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Marriage, Babies, and Sucession: The Political Future of Westeros and it's Great Houses

WARNING: this is long as shit so read at your own risk lol

So after spending substantial amount of time focusing on the threat beyond the wall and the immediate battle for the iron throne, at the end of season 7 we finally get to down to the nitty gritty questions about the future of Westors and it’s great houses.

It’s an important question and something I expected to come up eventually because yes we know that if the NK isn’t defeated none of it matters. However, there is still that lingering question of what happens if/when that happens? Are any of these characters and houses set up for any real future/legacy or will all of this blood, pain, sacrifice, and tragedy be for nothing because all of their goals and houses die with them. Are our heroes and villains destined to fight for a political legacy and to save a humanity that they can not themselves add to? I don’t think so, so the question becomes, how will they add to it? What will their legacies be?

The first group of people who address this within the narrative are Jamie and Ceresi. In the premiere Ceresi goes on and on about the Lannister legacy and that’s why she’s doing what she’s doing, it’s what she’s fighting for but as Jamie points out there is no Lannister legacy. Unless Tyrion comes to reclaim his name and Casterly rock, the Lannister name and legacy dies with them. Ceresi’s fight for a legacy is incomprehensible to Jamie because they have no legacy to leave, he’s seemingly okay with that but Ceresi has apparently deluded herself into thinking there is one.

Ceresi is initially resistant to this idea but it must have been something she took to heart. Besides being the first to address this conundrum, Jamie and Ceresi are also the first to get a solution. Ceresi get’s pregnant again. It’s clearly planned and hoped for by Ceresi given how she jumped his bones this season. This prospect of fatherhood draws Jamie back to Ceresi when he’s starting to become disillusioned with her. The relationship is toxic but they have a chance to be parents again, Jamie can actually be a father this time. The Lannister name can carry on once more through their child. It means that their fathers years of work weren’t for nothing because his family legacy stays somewhat in tact. Jamie and Ceresi get something besides themselves to fight for. Having something else to fight for is an important theme for all of these character that I’ll come back to later

Ceresi also secures something that’s important for any stable kingdom going forward, an heir to the throne. This sorta changes the game for the entire realm.

Daenerys is the next character to have a potential legacy addressed. We get passing mentions of how the dragons are Dany’s children during the early part of the season but oddly enough it’s not addressed for her right away. Not even marriage is addressed for Dany right away even though she needs political allies. The prospect of marriage between Dany and Jon, who need a political alliance the most never comes up a single time in Dany’s camp of advisors.

A real conversation about Dany and her future legacy doesn’t happen until episode 6 when Tyrion decides to spring a conversation on Dany about succession. It felt random AF to me, but Tyrion has a point and is smart to ask the question. Dany insists on doing dangerous things that risk her life. If she does die, what happens to the war she’s been waging? She’s devoted her entire life to this goal, she’s accepted the loyalty of several other people who want to see her on the throne, but if she dies that will all have been in vain because all of her grand ideas about creating a new world and breaking the wheel die with her. Tyrion knows that even of Dany doesn’t die prematurely, eventually succession will come up. Dany taking the throne with no successor would send the realm into chaos and undo any progress she would have made. It also puts Dany’s potential actions in the realm in an interesting light. She has no one to pass a legacy to and no one to fight for. She'a not fighting for her family, she has no family. She’s not fighting for her children, she has none and will never have them. She’s not fighting for the future of House Targaryen, her house will die with her. She’s pretty much just fighting for herself, her own person goals and her own ego, and we know from experience with Ceresi that a monarch with nothing to loose is very dangerous for the realm. She seems to care about the greater good but what happens if she ever stops caring about it because she has no future stakes in the greater good? It’s something to think about and I think it’s something several characters like Tyrion and Varys, and even to an extent Jon, have already started to think about.

Like Ceresi, Dany is also resistant to to conversation about a dead end legacy. She doesn’t want to come to terms with the fact that her house, her mission, her life’s work die with her and I don’t blame her because it’s a tough thing to accept when so much of your identity is wrapped up in this cause. Her conversation with Tyrion is left unfinished and unlike Ceresi she appears to have no real prospect of a resolution.

Interestingly enough, for the first time Jon and his legacy also come up in that same episode. His talk of legacy is handled with a little bit more finesse and subtlety but it’s equally important. When Jon tries to give Longclaw, the Valryian steel sword that’s meant to be a family heirloom and a physical representation of family legacy, back to Jorah he declines. He tells Jon that he hopes it serves his children well. This is the first time Jon and the audience is made to think about his future after his war. As a brother of the nightswatch Jon had forfeited any chance at a legacy. He would die as a brother of the watch, never taking a wife and never siring children. But he’s not in the night’s watch anymore.

Since he left his only goal has been his home and the army of the dead, but Jon’s future is wide open if the living survives his war. If humanity survives Jon gets to start creating a legacy for himself, he gets to pass down Longclaw and his title the same way that Dany and Ceresi might get to one day pass down the throne that they sit on. Jon is the only one currently fighting who could care less about having a throne to sit on, so framing it around a throne and succession doesn’t work well for him. Jon doesn’t care about leaving his throne for his children and creating a Dynasty on his name. It’s much more effective to frame his legacy around something we know matters to him which is family, duty, and honor. Longclaw can be seem as a metaphor for all three of those things. Longclaw represents his duty to protect his family, Longclaw represents the honor of the man who gave it to him and his own father who once carried a Valaryian sword as a symbol of duty and honor. Longclaw represents his family, present and future, it even has his family sigil on it, the direwolf.

Interestingly enough the show plays the stark theme at the end of this conversation, alluding to the idea that Jon’s legacy is his family, his future is a Stark legacy. You can make a good argument that this is also an allusion to what Jon’s purpose for this fight is all wrapped up into one nice metaphor. Jon does feel compelled to fight for those who can not defend themselves, and in that way he and Dany are alike, but Jon isn’t ruled by his altruism. A lot of his motivation for fighting originally is for his brothers of the NW, the only family he felt he had at that point. It was his duty to fight for their survival.

This point is proven by the fact that at one point he actually gave up his fight. After his betrayal and resurrection Jon was exhausted and felt isolated from his brothers. So despite hardhome, despite knowing that’s coming Jon no longer felt like his life had a purpose. He had resigned himself to being a failure and was going to just travel south but that changed when Sansa comes to Castle black. Sansa is what gives him his new purpose. Sansa gives him stakes in the future of humanity again. He fights for their home for her and later for Bran and Rickon. He’s focused on the threat in the north again because it’s not just about him, this army of the dead is coming for Winterfel and Sansa and all of the people in the north who have put their faith and trust in him. It’s the knowledge of Bran and Arya’s return and the NK getting closer and closer to his home that prompts Jon to demand he be allowed to leave dragonstone. He initially wanted to go home to them not go on that hunt. He wanted to get back to the North to protect the people who matter most to him, his family. This is partially why many of Jon’s subsequent actions make little sense to me but that’s a diffferent meta for a different day.

