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Anime, a summary
  • Attack on Titan: Angry german kid fights naked giants. Hair of death pt. 1
  • Free! Iwatobi Swim Club: Gay swimming and sharks
  • Fairy Tail: Almost canon ships destroy towns
  • FMAB: Hair of death pt. 2
  • Madoka Magica: Become a magical girl and we guarantee that your head won't get bitten off :)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Ha ha dragon BALLS
  • Hetalia: Sin. Gay countries and s i n
  • Sword Art Online: No
  • Bocu no pico: No, the sequel
  • Angel Beats: There is no god. 10/10 happy ending
  • Pokemon: Animal abuse conducted by immortal 10-year olds

Here’s some of the several photos and videos I took at Avenged Sevenfold’s show in Glasgow. First time seeing them live, and they were fucking incredible.

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  • <p> <b>Sign:</b> WET PAINT DO NOT TOUCH<p/><b>Me:</b> is it really though I'd better check<p/></p>
1. New Game

Series: Metal Gear Solid

Rating: T

Pairing: Snake/Otacon

Word Count: 615

Description:  Late nights and dingy motels leave Snake with little else to do but go along with whatever Otacon has planned.

My first piece for @snotweek 2017! I’m doing a series of mini-oneshots that aren’t exactly connected or in any particular order. They’ll all be posted on AO3 at the end of the week, but for now you’ll find the first one under the cut!

“Hal, what are you doing?” David lights a cigarette and settles back against the headboard.

“You know this is a non-smoking hotel room,” Hal doesn’t bother looking at Dave; the telltale sound of the match being struck and the smell of smoke are enough for him to know. Besides, he’s got his torso twisted behind the old CRT on the dresser, cursing under his breath.

David takes a long drag. “You didn’t answer my question,” he says pointedly, crossing his legs as Hal emerges, seemingly victorious.

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