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💎 Melanie’s Affordable Crystal Etsy Shops Masterlist 💎

Here’s a list of Etsy shops I’ve found that sell affordable crystals and stones! These are only the ones I’ve discovered so far, so please add on or message me if you have any more (especially if they sell bulk for cheap!). Who doesn’t love lots of crystals and stones for low prices?!


Protective Stone

Agate’s noticeable properties overall are balancing energies, provides a calming influence, improves perception, concentration and helps to develop and increase one’s analytical talents, stabilizes the aura, eliminating and transforming negative energies. It is believed to prevent insomnia and insure pleasant dreams, to enhance personal courage and protect one against danger. 

Agate colors -  White; Blue; Red; Green; Yellow; Orange; Brown; Pink; Purple; Gray; Black; Banded; Multicolored.

Planet - Mercury

Zodiac signs - Taurus; Gemini; Capricorn.


New altar setup! I’m so delighted to finally have a bundle of lavender, and I wanted to show off my Celtic harp instead of keeping it hidden on the ground; ta-daa! ~ I really like this color scheme / arrangement, especially since this is the first time I’ve changed it in awhile.

Crystal and Stone Cuts

How Different Shapes Can Influence Energy Flow

By Rainy-Day-Witchcraft

This post a little spinoff from my “Explaining Crystal Healing” post, and describes how energy is directed throughout a stone based on the different, both cut and raw, shapes of gemstones. Enjoy ♡

  • Natural Point(s)⌇Best used when energy is meant to be concentrated and pointed in a specific direction. If a stone has more than one point, the energy will also tend to be directed in those multiple directions. Larger points make wonderful wands!
  • Grounded Point/Obelisk⌇Stronger version of the (natural) pointed stone, as the bottom of an obilisk-shaped crystal is flat, and allowing for a more grounded directional energy. Because these are meant to be placed standing and pointing upwards, they are best used when energy is needed to be pointed up from a flat surface.
  • Double-Terminated⌇Think of these cuts as having two poles, like the earth, moving energy in a elongated sphere around the crystal. Energy is taken in by each point and added to the ‘bubble’ of energy the crystal can work with.
  • Tumbled⌇Crystals and stones that have been tumbled (yet not quite into a perfect sphere) will have energy that softly emits in all directions, sometimes directionally varied if the stone is a little more abstractly shaped.
  • Natural/Raw⌇Energy flow with naturally shaped and formed stones, while being stronger than man-made stones, tends to be more sporadic than smoother or more even stones (unless, of course, the stone forms naturally with a smooth texture). Energy flow depends on the shape and texture of each mineral - Rough, cubed, pointed, etc.
  • Faceted/Multiple-Faced⌇Energy in and around faceted gemstones, such as those commonly used in jewelry, will be given off similarly to how a mirror or glass pane reflects/directs light; In this example, think of each face of the stone as glass, and energy as the light. This method of energy flow also applies to multiple-faced, non-pointed stones, such as some varieties of raw minerals that grow with cubed or edged faces.
  • Spherical⌇Crystal balls and spheres will give off energy in an evenly distributed way, as you expect a perfect sphere would. Spherical gemstones that are translucent and able to focus light (similarly to how a magnifying class can focus sunlight) can also direct energy in one direction if used in certain ways.
  • “Palm” Stone⌇Palm stones are similar to spherical stones in that they emit energy in a constant way, though these stones are more grounded. Because of their grounded nature and palm-like shape, these types of stones are ideal for emotional healing, grounding, or stress.
  • Worry Stone⌇Worry stones are created to, just as the name suggests, decrease or eliminate worry! These are made to work a bit differently than others; the piezoelectric energy of the stone is made to be given off as a trigger to physical touching or rubbing one’s thumb on the slightly concaved area of the stone. Besides metaphysical healing purposes, these are also made to give a person something do fiddle with in their hands to take the mind off worry.

Some of the crystal necklaces I finished last night. Head over to my Etsy Shop if one of them speaks to your soul.

From left to right: Red Jasper, Rainbow Fluorite, Sunstone, Rainbow Moonstone, and Moonstone!

