Okay, so I just thought of a Legend wedding and got really emotional for a bit.

It’s not a big wedding/small wedding but just imagine: Eden being Day’s best man, and Tess being the maid of honor. 

However, June’s sad because neither her father or Metias is there to walk her down the isle, but Aden being a great friend does it “to make up for what his father started” and June was honestly in tears when this convo went down. 

And gosh it’s such a sweet ceremony between two lovebirds who’ve been separated for like ten years and have spent the past year or two trying to remember. Every second is absolutely gut-wrenching love and emotional because of the intimacy that has grown over the past years of reunion that the other can’t possibly keep themselves from smiling or staring. Sometimes they catch  themselves and each other spacing off because they’re so wrapped up in each other. 

Finally, when they are announced as Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Altan Wing, they share a deep, sweet kiss that has June in tears because she’s been waiting so long for this, and Day seeing her this way is in tears too because he finally remembers clearly. 

And then they go have one bangin’ awesome afterparty, and all I can think about is their first dance being to this rendition of “Cant’ Help Falling In Love” because I’m positive that June would been into oldies because that’s what Metias would’ve listened to if he could because I know their parent’s would’ve (I’m not okay). And they can’t help but stare into each other’s eyes the entire time. 

Finally, it’s the mother/son-father/daughter dance and the two are like “shoot we’re orphans,” but nah, Tess comes in and she dances with day and Eden goes up to June and dances with her and I’m rambling because it’s the sweetest thing. Of course, Aden has his turn after politely asking Eden. And of course, Day and June dance away some more. 

But then there’s the toasts and stories. 

Eden would absolutely have the best speech. It’d be full of puns and he’d definitely keep it upbeat. “Yeah, I saw it coming, even if I couldn’t physically see it at the time, I saw it!” and “You know I had a really good bonding session with june in that hospital wing the night of the attack. You could say we had a nice gurney that day.”

And Tess would retell their entire life story (minus the killer your brother/parent/sibling thing. “I remember the first time we met June, it was during a Skitz fight. Day was observing from above, and I was in the crowd making bets. Somehow, I got pushed into the ring, but June took place and absolutely DEMOLISHED Kaede. Course, she did get stabbed in the side, but then we never would have met. And even despite you getting in the way of mine and Day’s life together… I’m glad you did.”

And then Aden would slyly be picking on Day in the entire speech. “Yeah, I mean life was great until that msifit came in and ruined my love life, but without him, I guess the military would still be in power, so I guess I owe him.”

And then for June and Day, their toasts would be absolutely full of tears. June would be reflective of everything that happened because she remembers it the most: “Growing up, I always worked hard to beat the mysterious legend Day… Never did I think that one day he’d become my best friend and show me the truth. Tracking him down and entering that skitz fight was both the worst and best thing I’ve ever done. The road to get here wasn’t easy… But it was definitely worth it.’

And Day would just absolutely be in shambles by the time he has to go: “I’ve never exactly had it easy. Even with June, my life was never easy until after the war… but it was certainly brighter. I called myself Day because every day that you have on their earth counts, and June is the night to my day. She’s bright life the stars and just as beautiful, if not more, than the sun. I never completely recovered all my memories, but i do have some glimpses of what it was like before my brain fell apart. I remember the days in the cell where you’d secretly give me water. I remember the time I carried you into the Colonies. I even remember the time I lay on the hard ground with you reassuring me I’d be alright. And in that hospital, the day I woke up, you were the first to greet me… But i had no idea who you were. And you let me believe that because you didn’t want to give me any more heartbreak. Now we’re back here because I’m positive that our reunion wasn’t just a hoax my Tess. It was fate.”

