Today’s Lesson - Building our Vocabulary :

* ev·o·lu·tion


  1. the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

* change


  1. the act or instance of making or becoming different.

* trans·fig·u·ra·tion


  1. a complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state.

* met·a·mor·pho·sis


  1. a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.

* trans·for·ma·tion


  1. a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.

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Metamorphosis (4x04)

As @caranfindel says in the meta that prompted me to make these gifs, this moment is an interesting example of how narrative power works in Supernatural, both for Sam and Dean as people and for us as viewers. Dean has been back to the past and found out (amongst other things) something hugely important about Sam: the fact that he was fed demon blood as a baby. He chooses to withhold this information from his brother. But when it becomes apparent that Sam already knew this (again, we’re talking about something that affects Sam specifically), Dean is angry and Sam apologises. Dean is seen to have more rights over Sam’s history and his body than Sam does himself; and because Sam (always ready to feel guilty, and especially at this point in his story) doesn’t question it, we as viewers are prompted to accept it too.

Favourite Ereri fanfictions 2016


Scoring More Than Goals by LittleTinfoilDuck
Hey Lover by wasterella
Resistance by Dressed_In_Darkness
Your Warrant Need by mizzy_yolo
Cops and Feathers by toramonger
Hornet’s Nest by Monsoon
A Matter of Perspective by Kurokitty
Metamorphosis by Dressed_In_Darkness
Ma Reine by ShakespeareStoop
Overdose by Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house
Demons and Darkness by sciencefictioness
Red Heat by sciencefictioness
Take a Bite by MyloveofChocolate
Come and Get Your Love by Gootbuttheichou
Weapon by XanderB
Foxfire Eyes by FlightlessEggsxo
The Anthropologist by The_Pirate_King
“Baby I’m howling for you.” by WishingSebastianStanwasmyman
Fire meet Gasoline by coffeesoul
The Wolf’s Bat by hidansbabe530
Sartorial Elegance by A26
Street Brat by Monsoon
To Kill With No Regrets by SinfulAvenue
Büsker Dü’s and Don’ts by shulkie


Your love is a menace by Unseeliesidh
Call My Name by himawarinee
Trust by Xenobia
A Voice From The Rubble by StarChaser93
Saving The Spade by CorporalKuudere

One shots

Come Home To Me by Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house
Friday I’m In Love by sugarplumsenpai
Don’t Touch Me (Please, Don’t Let Go) by wordjunket
Stupid Cupid by Attack_On_Feelings

Honorable Mentions (2015)

Deal With It by Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house
Acute Myocardial Infarction by missmichellebelle
Extra Pepperoni by hikarimutsuko
Is this really love? by kbug546
The Thug by Dressed_In_Darkness
Everything Happens For a Reason by FanaticA4Ev3r
Under The Bed by Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house
Sweep Me Off My Feet by LaurelNymph
I Heard You Talking by screwtodayimsleeping
Beauty and The Beast by s_n_k_tt
3 AM by loveatfirstsight