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so i was just watching skam with a friend who’s never seen it before and during the kosegruppa christmas party it got to the vilde and magnus moment and i started laughing (bc how can you not they’re ridiculous i love them) and my friend was like ‘what? what’s happening? is she gay?’ and i was like ??? and she goes ‘because pussy’

and i fucking lost it 

This is not an update, it’s just a tribute

SO HERE’S THE DEAL: y’all are long overdue for a real update. And I HAVE one! It’s great. It’s a real doozy. 

But I can’t share it yet. FOR REASONS.

So hang tight until I can let the cat out of the bag, hopefully sometime before October. There’ll very likely be an uptick in drawings anyway (especially because I just finished playing Dragon Age 2 and… man, after that ending, I got some stuff to work through. Or maybe I’ll just be in Feelings Hell forever!)

I’m also going to be selling art at two conventions in September: Rose City ComicCon (Portland, September 8-10) and GeekGirl Con (Seattle, September 30-October 1)! I’ll post the table info once I have it, so feel free to say hi if you’re there!

  • Friend: How many kinds of cats are there?
  • Me: Practical cats, dramatical cats, pragmatical cats, fanatical cats, *slithers across floor* oratorical cats, delphicoracle cats, skeptical cats, dispeptical cats
  • Friend: Please stop.
  • Me: Romantical cats, pedantical cats, *continues singing while changing into costume* critical cats, parasitical cats, allegorical cats, metaphorical cats
  • Friend: ...
  • Me:
  • Statistical cats and mystical cats, *starts stretching* political cats, hypocritical cats, clerical cats, hysterical cats, cynical cats, rabbinical cats
  • Friend: Don't.
Hey, Peter!

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A/N: This was based on an idea that @thekillingquill gave me but I think it’s fair to say that i got carried away with it. I don’t mind though, I had fun writing it even if it took me a million years. Also, I’ve only seen the movie once so excuse any minor mistakes.

Part 2

Summary: Of course someone was bound to find the web fluid, after all, a drawer in a chemistry desk wasn’t exactly a world class hiding place.

Word Count: 4,308

Warnings: There’s at least a single swear.

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Aizawa scenario with a childhood friend that they havent seen in a long time and that friend suddenly confesses to them that they've loved them for a long time?

baby’s first scenario on this blog– also I’m using female pronouns if that’s gucci (Be sure to specify what pronouns, because I will use female pronouns if they’re not specified! :))

Shouta Aizawa wasn’t a patient man, in fact most would call him very impatient man child, but today he would be patient. He sat in the small coffee shop near U.A, hidden in a booth that sat far away from other people, mainly annoying teenagers that insisted on screaming every word that spilled from their mouths. Some of the students he taught at U.A stared at him and his homely attire, wondering why he was sitting alone in a booth separated from the rest of the world. They would never know he was waiting on an old friend that he hadn’t seen in awhile– one year, four months, and sixteen days, but he wasn’t counting the days.

You were a pro hero, but on the other side of the country, and you were constantly busy, so you had little to no time to visit him. You both had met at U.A in your first year, and you’d been friends since, even if you had moved miles away. Shouta had been too lost in thought to notice that you had sat across from him in the booth, your head resting against your open palms with you elbows propped up, a sly smile gracing your lips. When he finally snapped from his thoughts, his eyes widened the slightest in shock before returning to their normal, half lidded gaze.

“When did you show up?” he asked, his voice low.

“About three minutes ago, but I wasn’t going to say anything until you realised I sat down,” you mused. “I have to keep my element of surprise, you know.”

Shouta scoffed, “Your element of surprise is yelling boo.”

You gasped dramatically, holding your hand to your chest. “I take offense to that!”

He chuckled at your antics, and you felt yourself smiling in return. You had missed this, and you especially missed him. You never had to nerve to tell him that you loved him, knowing that his response would send you into a deeper state of depression than the United States stock market in 1929. But today… today was the day you were going to confess your icky, sticky love feelings for that sarcastic bastard. You had thought about it long, you even asked his best friend Hizashi (Present Mic, that awful hero name you told him he’d regret) what you should do. Hizashi, in the most dramatic way he could, announced that you should of course confess to Shouta. He suggested a hot air balloon, but you thought that’d be too flashy.