So yeah Jon does have altruism as a motivation, but where he sets himself apart from Dany is that he has something else to fight for and even if it’s not consciously on his mind, he has a legacy to fight for. Perhaps this is why the writers deliberate made it so that Dany was not the person who ultimately saves Jon’s life. He saves himself from the freezing cold waters….and what does he reach out for as soon as he takes that first desperate breath….Longclaw. what Longclaw represents is what pulled him out of that water. Who get’s Jon to safety even at the expense of their own life….his uncle, a man motivated by the same sense of duty and family that Ned was motivated by and both of them shaped Jon into the man he is today and have given him the same innate and overwhelming sense of family duty. IMO whatever Jon’s legacy is, it has to be connected to his family, his Stark family. It’s too big of a part of him to not be.

So heading into the finale we have three leaders with three different motivations and potential futures:

1. Ceresi- a legacy and heir via her unborn child but no care for the rest of humanity.

2. Dany- without a legacy or heir but a renewed sense of altruism and a need for vengeance thanks to the death of one of her children at the hands of the NK.

3.Jon- an unclear legacy but a even stronger desire to protect his family and the realm from the threat of the NK.

In this episode the narrative finally takes some steps towards intertwining the legacies of all of these characters. Instead of just being obscure individual character ideas they start to merge and you get a picture of how they can possibly affect each and the political future of the realm once the dust settles.

Tyrion learns that Ceresi is pregnant in the finale. This revelation isn’t meant to just be about Tyrion realizing that he has another niece of nephew on the way. Tyrion finds out because it means Ceresi has an heir and a successor, the two things he was just talking to Dany about an episode ago. He’s start enough to know the advantage this gives Ceresi in the political game of thrones. The realm will always lean towards stability, heirs bring stability so Ceresi looks like the more favorable option against a queen who is already struggling to bring the people to her side of the fight. House Lannister has a future that House Targaryen appears to not have. I’m not sure what I think this will mean for Tyrion individually going forward BUT I am sure that Ceresi’s pregnancy has changed the politics of the game and has put Dany at a distinct disadvantage.

We also get a scene where Jon and Dany discuss her curse. Dany says once again that she can not have children and Jon appears to give her some hope that maybe the witch was lying to her. Most people would take this as sign that Dany will indeed get pregnant and even the playing field with Ceresi, giving house Targaryen a legacy that can continue on and giving Dany an heir for when she takes the iron throne. However I don’t think that’s what’s actually in the cards. A plot line like this is too obvious of a direction to make it convincing. I think they want us to think that Dany might be able to have children, but I don’t think it will actually happen for her. A magical baby from the union of Jon and Dany is too much of a complication for what they appear to be setting up with Jon and Dany (conflict), it’s logistically nonsensical given the war and Dany’s heavy involvement, and narratively it doesn’t fit with how I think these characters will end the story (that’s a meta for a different day). A surprise pregnancy for Dany is also something that would have to be in the books since it’s a big deal and I don’t see GRRM making dany get pregnant. The only use it has is making Jon angsty and continuing the Targaryen line through incest, which by his own admission was their downfall to begin with. If Jon wasn’t a Targaryen I would be more inclined to believe it’s a possibility but we know that he is one.

I also think that Dany ever having a heir is also not in the cards because of my next point: The prospect of a Jon and Dany marriage alliance has finally been brought up in the narrative. A marriage alliance would make sense for Jon and Dany….if Jon wasn’t a targaryen who is more than likely going to loose the North once word spreads of his bending the knee and his parentage. There are already several hurdles to their alliance right now without those things officially being a factor yet, but once they are revealed then shit is really going to hit the fan and it makes Jon’s position in the possible marriage alliance incredibly weak. If Jon looses the north then Dany can not marry Jon to claim it. There is also the fact that Jon gains nothing from the alliance since it’s not necessary for his biggest goal…defeating the NK. If a Jon and Dany marriage is on the verge of being rendered unideal already then a child from that union would be a bastard and serve no purpose besides possibly giving Dany an heir to a divided kingdom. The child wouldn’t be an heir to the north and therefore it looses it’s narrative ability to unite the kingdoms just like Jon and Dany’s marriage. I’m rambling a bit but you get what I’m saying here

Interestingly enough this the topic of a Jon and Dany marriage doesn’t come from Tyrion, who would be smart enough to think about this as a possible solution for Jon and Dany to seal their alliance…but it comes from Littlefinger and it brought up with Sansa. This nugget is important because this conversation is also tied to legacy and the iron throne for one of these characters, except that character isn’t Jon or dany….it’s Littlefinger himself.

Since LF has been fairly inactive this season it’s easy for forget that LF is playing for the Iron Throne. he let his endgame slip to Sansa last season. He wants the throne and he wants Sansa at his side. LF’s best path to gaining power is to propell Sansa to Queen in the North, the marry her. With her northern army and The Vale he can then be a contender to take the throne by conquest. That’s why Jon being named king was a dent in his plan and why he initially tried to turn Sansa against Jon. If Sansa became disillusioned with Jon and staked a claim over the north he could marry her. When this plan failed because he realized that the bond between Jon and Sansa is much too strong to be overcome by some manipulation, he changes gears and tries to convince Sansa that she’s the better leader and deserves the throne.

LF has been thinking about this a lot, and he’s one of the more forward thinkers in the game, so it’s no surprise that LF can see the Jon and Dany marriage alliance on the table. LF’s acknowledgement of a Jon and Dany marriage as it relates to Sansa is a huge deal, because narratively it sets Sansa up as being in the position to be the counter that marriage alliance.

Now I have my own shipper theories about why LF would talk about Dany’s beauty and what not but the key part it that. LF wants Sansa as queen but Jon has just given their kingdom to Daenerys, which Sansa does not want to happen. Then he plants the seed that Jon has feelings for Dany (which is unnecessary here unless Sansa is supposed to be jealous) and seeks to seal this alliance with a marriage, effectively shutting Sansa out or power completely. This situation leaves Sansa with few options if she’s going to keep the North…she has to go against Jon and have herself declared queen, making and a Jon and Dany marriage a dead end for Dany’s quest to seize control of the north and unite it with the south.

This officially positions Sansa in the narrative as the big roadblock to the idea of a Jon and Dany marriage that we have all speculated about for a while now. Sansa’s claim over the north has always been stronger than Jon’s, but she’s willingly forfeited that claim in favor of him. Now Sansa is in a position where she has to question if she should keep doing that because of Jon’s frustrating decisions. She’s also positioned herself as a strong and competent leader. The north already wanted to crown her queen but she passed. Now she has delivered The Vale justice for the murder of their Lord and his widow and she’s delivered justice to the north for all the loss they have suffered because of Ned being called south. She has almost complete control of The Vale all on her own now and she has the absolute loyalty and trust of her bannermen. Sansa is completely intertwined with The North and it’s going to be hard for Jon to do anything with Dany concerning marriage as long as Sansa is around. She’s been the key to keeping his armies from abandoning him while he’s been gone and she’s been the key to keeping him in power. Any move Jon makes can be effectively countered by Sansa and THAT’S the big deal, that’s what makes her position very powerful. That’s what LF was banking on using for his own ascension to the throne. It’s so obvious that he wanted to use the marriage alliance to make Sansa stake her claim then seal the vale for herself by marrying him, but she took him out of the game.