And there’s more, but I’m getting too emotional but so would they and I just really want them to be happy

winter vocabulary in Lithuanian:

žiema (f, noun) - winter
sniegas (m, noun) - snow
šaltis (m, noun) - cold
snaigė (f, noun) - snowflake
varveklis (m, noun) - icicle
ledas (m, noun) - ice
šarma (f, noun), šerkšnas (m, noun) - hoarfrost
šiaurė (f, noun) - North
šiaurinis vėjas (m, adj; noun) - Northern wind
lytis (f, noun) - icefloe
pūga (f, noun) - blizzard
šiaurės pašvaistė (f, noun) - aurora borealis

sniego senis (m, noun) - snowman
sniego gniūžtė (m; f noun) - snowball
pačiūžos (f, noun) - ice skates
rogutės (f, noun) - sled
slidinėjimas (m, noun) - skiing
sniego karas (m, noun) - snow fight
ledo čiuožykla (m; f noun) - ice rink
slidės (f, noun) - skis

Kalėdos (f, noun) - Yule/Christmas
gruodis (m, noun) - December
sausis (m, noun) - January
vasaris (m, noun) - February
Kalėdų senelis (f; m noun) - Santa Claus
Kalėdų eglutė (f, noun) - Yule/Christmas tree
kūčiukai (m, noun) - Lithuanian Christmas Eve cookies
Kūčios (f, noun) - Christmas Eve
Nauji metai (m, adj; noun) - New Year
Žiemos saulėgrįža (f, noun) - Winter solstice
Pusiaužiemis (m, noun) - Midwinter
Užgavėnės (f, noun) - the time before Lent

Photo: Audrius Drobnys

Okay so I know that tumblr has a hard-on for Six of Crows and yes it is an AMAZING SERIES. But there’s one part of the book that really, really bothers me. And that my friends, is Matthias Helvar 

Now, no one jump down my throat about this because it’s like a half formed thought and not a carefully written meta

I just…couldn’t help thinking that the relationship between him and Nina is SO UNREALISTIC. And sort of…icky? I mean first of all, why is the burden of changing his mind about Grisha placed on Nina’s shoulders? I know that it’s mostly just Nina existing and being her amazing self that changes Matthias’s mind about Grisha but likE COME ON. First of all, you shouldn’t need to fall in love to not act like a racist prick. But this is the choice Leigh makes, so regardless of the fact that Nina chooses to also fall for Matthias…it’s still a narrative where a racist is suddenly not racist because he’s finally met someone who defied his preconceived notions about the race he hates. But this is not! how! racism! works! in the real world! 

I mean, in our world, Matthias would be like…equivalent to the KKK. Or an ICE agent. Or…someone who really hates all muslims. Or the pulse nightclub shooter. He isn’t just some guy who supported Trump because he hated Hillary. He’s…the guy who chose to join the group responsible for hunting down a specific marginalized group, the Grisha. He isn’t like…just a citizen of Fjerda. His job is….getting rid of Grisha. Like…he is the Grisha world equivalent of the KKK in the South during reconstruction.

Which brings me to my second point.

I wouldn’t buy a love story about a black woman and a man who is a member of the white knights of the KKK. I mean…first of all…why would she want to be with him. And secondly… even if he did love her and they did get together- because there are plenty of interracial relationships where one partner remains racist- a person’s racism is not fixed by love? I mean, we see evidence of this all the time. “i have black friends so i cant be racist” “I have a black boyfriend so i cant be racist.” and it’s like…nah, you can still be racist. I mean, to make a better comparison, since one to race in america isn’t exactly right, like…a witch in scotland in the 16th century would not be falling in love with a man who had tried to burn her at the stake. And that’t not a story I want to read. I want to read about the witch falling for another witch. Or the man who frees her. Or LIKE ANYONE ELSE EXCPET FOR THE MAN WHO WANTS TO BURN HER AT THE STAKE. 

