For real though, I love picturing myself as a skeleton getting my dirt nap on when all of a sudden the earth above me starts to get scraped away trowel layer by trowel layer.

“PLACES, EVERYONE!” I shout to my various bits.  Roughly 5 feet south, all of my tarsals and metatarsals quickly pawn off their playing cards on some hapless nearby worm and scramble back into rough anatomical order.  “THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD!”

And then the archaeologist uncovers my hands clenched tightly around the metal tablet of nonsense symbols I’ve had pre-made and buried with me just for this exact day and I am the subject of many a conspiracy theory and frustrated grad student’s tear-stained thesis for generations to come.


Who’d a thought? Can someone make an “app” for that?

Interesting study that we just found out about in the June 15th LER journal titled “Patients with ankle instability respond to auditory feedback by changing gait”

In this study they put a sensor under the head of the 5th metatarsal in 10 folks with chronic ankle instability that would emit a sound in respose to excessive lateral ankle pressure. They were told to “walk quietly” and not let the beeper beep. After a short time, the people in the study were able to walk with decreased pressures in the lateral forefoot, in addition to the midfoot and central forefoot. EMG showed increase in peroneal and medial gastroc activity.

Interesting implications and also some questions.

This study shows that auditory feedback can alter behavior and gait. Is this a good thing? We suppose this depends on what you are trying to accomplish and does it ultimately benefit the patient?

this sensor could be made into an “app” that has some cool rehabilitation implications. Imagine a moveable sensor or multiple sensors that could track patterns over time and plot them for you? The auditory could be used to discourage some bevaiors/characteristics of gait and the “tracking” feature could provide progress information. Or maybe is it hooked up to some of your favorite music and it stops playing when you are not weighting appropriately. Wondering if your patient is loading the head of the 1st metatarsal? This could provide some feedback.

Check it out:

Donovan l, Hart JM, Saliba S et al. Effects of an auditory feedback device on plantar pressure in participants with chronic ankle instability. Med Sci Sports Exerc 2015; 46(5 suppl); S104

Everybody knows the bones, Just had to find a way Everybody know what I'm talking 'bout, That's how I'll get an "A" My body's many parts And this is where it starts phalanges I have ten, And Metatarsals then I got some tarsals too, I'll put them in my shoes The Fibula is next, According to my text Then comes the tibia, That ain't no fibia And now I'm up to my knee Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Thats the petela to me We're doin' the bone dance We study the answers Again and again till I get it right We're doing the bone dance Ya dance and you'll learn it And we won't mess up this


nagito--komaida asked:

2, 8, 10, 16, and 21?

2: Shoe size

well i just checked and they are mens 6 ½! good to know. 

dumb weird thing i have to do, though: my left foot is smaller than my right foot, so i have to put an ankle sock underneath my usual socks so that i don’t get pain in my left foot while wearing shoes. believe me i have Tried to avoid doing this ridiculous thing and have suffered duly for it >:\ 

(i also have a dropped metatarsal in my right foot from dancing, so a lot of shoes are uncomfy for me and i have to be reaaal careful)

8: Want any tattoos?

yeah! stuff like this and this looks good to me. i’d maybe wanna get a small, easily-concealable geometric tattoo at some point, if i ever got the guts. i’m bad at long-term commitment though and it’s not tooo important to me, so we’ll see, eheh.

10: Want any piercings?

not currently! i’ve had my ears, eyebrow, and one other place i’ll leave it to your imagination pierced before. i think i’ve got it out of my system for now. (my mom was gettin on my case about the eyebrow piercing whenever i visited home, and i’m kind of a pushover so.. sighs)

16: I’ll love you if

hooo boy…i’ll admire you if you’re self-motivated and value productivity or are really talented or have the ability to be funny on the spot  buuut I DUNNO ABOUT LOVE… i’ll love you if you do the things that make you happy and are kind to others and do your best at what’s important to you, i think. selflessness is a big thing i admire too tHIS IS A TOUGH QUESTION

21: What I love most about myself

auugh i hate to pull the self-deprecatory-non-answer card on a question but i got nothin’, sorry. i sincerely hope to be a person with good redeeming qualities in the future, and i think i can be some day if i try harder, but today is not that day.