That leaves Sansa in the position of being the perfect counter to Dany’s power grab in the north. That means that Sansa is powerful, young, and unmarried……and perfectly set up to be the more advantageous alliance for Jon if he wants to have any claim over the north going forward. Because of Sansa, marrying Dany is a dead end of Jon and she is now the better option for the future stability of their kingdom.

When the war is over, if they all survive it, someone will have to contend for the throne aganist Ceresi. That someone will have to be able to provide more stability than Ceresi can provide while she’s carrying her heir. Someone will have to contend with the re emerging House Lannister. Dany is in the worst position out of all the alternatives politically, but House Stark. is in a good position to contend for at the very least their own independence thanks to Sansa and Jon. That means if Jon is to be the leader at the end of the day he has to choice to make. Will his legacy be that of a Targaryen with his Aunt? Or will it be the legacy of a Stark with Sansa? This question can also be posed as “which one will be the younger more beautiful queen to take all that Ceresi holds dear” *wink wink*

It’s clear to see which choice will end up being the most advantageous for Jon in the end, which is why my money is on House Stark. Tragically, House Targaryen will probably die with Dany and the fight for the IT will come down to House Lannister vs House Stark which funny enough is the feud is at the heart of the events most early bloodshed in the series (Thanks for the reminder Sansa). The first terrible act of this series was Jamie Lannister pushing Bran Stark from the tower, kicking off a series of events that lead to bloodshed, betrayal, and war. It makes sense that it all comes back around to these two houses in the end for a battle for survival and legacy.

As for who will win? Well my money is on House Stark of course. Winter is here and winter is a time for wolves.

Bucky’s Girl |Series| 3/?

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Summary: You’re dating Bucky Barnes, it’s good. It’s beautiful. Steve, his best friend has had a crush on you, wayy before Bucky returned. (Series)
Warnings: Angst/ inspired by that one story in Love Actually but kinda not/
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Wade Wilson, Negasonic, Colossus, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Peter Parker & Sharon Carter.

Inspired by the song Jessie Girl - Rick Springfield

Part One * Part Two * Part Three * Part Four * Part Five

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Steve knew listening to Wade was a bad idea, worse than listening to Stark. Yet, his idea was stupidly great. It was bullet proof in a sense, there was no way it would fall back on him if he did it correctly. He just had to wait till you and Bucky started wedding planning to act, which he didn’t have to wait long at all because you were so excited to start. In fact, within a week you were already looking for venues because they were always the hardest to grab.

“We have a year, even longer to plan anything,” Bucky practically whined one morning jog to Steve, making him chuckle lightly through the puffs of air. “And she’s already looking at venues”

“She’s excited, Buck.” Steve glances at him, “Aren’t you?”

Bucky all but grinned and chuckled. “Of course I am, I just think it’s a little early, ‘tis all. She’s acting like we have to get married next month; we got the rest of our lives together.” Steve nodded in agreement, “I have to go look at three places this weekend.”

“I thought you and Nat had that Russian poker night this weekend?”

Russian poker night was usually, drinking and intense games of cards. Steve, honestly, hated them. He couldn’t play that’s why but it was the betting, plus Nat’s competitive trait that made the whole experience awful. He loved Nat, he just didn’t like playing games against her, always preferred to pick her for teams; considering she was hell bent on winning whatever it was.

Bucky exhaled, “I gotta take a rain check because we’re leaving town to look, plus having to end up staying a night and looking the next day because of the appointments.”

Steve nodded and looked ahead, Sam jogging in front. Steve’s eyebrows furrowed in thought as he contemplated his friends’ dilemma. He really did want to help Bucky; he knows how much the time with Nat and Clint means to him. He loved them both, especially Clint. Sharpshooters, it was destined for friendship.

He also saw this as a great opportunity to start the plan. Wade would want him to take this chance, is he really listening to the devil on his right shoulder, right now? The voice of reason could be faintly heard in the background, it sounded a lot like Sam. Maybe because he is yelling at them both.

“On your left”, “On your right.” Both super soldiers yell as they pass their other best friend, who continues to yell obscenities at them.

Steve lets the silence sit between them as he thinks over how to word his thoughts. “If you want, since I’m the best man, I could go instead.” Bucky looks over at him, bringing his jogging to a stop and Steve does the same. “I mean if you want me to. I’m happy to step in and help, plus Y/N is my friend and it’s not like she’s picking one then and there. It’s looking; I’ll come back and tell you my opinions. I don’t know it’s a suggestion.” Steve shrugged, scratching the back of his neck out of nerves.

Bucky thinks over his best friends’ suggestion, shrugging also. “I don’t see why not, I trust your judgement better than anybody’s, heck it’s why I’m dating Y/N.”

And that led to the hour car trip with you singing in the passenger seat travelling to the first appointment.

Which the first appointment was extravagant, Tony had booked you to view The Plaza Hotel, a grand building that held luxurious events and overpaid Wedding ceremonies. Yet, he wanted you to look at it and see if you actually liked what they offered, although Steve knew you preferred something smaller. Fewer chandeliers and ballrooms, well that’s his opinion anyway.

“Bride and groom, I assume?” A woman greeted with a smile as you entered.

You shake your head lightly, “No, Bride and Best man, the groom had other obligations today.” You explain light-heartedly, Steve smiling with his hands in his jean pockets.

The woman named, Rachel, nodded and led you towards the room where the ceremony is held.  Giving a few little tidbits of information along the way; how Bridal suite is complimentary, how valet is offered and at $65 per car. Steve was stunned with how much this wedding would cost at this venue alone just from the price of fucking parking.

Both rooms shown were stunning. Grand halls, filled with chairs and tables, looking straight out of a movie scene. Steve let his eyes drift over to you, you were glancing up in awe as Rachel told you about the chandeliers, explaining every detail if you were in this room. You looked mesmerised, yet he didn’t see that twinkle. That urgency to have this venue, you didn’t feel this place was right and he knew that.

“What do you think, Stevie?” you called out to him, Steve looked up to see you and Rachel looking at him. “I trust your opinion, considering both Groom and Maid of Honour are off playing cards.” You gave a little shrug.

Steve chuckles and gives a soft exhale, stepping forward. “I mean, it’s beautiful,” he begins, “if you like this sort of thing.” Rachel frowns, “I don’t know, it’s flashy and big. Perfect for Stark, I personally wouldn’t pick a place this to get married but it’s not my wedding.”

“That’s right, it isn’t your wedding,” Rachel smirked and looked at you, “it’s yours and we have wonderful caterers. A wedding cake made by Ron Ben-Israel or Sylvia Weinstock,” she smiled smugly.

You let Steve’s words settle in and Rachel’s. “Well, what do you like?” You asked Steve suddenly and he took a long pause to think.

“I don’t know, I always pictured maybe a quaint little church, I’m traditional. I wouldn’t want the venue to take away from her beauty” he looked at you, you nodded once. “I’d want it just simple, yet modern. I’m not the same guy I was back in the forties, I have to adjust, and then I think the evening after the ceremony. Courtyard, I love the outdoors and I’ve had some of my best memories outside. Not too many people, on my side anyway. I’m a simple man, I guess.” He shrugged it all off, “plus, Laura Barton makes the best cakes.”

As Rachel begins to talk again you allow Steve’s vision of a wedding settle into your mind, honestly, it sounded so perfect. It sounded right. You didn’t want or need this flashy venue, it was beautiful but it wasn’t you. It wasn’t a place you ever pictured getting married nor was it calling out for you. So, you ended the appointment early and decided to find somewhere to have lunch.