I mean…I don’t buy a love story between a slave trader and the woman he imprisoned on his ship. At least not the way that Leigh has done it. (this arc, can actually work, and the winner’s curse does a good job of dismantling the master/slave love arc and destroying colonialism). I mean I get that we want to believe that love transcends all boundaries but…it….does not. I mean it just doesn’t work like this in the real world? In the real world you don’t forgive the person who was responsible for selling you into slavery. That Nina somehow manages to is…strange. I mean…I get that she turns him in but…her guilt over it baffles me. It makes sense given the love narrative Bardugo sets up but…also…she just could have not done this arc at all and I think the books would be better tbh. 

I know that Bardugo doesn’t attempt to solve his racism easily, I understand that it’s slow but…I just don’t buy it. I don’t. And I don’t think that Nina should have to go to Fjerda and change all the bigots’ minds. That’s kinda…fucked. It’s like…can we not expect marginalized people to be responsible for advocacy all on their own? How about some allyship? And I understand that this is what is meant to happen- they are supposed to go to Fjerda together. But then he dies! And she plans to go alone! Like wtf?? Who will help her? Who will protect her? Who will introduce her into Fjerdian society? I mean the positive aspect of their relationship to me was that he ended up becoming an ally. Regardless of if I feel like the relationship and his character arc are realistic or not (they’re not), I still was clinging to Matthias’s allyship. And how great it was that they were going to save the world together. How lovely it would be for the marginalized character to not have go do everything on her own. Because, I mean, it’s not like we haven’t seen evidence irl in america of how white power will never be overthrown unless white people are fighting for black equality as well or anything. It’s essential that ppl in power rally for marginalized groups and I thought thats where Leigh was going…

And then womp womp.

Just kidding, Lucia, Matthias died and Nina is now going to venture off into Fjerda- where they basically capture Grisha on sight, all by her lonesome. fucking sure. sure. That sounds exactly like what we needed.

I guess in the end, I am not one to put stock in “be nice to racists and welcome them and maybe they will change their minds.” In my experience, racists are racists regardless of how many kind muslims/immigrants/black americans they have met. And homophobes are homophobes no matter how funny they might think Ellen is. And like, you should be able to treat other human beings with respect regardless of skin color or whatever else. How about…racists just not be racist etc etc etc

Honestly I’m v open to ppl talking with me about this because my reading could be wrong. I thought about it for a while because i don’t want to be the person who picks things apart for no reason and is just looking for a fault. And I understand the allure of making two people at odds fall in love. But Leigh doesn’t handle it that well considering that he you know, dies. Sure, there’s symbolism in the fact that a fellow druskelle kills him- like his own past and past racism fucking him over but…I fail to see how it adds much to the story. 

O céu parece chumbo;
Pesado como a junção de todos os metais,
Unidos por um ponto de ebulição conjunto,
E afundo-me lentamente…
A cada passo: esses que são tão incertos;
E as minhas palavras doem;
As suas machucam;
E veja: ambos feridos com o mundo;
Com as atitudes alheias;
E descontando nossas tristezas;
Lastimando a falta de atenção;
E principalmente a falta de consideração.
Então, supliquemos para que os metais se choquem e formem uma canção;
Dessas que as notas toquem nosso coração;
Dessas que façam os problemas se dissolverem…. Desaparecerem;
Que supliquemos amor;
E que esse seja atendido;
E que a nuvem, tão pesada chova:
Chova de alegria;
Chova de amor;
Chova de nós;
E chova até nos transbordar;
Chova ao ponto de que a nuvem fique tão leve ao ponto de flutuar; como a mais bela pluma no ar;
Então… que possamos chover juntos nesse momento onde o céu parece chumbo e que esse possa: em pluma novamente se transformar.

anonymous asked:

so I recently just joined tumblr and noticed that most of the blogs I follow reblog a lot of SH stuff, which I'm happy about. But I also realize that most of them don't create original content. Do you have any original content creator blogs (damn what a mouthful) you can rec so I can follow them? The help is much appreciated. Also, I love your blog!!!!

