Today was a great mail day! We are restocking quite a few stones in bulk this week. These juicy labradorite stones are jumping with great vibes! Labradorite is a wonderful stone for meditation, lucid dreaming and for developing your psychic and spiritual awareness. Labradorite is associated with Pisces, the element of water and works well with the heart, third eye and crown chakras. So much color in these beauties!!! #labradorite #crystals #crystalhealing #palmstone #pocketstone #chakras #psychicdevelopment #metaphysicaltools #meditation

Revisited my Soul, Personality and Sun Sign cards tonight. Sometimes my soul needs reminders. I am always so amazed and sometimes irritated with the cards. I love them to no end but sometimes they show or remind us of things we must face, deal with process and let go of of. Then there are those moments when the cards remind and show us of our divine purpose and the lessons we are meant to learn and live. Tonight is one of those “I hear you” moments from the stirring of my soul. I will continue to work to manifest abundance in life and my creations while creating an order and stability that makes sense and works for ME. Goals can and will be met and my creative side is a helpful tool in this phase in my life. When people cast doubt this is the power pair that shows them anything can be done. Order and creativity can go hand in hand no matter what other folks try to tell you. Order and focus does not look the same for everyone. Follow YOUR compass wherever it may take you- many are too scared to start the journey- don’t let that be you. Love, light and many blessings to you all. #meditation #tarot #theemperor #theempress #thewhimsicaloffshoot #riderwaite #witchesofinstagram #love #light #blessings #metaphysicaltools #divination