“I didn’t put you off did I?” Steve asked sheepishly, you looked up at him as you crossed the busy New York street. “You seemed to really like that place, I don’t want to force my views onto you Y/N, I’d never want you to feel uncomfortable or that this day would be less important because of what I said.”

You smiled, always the worrier. “No, it’s the opposite. The Plaza isn’t somewhere I pictured myself ever getting married; I mean it’s gorgeous and grand. It’s just lacking that…” You trailed as you tried to find the words.

“Special something?” You nodded in agreement, “I’m sure you’ll find the perfect venue and you’ll know that that’s where you wanna get married.”

You shrugged with a small smile, “Hopefully, I think this is gonna be fun. You helping me, I should have picked you instead for my Maid of Honour.” You chuckled as Steve laughed; you linked your arm through his and led him towards your favourite sandwich place.

“Nat would have killed me,” you nodded with a little giggle.

*Last Venue Appointment*

“This is it.” You whisper as you glanced around the beautiful chapel, “I have that feeling; I want to get married here. This is where I wanna marry Bucky,” you grin at Steve who nodded as he looked around; he had to admit this was perfect.

Beautiful stainless windows, the sun casting perfectly, reflecting the beautiful pictures on the stone floor. Oak benches all lined and facing the altar; it was just classical and perfect. You had fallen madly in love with the place, only it was high demand and every Bride wanted traditional, that was unexpected considering Steve was said to be old-fashioned.

“They have next month or two years from now,” you sighed unhappily to Steve who wrapped an arm around your shoulders. “This is the place, Steve, I know it and it’s my rotten luck it’s gotta be either too early or so late.”

Steve held you and his mind drifted, well his mind shifted into Wade Wilson’s mindset. Bucky had mentioned how fast this was moving, how it was like you wanted to get married next month. He obviously hadn’t said anything to you about the pace, the nice metaphorical angel was screaming on his left shoulder to bite his tongue.

“I mean, if this is the place you should take it,” you pulled away and looked at Steve. “Either date seem fine; Nat can plan a wedding in under a month, especially with Pepper’s help! Or… wait two years, you’ll still love Bucky the same as you do now, considering you’re marrying him.”

Either option worked well for Steve. High pressured stressful environment between you and Bucky, rushing to plan a wedding in less than four weeks or two years to make you realise, you should be marrying him. It seemed to work well on either case.

“I should call Bucky,” you trailed and looked at your phone. “I mean, you’re right, right? Natasha has planned missions in under an hour; this isn’t any different to that. Plus I don’t really want to wait, has Bucky said anything about dates or?”

Shit. Think of something, Rogers.

“Uh-nope, not a thing about dates,” that wasn’t a lie. Bucky had never brought of dates, he had mentioned how fast paced this seemed but you didn’t ask the right question for that answer.

And this whole thing has led to Steve having to awkwardly leave the apartment as you and Bucky argued over your rushed behaviour when you returned home that Sunday evening. He met Wade at the bar, where his friend Weasel tends. Sat on the bar stool, hoodie on and baseball cap, he glances at Wade after spilling the entire weekend story to him and Weasel.

“Well, fuck,” Wade says through his suit and looks at Steve who just nods. “I, honest to god, didn’t think you had it in you.” He pats Steve broad shoulder and points to Weasel, “He deserves a drink on the house.”

Steve sighed as Weasel hands him another beer, “I didn’t either but the little devil on my shoulder wouldn’t shut up!”

“I am the voice of reason,” Wade holds his glass high, probably grinning under his mask.

“You mean stupidity.” Weasel counters, “Why did you listen to him? He refused to talk to Vanessa because of his ugly mug, understandable but still, dating advice from a fuck-face.”

Steve chuckled and shrugged, “Desperate.”

They nodded at one another, “stick with me kid and you’ll be banging Bucky’s girl in no time,” Wade patted Steve’s shoulder as Weasel rolled his eyes and Steve exhaled loudly.

(Sorry that it takes me forever to update this series, I was just trying to format how the other parts would pan out if I decided a certain thing. a lot of rewriting, I am undecided on the ending of this, yet. - Rosalee)

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Mystic Messenger Preferences - Yandere

Blog specifically just for Mystic Messenger:

Warning(s): Creepy
Title: Yandere
Number in series: One
Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Word Count: 1,985

Originally posted by daestruction


   Zen acted like everything was fine, but that was the farthest thing he could say from the truth. Everything wasn’t fine. He had become so possessive that he wasn’t letting you leave the apartment anymore. He allowed you to talk to the other RFA members through the phone, but he didn’t let you leave the apartment. He thought you could deal with it since you were locked in Rika’s apartment.

   You let it happen because you never thought that you would get someone like Zen again. You didn’t want to lose this love that you had. You could deal with the odd parts of the relationship because it seemed like it would be so perfect. You knew it wasn’t normal for someone to keep you hidden away, but you decided that it was worth it to be with Zen.

   Plus, you genuinely thought that he loved you. The problem wasn’t that he didn’t love you. The problem was that he loved you too much. He loved you so much that he didn’t want you looking at anyone other than himself. You weren’t used to normal relationships or healthy relationships, so you just assumed that this was alright. It would all fix itself one day.

   So, you stayed with Zen, no matter what he did. When he came home one day with red liquid on his jacket, you didn’t question it. He told you that he got it on their during a film that he was shooting. He had come home messy on multiple occasions, due to whatever he was shooting. This wasn’t new or odd to you. So, you just brushed it off.

   He also didn’t tell you that Yoosung had been getting suspicious about you. He didn’t want to upset you by telling you what had happened to the boy. He hated to see you cry.

Originally posted by maygrg12


   He wasn’t going to let you go like Rika. He couldn’t take it again. His poor heart would break and fall apart. He didn’t want to have to deal with it again and so he was going to make sure that it never happened. He wasn’t going to let you leave him, ever. You could tell that he was worried about you leaving, so you tried to comfort him by saying you’d never leave him.

   Still, he wouldn’t listen. It didn’t matter what you said, he was never going to let you leave. You didn’t get a pick.

   You just let him act in the way that he was, assuming that it made him feel better about everything. You thought that it was just a way for him to make himself feel better. You never thought that he was serious about what he said.  You thought he wasn’t being serious, but that wasn’t true. Everything that he said he meant, no matter what it was. He wouldn’t let you leave

   You were his and he was going to keep it that way. He made sure to keep you from the other RFA members, as he didn’t want them to try and take you away. They didn’t deserve you, even as a friend. He just wanted you to talk to them over the app. That was even pushing it sometimes, but he knew that if you stopped talking to the others, they would start to suspect that something was wrong. He didn’t want that to happen.

   So, he made sure to keep you all to himself in the physical sense. He let you talk to the others, but when it came down to it, you were all his and no one elses. He wouldn’t let anyone else

Originally posted by spicykpop


   She was the most subtle of all of the RFA. No one expected anything between the two of you and she was going to make sure that it stayed that way. She didn’t want them to figure it out, in fear one of them would try to take you away. She really worried about Zen trying to take you away from her. He was so handsome and talented, she couldn’t let that happen.

