It is said that human beings go through cycles of growth. The cells in the body are constantly dying and being replaced by new ones. So when it is said, that each moment or day we change and are reborn, it isn’t just a metaphor, it literally does happen.

Mentally our experiences are changing us, idea’s, belief systems are all growing and evolving. Life is always generating a condition of flux and transformation within. No wonder, we suffer life’s growing pains which we call, longing, frustration, euphoria, depression, all these are symptoms of the inner upheaval.

I often laugh to myself, when I think of when I was a child and a teenager, how I thought that being an ‘Adult’ would be wonderful. All grown up, having all the answers, never making mistakes!! How wrong I was! The truth is, we never have all the answers, we still make mistakes and we never stop 'growing up’.

The mind and spirit never stop growing, but the physical body starts to age. As physically we start to slow down, the mental and spiritual aspects of being human, literally speed up. In some ways, I feel more like an nervous insecure teenager now, then I did when I was one! The only difference is, in those days I had my parents and extended older family members to turn to for support and guidance.

Being a 'teenager’ in spiritual terms, comes to us at a time in our lives when for many, we no longer have that emotional support system in place. Also not all we are close to and who know us, understand this inner drive that pushes us onward, this overwhelming desire within, to question, to learn. It is like we are pulled on invisible wires toward something that we cannot explain or fully understand ourselves. Yet we know it is there just as we know the sun is in the heavens, even if we cannot see it on a cloudy day.

Intuitively, we have now reached that point in our awareness, when we 'know’, we no more can seek outside of ourselves for answers. This is the time of our initiation, a time when we alone, must journey into the recesses of our being. We alone must find the key that will unlock that part of ourselves, that has been hidden. That secret part of ourselves that knows all the answers to all the questions our lips have burned to ask.

It is also a doorway, a connection to the Divine energy source, that we are all a part of. Opening that door and walking through it, will be our Graduation Day. At this moment, we are 'a-part-from’ rather then 'a-part-of’ this source. I believe Life is simply the journey from one to the other.

It is said that Life is Growth, but Growth is Optional. Ultimately, your metamorphosis will be governed, by your personal commitment to your own Spiritual Growth.

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Narcissus, in his immobility,
absorbed by his reflection
with the digestive slowness of carnivorous plants,
becomes invisible.

There remains of him only
the hallucinatingly white oval of his head,
his head again more tender,
his head, chrysalis of hidden biological designs,
his head held up by the tips of the water’s fingers,
at the tips of the fingers
of the insensate hand,
of the terrible hand,
of the mortal hand
of his own reflection.

When that head slits
when that head splits
when that head bursts,
it will be the flower,
the new Narcissus,
Gala - my narcissus

Salvador Dali


“METAMORPHISIS” | Me&Edward Photography



“Metamorphosis” is a concept about the unlimited transformations of human body. Just like a chameleon, it’s fitting, just like a virus, it’s mutating, just like a personality, it’s changing. Something new is about to birth, a metamorphosis, an organic complexity.
Work in progress…