OK so you said content so I’ll try recommend a few that are mostly shadowhunters. I would always recommend checking their blogs before following to be sure you’ll like their content. Some are - like me - a little bit multifandom.

multi content:

@amorverus  gifs and meta

@lukemagnus gifs and shitposts 

@thelovelylights gifs and meta

@themagnusbane gifs and fic on tumblr


@abloodneed tumblr & ao3

@jezthemadficster mostly on ao3

@clockworkswans on ao3




















@latinalightwood  also does fics



multifandom but still awesome:

@silvertons - multifandom but great sh gifs (and into the badlands!)

@biwarlockhermione - multifandom but plenty of great sh gifs

@itsvarza very multi-fandom but she does the best downworlder positive gifsets and really good sh meta

i hope i didn’t forget anyone (i just ran down my ‘always reblog’ list in my head) and there is no order (no you can’t go to the top yayra) but i hope this helps, anon!

Iron Fist

Short Summary: It was pretty subpar and not as good as it could have been.

Long Summary: So this is interesting. First I am going to address the meta…because I have to.

The Meta

I like Danny Rand. I like Danny Rand as a character. I like Danny Rand as a hero.It goes without saying, Iron Fist came around in the wrong time period and that hurt the perception of Iron Fist.  One of the prevailing themes of Iron Fist aka Danny Rand is that he struggles with two different worlds: corporate New York and Shaolin Monastery. And for the character to work and that these themes to come across effectively, he has to be white. Now watching a white guy be hailed as the greatest kung fu master is like reading the top five rapper list with Eminem, Iggy Azalea and Macklemore ahead Biggie, Tupac, and Nas. It is fucking infuriating to see this character’s uniqueness relies on Eastern Mysticism and Martial Arts. What also hurt Danny Rand is that he is a rich white billionaire, a flavor that is long played out with the likes of Oliver Queen, Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, and the guy who is the ATOM. It also hurts that rich white billionaire men are like…not really in style as being touted as a good guy.

But as a fan of Iron Fist and many Street level heroes, Danny Rand is like my own personal guilty pleasure because it reads like an Urban Fantasy Kung Fu story. Iron Fist was essentially born out the era where kung fu movies and blaxploitation films were huge, an era I like to call the diamond age because “gold” does not quite describe it. Kung fu was so huge that there were movies about Kung Fu sex. Could you picture that? IT’S INSPIRING!

However, I know it frustrating to witness this blonde haired blue eyed white guy spout Eastern philosophical sayings while being patronizing about his kung fu, as I imagine an Asian person would be.It also hurts that the narrative of Iron Fist makes him more right because…after all, he was raised in a monastery since he was a child. Although the series does it best to ensure that he is not Mighty Whitey(Danny Rand is constantly criticized as being the worst Iron Fist, his peer Davos says that “(Danny) stole the Iron Fist”, and generally his Eastern Asian philosophy puts people off), I am still in not in the “make Iron Fist Asian camp” because it does away other Asian characters who are still around and not being used…like Shang Chi. You know…the guy who also does Kung Fu, better than Danny, and is pretty much Marvel’s Bruce Lee. What I find odd about the Asian Representation Camp of Marvel is that I rarely see them bring up Shang-Chi when they reference Danny Rand in spite of Shang Chi being older than Danny Rand and, prior to the recent refocusing of Luke Cage, just as popular.

Danny Rand is white. It is part of his character. Making him Asian kind of ruins the point, and that kind of sucks. Sure, Iron Fist is a title, but for the time being, Danny Rand is the Iron Fist until he passes it to Pei. Does Iron Fist being white effect the quality of this series? Abso-fucking-lutely. It is fucking cringeworthy to see Finn Jones talk like an english dubbed kung fu action flick, but…it is not bad acting on his part because that is what Danny Rand talks like.

Also, they seem to be aware of this which is why Colleen Wing was the saving grace of this show. More on her later.

Okay I addressed the meta.