   You were hers and she wasn’t very fond of sharing what was hers.  She was protective, though she tried to hide it. She didn’t want to seem clingy, in fear that you would leave her for someone else. She wasn’t going to let that happen, no matter what she had to do. She would do anything for you, and she made sure that you knew that.

   You loved her, not even really noticing how she acted. You just thought it was a normal girlfriend thing with how she was acting. You hadn’t really dated many people before her, so it all seemed normal for you.  Certain dramas had romances like this, so you always just assumed that it was normal. She didn’t make you think that it was anything but. So, it was just how your relationship together was like.

   Nothing seemed off to the other members, so they didn’t feel like they needed to look into your relationship together. They didn’t see when Jaehee tried to keep you from going to the party so you wouldn’t see any of the other members. They didn’t hear the conversations the two of you had together on the phone, where she told you that you were suppose to look only at her,

   All they saw was the happy outside of the relationship, as if everything was alright and they didn’t have to worry about you at all. It was a shame, since you weren’t able to tell that this relationship was toxic.  

Originally posted by kyungsuhos


   He kept you locked in his apartment, making you wear heels that would signal if you went any farther than the kitchen. He wasn’t going to allow you to run away from him. You were his and that was how it was going to stay. You didn’t need anyone else but him and he didn’t need anyone other than you. He always told you this, in case you forgot it. He wanted to make you understand that you didn’t need to run away.

   At first you didn’t understand. You were scared and you wanted to run away. He had to punish you multiple times in the beginning before you began to understand how things were going to be now.  He knew that it must be hard for you to accept things as your new normal, but he knew that it would only take a certain amount of time. He was ready to wait.

   So, that was what he did. He kept you locked in the house while teaching you everything that was normal, or would become your normal. He wasn’t going to let you get away with making mistakes, so he also punished you. Easy at first, but if you kept making the same mistake, his punishments got worse and worse. Since you didn’t want to get punished, you began to do what he wanted you to.

   Life wasn’t bad once you did what he told you to. It was actually rather nice to live with him. He gave you only the best of things. The best food, the best clothing, the best entertainment. As long as you didn’t try to run away, it was lovely. He took care of you, and secretly, that had been what you wanted. For most of your life, you had to fight for what you wanted. It was nice to get pampered.

   Jumin liked pampering you as well. He thought you of a doll that needed to be protected. The world was too dangerous for you and he was the only one that would be capable of keeping you safe from everything. He didn’t mind. He wanted to do that for you and even more. He wanted to be your everything. He was going to be your everything, no matter what you said about it. You didn’t have a choice.

Originally posted by officialwookkibby


   Seven made sure that the bomb would blow up if anyone but him tried to get into the apartment. He did this so no one would be able to see you except him. He wanted you all to yourself. He had come over and began to live with you in the apartment, saying that he needed to protect you. Nothing was trying to hurt you at the moment, but he was using it as an excuse for him to be able to live with you.

   He was rather similar to his normal self when he was just around you. He was funny and stupid at times, always trying to make you laugh at whatever he had said. He was your hero. He wouldn’t want it to be any other way. He loved being this way with you, as it made him feel like he was needed by someone. He wouldn’t let anyone hurt you.

   But, when the others looked at your new friendship together, they could tell something was weird. Seven had been messaging the others, telling them that you were safe and that they didn’t need to worry about you. You were safe under his protection. They weren’t sure why he was so confident about what he was saying, He never was this way before, why was he like this now?

   A few of them tried to contact you and ask about it, but you didn’t understand what they were saying. You didn’t see that side of Seven. Whenever he talked to you about anything, it was always just him joking and making you feel good. You would never suspect that he was almost threatening the others to stay away from you.  You thought that everything was fine.

   And Seven was going to make sure that it stayed that way.

Originally posted by honestbeliefs


   Boy, Unknown could be very protective of you. Sometimes it was nice to have someone who would kill for you, but other times not so much. Metaphorically it was nice, but when Unknown came back covered in blood and expected a thank you from you, it wasn’t very fun. You were shocked and scared. You tried to explain to him why you were feeling this way, but he wouldn’t listen to you. He just got angry and walked away.

   You still loved him after that incident, but it was an eye-opening for you. He was dangerous. Sure ,you knew it before. It was hard to not notice that with him. But, it wasn’t that it was just dangerous in general. He had a dangerous love that could drive him to do anything. He would even go against the Savior for you. It was rare it would go that far, but if it did, he wasn’t against doing that.

   Your opinion on how he acted always changed. Sometimes it was nice to know that he would protect you, but must of the time it was overboard. You could deal with things on your own. You didn’t need him swooping in and making sure others knew not to even deal with you. He caused you to be rather lonely at times, due to him feeling that you would only ever need him.

   Sure, you did spend most of the time with him, but it still would be nice to spend time with others. He didn’t want you to even look at other people. It got on your nerves but you just dealt with it since you didn’t want to deal with him when he was angry. All relationships had bumpy patches to them and this was just yours. You were used to it and it didn’t bother you anymore.

   You knew that he loved you and you loved him with all of your heart.


I bought watercolours today and decided to try them out! Bill is my first victim ♥

totally-not-using-a-fake-name  asked:

Im late to the party But hi Mod Connor!~ Welcome to the fam! (Also, I don't know if you remember when I submitted a bunch of nature photos for Evan, but I submitted them into a competition and won 100$, thanks for unintentionally giving me the confidence to enter them!)

\ Dude!! That’s awesome, I’m really happy for you!! And thanks so much for the welcome, I really appreciate it :D  -Mod Con

TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording

DESCRIPTION: Conversation


PARTIES: 2 (Guardian-type)



[Eris Morn] I do not blame you, Shaxx. I never blamed you.

[Lord Shaxx] I ought to have done more.

[Eris Morn] No. Less, maybe. Perhaps if we had done less. Hated less…desired less.

[Lord Shaxx] How many dead? Thousands. I should have made Zavala listen.

[Eris Morn] Enough. It was our choice to follow her. My choice. Wei’s fall consumed her - just as her death consumed me. There is always a cycle. Wei Ning, dead upon Crota’s blade - that was what broke Eriana, you know; just as her death broke me. And Crota himself - shattered upon his own sword. 

[Lord Shaxx] All light casts a shadow.

[Eris Morn] Nothing has ever lived that cannot die.


[Lord Shaxx] That is…the sword logic?

[Eris Morn] It is truth.

[Lord Shaxx] Toland’s truth.

[Eris Morn] His? No. The Universe’s.

[quiet laughter]



[Eris Morn] They are a nice metaphor, you know. Your swords.

[Lord Shaxx] Are they?

[Eris Morn] Mm. Re-forged in Light, as are we all. And born of something Dark. Given new purpose.


[Lord Shaxx] I want nothing of Toland’s truth.

[Eris Morn] Want has very little to do with it. 

[Lord Shaxx] I shall will it, then: we will be the species to prove the adage wrong. The Collapse did not extinguish us; nor will the Hive; nor the Vex, nor the crawling Dark itself. We have been tempered, strengthened. We are the blades, Eris. We shall inscribe our will upon reality in all its facets. We shall become the very definition of Light, and nothing will dull our brilliance.


[Eris Morn] Ah, my friend. Now you’re starting to understand.

