metallic denim jacket


Posting just the vest since the first photo set did so well. It needs work and it’s not finished, but I’m still pretty happy with where it’s at. The central theme here is horror, with the first patches I ever got being the ones from my job where the whole vampire gimmick comes from, and I just built around it with spooky & eerie band & Halloween/horror movie patches alike.

Things I associate with NCT 127

Taeil: Loving gazes, late night kisses, hanging lights, rubbing circles in skin, flannel, the smell of brewed coffee, quotes, hickeys, messy blankets in the morning, t.v. static, vhs tapes, sneaking out at night, old school movies, bruises, garage bands, acid wash jeans, tie dye, black and white images. 

Taeyong: Leather bracelets, veins, denim jackets, metal trinkets, chokers, rolled up sleeves, patches, aviators, graphic tees, walks in the dark, black nails, candle lit rooms, ripped jeans, tattoos, abandoned carnivals, over grown parks, empty museums, dead trees, graffiti, train yards, bruises. 

Yuta: Sitting beside the lake, skipping stones, lost gazes, waterfalls, wicker chairs, ages books, sitting on the pier, being alone in the forest, chills down your spine, moleskine, rusted lockets, cross hatching, scribbles in notebooks,  vacant fields of flowers, type writers, polaroids, mist.

Jaehyun: Wallet chains, doc martens, leather cord, reflections, patchy jackets, silver rings, leather jackets, the sound of rain, red wine, intense gazes, ink pens, calligraphy, cassette tapes, smoke, sitting in the grass, rosary beads, black lace, over sized t-shirts, messy hair in the morning, watching the sun set.

WinWin: Floral patterns, the night breeze from a roof top, parking garages,  goodnight kisses, turtle necks, lemonade on a hot summer day, scarves in the winter, morning walks, the feeling of grass between your toes, long sleeves, cold hands, the city skyline, traveling to new places, a busy city at night, dates at coffee shops.

Mark: Paisley, suspenders, backpacking around the world, crystals/gem stones, brush strokes, melting candles, sitting under trees, writing lyrics, brush strokes, messy paint swatches, dream catchers, the smell of grapes, grand father clocks, hourglasses, lazy hugs, smooth concrete.

Haechan: Hammocks, afternoons at the pier, getting lost in the forest, broaches, the feeling of sand between your toes, the sea breeze, throw pillows, knit sweaters, blurred images, ankle bracelets, summer love, watching the sun set, potted plants, palm trees, cloud gazing, pine needles, sunlight slipping through curtains, feathers.