❝ Carmen, you are right… ❞   The woman was just about to light up her cigar before she felt the appearance of the Fool in the MetaWorld. Was he here to improve his skills as a phantom thief? She wondered. Seemed like Ann didn’t know about that as well for Carmen did not feel like she would in the MetaWorld today.     ❝ I was expecting that from the Leader of Phantom Thieves, Joker. Should I say… nice to meet you? But you know my other self in the face of Ann, but still… Oh well. What brings you to the MetaWorld without your comrades? ❞  

            Ok, but seriously. Can you imagine in the MetaWorld all contractors and Personas are getting together and wonder where Ann and Carmen are. Then they are getting directions from those two on their phones and follow those, only to come to the new area that appeared thanks to the people seeing things about foreign dancers coming to Japan. They enter that theatre and see shit tons of shadows but they are not there to fight. Then they all find Ann who is telling them that Carmen came up with that idea. And everyone is like “Wut? Wut idea?”. And only Personas’ team got it ‘cause they spent more time with Carmen than other contractors. So, they are like “This will be a nice show”. 

           And then, on the stage, there is Carmen in her black & red dress. And she dances. So beautifully and amazingly that no one can just take their eyes off. That is how she shows just how much of A CHARMING DANCER she is. Carmen is alluring, cunning and charming. She shows that best through her dance where you can see both passion and love, both gentleness and fire which is amazing. And like… in the end, once the dance ends, everyone starts to applaud. :3


                  ❝ Hm, Arsene’s contractor and Ann’s friend. How unusual for you to come alone into the MetaWorld. Did Morgana told you that something has changed? ❞     Carmen was looking into a small mirror in her hand as she was fixing her long black hair. Seemed like he read the book, that one about the Charming Dancer. Or was it Ann? Who knew that for sure. The woman did not really care. She was still the same: beautiful, strong and independent.      ❝ I believe you already understood who am I?

Moshi Monsters is a metaworld to transmedia how to model in progress.

Moshi Monsters, the online social-gaming network that aspires to be a Facebook for kids, already has more than 50 million players around the world, with a new kid signing up every second. More than half of all 6-to-12-year-olds in the U.K. – where the game started and is most entrenched – have adopted at least one pet monster, called a Moshling.

Ed Relf, the brand’s chief marketing officer and chief operating officer, has huge ambitions for the brand. “The overall plan is to build Moshi Monsters into one of the world’s largest global trans-media properties,” he said.