metaphorical implications

i really love our generation’s joke trend of like, very calm but incredibly inflated hyperbole. like nobody says “oh she’s pretty” anymore we say “i would willingly let her murder me” and everyone is just like “lol same”

i think “same” is also great and “me,” i love when somebody reblogs a picture of like, a lizard, and just says “me” and we all know exactly what they mean. the current online Humor Discourse is remarkable because we trade exclusively in metaphors and implications and nobody ever, ever says anything outright and yet EVERYBODY understands each other perfectly

Think of canon as a decorative hedge. You can cut out and burn the parts that you don’t like, and it will look much better to you when you’re done with it.
—  ancient fanfiction wisdom

ok kiddos listen, how you gonna expect linda to accept that A) the devil-metaphor and all the implications surrounding that were very real and B) she had sex with the devil, within 2.5 seconds of her seeing his actual face like ?????

“b-but that was his safe space! it’s her job as a therapist–”

yes okay sure i guess she should’ve just been like “hey thanks for this earth-shattering revelation about you being ACTUALLY SATAN and proving god is basically a thing–no don’t worry about my mental health and the possibly religious/spiritual crisis this has put me in!! let’s talk about your brother :)”


The Metaphorical Implications (by hankschannel)

Seriously, everyone should watch this. I so agree!