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Metaknight and Falspar one day.

Me: MK eating candy and falspar just sings

Smeet: XD


Metaknight always felt like things were misplaced on his mental shelves of knowledge, as well as the emotional drawers. Whenever he referred back to these places, something was always missing among the clutter, and he could never recall what. Only a vague inkling of what certain things were.

His feelings and thoughts rarely ever cooperated with one another for a clear visage, he would follow one or the other until something clicked. This time he had followed the feeling, fleetingly so that his mind failed to catch up with him for the entire St Valentine’s day. Staying on track record…

Something clicked.

The young knight who pretended to be aged for so long forgotten the amount of energy he had stored all this time. Magic cake didn’t deter him much at all, neither Falspar’s endless banter; it was invigorating. The courageous goof was contagious, epigeous through out the day, the speed of the escalation outrageous; dueling, racing, and warpstar surfing.  

Winning the sword duel was the highlight of the day, though he lost against the other two. Far into the evening Meta’s mind has yet to find them, even as they’ve wound down; mutually surprised to be tired in a thousand years or more. A day of joy and fighting.  The blue knight had fallen asleep first, and Falspar simply just saw it fit to.

Why not?

Metaknight didn’t wake or budge much, and his strange cape seemed very attached to his form, not the armor, that he had placed aside so that the ‘fluffier’ puff could hide them under his cape, the moonlight is chillier than the sunlight. 

Hypogeous. The first thing that came to Metaknight when he opened a silver eye that was a little different due to magic cake. That was the word that escaped Metaknight’s sluggish mind; it had caught up.

Like before. He had felt all of this before a very long time ago. Despite his very rough past, Metaknight was deeply effected by and prone to nostalgia. He froze at first, though his heavy eyes never left Falspar’s sleeping form. Metaknight felt a strain that soon burned; something he also felt before, all the way to his cheeks. He fidgets at first, feeling the warmth come and go. He fixes his cape so that it stretches over what Falspar’s cape had not.

Definitely familiar.

Metaknight gives a gesture he was unaware that was a return. Instead of the side of his face, it was dead on in front. 


No mask to hide under, but plenty of cape. Kind of. If he can ignored being snuggled into with a ceaseless giggle into his ears…

His Valentine’s day was nontraditional, but a complete and literal blast. He wasn’t sure what to exactly do for it, and he saw all the snow that took over the roads as a curse at first, but it wound up being a blessing. Meta was prone to clamming up, but fortunately, Falspar touches everything around him and asks plenty of questions. The royal blue knight had invited his green date over to his quarters without a clue on what to do, until the other prodded around his shelves yabbering away.

Until he found an anime involving heavy sketch lines, lots of colors and giant robots. 




All day?


And so they watched sixteen episodes of Gurren Lagann before falling asleep in a sea of candy wrappers and their capes. All on the floor like a pair of teenagers.

MK had woken up moments ago, and it’s as fond of a memory to him as if it was hundreds of years ago. He lets Falspar sleeps for now because he’s naturally shy about being this close to someone. He plans to move away eventually, but watch that plan fail. 

anonymous asked:

Metaknight why did you faint

“I was approached by an alternate of a long time comrade—” That didn’t come out right. “He’s very different. Alternates are like strangers to me, and being in my personal zone with a familiar face and voice is not appreciated.” That didn’t either.

Fainting speaks volumes.