Crystals for the Aura

The aura can be charged, healed, and strengthened by wearing, existing in the same space as, or holding crystals for extended periods of time. Crystals can also assist in finding blockages in the aura, healing holes in the aura, balancing, stabilizing, and cleansing it.

These stones have different uses in relation to the aura, but all relate to its maintenance in some way. Included are their uses and the signs of the Zodiac they are related to. First is a smaller list of more common stones, then an alphabetical list which encompasses all associated stones.

Agate: Stabilizes, cleanses, removes negative energy; Gemini

Amethyst: Clears and cleanses, can heal holes in the aura; Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Aqua Aura Quartz: Cleanses and smooths the aura; Aries, Gemini, Leo

Aquamarine: Assists in shielding and protecting the aura; Aries, Gemini, Pisces 

Carnelian: Repairs holes in the aura; Taurus, Cancer, Leo

Citrine: Clears the aura; Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra

Fluorite, Colorless: Clears and charges the aura; Capricorn, Pisces

Diamond: Fills the holes in the aura; Aries, Taurus, Leo

Labradorite: Shields the aura, clears it, balances, and heals “leaks” of energy; Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius 

Quartz, Clear: Protects the aura; quartz energy can connect to all signs

Smokey Quartz: Removes negative energy from the aura; Sagittarius, Capricorn

Topaz: Expels anything unneeded from the aura; Sagittarius

Tourmaline: Clears the aura; Libra

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Astrological Birthstones and Their Metaphysical Properties

Zodiac Birthstones not only balance negative aspects of the signs but brings out their best characteristics. All of this information comes from Love is in the Earth by Melody. These are just a few of many; if you are interested in learning more feel free to ask!

Aries: Bloodstone - “Stone of Courage”, a variety of quartz, this stone can be red or green and has intense healing properties, it is associated with the Heart or Anahata Chakra; it helps center and ground the heart, re-align the body’s energy, and overcome anxiety. This is Aries’ stone as it balances their raw energy and fire, bringing them adaptability, decisiveness, and aids them in overcoming the selfishness that Aries, the first sign, ruler of the House of Self, may feel.

Taurus: Rose Quartz - “Stone of Gentle Love”, its color can vary from a soft pink to a golden-white, it has a very gentle energy and is associated with the Heart Chakra, Anahata, and Crown Chakra, Sahasrana; it promotes feelings of love, especially self-love, and emits a soft, calm energy, providing anyone who holds or wears it with patience and a clear and open mind. The stone of love will help Taurus, ruled by the planet of love, with their obstinate nature, insensitivity, and feelings of insecurity while bringing out their good characteristics: patience, loyalty, and calm.

Gemini: Agate - “Stone of Balance”, can be many different colors: red, green, yellow, etc; it has a stabilizing and cleansing effect on the wearer, balancing yin-yang energy as well as the physical, emotional, and intellectual states of the body. Agate also helps the wearer develop decisiveness, which is important for vacillating Gemini, as well as other analytical capabilities and eloquence, tied to Gemini’s ruler: Mercury, planet of the mind.

Cancer: Moonstone - “Stone of Beginnings and Ends”, a white, milky color, Moonstone is balancing and gentle, the wearer will feel calm, introspective, and reflective - qualities typical to Cancer; it opens the wearer to what they need from the universe, assisting in handling change, cycles, beginnings and ends. It also cleanses the chakras. Cancer, known for intense emotions, will be able to sort through their feelings with the assistance of this stone, even experiencing moments of intuition due to its strength and feeling composed though emotions are running high.

Leo: Carnelian - “Stone of Familial Love”, red or orange, it is a protective stone that dispels apathy, indolence, envy, fear, rage, and sorrow from around the holder and within them. Carnelian enhances the wearer’s perceptions, opening their eyes to their own emotional state, the self, and how others perceive them which is important for self-centered Leo. Its powers center around the home, a key part of any Leo’s life: it balances the energies within the home and promotes love within it. Carnelian drives the holder to act, to take initiative, Leo’s strong suit, and increases their creativity and compassion.