“Now who’s the one staring off into space, hm?” the blacked haired man questioned, humor lacing his words.

“Whatever, mummy man. Or should I call you Eraser Head while we’re here?” 

Shouta glared at you, “You can leave now.”

“Aw, don’t be like that! You know you love me! I sure as hell love you!” you gushed, leaning over the table and pinching his cheek. 

Shouta smacked your hand away from his face before realization hit him. “What did you just say?”

Your eyes widened but you tried to cover your shock by coughing. “I said olive juice.”

Shouta shook his head, “No, I clearly heard ‘I love you’.”

You chuckled nervously and tried not to shake. “No, I said olive juice! You need to get your ears checked, mister!”

The scarf clad man narrowed his eyes, making you shiver. “I’m not playing games right now.”

You just had to slip it out, just as you both were having fun. You had already let the metaphorical cat out of the bag, might as well dig yourself into a deeper hole. With a deep breath and a level voice, you stated, “I love you, Shouta Aizawa. I’ve loved you since our third year at U.A and I haven’t had the guts to tell you. Just call me a pro wimp.”

You braced yourself for the oncoming barrage of disappointment, but all you got was a low hum coming from him. You raised your eyebrows and leaned forward, waiting for his response.

“Ok.” he said, looking at you with his dull irises.

Ok? That’s all you have to say?” you asked loudly. You were now more angry than upset.

“That’s all I have to say. I can’t recuperate the feelings right now, but in due time I might.”

That was… an answer you were not expecting. At all. 

“So what are we going to do about all these feelings I’m holding in right now?” you asked, testing the waters.

“Let’s just sit here and eat whatever sugary shit they have and we can talk about it.” 

You smiled, “I’d like that.” 

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Alright so I like you, but I’m a situation similar to Schrödinger’s. Because you haven’t told me, I have to assume that you both like and dislike me at the same time. So this is me opening the metaphorical box to see if the metaphorical cat is alive or dead.

*finger guns*

Definitely alive, my dude.

I’ve seen people talking about how they want more Class fanfictions that center around other Class characters (Tanya, Ram, April, and Quill) and other relationships (non-Charlie/Matteusz), so here is a list of fics that focus on individual characters or different relationships or include the entire gang:

“What Will Happen?” by @thelaziestmotherfucker (me)

What happens after “The Lost.”

“Are We In Narnia?” by @thelaziestmotherfucker (me again)(it’s part of the series but if you don’t wish to read it then this fic stands on its own, it focuses on all the kiddos)

Months after the events of “The Lost,” the Bunghole group are walking home together. As they’re passing Coal Hill, the crack through all of space and time opens up beneath them and sends them to another world that strangely bares a resemblance to Narnia. In order to get back home, the five teenagers and their accomplices travel throughout this magical world in the hopes of finding a witch that can open a portal back to London. Will they survive the brutal journey? Will they make it back home?

“They Will Change Me In Your Arms” by @amatalefay

“It’s like the old folk ballads,” April tells him. “They’ll change me into all kinds of monsters and nightmares and deadly things. They’ll do anything they can to make you let me go. But you can’t let go, Ram. No matter what you do—don’t let go.”

Here, as he lies on the forest floor amid wild roses and fallen leaves, staring into the mesmerizing blue of April’s eyes, it is easy to believe that he will be brave enough to keep his arms around her. But at midnight on All Hallow’s Eve, with the shadows of barren trees looming above him and the roar of the Shadowkin horde in his ears, Ram isn’t sure he can believe in anything.

“Wrong Equation, Right Answer” by @evilqueenofgallifrey

Quill gets a dorky (but Gryffindor as hell) maths teacher girlfriend, though just how she manages this remains a mystery to most. Then, a bit down the line, Tanya gets the age appropriate and equally nerdy girlfriend she deserves. Everyone is - eventually - happy.

