metallic sharpies


I present the Ginhiji dragons!! I was very proud of this and of how the way it makes me happy @gintamajustaway honestly made me scream with how Gintoki looks like Haku from Spirited Away and I lost it cause it was unintentional but I really loved that movie as a kiddo so it just makes me even happier.

expect more Ginhiji dragons later on tonight + maybe tomorrow, I have doodle sprees with these two its ridiculous.

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve made some abacuses out of mtg cards but I think these first two have turned out well. I’ll be doing the other three cartouches from amonkhet but I’m waiting on the remaining copies to come in the mail. I really like the gold beads with these and I will probably use the same beads for the other cards I do from the set.

Advice/tips for a VIP meet & greet

So you bought a ticket to meet your favorite band? You’re probably scared/excited/confused about what to do. Don’t worry pal. I got your back.

1. Make sure you know what time you’re supposed to check in. The company you bought the VIP through should send out an email detailing how early you have to be there. DO NOT MISS CHECK IN TIME. If you do, you may not be allowed to enter the meet and greet.

*The times they send you are often subject to change. Double check the morning of to make sure you’re on time.

2. Bring something to sign. Most VIPs include the option to have something signed. Often times you get an exclusive poster or landyard, but sometimes they’re really nice and will let you get two things signed. The items you bring usually should be a lighter color so the sharpie will show up. If you want them to sign something black, bring a metallic sharpie as they will not always have one to use.

*Avoid bigger items as you may not be allowed to exit the venue to bring it back to your car. CDs or posters work best.

3. Bring a cellphone. Normally, you get a picture with the band. Have your phone ready before you get to the band so the person taking it doesn’t have to fumble through your camera settings.

*They will usually specify if they want flash on. If they do not mention flash, it’s usually best to keep it off.

4. Wear comfy shoes and an outfit you can move around in. You will more than likely be standing for several hours and you want to be able to dance!!

5. Do not bring back packs. Most venues will not allow anything bigger than a purse for security reasons, and some will not allow bags all together. You will be sent back to your car if you have a bag, and no one likes having to go to the back of the line.

6. Know which line you have to be in. Most venues will set up a line specifically for VIP. Not sure where to be? Just ask someone. Usually other concert goers will know where the VIP line is, or you can ask venue staff.

7. Try not to scream when you see the band enter the meet and greet area. Aside from being painful for the ear drums, it can also be kind of weird for the band.

8. Remember they are just people. Talk to them like you would anyone else. Keep things appropriate​, and don’t be scared. More than likely, they’re really nice people.

*Usually you will get early entry to the show. This depends on the venue, so don’t be angry with the band if you don’t get in early.

*Sometimes the special merch you’re supposed to get will get lost/they will run out. Don’t freak out. They’ll usually mail it to you in these instances.

*Bring an ID. They will need to make sure you are who you say you are at check in. If someone else is buying the VIP for you, have them list it under your name so you can check in.

*HAVE FUN! This is an exciting experience you will remember for the rest of your life! Try not to get too anxious; everything will work out fine (-:


MY BIGGEST HAUL!! A few days ago i taught my friend how to lift so we hit up Hot topic, Petco, five and below, Jo ann, Claire’s, Famous footwear, Staples, Ulta, Sally beauty supply, big lots and B&BW. I was too lazy to list every item perfectly bc honestly the only reason I even made a list was so I wouldn’t lose track of what I’d already counted. 

$18.15 Batman hat

$5 Blackheart Beauty lipstick x2

$10 AOT Necklace

$5 Trio earring and necklace

$2 rilakuma erasers x2

$3 crystal necklace x3

$10 agate

$1 tiny Chapstick

$2 carmex

$16 sugar scrub

$5 aot bracelet  

$1 mini-scissors

$4 paintbrushes

$3.50 tattoo bracelet thing

$3.50 bow x2

$5 setting spray

$2 hair ties

$12.50 tights x2

$3 powder x2

$10 TG mask

$2 glitter glue

$2 nail polish finish

$3 concealer 

$5 concealer (W&W) 

$2 photo frame

$14 perfume

$12.50 earrings

$4 EOS lip balm

$1 spray bottle

$1 tiny red spray

$3 blending sponge x3

$30 boots

$50 vans

$2.49 shoelaces

$7 heel pad

$10 soft socks

$20 nike socks.

$17 cat leash

$10 cat collar x2

$2 dry oil spray x2

$2 staedtler fine liners x2

$7 white eyeliner

$9.57 duct tape

$3 hot glue gun x2

$7.95 face oil

$8 mascara 

$3 mini duct tape x3

$28 urban decay primer

$1 erasers x4

$2 mini canvas x2

$5 copics x3

$3 metallic sharpies

$3 paint brush

$7 catnip toy

$6 measure tape

$7 chalkboard paint

$6 a-z stamps

$2 mini easel

$3 seam ripper

$4 stamp pads x3

$5 hot glue

$0.50 stamp

$12 manic panic x3

$40 too faced brow envy 

$6 nail strengthener 

$4 krazy glue 

$2 oil blotting tissues

$2 fine liner

$6 concealer

$2 pencil sharpener

$0.40 small container

$16 tea tree mask

$9 hair silk

$8.50 no frizz spray

$38 juice beauty eye cream

$21 purina cat treats

$24 bare minerals primer

$6 eyeliner

$6 brow pencil

$7 argan oil  

$10 tuna flake cat treats

$29 stylus pen

$3 tape 

TOTAL: $791.53

Damn am I proud.