The plot structure and pacing

This show takes forever to get to the plot. The first four episodes of this series is very slow development as if it tries to expand what should have taken 2 episodes, tops, to do in four. I swear it is like they had Brian Michael Bendis write this. The first arc for this series is: is Danny Rand the real Danny Rand? which would be okay if we did not already know that he was indeed Danny Rand and the characters involved did not just drag it out. It took five episodes to finally reveal who exactly is the nemesis and what is going on. This was a choir to watch outside of Colleen Wing, who is by far a more interesting character than Danny Rand. After this slow start, the series picked up.

What hurt this series the most was this very slow introduction. It is any wonder where critics panned the series because things that weren’t explained in the first 6 episodes such as how the Iron Fist works and who exactly is the villain and what is what were not appropriately explained until much later.

You watch this show for Colleen Wing

Colleen Wing is the saving grace. Her action scenes have story and struggle to them, and while she is not the most athletic and fanciful, I like how the implemented Japanese culture and differentiated it from Danny’s Kung Fu. When Danny started using her Katana like a Wushu blade, Colleen called it out and said not to disgrace her Katana with that style and then proceeded to show her Japanese Kendo style. I came into this show hoping they did Colleen Wing justice and they did. She doesn’t have crazy spin attacks and seems to be the most grounded in style. She is Tatsu Yamsura done right.

Now Marvel, I want a Colleen Wing comic book yesterday.


And her being part of the Hand came out of left field. I know in the comics, it is mentioned that her mother was part of a Hand affiliated group called the Nail, a bunch of female assassins who raided the Japanese country and cityside. It is also worth pointing out that the arc that she worked with the Hand, functioned a lot like how Iron Fist presented the Hand(it was ran by Daredevil so… long story). I was legitimately surprised by that.


Inconsistencies in the plot

A lot of people have pointed this out, but Claire Temple being in the show hurts the logical story telling. For example, the majority of this show takes place in Manhattan, right? So while it makes sense that Claire would not call Luke Cage because he is in prison in Atlanta, and Jessica Jones, she has no experience in the Hand and quite frankly would not bother getting off her drunk ass to help out and travel from Queens, Matt Murdock is literally just South of her and Danny. I would not be surprised if this did not take place within his hearing range. He has the most motivation to fight the Hand and Claire knows him the most out of anyone. Just call him to help. 

There is also weird things about Danny such as him being able to drive in spite of living in a monastery where the best way to travel was a donkey and a cart.

The choreography and the cinematic choreography was pretty poor

I am not a cinematographer. Nor am I an expert on choreography. But there are some questionable camera work being done in this series pertaining to the fight scenes. Let me give a great example of choreography and camera work.

This is the Raid 2. You see how close the camera is to the action? It is not up in there to the point that it is shakey cam, nor is to far away. You see everything even when the camera pans out considerable distance. Also like to point out how the 2 actors are always visible and you can make out the emotion and intensity on their faces. This scene told a story without you knowing exactly the context was.

Iron Fist is utterly devoid of any of this outside of Colleen Wing. For one, there are these camera angles that are so confounding to me. Like when Danny is fighting the Drunken Kung Fu guy, the camera some times pans out way too far to the point that they aren’t even the center or focus of the shot. And they kept doing this during Danny’s fights in general, only getting close to the action during the finisher and exchanges. There is also the issue of the choreography not measuring up to the content that the series should have catered to. Iron Fist should have been on par with Ip-Man or Kung-fu Assassins for choreographical inspiration. Instead, it’s this poor man’s Raid style that you see in Arrow. It works for Daredevil, but it falls apart for a series like Iron Fist.

Iron Fist is supposed to be this Kung Fu Urban Fantasy. And it’s a shame that Into The Badlands instantly recognized this and has no shame of producing this type of action while Iron Fist shies away from this.

It also hurts that Finn Jones does not seem to want to learn how to perform these maneuvers or at least become athletic enough to do them.

Final Score: Come on, Marvel. 

