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Just Pretend    *NSFW*

Summary: Reader wakes up from a dream about her ex; all hot and bothered.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1470

Warnings: NSFW; Smut; Masturbation (male and female); Unprotected sex (just use a condom); some angst.

A/N: Okay, so I originally posted this on a side blog that I created (@bbuckmebarnes) but I decided that I will not be running it anymore as I don’t want to end up neglecting one and I focus more on this one anyways. SO. I’m moving the one piece that wasn’t so terrible here! Again, feedback would be great!

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Watch Me Babygirl [pt.11]

Summary: Jungkook is your brother’s annoying best friend. You can’t stand him but he just can’t resist teasing you. How far will he actually go?

Warnings: language

[pt.1] [pt.2] [pt.3] [pt.4] [pt.5] [pt.6] [pt.7] [pt.8] [pt.9] [previous part]

“Jungkook it’s eight in the morning,” you groaned, rolling over and clamping your pillow around your head.

You heard Jungkook sigh- muffled by the pillow blocking your ears- and he placed gently on your shoulder.

“I promise you it’ll be worth it. Trust me, okay,” he said, his hand trailing down your back and tracing circles on it.

You sighed, rolling over to face Jungkook. Jungkook smiled down at you before helping himself into your bed and pulling you close to him. He ran a hand through your hair, you face nuzzling into his neck. You could say like this forever. Jungkook spoke again, his voice barely above a whisper.

“Be ready in an hour.”

He kissed your head lightly before slipping out of you bed, sending you a wink before he disappeared through the doorway.

You groaned again, rolling your eyes when you heard Jungkook laugh. Still, you found yourself rolling out of your bed, the cold air of your room hitting you rather unpleasantly. You shivered slightly as you slipped out of your pajamas and into suitable clothes. You weren’t entirely sure what Jungkook had in mind, but knowing that he enjoyed being active, you figured wearing anything other than a dress or a skirt would be fine.

You shuffled towards the bathroom, quickly washing your face and fixing your hair before you went downstairs to the kitchen where Jungkook and Jimin were sitting around the island eating and talking with their mouths full of food. You sighed, sitting down beside Jungkook and stealing a bite of his food.

“What do you have planned today?” you asked Jungkook.

Jungkook simply shot Jimin a look, annoying you further. Great. Everybody but you knew what was going on.

“Hey, don’t look so down. I promise you it’ll be fun. You’re not the only one who doesn’t know what we’re doing,” Jimin said, typing something on his phone.

You narrowed your eyes in confusion.

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The best sort of distraction.

A/n: There’s a little more plot to this than the other smut I posted, here! But only a little…

If you’re not over 18 please don’t read. My other works are sfw, this is fluffy fluff, and this is fluff with a tiny bit of angst. I’ll make a masterlist later :)

Proof read by way of a text-speech device.

Summary: There’s not much plot so not much to summarise. Bucky x reader are in an established relationship, and there’s a little thigh riding and he has and uses his metal arm ;) (only lightly though…)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader (Female)

Word count: 1418

Warnings: Smut. One swear word. Cringy last line? I can’t work out if it’s too soppy or not, so I just kept it in…


Bucky had been weird all trip. This mini break to Paris was supposed to be in celebration of three years since your first date, but with the way he had been withdrawing from you and seeming less interested in everything than normal, you had been very worried that maybe he brought you to France to break up with you. So you cried for more than one reason when he dropped to one knee on the last evening and you realised he been acting unusually because of nerves. As the ring was slid on your finger you had never felt more complete.

Half an hour later you’re back in your hotel suite and the two of you can celebrate your engagement. You grin into the kiss as you feel the weight of the jewellery on your left hand, and have to pull away from Bucky’s mouth to admire it once again. He sighs.

“Please pay attention to me Y/N. We haven’t had sex for days-

“And who’s fault is that?”

“-and now all you want to do is stare at a ring. S'rude.” 

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Them Not Wanting Her to Leave After Finding Out They Work in the Mafia: MONSTA X


Would be pretty chill about, using the element of your fear to intimidate you to stay with him, only later proving that his personality did not change from the way he acted with you before you found out how occupation.


You pretended to not know what was his occupation, thought it took no fool for HoSeok to find out who framed him, as he now sat in the small room blocked on all sides by metal bars. He would contact his inions and order them to keep you locked up in his private mansion in the suburbs, so that he could deal with you after he got out of the prison.


Would fall to his knees begging for you to stay, promising of all those petty things and his loyal, never ending love. He would promise you that even if his job is dangerous, he would always stay safe, keeping you unknown to the underworld so that nobody could harm you, as well.


He didn’t even know how it had happened, but he would create a fight with you, spitting curse words everywhere as he would try to guilt-trip you into staying with him.

“We were dating for ages now, so you mean to tell me that everything would change just because of my occupation?!”