Christmas With the Avengers (Preferences)


no sign of sleep

it has become extinct



Warnings; none

Steve Rogers/Captain America

You guys would probably spend ages giving out gifts. Like you’d give them out to everyone the night before at Tony’s Christmas party and then realise you’d forgotten to get one for each other, so you’d rush out to the nearest store and bump into each other, and it’d be all like ‘fancy seeing you here!’ but at the end of the day, sitting around the fire on Christmas morning with hot chocolate and marshmallows and your puppy is good enough. You’d probably also go ice skating and walk around Central Park because cliche Christmases are the best kind.

Tony Stark/Ironman

Tony goes all out - There’s the huge party the night before, and every member of the Avengers and their extended family is invited. Like who’s the old lady at the bar? Don’t worry, it’s just Bruce’s great aunt’s best friend’s dogsitter! 

When Christmas actually comes, you’ll spend the entire morning opening the momentous pile of gifts he gets you (usually involving a car, but one time it was  a private island), and then you’ll spend time with the Avengers, because they’re the nearest thing to a family he has. Everyone will try and cook a Christmas dinner but it usually ends up in Thor trying to microwave a Turkey, so you end up having takeout.

Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier

Christmas with Bucky is quiet - You’ll have the loud, rowdy party on Christmas Eve where alcohol is consumed, and the next morning he’ll wake up with a giant drawing of Santa in a Mark 42 suit scribbled on his metal arm in Sharpie. After recovering from the shock of the impromptu tattoo, you’ll spend the rest of the day in Christmas jumpers, watching Home Alone and then seeing who can react the booby traps in the most accurate way possible. (He always wins, but he was also a seriously stealthy assassin for years, so it’s hardly fair play.)

Sam Wilson/Falcon

Sam loves helping people, so on Christmas he’ll always help out at homeless shelters and soup kitchens. Or at least just in the mornings, because the afternoon he’ll spend with you and maybe some of his family. It usually all goes nice and smoothly until his great grandma asks when you’re going to have children and he ends up choking on turkey out of shock. But other than that, its usually great. (But Sam spends half of it trying to persuade the aforementioned granny that dogs are just as good as kids.)

Bruce Banner/Hulk

Bruce always spends Christmas with Tony - it’s become a tradition since they first met. You don’t mind, because it’s always fun. They try to do really stupid shit like building Christmas trees out of Bunsen burners, or see which suit looks best dressed as Santa. One year, he tried to help Tony make a Santa/Ironman fly around New York, but the costume fell off in mid-air, fell down a couple hundred floors and smacked Steve on the head. It was eventful. 

Thor Odinson

Christmas with Thor was always interesting. In fact, the idea itself was totally wild when you tried to explain it to him, because Asgardians didn’t have anything of the like. But once he was accustomed to the idea, he got really into it. This means having the biggest tree that you can fit (gave the landlord a heart attack), presents everywhere and going wild at Tony’s party. He’ll also get you crazy gifts - One year, after watching Harry Potter, he bought you a literal baby dragon to your balcony from Asgard. For some odd reason, Homeland Security weren’t very fond of this idea and it was removed before Christmas morning, so he bought you a mug instead. 

Clint Barton/Hawkeye

Clint loves Christmas - the bad ass assassin exterior will melt away, and the usually serious SHIELD agent will turn up to Christmas parties in flashing jumpers and reindeer ears. One year you accidentally double booked Christmas with your family and the Avengers, and your mother was mildly terrified to say the least when she found Tony Stark cooking a turkey in your kitchen and you had to explain how your boyfriend is sort of an Avenger.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

Nat is the most Christmassy person, but she will certainly try. She always gets you the best gifts and makes the best food, but her Christmas spirit is terrible. You’ll usually stay at the tower, because of the party and Tony always gives the best gifts (and obviously, you enjoy his presents. The free helicopter is just a bonus.) but then you’ll do something later in the evening like ice skating or sitting out on the roof and looking at New York with all the lights.

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

Pietro is a nightmare at Christmas - He’s like a literal child. He’ll have advent calendars and will make a huge ass deal over decorating your apartment. He gets so hyped up and takes you all over the city to see every last Christmas themed event, and then it’ll come to Christmas morning and realised he forgot to get everyone presents. It doesn’t matter though, because you still get to do fun stuff like decorating the tree, making Christmas lunch and seeing the Christmas lights at Times Square.

Wanda Maximoff

Wanda is actually really laidback at Christmas. You could be stressing over everything from what your exclusively vegan cousin is gonna eat to how you’re gonna cover the cost and how you’ll get the tree up to your apartment - Meanwhile, she’s getting everything done without fretting at all, and will have everything done by the beginning of December. You’ll never understand how, but when you’re covered in sellotape and chasing after your puppy, who has the wrapping paper in his mouth, and tripping over fairy lights, she’ll be sat on the sofa watching Elf with a smug look whilst you silently curse her. On actual Christmas day, you’ll unwrap your presents to one another and have dinner with your family and Pietro, who is even more excited about Christmas than all the little kids.