Virgo: Zircon - “Stone of Virtue”, it may be clear, red, green, yellow, and grey; it intensifies properties of the first, third, and fourth chakras. This stone truly promotes qualities tied with Virgo: it strengthens unions of all forms (physical, mental, emotional, etc), increases perseverance in all endeavors, constancy, and purity. Zircon will help Virgo recognize that it is alright to be imperfect, to see the beauty of it, and ease their nerves as well as remind them of the bigger picture, as they can become so caught up in the details.

Libra: Lepidolite - “Stone of Transition”, colored pink, purple, yellow, grey, and white; it can activate the Throat, Heart, Third-Eye, and Crown chakras. Lepidolite heightens awareness, reduces stress, and alleviates despondency. This stone can evolve lesser energy into positive, fully-fledged energy. Its title helps through situations of change and variability in life and can assist one change their old habits by allowing for smooth transitions. Lepidolite enhances Libra’s already strong diplomatic and balancing abilities. It can ease their indecisiveness and indolence.

Scorpio: Ruby - “Stone of Nobility”, red or pink, this stone stimulates the Heart chakra, Anahata. Ruby is truly Scorpios stone, protecting those of this intuitive, almost psychic, Sign from psychic attack. It stimulates the loving, emotional side toward nurturing, which is good for Scorpios who can sometimes be insulting or intolerant, as well as encouraging gentleness when arguing, an issue for hotheaded and vindictive Scorpio. It also enables the wearer to rise above negative feelings such as anguish, distress, and other forms of suffering and recognize that these are not innate aspects of life.

Sagittarius: Topaz - “Stone of Success”, the color range includes pink, yellow, red, and green; it is also called the “Stone of True Love”. It promotes Sagittarian qualities such as individuality, creativity, and confidence. It inspires the holder to trust in their own decisions, replaces negative energy and emotions with positive ones, and enables the release of annoyances and doubts. Its energy acts through the powers of attraction and manifestation. Sagittarians can blunder along in life but this stone will help them see the big picture while still seeing even the smallest connections and details.

Capricorn: Garnet - “Stone of Health”, red, green, yellow, pink, purple, black, extracts negative energy from the chakras and transmutes that energy to a beneficial state. It helps one change the world around them by bringing the creative powers to the stage of implementation, what hardworking and realistic Capricorn may need. It allows one to recognize their responsibilities and approach them with patience. It is also called the “Stone of Commitment”, referring to commitments to purposes, others, and to oneself. It empowers the wearer to express warmth and understanding, which may be hard for Capricorn.

Aquarius: Amethyst - “Stone of Spirituality”, purple or lavender, stimulates Throat and Heart chakras while also calming them. It is also called the “Stone of Contentment” and “Stone of Metamorphosis”, Amethyst facilitates the transmutation of lower energy to higher, as well as stabilizing and transmuting dysfunctional energies within the body. It balances the intellectual, emotional, and physical bodies which can give airy Aquarius a solid and supportive base. It enhances cooperation, flexibility, and soothes the temperament, much like an Aquarian. It also assists in the formation of new thoughts and ideas.

Pisces: Aquamarine - “Stone of Valor”, light blue to green, stimulates and cleanses the Throat chakra. It enhances one’s ability for rapid intellectual response and accelerates intellectual reasoning process, which is fantastic for deep-feeling Pisces who may feel and subsequently act before thinking. It also shields and protects the wearer, also important for this sensitive Sign. This stone emits a gentle and passionate energy, promoting tolerance, and inspires humanitarian feelings, all very Piscean qualities.

Crystal Grid for Transformation

This grid not only protects you while you open yourself to the journey of transformation, but also offers the balance and guidance you may need

  • Amethyst - balances and connects the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, extremely protective
  • Emerald - ensures universal equilibrium, raises consciousness, enhances strength of character
  • Black Kyanite - grounds the body while aligning chakras, removes fears, clears blockages
  • Lepidolite - stone of transition, stimulates intellect and analytic qualities, focuses on what is important
  • Pyrite - provides and energetic shield, taps into abilities and potential, boosts self-worth and confidence
  • Red Hematite in Quartz - assists in overcoming despair, illuminates soul path, restores life force energy