metallica all that matters


Nothing else matters……. Viking harp version

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quieoramisentoinfinito-deactiva  asked:

ascolto anche io gli slipknot quindi, se mi dai dei titoli magari poi le canzoni mi piacciono


Come as you are,  Nirvana.

Nothing else matters, Metallica.

Lost it all, Black veil Brides.

Lithium, Nirvana.

Carolyn, Black veil Brides.

Crash, Fit for rivals.

Buried beneath, Red.


So Cold, Breaking benjamin.

In the end, Black veil Brides.

Evil Angel, Breaking benjamin.

Going under, Evanescence.

Coming Down, Five finger death punch.

Smells like teen spirit, Nirvana.

Rebel love song, Black veil Brides.

Coffin, Black veil Brides.


 Shadow moses, Bring me the horizon

Master of puppets, Metallica.

Bulls in the bronx, Pierce the veil.

Knives and pens, Black veil Brides.

Perfect weapon, Black veil Brides.