“Holding On For Tonight” by @evilqueenofgallifrey

Being unable to fight except when protecting Charlie means that Quill is unable to defend herself when she’s alone. One night, a group of men start taking advantage of this, only to find themselves disintegrated by an archaeologist in a mini dress who is taking a brief solo vacation from Darillium.

After insisting on helping Quill clean herself up, River gives in to the urge to give a lonely, hurting Quill exactly what she needs.

“With Her Educated Eyes (And Her Head Between My Thighs)” by @evilqueenofgallifrey

Quill wants (no, needs) to get laid. Dorothea Ames offers to help. Quill gets a lot more than she bargained for.

“The Forms and Names We Wear” by @evilqueenofgallifrey

The Doctor doesn’t quite know what to make of Quill.

(Or: the Time Lord tries to further help one of the people he rescued, only to find that he can’t give her what she needs, or even what she wants.)

“To Learn To Be Brave” by @evilqueenofgallifrey

“Can’t you see, April? You’re her legacy. You’re good and strong and kind and you could do anything you put that brilliant mind of yours to. Clara Oswald will live on through us.”

The life, death, and legacy of Clara Oswald, as seen through the eyes of April MacLean.

Because being kind and brave and strong can never be valued enough, and the world is determined to beat good people down. Some people learn to fight back. Some teach others.

“The Only Friend That I Have” by @evilqueenofgallifrey

Alternative title: Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Evil is a Match Made in Rhodia

“Peace Offering Gone Wrong” by @evilqueenofgallifrey

“It hates me.”
“That makes two of us, which is probably why we get along so well.”

On Matteusz’ suggestion, Charlie gets Miss Quill a kitten. While a sound plan in theory, it backfires a little due to one tiny problem - while the cat and teacher take to each other quite quickly, the animal can’t stand him.

Naturally, this only endears the cat more in Miss Quill’s eyes.

“Easy” by @evilqueenofgallifrey

Quill is, by all accounts, a difficult person in almost every area of her life. Dorothea knows that there is one area where this is not the case.

“Not Lovers, Just Strangers” by @evilqueenofgallifrey

Rosa gets out of New York for a while, to try and escape her feelings for Gina. She meets a hot, lonely weirdo in a bar in London, who - after some truly fantastic sex - helps Rosa muster up the courage to go home and get her girl.

“Friendship for Dummies” by @resting-meme-face

Quill’s not so hot with this whole ‘human interpersonal relationships’ thing. Tanya offers to help her get a date.

“Veritaserum” by @resting-meme-face

Quill’s just finished the Harry Potter series. Matteusz is on hand to ask the important questions: what did she think of the epilogue? And who does she ship?

“The Cat Said Nothing” by @resting-meme-face

In which Quill meets a stray cat.

“The Metaphorical Entity. Or What Quill Birthed.” by @resting-meme-face

It takes a village to raise a kid. Although, was it even technically a kid? or The gang crowdsources parenting.

“Iconoclast/Orbitoclast” by @resting-meme-face

Quill wasn’t always a soldier. And she’s not a soldier now. Now she’s just a slave to a bunch of Sixth Formers.

“A Food Scarcity Problem” by @resting-meme-face

Quill has been stealing the same staff member’s lunch for a little over a week. A confrontation ensues.

“The Man from UNIT” by @resting-meme-face

Matteusz’s Instagram videos with Charlie attract unwanted attention from UNIT. Quill suggests murder and life on the run, and Charlie’s inclined to agree at first, until Matteusz reveals his revolutionary plan: invite the man from UNIT over for tea and convince him Charlie’s not an alien. Politely.

“More Than Muggles” by @bazwillendinflames

Twenty years after Harry Potter’s Triwizard tournament, Hogwarts is hosting again, this year.

The famous British school is competing with Beauxbatons and Czocha Castle in three events designed to test the bravery, cunning, loyalty and intelligence of the three Champions.