I also like to point out that there are Asian characters who are not getting any shine like Silk. Like Jennifer Takeda. Like Shang-Chi. Instead of making a character who is the living embodiment of “Weeb” Asian, use characters whose entire existence centers around the Asian experience.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your blog! I'm looking for more good spn blogs to follow with good commentary and metay stuff, could you recommend like 10 blogs

Hey! With ease! If you are looking for blogs with excellent content and commentary on the show, and who are positive and friendly then these are the ones I swear by.
Note: they all ship destiel, but then I figure if you weren’t looking for that you wouldn’t love my blog!


When Reading Legend by Marie Lu (Spoilers)

Meet Day

Meet June

Day in ACTION!

Day jumps out a 3 story building

Day Throws a knife at Metais’ shoulder

June finds out about her brother’s death

June Blames Day

Day’s Past

June Kicks ass

Day saves June

The Jay Ship Begins

The Kiss

June finds out who Day is

June Turns Day in

Thomas Kills Day’s Mother

Day get’s shot in the knee

June Has to watch ALL OF THIS

Day gets arrested

June starts finding out the truth

Day’s Innocent!

But still going to be Executed!

But Then His Brother Takes his place

Then Day finds out and cries

One Little Jay moment

Time to search for Eden


Estoy rota por dentro

y no lo oculto.

Sé que pasará un tiempo

hasta que puedas abrazarme

y no se te claven mis pedazos,

esta parte de ti

hecha añicos aquí dentro.

Poco a poco

voy comprendiendo este peso,

esta carga de nostalgia


que nadie logra sostener,

esta tristeza

que tú entendiste y acariciaste

hasta que te miró de frente

y la soltaste.

No te culpo,

es importante que lo sepas.

Me hiciste dormirla

durante tanto tiempo

que sigo creyendo

que fuiste un milagro

aunque ya no crea en la fe.

Sé que mi risa es una meta

y mi tristeza el camino,

sé que ambas volverán

a partir el mundo de alguien en dos,

pero ahora solo necesito

cuidar de mí misma

y dejarme en las manos del tiempo

que me acompaña siempre.

El tiempo pasa lento

como el vuelo de esos pájaros

que ya no llegan

y la vida parece un otoño

que no termina de romper.

He de aprender a seguir, me repito,

tras esta barrera de barro y recuerdos.

He de hacerlo, me digo,

con las manos llenas de años.

No lo estoy haciendo mal, amor.

Me dejo abrazar

por el sol de la calle,

pienso en el mar a cada instante,

pienso en él cuando me ahogo

y respiro, intento respirar,

trato de controlar el aire

que me falta a veces

y otras veces lo consigo,

y pienso que te gustaría saberlo.

A veces me río, amor,

y me acuerdo de ti,

y pienso que te gustaría saberlo,

que lo echarás de menos,

y entonces un pájaro

se para en mi alféizar

y me tiende un ala.

Elvira Sastre | Fragmento.

O inesperado - o encanto - espreita atrás de cortinas e rachaduras. Estou certa, dear. E tudo o que se encontra no cotidiano é de uma beleza imensa. Talvez o cansaço nos faça enxergar mais longe: há tanto para se ver em tão pouco tempo que os olhos se mantêm mais abertos do que estariam em outras épocas, que os olhos focam mesmo marejados, que os olhos brilham mesmo pela neblina.
Penso que me apaixonei por mim ao passo que me apaixonei pelo mundo, e o mundo é poeira e cascalho, ideias amplas e vidas entrelaçadas. Toda a confusão é sensorial, e então verdadeira. Os meus dedos tocam metais e percebem muito mais do que frieza e brilho. Os meus cabelos são acariciados pelo vento e eu percebo muito mais do que temperatura ou tempo. Eu preciso sempre dizer a mim mesma que sinto, ainda que secreta, pois as possibilidades maiores parecem mais concretas: um eu maior ou uma vida tão longa, como disse-me o rapaz que fumava um único cigarro por ano.
Eu não consigo senão me encantar.
—  C.
Šiais metais jums visiems (taip pat ir man) reikia:
1. Gerti daugiau vandens
2. Rūpintis savimi
3. Dažniau atsipalaiduoti
4. Mažiau jaudintis ir nervintis
5. Prieš miegą gerai išvėdinti kambarį, kuriame miegate
6. Valgyti sveiką, jums patinkantį maistą, bent 3 kartus per dieną
7. Į viską žvelgti pozityviau
8. Mažiau laiko leisti prie telefono ir kompiuterio
9. Perskaityti bent keletą knygų savo malonumui
10. Dažniau eiti pasivaikščioti
11. Mylėti save ir kitus
12. Nebijoti išsakyti savo minčių ir nuomonės
13. Atrasti save
14. Nebijoti daryti klaidų
15. Klausytis geros muzikos

