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Kemetic Correpondences - Metals

List of my personal correspondence that I’ve compiled for metals:

🔸Gold - Eye of Ra, solar, warmth, power, the skin of the gods

🔸Silver - Eye of Horus, lunar, healing, purification, wealth, wisdom

🔸Copper - beauty, joy, romance, sweetness, friendship, kindness

🔸Bronze - war, destruction, building, transformation, workmanship

🔸Iron - invention, discovery, progress, journey

🔸Lead - measurement, counting, time, trade, commerce, money

🔸Pyrite - stars, emptiness, vastness, completion, hope, peace

Bucky Barnes, Infinity War (2017)

According to this Tumblr post, Bucky’s new arm in Infinity War is pretty different from the one we saw in the previous movies. Apparently, it’s darker, with gold interlaced. Beautiful! A big thank you to the anon who brought this to my attention and to my followers who sent me reference pictures. (Photoshop CS6 - Painter 12)


I wanted to try some new stuff with embroidery this summer, so I suggested to the bf, @powersimon, that we should do a collab. And since we’ve been binging on The Adventure Zone almost every night, it seemed only right to do one of the gang. He did the linework, and I transfered them onto the fabric (which was a journy in itself lmao) and stitched it up. Took ages, but it was real fun as well!


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my fav gold leaf video by far tbh