The whole school is surprised when April is chosen as the champion for Hogwarts and her closest friends work together to help April though. Meanwhile, a Czocha student takes a special interest in a certain shy Ravenclaw and Professor Quill tries to help.

“The 5 Times Quill Cares” by @bazwillendinflames

The Five Times Quill cares about Charlie.


“Quill, wait.” She turned back to look at Charlie. He was smiling at her, which felt wrong. “Thank you for being accepting. I don’t think you’re as mean as people say.”

While Quill wasn’t willing to say it, the compliment warmed her up more than her coffee.

“The Angels Have The Phonebox” by @bazwillendinflames

“ Tanya pulled on the ugly wallpaper to reveal the rest of the word.


Tanya took a step back. Her trip to Wester Drumlin had taken a turn from ironically creepy to terrifying.

Steadying herself, Tanya pulled more paper off.



A trip to an abandoned house throws Tanya into a terrifying conspiracy theory involving statues that move in the blink of an eye, warnings on the wall and a video cameo that seems to be written just for her.

“What The Heart Wants” by @bazwillendinflames

Out of all the footballers, April had the biggest grudge against Ram Singh. He was captain and one of the most annoying boys in their year. She had been fighting with him since they were five. It hadn’t always been about music; originally it was about getting the best pens in primary school. Then about who could run the furthest on sports days. Privately, April referred to Ram as her sworn enemy. (He made fun of her for playing the cello, he deserved it.)


April and Ram are on either side of Coal Hill’s rivalry between the orchestra and football clubs. However when they end up spending the night together in a small diner, both to stubborn to leave, it almost seems like they could be friends. And perhaps even more…

“Take me to your (orange) leader” by @bazwillendinflames

“I don’t understand this. 'Take me to your leader?’ I don’t want meet this leader. Unless I can stab him.” Quill looked at the pointed end hopefully.

“It’s a joke.” Tanya explained. “April said you wouldn’t get it.” She added, looking vaguely disappointed.

“I made my own anyway.” Quill gestured to her own work. She’d written 'I am war itself’ as big as she could. It certainly made a statement.


“Is that your catchphrase?”

“It’s a life motto.”

“Take a break” by @bazwillendinflames

When the Bunghole Defence Squad aren’t saving the world, they like to do normal friend things.

With love (Tanlove) by @bazwillendinflames

Fics which feature the relationship between Tanya Adeola and my OC Clove.

“Class Appreciation Week 2017″ by @bazwillendinflames

Day 1 - favourite character
Day 2 - favourite episode
Day 3 - favourite alien/villain
Day 4 - favourite theme
Day 5 - favourite relationship
Day 6 - favourite scene
Day 7 - whatever you want

“The Strangest Set Of Friends” by @bazwillendinflames

Where April, Ram, Tanya and Matteusz are friends since the beginning.

“To Be a Quill” by @bazwillendinflames

Quill knew the talk would have to come eventually. Telling her daughter her history and culture was inevitable. But she didn’t think a Harry Potter book would spark that conversation.


“But I’m a metamorphmagus!” Kit protested. “It’s why I can change my hair colour and nose shape and freckles.” She hugged the book and looked up.

“And You’re The Sky” by @bazwillendinflames

Through all the things my eyes have seen
The best by far is you
If I could fly
Then I would know
What life looks like from up above and down below
I’d keep you safe
I’d keep you dry
Don’t be afraid Cecilia
I’m the satellite
And you’re the sky

Ram is hopelessly endeared with a mysterious girl. All he knows about her is how she plays the violin until he finally talks to her. Slowly but steadily he starts falling for the girl behind the music.


Ella has written some lovely Class snippets here!

“Just Keep Walking” by @goddamnalientourists

Ram’s not sure, but he thinks the universe might just hate him.

