ACxDC at the Metaphor Cafe last night. 


Why’d you have to close down. So many memories, Many good damn shows.

Rip Metaphor cafe.


Warm up My Soul from last tour!  Damn, listen to those first chords!!  We’re… kind of proud of that….

@Metaphor Cafe in Escondido, CA




Slow Children (Punk from Riverside, CA)

Ready Steady Go (Punk from Sun City, CA)

Save The Swim Team (Ska/Punk/Hardcore from Huntington Beach, CA)

Ash Williams and The Horde (Punk from San Diego, CA)

Too Much Beer (Hardcore/Punk from Escondido, CA)

Real Big Tits (Ska/Rock from Escondido, CA)

$5 at the door. Doors at 7:00pm. All ages.
258 E 2ND AVE, Escondido, CA 92025 

Here’s some info on what’s going on with the venue:

The Metaphor has been a staple in San Diego North County music scene for years. The Metaphor is one of the only all ages music venues in north county or San Diego. With shows of all types Metal, Punk, Hip Hop, Latino, Folk and more, The Metaphor has hosted hundreds of local acts and and many national acts as well. The Metaphor is cafe with great food and a great local place to have a good time and see live music for all ages from kids to us old folks who still like to have a beer and see a show. The Metaphor has done a great deal to help the local music scene and local artists and they continue to do so. All of the shows are dirt cheap if not free. 
Now is your chance to support local music, artists and local culture by helping with a donation. They have recieved a 30 day notice & need help keeping the doors open. WE CAN NOT LET THE METAPHOR CLOSE. If The Metaphor closes the only shows left in noth county will be 21+ bar shows & pay to play. Donate $, come up with some fundraising ideas, and get your ass up there to see some shows, drink, eat, kick it whatever. Lets see what we can do. IT IS TIME TO GET INVOLVED! Share this page & spread the word. 

Make paypal donations at

We have some shows coming up these next few days/weeks

Ho there, hi there, hey there…we have a good amount of shows in store for you in the near future. We’ll be playing some new songs too, so it’s something you might want to check out. Either that, or you can watch the grass grow. It’s a-ok, either way
Lookie here:

FRIDAY, 7/20: KIDS/Linkletter/Crisis Arm/ Beanvian Stalks Guava/Les Enrages
The Dial (Temecula). 41679 Date St. Suite B, Murrieta, California
7 PM. $5.00. 
More Info 

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[Dumbfoundead] performing “Groupies” @ Metaphor Cafe in Escondido, CA circa 2005. (via bastardartist)