Čia tik pradžia, toliau sąrašą pildykit patys.


here’s my show sansa is no older than 16 meta

i know on the got wiki it lists sansa’s show canon age as 19 but that’s basically impossible even with this show’s whack timeline

sansa states her age twice in the series in the pilot she says she is 13 years old and during her wedding night with tyrion near the end of season 3 she says she’s 14, which means the events of seasons 1-3 have taken place in a year, that actually makes sense

given that season 4 seems to start relatively soon after season 3 sansa is probably still 14 at the most she is 15, it seems unlikely to me season 4 takes place longer than a year so sansa is still 14-15, most likely 15 at the end, which puts her at 15 at the beginning of season 5 let’s say, season 5 is trickier to place so it is possible sansa would turn 16 but  during it which places her around 15-16 at the start of season 6, season 6 definitely does not take up a year which means that sansa is still 16 at the start of season 7

anyway so sansa is still in her mid-teens and in charge of winterfell the power of the largest region of westeros so yall can cut her some slack thanks

“Frieza os teus olhos são frios como espadas, E claros como os trágicos punhais; Têm brilhos cortantes de metais
E fulgores de lâminas geladas.
Vejo neles imagens retratadas De abandonos cruéis e desleais, Fantásticos desejos irreais, E todo o oiro e o sol das madrugadas!
Mas não te invejo,amor,essa indiferença,
Que viver neste mundo sem amar
É pior que ser cego de nascença!
Tu invejas a dor que vive em mim!
E quanta vez dirás a soluçar:

Ah! Quem me dera,Irmã,amar assim!”

Florbela Espanca

O teórico observador de estrelas.

Você já acordou sentindo algo pressionar seu peito? Como se respirar fosse a tarefa mais difícil do mundo? Já acordou com a sensação de que o planeta está te forçando contra a cama?

Somos feitos do mesmo material de estrelas. carbono, hidrogênio, oxigênio e alguns metais. Mas não possuímos nem um terço do brilho delas, é triste pensar que as vezes sou um puro desperdício de material, meu hidrogênio poderia ser o combustível de uma maravilhosa estrela azulada ou até mesmo em uma anã vermelha.

Elementos radioativos decaem com o tempo, estrelas emitem sua energia até os confins do universo, e eu sento atônito em meio a grande maravilhosidade que o universo contém desde as minúsculas partículas de cordas da ordem de 10^-35 até todo o universo observado de ordem 10^27.

Você já parou pra pensar no que tem feito com seus átomos? Tem aproveitado eles como se fossem combustíveis de estrelas?

Você já esteve com o peito cheio de amores estrelinha e eu também, mas agora mesmo com tantas dificuldades precisamos encontrar algum combustível que não seja nós.

Eu sei que já te enchi com essas metáforas interestelares, mas por favor entenda que eu sempre amei as estrelas assim como te amava e que sempre quis seu bem, e sei que um dia seremos grandes estrelas de nêutron dando nossos últimos suspiros, mas vamos conseguir viver uma longa vida sempre tentando emitir algo tão doce como a luz.