Fay Ku (Taiwan) - #1: Harvest, 2009 Graphite, Ink, Watercolors on Paper   #2: Threat, 2013 Graphite, Watercolors, Ink on Ivory Fabriana Rosaspina   #3: Tiger Girls III, 2006 Graphite, Watercolors, Glue, Powdered Charcoal on Gray Paper   #4: Skin, 2012 Graphite, Watercolors, Ink, Acrylics on Ivory Fabriana Rosaspina   #5: Whore Of Babylon, 2012 Graphite, Watercolors, Gouache, Metallic Colors on Fabriana Rosaspina


Tonight!!! At Gallery 1988 (West) is the opening of “Postcard Correspondence” from 7-10. Here is my piece based on the film Brazil which  was so visually inspiring I was just blown away the first time I saw it a last year and I was determined to attempt to do this amazing movie justice. Made a gif so you guys could see the awesome metallic gouache I ended up using for his armor.

Back to basic. I’m on a training program this year to hone my painting skillz to the super Saiyan level. This still life is painted with Gouache on a watercolour sketchbook with a half inch flat brush and a small round brush. what began as a simple drawing exercise had led me to a pursuit to perfecting edges and capturing the effect of light on a 2-dimensional surface. All in all, I have learned a lot about the gouache medium, as well as portraying light on metallic and ceramic material. #gouache #sketch #stilllife #art #instartpics


Object Drawings

Large scale object drawings (6x) originally exhibited at Radiator Art Exhibition Company

UltraNormal .001

Circa 1999

42″ x 60″

Gesso, Graphite, gouache, metallic gel medium – on paper

⁃ Drawing
⁃ Visual Arts

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