. The meta is totally alive 
  2. Locus is definitely the Meta
  3. I am adorable
  4. The great prophecy is not real
  5. I will finally tell you guys if I prefer Red team or Blue team

And I will post it.

On August 20, 1996, a little boy flying a kite on Vintém Hill in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil came across two bodies and proceeded to contact authorities. Once police and firefighters arrived, they discovered the bodies in strange conditions. The two bodies were identified as male, and were found lying next to each other covered in grass. Both men were found in formal suits, lead eye masks, and waterproof coats. There were no noticeable injuries or signs of a struggle. Next to the bodies sat an empty water bottle, a packet holding two wet towels, and a notebook, which contained the following phrases: “16:30 estar no local determinado. 18:30 ingerir cápsulas, após efeito proteger metais aguardar sinal mascara” (”16:30 be at the specified location. 18:30 ingest capsules, after the effect protect metals await signal mask”). 

The two men were soon identified as electronic technicians Manoel Pereira da Cruz and Miguel José Viana. Police believed that the two men departed from Campos dos Goytacazes, the town in which they worked in, and left for Niterói to purchase materials. Both the waterproof coats and the bottle of water, which was bought at a bar, were said to be purchased there. The waitress that had served the two men at the bar stated that Miguel had been “very nervous,” stating that he would check his watch frequently. This was said to be the last time that they were seen alive.

Theories for their bizarre deaths ranged from UFOs to foul play. However, the most interesting one came from a friend of the two men who claimed that they had been “scientific spiritualists.”  The man explained that Manoel and Miguel were trying to contact extraterrestrial beings through the usage of psychedelic drugs. He added that the masks were with them to protect them from the blinding light that would occur from seeing these beings, and it was hypothesized that the two died of drug overdoses. This theory was supported by the odd diary entries, mask making materials, and novels about supernatural beings found in the men’s homes. However, the case officially remains unsolved, and has been labelled as the “Lead Masks Case.”

Alguém esperando um trem se decide se jogar nos trilhos. E o mundo não se enfurece. É menos um. Depois dois. Depois três e o resto. Porque debaixo dos anéis de metais do vagão subterrâneo há menor coisa ruim e feia que no mundo todo. Mas vem alguém que puxa pela manga da camisa. Que é branca, a camisa branca rasga e não dá tempo. Nos trilhos o trem. No chão. Há o resto do suicida. Há gritos dos passageiros e a indiferença do maquinista. Assim foi. Sem nome, endereço. Os fones de ouvido na plataforma sobraram tocando yellow submarine para o chão gelado da estação.
—  Theu Souza 
Šiurpi Bleiro raganos istorija

Istorija apie Bleiro raganą kilo dar nuo tų laikų, kuomet JAV ir Anglija kariavo Revoliuciniame kare. Visi incidentai įvyksta Merilende, Juodųjų Kalvų miške bei jo apylinkėse. Tiesa, Juodųjų Kalvų miškas buvo žymus dar prieš gimstant legendai apie Bleiro ragana. 

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premiere highlights

  • tai talking about how much he cares for nature, gets mad at caleb for cutting a tree, rips up multiple live trees on a guess that an idol is there despite not getting a clue
  • tai getting caught, straight up admits to looking for an idol, asks for more time
  • debbie changing profession every confessional 
  • fka twigs sneaking on set and inside jennifer’s ear
  • alicia paddling with her hands
  • alicia standing there doing nothing on the puzzle, was forced to switch out. took credit for switching out
  • “never said I did, never said I didn’t”
  • “i’m a mental god”, and then writing without taking the cap off the pen 

Happy Halloween!

Vision and the Scarlet Witch Vol 1 #1 (1982)  

Their first series  started in Halloween. Look these dorks making the Avengers version of the cover of Freewheelin.  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

And Vision being all meta

I hope everyone has an awesome Halloween.

A rambling about Derek Hale and women

Let me start this off by saying that this is just my own useless pondering and I’m not completely confident that this is actually meta

I’m always so conflicted when it comes to Derek and female relationships- not just romantically, but in any way besides familial because on the one hand he has such a deep, intensely triggering past with nearly every female who isn’t a family member (with the exceptions of Erica, Kira and Melissa, and to some degree Breaden who, although not bad, really wasn’t the smiling face of a *great* relationship considering the condition Derek was in when they were together) and it makes me feel like he would have an insanely hard time getting close to women and especially letting them touch him and he would be more likely to flock to men and develop healthier, deeper relationships faster with them than he would with women…

On the OTHER hand… Derek was raised in a predominately female, matriarchal household, and you KNOW that being raised by his Alpha and growing up with the knowledge that his sister would someday be his Alpha too, he was raised with a very heavy respect for women and very strong feminist ideals and probably wants to be around women more than he does men because he was raised to follow a woman’s lead, surrounded by girls and taught- intentionally or unintentionally- that women were safe and a source of comfort and security, and the way he seems to orbit around women he’s fond of in canon nods to this being the case (Paige is questionable, but letting Kate in as an older, “more mature” woman, and then doing the same with Jennifer who we know for a fact was atleast a few years older than Derek even BEFORE she revealed herself as the darach and then doing the SAME with Braeden who, although questionable in age, was undoubtably stronger and more physically secure than Derek was in season four, it’s pretty safe to say that Derek seeks out the same type of woman: An Alpha, like his mother, like his sister, it’s extremely realistic charectorization) and it makes me feel like he would seek out strong females like Melissa and Kira- and to some degree Lydia, even though she’s a basket of triggers for him probably (not that she can help that, she’s the only one I can think of who hasn’t INTENDED to hurt Derek) just to be in the pressence of them because it’s familiar and he’s been conditioned from birth to feel comfortable and safe around women who are more or less like Alphas (Kira is arguable, but Melissa and Lydia most certainly fit this type, Kira is like a kitten though, I really can’t imagine even *Derek* having any reservations with her)