Meyers-Briggs Types As Villains

INTP: Renegade mage living in a secluded tower. You don’t hate people, you just don’t want them around. You prefer the company of grimoires, familiars, the occasional demon summoned from arcane hellish dimensions. Examining scrolls is much more pleasant than examining your own tangled mix of cynicism, misanthropy, frustration, and just a pinch of loneliness and self-loathing. Depending on your level of irascibility and pyromania, the local villagers may think you quite harmless—eccentric, possibly insane, but live and let live, eh? But sooner or later they’ll notice the weird smells and missing persons. Hey, it was a very significant and fascinating spell that required that child’s blood or the freshly baked heart. Sometimes you’re tempted meddle in the affairs of the world. You enjoy the game, and you have big ideas about how things should work. So you tug strings and set plots in motion. You’re the shadowy presence behind the throne, the excessively snarky whisper in the prince’s ear. You delight in cryptic pronouncements and jokes that no one else gets. Yes, it’s fun to sneak through the halls of power, but power can be heady: you may acquire a taste for it, for the flash of fear in someone’s eye when they meet your gaze and the thrill of a dramatic entrance. Better to steer clear. Your ability to quote long passages from the Book of the Damned won’t save you from betrayal, mob vengeance, or roving bands of adventurers.  

INFP: You are enigmatic. You are passionate. You are bat-shit crazy. The madness may have come from the pursuit of strange powers your mind could not contain, or the brutal end of an obsessive love affair, or a glimpse of arcane evil human eyes were not meant to bear. The villainy is probably 100% organic. You don’t go in for world conquest or petty temporal corruption. You motives are more pure: there are people you dislike, and you really enjoy watching them suffer. You don’t hate everyone, though–sometimes you love people, and that’s even scarier. You have an aesthetic appreciation for cruelty and dastardly plots, and no one will accuse you of not committing to the aesthetic. You tend to bewilder people, with your elaborate metaphors and your lack of nice predictable rationality, leading them to either underestimate you or run the hell away. Though capricious, you’re dedicated to your own principles, which may be opaque and certainly bear no resemblance to generally accepted standards of morality or decent behavior. You’re easily distracted and sometimes get lost in your own head, and you may get so caught up in how you want to see the world and the people around you that you lose track of what they really look like. This leaves you open to exploitation by more goal-oriented villains. But though you can be manipulated, you can never be controlled. Heroes and villains alike should remember what happens when you set your mind on something. Hint: there’s lots of blood and screaming. 

ISFJ: Rancorous and wronged crusader with an overdeveloped sense of vengeance. You knew love, once. You were affectionate, committed, always knew what to say to make them feel better about the day. You were, above all, protective. Then tragedy struck. Maybe a tyrant burned the family farm, or an evil sorcerer sacrificed your child, or your beloved got caught up in a super-powered duel. Maybe they just up and left. You seemed like a cuddly person, but when confronted by catastrophe or betrayal, you hardened into something your lost loved ones would surely never recognize: ruthless, determined, methodical, and with zero healthy coping skills. You’re less interested in justice than you are in venting those bad feels by burning up the world that hurt you. Now you’re smashing your way through collateral damage, torturing minor henchman or particularly unlucky bystanders for clues, and lashing out at everything and everyone your enemies love in an effort to make them hurt too. So how do you sleep at night? Just fine. As much as you are driven by emotions, you’re more than capable at repressing the inconvenient ones. You are absolutely confident in the path you’re on, and it takes more than other people’s pain to convince you otherwise. You are going to get the job done, no matter how much innocent blood it takes. Which is probably how you’ll end instigating your own destruction by destroying some other vengeance-driven potential vigilante’s life in a poetically ironic plot twist. 

ISFP: Hedonistic sadist with delusions of grandeur. You’re polished and popular, charming, good with people, but those who get too close know better than to cross you. They’ve seen how nasty you get when you’re stressed or impatient, how overly competitive you can be or or how poorly you take criticism. They’ll describe you as, hmm, unpredictable. But don’t worry, they won’t turn on you yet. With your skills of observation and manipulation, you can play your audience–sorry, your ‘friends’–like well-tuned instruments. You hide your cruelty under smooth talk and slick labels like "eccentric” and “artistic.” But your preferred form of artistry involves the complex beauty of other people’s pain. Physical, mental, emotional suffering, oh, the aesthetic possibilities! The sensory details! The lure of the truly avant garde! Maybe you’re a freelance assassin or torturer, traveling the world, enjoying fine vistas and local cuisine, leaving a trail of carefully arranged corpses in your wake. Maybe you have an arrangement with your local corrupt politician or doomsday cult leader, quietly making their problems go away. It doesn’t really matter; yes, you have a lifestyle to maintain, but you care more about the process than the payday. Though you seem levelheaded and serene and you appreciate an ordered home life, you are prone to risky behavior and fits of temper. You won’t be able to hide your hobbies forever. Or maybe it’s the fundamental core of selfishness beneath the charm, the gut level conviction that no one’s pain is more important than your passions, that will finally give you away. But you live in the moment, and it’s going to be a good run. 

[one of four]

Telltale pt 3 (A Peter Pevensie fic, cont.)

So this one is short as well, but I promise this is the last one before the ending piece. Thanks to anyone who is following this! I appreciate it. 

(Gifs aren’t mine)

In romance books, they often say how a person’s gaze can immediately set the other ablaze.

Fun fact about Peter: There was no such satisfaction for the impatient like me. His gaze torturously slowly incinerated all one’s nerve endings in a wonderfully awful type of combustion that didn’t ever fully break into flame.

Oh no, he was a carefully contained fire.

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anonymous asked:

How is the babadook a gay icon pls help?

The movie Babadook was accidentally put into the lgbt section on Netflix some while ago, so people started making fun of it by saying the Babadook is gay. Turns out the Babadook is actually a really nice metaphor for being gay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anonymous asked:

Hi! I am soo in love with your writing! <3 can i request lucio, gabe and jack comforting a s/o who is feeling insecure about their scoliosis? I have scoliosis which causes my body to curve in a S shape, and i also have crossed knees and a few more things because of it. I've lately been really insecure about it and your writing always cheers me up. Thank you so much!!

