metallica version

wow.  okay, i’m gonna try to write this up without crying.

on saturday, we walked down the aisle to a piano version of metallica’s nothing else matters.  we said our vows, we said i do, and we were introduced as mrs. and mrs. for the first time.

we got photos with our wonderful wedding party, my grandma and my little niece, whose flower girl dress matched mine (<3), danced to beirut’s postcards from italy, and it was so exciting that i couldn’t even eat a donut from the donut bar (i heard it was awesome, lol).  the staff at our venue liked us so much they almost cried when we wrapped things up, and gave us three bottles of champagne to take home.

there were supposed to be thunderstorms the whole day, so i was kind of bummed that the photos might be a little hectic, or that we’d have to do them all inside.  however, it didn’t rain.  i mean, it did rain.  but … you guys.  it was sunny at the same time. so you know what that means, right?

that’s us!  and that’s our unexpected wedding guest, the rainbow!

everybody told me that something would go wrong, and we’d just have to shrug it off, but … nothing went wrong.  everything was perfect.  i wouldn’t change anything about the day.  everything unfolded like a story.  we are married now, like we’ve been planning for more than ten years.  every time i’m alone i get one of our songs stuck in my head and i just start crying, because it’s real, it happened, the words were said and everyone heard them, and no one can stop it or take it away!  our marriage is endorsed by a fucking rainbow!!!

okay, there it is.  we did it!  now for the honeymoon.  we’re gonna do whatever the fuck we want.  <3