metaphor for periods

In 2015, being a girl can still be a hurdle, but you can choose to do something other than jumping over it. No one can stop you from walking around it. No one has ever stopped me from knocking it down every single time someone tries to stand it back up in front of me. I’ve got places to go, and they’re more important than a misogynistic child trying to make me play some game.
—  An excerpt of something I started writing today (January 16, 2015) that was originally supposed to be a 30-60 second speech I was writing for my English class about who I am and what I believe, that turned into a messy 2-page feminist rant with all sorts of symbolism that I didn’t know where I was going with. I liked pieces of it, though, so here’s one.
Fanfic tropes in TLD
  • estrangement after Mary’s death
  • Mrs. Hudson as facilitator
  • John’s climactic return to 221B
  • Mary Knows
  • Mary Knows and is OK with it
  • John mistakes Irene’s significance
  • John’s infidelity hang-ups
  • friendly hug that becomes More
  • height difference
  • hurt/comfort
  • hospital bedside
  • being together gives meaning to life
  • believing the other is too perfect
  • Sherlock’s sad but he won’t touch his violin
  • fireside chat in the denouement
  • tea
  • angry shove against the wall
  • a punch that’s deserved (but let’s cut it off there!)
  • callback to John’s cane
  • John in therapy ostensibly about something else but really about Sherlock
  • last-minute rescue (x2)
  • forced together for a case
  • Sherlock quoting Shakespeare
  • Sherlock using metaphor, period
  • John as Sherlock translator
  • Mycroft’s surveillance apparatus tests our suspension of disbelief, because fun
  • fierce Hudders
  • Mycroft hook-up subplot

What have I missed?  Let’s make a complete list!

I tried to write you a poem
but all that came out was
a bushel of flowers.
I’m sorry that the only
metaphor I can think of
to describe how I feel
about you is,
“the thought of you
makes my insides bloom.”
But a field of wildflowers
grew in my throat
since the first time I
touched you.
—  Lora Mathis,The Period of Flowering
My Very Own Star

I compare you to stars
Because you shine just as bright
You lit up my darkness
Like a star was meant to do

You had more stories in your life
Than all the constellations did
I would watch you for hours
Just as people gaze at the night

Stars are just so beautiful
Yet your are more
I looked up to you for guidance
As people would lost in the night

Stars are the perfect metaphor for you
The only difference is:
While a star will never be in my reach
At one point in time you were.


SLC – Zion National Park: Angels Landing // Orderville Canyon

Brenna will forever recap adventures better than anyone I know, so if you’d like a more wonderful storytelling of our weekend, you should jet on over to her neck of the woods.

Last month was super rough for me. I’ve touched on it only a bit, but I had a lot of horrible days. I don’t acknowledge hurt very well. I don’t like to feel vulnerable. I’m not good at dealing with feelings and pain. I like to ignore, and we all know that never ends well.

So, one way of dealing with those things is to face them and move on. And maybe impulsively, but definitely spontaneously, I booked a last minute trip to see some of my truly favorite people I’ve ever met. This girl holds a real special place in my heart. I sent her my flight information before she even knew I booked my trip, and she responded giddily. I knew it was going to be just what I needed, and it was perfect.

If you want to be an idiot like me, always pick the earliest (cheapest) flight so that you create a nice set-up for an exhausting 72 hours. I got in still very early on Friday morning, and Brenna so kindly took of work to collect me and take me on a lovely brunch date and hike. Post hike, she indulged me with In-N-Out (cuz we ain’t got those at home) and then we headed South to pick up the tall one and company. 

There was one thing I had been wanting to do the next time I ventured out west, and that was to hike Angels Landing. It’s funny – I don’t have a fear of heights, but something about the thought of hiking that terrified me. (Perhaps it was all the googling I did?) It’s incredibly easy to have visions of going on crazy adventures and doing amazing, adrenaline-pumping activities that some wouldn’t dare dreaming about. They’re simple to think about doing but much harder to actually execute. I love a good thrill, but can I call myself an adrenaline junkie? Only to a certain point, I think. I don’t jump out of airplanes on the daily or regularly tempt fate. But, dopamine. It’s an incredible chemical that somehow makes the reward of doing something crazy so worth it.That’s not to say that smaller things can’t give you a rush, though. You don’t have to go balls to the wall at every activity to feel something special about it. 

I didn’t have anything to prove, other than that I could overcome obstacles, mentally AND physically. And that was the whole theme of the past month. Obstacles. Completing this hike was kind of a metaphor for that period of time.

AND OH MY GOD, IT WAS AMAZING. While the scenery took my breath away, Brenna made me feel relaxed. The sheer beauty of this world is incredible. I took every second in. It was the most fun hike I’ve ever done and I’d do it a thousand times over. Once we reached the top, there was a man who had brought his kids. One was a 9 year old girl who was just fearless. Kids, man. Wouldn’t it be great to live like that? To have absolutely nothing holding you back? I really thought on that for a while. 

Going back down was immediately easier mentally. Brenny is a fantastic mountain life coach and we got to encourage those we were passing who were on their way up. We giggled out pure adrenaline as we traipsed down the decline and then headed straight to Cafe Rio (heeeeaven on earth) where we demolished all of the food in Utah.

Since we started and finished our hike so early, we had most of the day/night free, so obviously the most logical thing to do was road trip through Arizona to California, ride some roller-coasters, and then end the night in Vegas. Because, duh.


Sunday morning came way too early and we were soon on our way back to Zion to go play in the canyon. This was a trip of many firsts for me, including my first slot canyon and rappelling! And my, how FUN. The first few miles were a long walk to the base of the canyon, and then a few more miles of playing “don’t break your ankles” on the many tiny, but some large, rocks we had to navigate. 

The fun began when we hit water. I don’t think I was prepared for how COLD that damn water was, but the hot sunshine immediately balanced out the temperature once it hit your skin again. 

As KC read off the descriptions of the upcoming obstacles as “a water park,” I was excited to see exactly what they meant by that. It was the most literal water park, go figure. I hadn’t giggled so hard probably ever as I did watching Brenna and KC slide down the rocks on their ass, much like a 5 year old on a playground slide. SO MUCH FUN. 

The last couple of miles became inundated with lots of people, so we were pleased once we reached our final destination and fed our hangry bodies.

And I can’t thank my lovely Brenna enough for taking me adventuring and helping me clear my head and not to mention, making me PB cups (<3) and taking me back to the airport after a quick few hours of sleep before work. I LOVE YOU, BRENNY.

Until the next adventure, my heart is in Utah.