“Not Everyone is like Matteusz and Charlie” by Yankingthechain

A late night gathering at Ram’s house turns into a giggly drunken discussion of kinks between five friends

“Separation Anxiety” by @universe-on-her-shoulders

Quill is minding her own business and consuming enough coffee to knock out a weaker-willed human when she notices the attractive stranger video-calling someone at the next table. She’s not usually one for sentimental behaviour in public, but she might be able to make an exception for someone that cute…

“You’re Awful, I Love You” by @universe-on-her-shoulders

Quill is entirely opposed to the capitalist construct that is Valentine’s Day. Or at least she is until a certain Time Lady shows up, bearing breakfast in bed, wildly inappropriate lingerie, and wicked promises.

“But You’re Human Tonight” by @universe-on-her-shoulders

If pressed, Clara Oswald would’ve denied that she had a type. She’d have emphasised that she wasn’t one for pigeonholing people by their appearance or their personality. But in reality… an abrasive alien who’s fond of conversing in casual, overt insults, and who happens to work with her? Definitely her type. Definitely a bad idea.

“Smith and Quill” by @bazwillendinflames

When Sarah-Jane Smith investigates Coal Hill with her son, she doesn’t expect to meet the last Quill or to end up fighting a Sontaran together.

“Cursed Beginnings and Blessed Ends” by @lookforastar

A series of interconnected (yet also standalone) stories about Miss Quill and various memebers of the Bunghole Defence Squad as they cope with the events of the final three episodes.

“The Reluctant Housemates” by @lookforastar

Pretty much what it says on the tin: Miss Quill and Charlie living under one roof.

“Of eggs and bunnies” by TheImpossibleDetectivesAngel

Easter is a time they all enjoy. Except, Miss Quill and Charlie have no idea what it is. So, the group decide to educate them.

“Wake me up when it’s all over” by TheImpossibleDetectivesAngel

'Wake me up when it’s all over,
When I’m wiser and I’m older.
All this time I was finding myself
And I didn’t know I was lost.’

“Here’s to never growing up” by TheImpossibleDetectivesAngel

'Singing Radiohead at the top of our lungs,
With the boom box blaring as we’re falling in love,
I got a bottle of whatever, but it’s getting us drunk,
Singing here’s to never growing up!
We’ll be running down the street, yelling 'kiss my ass!’,
I’m like yeah, whatever, we’re still living like that,
When the sun’s going down, we’ll be raising our cups
Singing here’s to never growing up!’

“Coffee and friends - the two best things in the universe” by TheImpossibleDetectivesAngel

After defeating the Lankin the night before, the 'Bunghole defense squad’ meet up at Charlie’s favourite coffee shop for some team bonding.

“Pranks” by Gallifrey_Immigrant

The funny thing about Weeping Angels, they have a terribly dark sense of humor. And they are far more powerful than anyone realizes. The Faction Paradox have played a long game, but the War in Heaven, where the Time Lords battled for the right to control history, is over. The aftereffects will affect every one, including the gang in Coal Hill School. Coincidences will be obviously planned in retrospect, and the War isn’t over. It’s never over. (Spoilers for the Lost).

“Gingerbread Houses or Teen Angst?” by the_good_ship_tardis

The Coal Hill gang decides to get together for a gingerbread building contest, in honor of the upcoming holidays. Of course, building the gingerbread houses doesn’t turn out to be quite as simple as they expected.

“Forest ↟ Class” by @gleek-runner

Please, remember me?
I am suppose to be king of a kingdom
or swinging on a swing
Something happened to my imagination
This situation’s becoming dire
My treehouse is on fire
And for some reason I smell gas on my hands
This is not what I had planned

“No one is a hero,everyone fights for survival and do what they think its best.”

“The first time he said I love you” by @gleek-runner

“Did I just say that out loud?”

“Young and menace” by @gleek-runner

“We’ve gone way too fast for way too long
And we were never supposed to make it half this far”

The world is conquered by darkness and people try to find the light within. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as it sound.


Or, a one-shot from a future fic which once again deals with the aftermath of the Lost and is a really funny but also messed.

“I Can’t Lose You Too” by jadesolo

Coda fic (ish) for “The Lost” | Ram has lost so many people already and he can’t lose April too.