Usually I go with the latter because I prefer it as my personal headcanon and it’s much more fun to play with in writing and because I think it could be healthy for Derek- especially if he spent time with Melissa, who pretty much is the adoptive mother of all troubled young ones- but from a realistic perspective it’s hard for me to lean towards one or the other because it really does come down to nature versus nurture

It’s in Derek’s NATURE to be “attracted” (and I don’t mean romantically/sexually) to women because that’s how he’s been raised since he was born, by strong females taking the lead and creating a safe, comfortable space for him, and arguably, throughout his entire first twenty-one to twenty-three years of life (depending on how old he is) that’s literally all he knew as far as Alphas and roles of leadership goes, if he was never under the rule of a male Alpha, never lived in a predominately male household, never presented with being under the thumb of a strong male figure- but he DID have all of those things with females, in my opinion, he really wouldn’t know much else, wich is probably an extra reason why being an Alpha himself caught him so off guard, the only strong female he had around who wasn’t trying to hurt him was Erica, and for the first time in his life the tables were turned and HE was HER Alpha- not the other way around, we talk alot about Derek being a born beta but I don’t know how often people outside of fic writing really think about what that means, and how much impact that had on his life for the first two decades of him being alive (twenty, out of- at most- twenty six years mind you) for those 20+ years all he was taught was to follow a female Alpha and, probably, was lead to believe that things would always be that way, we know for a fact he was taught that until he was seventeen, if Laura died when he was, let’s say 23, that would still be seven years that the two of them were presumably safe and out of any danger, Laura’s death obviously took him by surprise so I doubt Laura had been giving him the “When I die here’s what you do” talk, they probably both were under the impression that by the time Laura DID die- or at the very least was no longer an Alpha- they would be in a different circumstance, in a pack, or having a family of their own again, I very highly doubt they both intended to just live alone in a two person pack for the rest of their lives, Laura was probably still keeping Derek’s beta mindset up in preperation for either joining or creating a new pack so that when she did have to pass on her Alphahood- to another woman, probably, if it was her choice- he wouldn’t put up a fuss, ofcourse, this is really starting to edge on headcanon territory so I’m going to stop, the point is, for roughly the first 23 out of, let’s say 26 years of life Derek was conditioned to know nothing but following female power and seeing strong women as a safe place- with the only exception being Kate

HOWEVER, he’s been “nurtured” in the last three years to see women as a dangerous place, Kate came back into his life and tortured him again, Jennifer did the same exact thing, Allison hunted him and shot his pack full of arrows, Lydia brought his dead homicidal uncle back to life and poisoned him (even if it was unintentional) Cora came back from what he thought was the dead, almost died, and then left him all alone as if she was never there to begin with, Malia is the missing cousin he never knew he had and guess what? In canon, he STILL doesn’t know she’s family and when he finds out (wich I’m sure is going to be left up to fanon at this point) he’s going to be SO HURT to know that she never bothered to tell him that she was his family- that no one did, but that’s going to absolutely sting when he looks at her now, with his self esteem and insecurities the way they are I imagine all he’ll be thinking is that she didn’t tell him because she didn’t WANT him, Braeden may not have hurt him but it’s very obvious that he was in an extremely vulnerable state of mind (someone, I think cupidsbower, wrote a great peice on how Derek played his own body to his advantage in the scent with Braeden as he had been taught to do by his abusers, and Braeden, not knowing any better, took the bait and provided him with a few minutes of protection- wich, in Derek’s head, he thought he would only get by more or less bargaining himself off to her, even if that wasn’t necessarily true)  oh and let’s not forget Arya Calevera and Kate coming back AGAIN because THEY didn’t help, and possibly the worst thing is that this all hit in the span of roughly two or three years, until now his only abusive experience had been with Kate wich was- although severely intense- short lived and NOT the norm for the relationships he had with women, and ofr all we know, Laura may have been trying to help him through his PTSD about it

This is really a case of what’s powering him more- the nature that he’s had for 20-23 years of comfort and safety, or the nurture that’s been pretty much the only thing in his life for the past two-three years of abuse and pain, and unfortunately we haven’t seen enough of Derek emotionally to tell what he’s more prone to- following his long term emotional cues or his short term emotional cues, we know that he relies alot on what he’s been taught as a baby wolf, but we also know that he’s quick to put up defenses against very recent traumas

This really has no conclusion and I’m just blabbering but it was something I was thinking about with one of my RP partners, and I was going to mention it in an OOC post but then it got long so I’m putting it here, I mean obviously Derek could and probably IS a combination of both of these traits but I just wonder what’s more dominant at this point and why really