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Hey I've got an odd question, my friends just moved into an older building that they say had lots of negative energy when they moved in. They cleansed it with sage and are sleeping with some rose quartz that they found in the area (since then they've not felt the negative energy,) but we were all wondering what might be some other good ways or crystals to bring positive energy to the building?

I apologize for the late response!! An awesome stone for them to use is Black Tourmaline. Tell them to put one in the 4 corners of the house to help transform any negative energy into a positive one. They also can line the outside of the house with black salt so no negative energy can’t enter. 

I hope that helps too! 




 Amber is not actually a crystal or mineral at all, for it is really fossilized resin that dripped from the pine trees of the forests that grew in the Tertiary Period. That being said, is reflects the beginning of the Earth, and is very represenative of Earth and Nature.

 While Amber does not emit strong healing properties, it can help in improving the brain and nervous system, increase clarity of the mind, and reduce anxiety. When placed over a specific part of the body, Amber can help draw out pain and also help balance it.

  When worn, Amber can help those who have suicidal tendencies, those who get depressed easily, or those who do not want to be in their physical bodies anymore by grounding the higher energies to the Earth plane.

Disclaimer:Stones work differently for every individual. Always become in tune with a crystal/stone to discover how it will affect you. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

I channeled this a few months ago

What your body is
Your body is the worlds most complex and important container, because its living, its breathing, its housing a soul. You want to know about your body because it does hold the soul, and the soul is the main part of everything. Some say a happy body is a happy soul, which I think is true. When you become connected to your body and see it as a home, or a temple. When you realized that it needs looking after, you will understand what the body is.
The body gives the soul a great ability. The ability to be in the physical, the ability to grow and have soul growth, birth, and rebirth. When you get connected to your body, you will see that it really is nothing more than a complex container. This thought gives the soul another great ability. It gives it a chance to leave. It gets to leave because the body is living, the body has energy in it, it can hold space when your soul is not in it. Thats why its really important to be connected with your body on a soul level. If you are not connected to your body on a soul level you will have problems getting back into it once you leave. Having problems getting into your body can have great effects on the soul and the body.
May you look and see what and why your body is Blessed be, WindWalker