“Finally, We Did Something as a Team” by @ensigncross

It had been an interesting night for them all…

“One Request” by Galadriel1010

Charlie has a request. Quill has no intention of granting it. He has too much to live for.

“This was not part on the plan” by Galadriel1717

Written for the prompt “Sex pollen orgy”. Hopefully it does what it says on the tin. Read the tags and warnings.

“3, 2, 1, Happy New Year!” by TheImpossibleDetectivesAngel

The class team celebrate the new year.

“The Children of the Moon Are Heavy as Stones” by nonelvis

“You’re in hibernation,” the Doctor said softly. “The one time a Quill’s unconscious mind is apt to wander.”

“Fallout” by @coffeeandliteracy

Following Charlie’s decision to use the Cabinet, he has to face several consequences, as well as help fight those who will come through the rifts. Between this and struggling with mental health, can he cope?

April has gone missing, and Ram is determined to find her. Can he?

Can Tanya’s training pay off, or will the mysterious Governors win out?

“An End to Talk” by Prochytes

Quill entertains a gentleman visitor.

“Adjustment” by BansheeLydia

“Hey,” he said softly, resting his fingertips lightly on each palm. He waited until she slowly curled her fingers around his, holding on, before continuing, “You’re you.”

“wear me like a locket ‘round your throat” by Mia_Zeklos

They’re the last ones left, whether they like it or not.

“Texts from Coal Hill” by TrexReach100

Just a series of chat logs between the Bunghole defenders.

“Caring” by MelodyThropp

Written pre-SE1E08
After Quill collapsed at the end of the episode Matteusz stays behind to help her.

“now talking’s just a waste of breath (and living’s just a waste of death)” by Mia_Zeklos

“I need you to set me free.”

“So Maybe Love Is A Form Of Crying” by incompleteicarus

Ram returns home after “Detained” (ep 6) and Varun is a supporting shoulder, as always.

“So maybe love is a form of crying. Or maybe / it’s our way of finishing what the leaves have started / and turning a brilliant color before we hit the ground.” - Catie Rosemurgy.

“Absolutely Kitten” by Lieutenant_Hawkaye

River brings home a surprise. Quill isn’t too keen, what is she meant to do with a cat? All it takes is a stick, a few hours alone and a head for procrastination to find out - and to be on Matteusz’s friends list on Facebook.

“Ceramic Soul” by Lieutenant_Hawkaye

“That was a bad move, Sweetie.”

“Things We Lost to the Flames” by Mia_Zeklos

“Charlie froze when he heard movement somewhere behind him. It was Quill, it had to be. He’d known that she’d come back at some point and it was only natural that it would be at night.”

“Devils and Demons Alike” by lesbianquill

Dorothea Ames was not her enemy– God no. She was far more than that.

An unexpected visitor pays a visit, and Quill finds her to be useful in more ways than she could have imagined. (Set between Brave-ish Heart and Detained)

“Enough is Enough” by lesbianquill

From the moment they came here, human culture had left a bad taste in her mouth. Shave this. Look like that. Don’t talk back. Smile. Smile. Smile. // Quill gave them her best scowl. Nobody would be getting a smile from her today, let alone a group of unkempt, dirty strangers.

Quill experiences the dark side of mankind, and unexpectedly, Matteusz is the one that does something about it.

“2nd Break” by MurphysLaw

Tanya talks to the only person she knows who would understand what she is going through.

“Letting Them Know” by TheDoctorIsIceCube

And so it comes up into conversation that Charlie can feel other people’s feelings.

“Everything’s Better With Cupcakes” by @kattahj

Tanya wants to do something besides study and avert alien attacks. Maybe April can help out?

“It’s the end of the world as we know it” by Say_it_aint_so

The apocalypse started on a Monday, because of course. Mondays didn’t suck enough.

“Home’s a Long, Long Way From Us” by @queer-z0mbies

Miss Quill is in the back garden, heedless of the chill, looking up at the stars and trying to work out how far away her planet is.

