‘Mind your Manners’ Gouache and Acrylic on Canvas, 2014.

Done for the ‘Fine on the Outside’ exhibition for World Mental Health Week. Mine was about terrible and unfair things people typically say to people with mental health problems.

The middle finger is unapologetic anger towards that attitude and I have no regrets putting that in.

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Looks a bit different in every lighting situation. 20 hours or so of researching, preliminary sketching, painting and troubleshooting. I always seem to finish right before I can’t look at a piece anymore. Now back to work, homework, job hunting and night classes!
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etsyfindoftheday | BONUS FINDS | 5.12.15

original paintings by elisemahanfineart

oakland-based artist elise creates beautifully-painted nature themes … and i’m in love. the top image reminds me of looking up through the pines at the stars while camping. and the lower image has a more earthbound — but still star-gazing — feel.


1- Spring.
2- Summer.
3- Autumn.
4- Winter.
Watercolor, gouache and metallic gold on paper.
Each : 35.5 x 28 cm.

“This present suite of works were likely commissioned from Edmund Dulac by the Berwind-White Coal Mining Company of Pittsburg. Engravings were made after these original works and used in a 1922 calendar that the company likely gave to their customers. They were packaged in a box with blue satin ribbon and a Dulac zodiac design in brown and gilt on tan.
The calendars are still regarded as the rarest item of Dulac material.”

Source :

Art by Edmund Dulac.(1882-1953).