Aaronag Nobility (2015) Colored pencil and ink on smooth Bristol trading cards.

The diversity of Metamoorish snake shape-shifters, or Aaronagim, is vast and depends on clan membership. For example, Cedric’s father (seen here) hails from the Feathered Dragons. Almost every member is red, gold, and green in their true forms. The fellows with the blue and red tattoos hail from the Speckled Viperines, whose members receive tattoos as part of their identity. They are closely related to Lord Cedric’s maternal clan, the Bo’adders, and are the ones with whom Cedric and Phobos spent the most time during their early exile (they also gave Phobos those tattoos on his forehead).

Moshi Monsters is a metaworld to transmedia how to model in progress.

Moshi Monsters, the online social-gaming network that aspires to be a Facebook for kids, already has more than 50 million players around the world, with a new kid signing up every second. More than half of all 6-to-12-year-olds in the U.K. – where the game started and is most entrenched – have adopted at least one pet monster, called a Moshling.

Ed Relf, the brand’s chief marketing officer and chief operating officer, has huge ambitions for the brand. “The overall plan is to build Moshi Monsters into one of the world’s largest global trans-media properties,” he said.

To wander for hours searching for the unknown requires faith. One must trust that unmarked time spent photographing will result in the world revealing itself, and that your translation of the world will be meaningful. That’s a tough mindset to maintain, because sometimes photos happen and sometimes they don’t. And all the while the metaworld is screaming “Books! Books! Books!” For making books, projects rooted in ideas are perhaps more reliable image generators.