 I can certainly give it a shot :) I’m glad to help in any way i can


  • Met you online through
  • The three of you were gaming together and talking online
  • Lucio and you kind of hit it off. At one point he asked if you wanted to meet
  • The thought made you nervous. You didn’t feel very comfortable with yourself due to your scoliosis, and thus it made it difficult for you meet people
  • And Lucio seemed like a really sweet guy…surely he wouldn’t want to game or hang out with you if he saw how odd you were
  • But Lucio was very insistent on meeting you
  • Finally you agreed. You felt you knew how it’d go, and already you felt miserable knowing you’d lose a new friend
  • When the two of you meet at a fountain in Numbani, Lucio saw you and waved.
  • You waited for the double take. For him to look at you weirdly. For him to kind of get distant with you as you walked toward him.
  • Instead, he literally glided over and hugged you.
  • “Its awesome to meet you! Your just as pretty as your voice,” Lucio had said with a wink
  • His reaction was totally contradicting everything you had expected. Surely he hadn’t meant that con
  • “Its nice to meet you too. I just wanted to say…I’m sorry if you find yourself disappointed. I know I’m not really that great to look at,” you’d muttered, feeling rather insecure
  • A frown covered his face and Lucio took your hands, bringing your eyes up to meet his
  • “I think you look beautiful, and i’m not saying it to be funny. You don’t look any different to me,” Lucio said quite seriously.
  • For a moment you just stood there dumbfounded, not having expected him to say something like that so wholeheartedly. But then he grabbed your hand and winked, taking you to an arcade. The two of you started hanging out frequently after that till one day he finally asked you out
  • He never once, since that first day, made you feel like less of a person or uncomfortable with yourself


  • Has never commented on your scoliosis before
  • The two of you have been dating for a short period of time
  • He met you through Mercy, a close friend of yours
  • One day you’d gone to the medical bay to seek advice from Mercy, and found him on her table getting stitches in his arms
  • You couldn’t help being impressed that he didn’t so much as flinch by the needle and thread sliding through his skin
  • As you and Mercy chatted while she continued to work on him, at one point you heard Soldier snort at something you said
  • You’d put your hands on your hips, faced him and demanded what was so funny
  • He found your expression rather cute, as was the guts it took to talk to him that way.
  • “I just disagree with what your saying,” he’d said in amusement, which had led to a heated debate between the two of you as you
  • Jack found himself attracted to your wit and smile, especially when he finally put up his hands in defeat
  • You ended up visiting a bit more often, and somehow found the two of you in the same room more and more. At one point you started coming just to see him
  • At one point, Jack asked you out. He didn’t really know how to do so out loud, so when you came by his office, there was a note on the desk for you that read ‘To y/n, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. Will you do the honor of going out with me to dinner tomorrow night?”
  • The note stunned you. You hadn’t thought that he could like you back. Few passed you without giving you funny looks, so to think anyone actually wanted to date you…
  • Shyly, you ended up accepting. Jack proudly took you to dinner, and anyone who looked at you any different were met with his fiercest of looks
  • You never felt any different around him, and it didn’t take long before you were going steady


  • A lot of people thought you weren’t capable of much due to your scoliosis
  • They thought that it would stop you from being able to properly complete missions
  • You hated it, hated how they treated you so delicately and made you feel like you can’t do anything because of your scoliosis
  • But then you get moved to Gabriel Reyes team.
  • Not for a second does he treat you like that
  • Its clear he expects you to do as much as you can, to your full extent
  • You can’t help liking how he never looks down on you (metaphorically)
  • Honestly, he’s really nice to talk to as well. You find he listens to your problems or thoughts and doesn’t wave them away, actually engaging in the talk with his opinions but also being mindful of yours
  • You can’t help the crush you grow on him
  • Of course though, you don’t feel like it would world. Gabe’s a strong and confident commander and your…you
  • One day though, when your feeling a bit emotional, you go to his office and go inside.
  • Gabe just kind of looks up at you and gives you a crooked grin. “Hey y/n,” he says.
  • Taking a deep breath, you plan to say something completely different. Instead you blurt, “I just want to thank you for treating me like everyone else and I have a bit of a crush on you but thats okay because being my commander is enough.”
  • This was NOT what you meant to say
  • Gabe just looked amused as he slowly got up and walked around the table, arms crossed. “I see,” he said, moving to stand before you.
  • God, was your face red. But you just wanted him to know how much it meant to you, not being treated lower or differently because of something you had no control of-
  • When his lips met yours, your brain practically short circuited. You stared up at him in shock.
  • “Look, pretty lady, i have a meeting to be at in 5 minutes. So…why don’t we talk about this again tonight, around 7. Perhaps during dinner,” he said with a wink. Without waiting for your response, he left. He was kind of hopeful that you wouldn’t reject him
  • You were just left there, stunned. Had he just…asked you out?
  • Sure enough, he picked you up at 7 and took you out to dinner.
  • The two of you ended up going steady after that, and to your delight, he made you feel like one of the most important women ever to exist

I’ve touched up the designs to my little Super Looter guys!

Looter from Super Looter: The titular character and once the star of an immensely popular arcade game. Though those days are long gone, his ego remains just as large. Looter is often a guy full of many complaints, and refuses to face reality and accept he’s hit rock bottom. Despite being a bit whiny, Looter has the qualities of a good leader and is maybe even a bit of a ‘family man’ to his roommates… but it’s kinda dragged down by the fact he’s also keen on breaking and entering, petty thievery, and extravagant heists… you know, a real upstanding citizen who just so happens to have a criminal record.
(Also, don’t tell anyone, but I hear he collects merchandise of himself!)

Jay from Speedy Satan: Despite being a would-be star of a kart racing game canceled due to it’s controversial religious stance, Jay has an unusually positive outlook on life (in a cool way.) Jay lives for a thrill and can make the most mundane tasks COOL and EXTREME. EXTREME dishes, EXTREME laundry, EXTREME laying on the couch. She’s a bit competitive and quick to say the first rude thought that enters her brain, but she’s a nice (AND COOL) chick!
Word of advice, do not accept any offer to “race you there.” She takes it VERY seriously.

Squobby from Star Scrounge: Nowadays, most people say Star Scrounge was “ahead of its time” but to Squobby, it was “the scariest moments of my life.” The poor thing has always suffered from anxiety and leads the life of what one might call a “hikikomori.” She’s very reclusive, cowardly, and rejects any invitation to go to the outside world. Underneath the tough exterior of her metaphorical armor, Squobby’s a very nice little alien and a good friend.
(Under her not-so metaphorical armor lies a squishy little alien!)

Masaru from Baka no Densetsu: This excitable little friend was the noble hero of a game that never made it outside of Japan. They have an intense urge to help anyone in need! But have long since strayed from their main objective (Gotta fulfill all of those sidequests first!) Masaru’s hyperactivity might be off-putting to some, but their helpful nature makes them easy to get along with. I mean. You tell them to do any chore and they do it no problem!
(No, bad! Don’t take advantage of Masaru!)

LockBlock from Block-a-Tock: A lazy square guy who was nothing more than a matching color block in his game. Lockblock often shirks responsibility around the apartment and digs into his roommates’ snack stash without asking. He often comes off as sarcastic and uninvolved. One might wonder where they stand with the guy because he doesn’t seem to care about anyone or anything.
(But shh! He’s the one to lock the doors at night, balance the checkbook, and make sure the bills are paid. I wonder why he does it in secret…!)

Squibbly from Star Scrounge: The villain from the underappreciated cult classic Star Scrounge. Squibbly is quite the megalomaniac. He possesses a prowess in all things technological. The blowing up the planet thing? Not a fluke at all! He meant to do that! We think…
The guy’s incredibly conceited and is quick to point out the flaws in his roommates. Someone of his status should be living “much more extravagantly,” after all.
(He quite enjoys the simple, mundane Earth life, though. He follows several TV shows religiously and maaaaybe got hooked on some MMOs.)

