Adrien Patout

“Metawork #1 - Grim Reaper”

Acrylic, Gold, Ink, Stabilo and

Digital Print on Glossy Paper,

A4 Size


“What is a metawork? More infos here => [link]

“With this piece, you will also get the palette sheets, the audio components that were listened while I painted this and some test prints I made with notes written over them.
=> process elements.”


Yes…..that is a giant copper tree you see. All shaped on the PH-24A Planishing Hammer 👊😎 BAM! This project is the work from the team at @hansnobledesign
Now that my dad finished up forming the copper for this half of the tree, it’s up to @tylerarendec to weld together every seam. #baileighplanishinghammer @le_arcmedia @baileigh_industrial #hansnobledesign #publicart #copper #magnolia #metawork #lincolnelectric #baileigh_industrial #baileigharmy

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