“Music for dreams, and the smoking of bitter ashes” by @queer-z0mbies

April is like that, like an effusion of light, and once she’s happened to him, he can’t understand how he didn’t see it coming.

“’I Am A Warrior’” by StarrySummers04

It wasn’t easy trying to convince your girlfriend to lie in bed and cuddle with you.

“Pink Shadows” by Gallifrey_Immigrant

April just killed someone. She thought no one could understand her, and then Miss Quill showed up.

“Nurseries” by Gallifrey_Immigrant

When Quills are first born, they are born with steel and iron.

“Rubatosis” by Gallifrey_Immigrant 

She hears her heart, that isn’t her heart, every night.

“Get A Room” by Gallifrey_Immigrant 

Miss Quill. Her coffee mug. Nothing can go wrong.

“Just a Facade” by faithfulviewer(malfoytheunanxious)

A late night phone call between Miss Quill and the Doctor. Because they’re more alike than it may appear on the surface.

(Doctor Who/Class crossover set after 'For Tonight We Might Die’. Text+Podfic.)

“the shadows in the light” by golden_lily

Ram and April compare scars.

“[fiddle solo]” by grasssea

Five strangely specific lessons April learned from folk songs. (And the one time she forgot.)

“Mad Bitch Convention” by crystalsoulslayer

Quill doesn’t have many choices in her new life. Submitting to Missy is one she makes happily.

“Corakinus and the heart holder’s bae” by YukiOnnaOfWinter

Set in episode 4. April and Ram decide to take the next step but Corakinus picked a bad time to be possessing her body.

“Independence” by loving-the-stars-themselves (youandmeotp)

Missy takes Quill to see the 4th of July fireworks.

“Sick Of Losing Soulmates” by ACrazyFangirl

Soulmate au.

When the gang finally get there heads together and discuss emotions after an attack that affects them all. Where will they go, and how do they feel?

“What if…?” by amekokain

What if Quill never pushed Charlie out of the way in that school hall?
What if the last soul had hit Charlie instead of saving April?

“Cushions, Cats, and Conquest” by QuillFreedomFighter

Miss Quill just wants to spend a quiet evening reading a book, but the teenagers in her care endeavor to make this difficult for her.

Feel free to add more! I apologize if I didn’t tag your tumblr account, I didn’t know if some of these writers even had tumblr accounts. I hope I got most of the fics out there, but I’m sure that I missed a few.

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I like Vader essentially giving Luke the heads of his enemies (literally or metaphorically), like a cat bringing home a dead mouse and wondering why you're not happy about it.

This is always amusing. Luke tries to stop Vader from killing people, but he’s not always entirely successful. (This is something he runs into in Allegiance quite a bit.)


11x06 “Our Little World // 11x20 “don’t Call Me Shurley”
Cats and Dogs uhm Gods

I am probably the last person to realize this LOL, but when skipping through 11x06 “Our Little World” and this moment with Amara and the Cat Meme blog came around I just couldn’t not think of Chuck and his “Cat Pic Blog”. I mean, come on, no way we don’t think that Amara may have been looking at exactly her brother’s blog, right? And I just love how this captures beautifully the differences between him and her and her wonder and bafflement about these human things. Plus, I just really find the introduction of cats and cat metaphors vs. all of the dog metaphors that have been part of the show from the very beginning (and  the fact that since 9x05 “Dog dean Afternoon” we know dogs were put on earth for something special… dog and god… just saying) very interesting, because in a weird way one could take a lot from it. Cats unlike dogs for example can never be completely one hundred percent trained, they always remain their own “master” so to speak. And in that way too, I actually find it really interesting to see how dog/God/Chuck relates to cat/the Darkness/Amara. It certainly also fits to the whole gender aspect here with God and Darkness as the primoridal male and female. This is actually a really diverse and layered topic to think deeper about. These are just a few notions. Don’t have time to digg in deeper right now, but maybe I’ll add something another day. :)