Thoughts on Wolf 359 Episode 52

- it’s a worrying day when Doug Eiffel is giving himself unnecessary work!
- Minkowski and Lovelace were the dream team enforcing the rules
- I am personally offended that Kepler enjoys Fortunately, Unfortunately. He has sullied that classic game
- Jacobi just blowing up all the characters in the story- I bet he was such a pain as a kid
- How long has Hera been monitoring Eiffel’s pop culture references? Since their bet in Season 1? I like how that it is a way of measuring his state of mind. It shows the crew’s concern for Eiffel
- Eiffel correcting Minkowski about MacGyvering. Everyone else learning Eiffel-speak is my favourite thing
- “Are we actually concerned? What kind of stupid question is that?” You tell him Lovelace
- Wow, Jacobi is super traumatized by Kepler’s party games
- I bet Maxwell was great at the questions game
- Kepler is like that overcompetitive parent who is constantly suggesting games when no one wants to play
- I was cheering on Hera in the Question game. ‘Fight, fight, fight!’ Love her being savage to Kepler
- “Progress doesn’t care about good or bad. It’s just forward.” Uh oh Jacobi
- Eiffel breaking my heart with “I’m trying to help. The only way I still can.”
- “There’s just you being our friend.” Lovelace calling Eiffel her friend gives me life! “You’re also always crew.” - Lovelace wanting an excuse to slap Kepler. Same tbh. I would listen to a full episode that was nothing but people slapping Kepler
- Hera is super determined to beat Kepler. I love it
- Eiffel’s MacGyvering actually working, showing how competent he really is.
- But the crew care more about whether he is talking to them and whether he’s ok than what work he is doing
- “Keep debugging my code” This is a nice metaphor for working on your issues and how you interact with other people.
- “We’ll get through whatever comes next” You better Eiffel.

Anne - S1 - Episode 1

“Your will shall decide your destiny”

An exploration of the first episode of Anne the Series (aka ‘Anne with an E’). This episode is such a wonderful introduction to the characters and setting of the re-imagined Anne of Green Gables. Unique in tone and rich in nuance. It provides so many layers for fans to discuss! Click the ‘Read More’ link to head into spoiler territory…

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Something Rotten Starters pt. 1

Welcome to the Renaissance

  • “Can’t say that we’ve really missed them.”
  • “So dark and barbaric.”
  • “So dull and mundane.”
  • “That was so Middle Ages.”
  • “Welcome to the Renaissance.”
  • “Here we’ve made advances in the sciences.”
  • “We have the latest gadgets and appliances.”
  • “They’re all a bunch of heathens.”
  • “Hey look there’s ___ with a chicken.”
  • “He’s just so freakin’ awesome!”

God, I Hate Shakespeare

  • “Oh god I hate Shakespeare.”
  • “That’s right, I said it!”
  • “That bastard doesn’t care that my poor ass is getting numb.”
  • “How can you say that?”
  • “It’s easy I can say it ‘cause it’s absolutely true!”
  • “Aw, geez, you sound just like him!”
  • “You should hate Shakespeare!”
  • “I try to emulate Shakespeare.”
  • “Well, there’s your problem.”
  • “Why is it a problem to admit that I’m a fan?”
  • “The man really knows how to write a bitchin’ play.”
  • “Well la-di-da-di-da.”
  • “I think by now we sort of know you hate Shakespeare.”

Right Hand Man

  • “If you ever got trouble I would be there on the double just to bail you out.”
  • “If there’s anything you lack you know I’ve always got your back.”
  • “Think of me as your sidekick, helping you whenever I can.”
  • “I’m more than just a woman, baby.”
  • “Let me be your right hand man!”
  • “Ugh! You’re not hearing me!”
  • “If you’re ever in a pickle you can call for me and quick’ll be how fast I run.”
  • “You and me should be a team.”
  • “But to just be a pretty lady would be a pity, baby.”
  • “Eat your cabbage.”
  • “I’m stronger than you think.”
  • “Don’t be thinking I ain’t tough.”
  • “I am where you oughta go when the going’s getting rough.”
  • “Quit trying to protect me.”
  • “Can we change the subject please?”
  • “If you’re ever in a fix and it’s a fix you need to nix then I’m your go-to guy.”
  • “You’re not a guy.”
  • “Don’t be so literal!”
  • “And don’t forget I’m not a shrinking violet, a solid rock am I!”
  • “There’s no problem that’s too big.”
  • “So don’t be a sexist pig!”
  • “Is it asking too much of you? It’s only cause I love you”

God, I Hate Shakespeare (Reprise)

  • “I guess I hate the fact that he is everything I ever dreamed that I could be.”
  • “I mostly hate the way he makes me feel about… Me.”
  • “I’ve gotta make it happen.”
  • “Gotta find that pot of gold.”
  • “If there was just some way to know just what the future holds.”

A Musical

  • “What the hell are musicals?”
  • “Well that is the stupidest thing that I have ever heard!”
  • “Who on Earth is going to sit there while an actor breaks into song?”
  • “What possible thought could the audience think other than ‘this is horribly wrong’?”
  • “I don’t know, I find it hard to believe people would actually pay to see something like this.”
  • “You could go see a tragedy, but that wouldn’t be very fun.”
  • “Or go see something more relaxing and less taxing on the brain.”
  • “Sounds miserable.”
  • “And people actually like this?”
  • “What the hell are you doing now?”

The Black Death

  • “The Black Death, it’s gonna get you.”
  • “It’s gonna hit you.”
  • “That pesty little pestilence is killing half of Europe.”
  • “It’s getting closer.”
  • “It’s getting grosser.”

I Love The Way

  • “The candlelight ignites my desire to read.”
  • “To find a perfect rhyme is not an easy thing-ly”
  • “I love the places that words let me go.”
  • “I love the way that your words move me so.”
  • “No words have touched me the way that yours do.”
  • “Wait. That didn’t sound right.”
  • “I love that you feel the same way I do.”

Will Power

  • “Is it good to see me or what?”
  • “I adore the adoration.”
  • “I am the will of the people now.”
  • “In fact, I’d like to feel you a little later.”
  • “Glorious? Do you mean me? Well I can be.”
  • “There’s a fever going round.”
  • “Oh that is music to my ears.”
  • “Thank you, I like that one too.”
  • “I am the hard-working bard you regard.”
  • “I am the man you wanna see.”
  • “Where there’s a will there’s a way.”
  • “Parting is such a sweet sorrow!”

Bottom’s Gonna Be On Top

  • “No more Mr. Anonymous.”
  • “You’re such a wonderful writer, and your talent is beyond compare.”
  • “You are a star, you are, and you couldn’t be brighter.”
  • “Now you’re just embarrassing me!”
  • “Man I’m gonna sizzle, man I’m gonna pop.”
  • “If gratitude were food I’d have a big plate full.”
  • “Nice metaphor, bro.”
  • “You’re the greatest, you’re the man.”
  • “Now we’re handing the crown down to you.”
  • “Not. So. Fast.”
  • “If you want to make it to the top, then you’re gonna have to go through me.”
  • “I will not be giving up that easily.”
  • “I’m gonna enjoy it when I knock you off your perch.”
  • “My accomplishments are much more accomplished than yours.”
  • “You can’t be best because I am the best.”
  • “I never thought that I would meet my equal but I concede that I’ve been bested by the best”
  • “Oh my, how the tide has turned.”

Welcome To The Renaissance (Reprise)

  • “Now the stage is set for a huge response.”
  • “Got to give the audience what it wants.”
  • “What’s a famous bard to do?”