Why Cas just really deserves a break this season:

1. His family is really unsupportive of his lifestyle and honestly sort of sucks.

2. He gets manipulated and taken advantage of by basically everyone he meets.

3. His boyfriend can just be so insensitive sometimes.

Not an appropriate way to ask for sex, Dean.  Say ‘please.’

4. Also, dating someone in the closet is always tough.

5. He’s super under-appreciated:

Dean never actually thanked him for pulling him out of hell.

Sam never actually thanked him for pulling him out of the cage. (I mean, to be fair, he did forget his soul, but come on. At least he tried.)

And the angels never actually thanked him for exposing and defeating Metatron.


6. At least one really horrible thing happens to him every season:

Season 4: Explodes.

Season 5: Falls from heaven. And explodes.

Season 6: Makes a deal with Crowley, which I shouldn’t have to tell you is a bad idea.

Season 7: Explodes into black goo, then literally spends the rest of the season either dead or insane.

(Although crazy Cas was surprisingly adorable.)

Season 8: Spends almost a year alone in purgatory, struggles with suicidal thoughts, and is brainwashed by Naomi.

Season 9: Gets his grace taken away by the biggest douche in the universe.

And is homeless for months.

And loses his virginity to a massive, exploitive bitch.

And gets kicked out of the bunker by Dean (to which responds by making the most heartbreaking fucking face ever).

And works retail, which I know from experience is basically hell.


Season 10: Goes on a really awkward road trip with a sister who won’t stop trying to jump his bones.

And, well. This.

Season 11 (so far): Is currently dealing with a case of PTSD and the vodka aunt from hell.

7. How can the writers have that much animosity towards someone this fucking cute?

Just let him watch his puppy videos in peace.

The Angels of Supernatural:  An Illustrated Guide

1.  This is Castiel.  

He’s an ancient, mass-murdering Biblical personage wearing the skin of a middle-aged man in a trench coat.

Demons fear him, looking at him in his true form could burn out your eyes, and he’s first introduced by dragging a human soul out of the depths hell.

He is also legitimately one of the most adorable fictional characters in television history.

You will want to protect him.

2.  This is Anna.

She just wanted to do her own thing.  But sadly, the universe doesn’t work that way, and no one would leave her alone.  

As a result of this, she eventually sort of snapped.

Also, she slept with her brother’s boyfriend.  Not cool, Anna.  Not cool.

3.  This is Gabriel.

He’s one of heaven’s most powerful archangels.  As you can see, he takes this responsibility very seriously.

Gabriel is much beloved by the fandom due to his seemingly infinite supply of sass.  

And, you know, the fact that he sacrificed his life standing up to Lucifer.

However, like all of us, he’s not without flaws:  like most of us, he can have trouble dealing with his family, or with mildly bullying younger siblings.

Or with making people watch their loved ones die horribly an infinite number of times.  

Or with the fact that he’s still pretending to be dead.  But hey, nobody’s perfect.

4.  This is Lucifer.

He’s what you might call a “problematic fave:”

For one thing, he has weird ways of showing affection.

And maybe not the best relationship with his family members.

(I’m so sorry for making you look at this.)

And, of course, we have the minor detail that he is literally Satan.

All portrayals of him are creepily endearing.  It will make you uncomfortable how much you start to like him.

5.  This is Zachariah.

His hobbies include causing apocalyptic events to get time off work and yelling at people.

He has no friends.  

6.  This is Balthazar.

He’s the vodka aunt of the angelic race, yet manages to make promiscuity, drunkenness, and complaining about everything seem like ridiculously endearing qualities to have.  

One of Supernatural’s most popular angels.  Naturally, this means he had to die.

7.  This is Naomi.

Her professional skills include severe psychological torture and interfering with people’s relationships.

No one likes her very much.

8.  This is Samandriel.

Complete cinnamon roll.  He is the one angel who has done literally nothing wrong.  Like, literally.  Ever.

So, naturally, he had to die almost immediately.  

(I’m so sorry for making you look at this.  Fuck the writers.)

9.  This is Hannah.

As far as angels go, Hannah is actually pretty cool: she’s super pretty, nice, and generally opposed to the unnecessary massacre of humans, which is always a plus.

Of course, she also spends a large portion of her screen time trying to seduce her brother, and I have a bit of trouble getting past that.  But considering she’s one of the only angels who hasn’t committed genocide or mass-murder at some time or another, I suppose it’s something I can forgive.

10.  This is Metatron.

He is the worst and I have no idea why he’s still alive.  

That is all.