Would pretend that he was okay with you leaving him, creating a scandal as you did and throwing all of the expensive cloths that he bought you, but after you actually did leave his house he would be set into a mission to make your life even more miserable without him, so that you would come back to him `willingly`.


He would threaten you into complete submission, putting a gun against your forehead as he’d spit insults at your rash behaviour, not realising that he was not acting any better. As you’d agree to stay with him with tears streaming down your face, he’d grow a huge smile, throwing his gun at the couch and enveloping you into a hug as you shook with fear.


Just like KiHyun, he would guilt-trip you into staying with him. However, instead of fighting with you he would pretend to be horribly vulnerable, setting tears into his eyes for the much needed effect. Unable to leave him so small and weak, you’d stay, only later realizing what a mistake you had made.

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You Cheated!

You watched as the tears rolled down his cheeks, a mask of sorrow etched on his face, grief and anything else he could muster up.

You did the same, staring right back at him, the tears rolling down your own face.

The entire time, thoughts of how you got to this point were racing through your mind. 

All that pain, right from when you were born, bubbling up to the surface.

Your sight was blurred as you remembered the day she left you. 

“Mommy! MOMMY! DON’T GO!” 

Your little feet ran as fast as they could down the road, too tired and weak to keep up with the car that drove away from you. 

It got smaller and smaller, until it was nothing but a dot, your pleading never once stopping, thinking she could hear you even after she disappeared from sight. 

Your dad ran after you, simply watching with you once you came to a halt, unable to believe his wife, the mother of his child, had left him.

When he looked down at you, the child he loved more than anything, sobbing, begging for Mommy to come home, he realized he’d have to be strong.

He crouched down, looking into your tear filled eyes and wiped the wetness off your face.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart. Daddy’ll take care of you. I promise.”

Just remembering that moment was painful, as you felt the tears stream down your face, still not daring to look away from Dean for even a single second. 

He was the one who called you sweetheart now. He was the one who promised he’d take care of you. 

But the tears kept coming as you thought back to the moment when you’d lost the most important man in your life.

Another moment that had brought you to where you were right now. 

Crying in front of the man you loved. 

“Daddy, please don’t go”, you sniffled, clutching his hand as though you were a little child, terrified of losing the one who’d keep you safe from the rest of the world. 

You wished his grip would tighten, that his hands would provide you with the comfort only he had, that special comfort of love and protection he’d given you for 26 years. 

But it didn’t. His hands were limp, his body still in the hospital bed, the machines breathing for him. 

You knew what you’d have to do. 

You knew you’d have to lose the one man you needed the most. But you didn’t want to let him go just yet. 

“Please, daddy. Just…stay a while longer. Come back to me”.

You pleaded to him over and over, knowing it was falling on deaf ears, before the nurse and the doctor came in, shutting off the machines as you waited almost an hour before he finally passed.

And when he did, you knew you were truly alone for the first time in your life. 

Your heart clenched as you thought of that memory. That was the worst day of your life.

You didn’t even think you’d heal from that, until Dean Winchester found you. 

Well, you found him. Saved him really. 

Took him in when you saw him in his car, barely breathing. 

You didn’t hesitate to take him to the hospital, making sure he was awake, before you were about to leave.

But when you heard him talk, saw those beautiful green eyes staring into yours, asking you not to go, you knew this man would own your heart. 

You felt a small smile forming, before quickly remembering why you were crying right now.

You held Dean’s gaze, never faltering for a few minutes, before you saw his hand moving in his trouser pocket, his leg twitching.

Dean noticed your stare and quickly pulled his hand out, but he was too late.

You rushed forward and shoved your hand into his pocket, the warmed metal coming into contact with your hand, along with the giant hole he’d ripped into his pocket. 

Pulling the tweezers out, you glared at Dean, before jumping up and down in joy.

“Ha! I won! I knew I could cry more than you!”

Dean wiped the tears away with his sleeve, shaking his head.

“I don’t think so, sweetheart. Sammy…who cried more?”

Sam looked up from the table, looking disapprovingly at the two of you.

“Ok, first of all, you two are a pair of weirdos. Secondly, I can’t measure a persons tears. Besides, I wasn’t really paying attention to your stupid game”, he mumbled, before looking back down and getting on with his research.

“Hear that? He has no idea. Guess neither of us won”.

You scoffed, raising an eyebrow. 

“Come on, dude. You cheated! You can’t make yourself cry by…what the hell were you plucking out?” you asked, suddenly intrigued.  

Dean began blushing slightly, avoiding your eyes.

You smirked, moving forward and wrapping your arms around his waist.

“You want me to take a look? Kiss it better? Make you feel better?”

Dean bit his lips, pulling you close enough that you could feel his cock hardening already.

“And how would you do that, sweetheart?”

You shrugged, moving your arms up and around his neck, as Dean held your waist. 

“Why don’t I show you?”

Your lips were about to come into contact with Dean’s, when a loud yelling interrupted you. 

“GUYS! I’m right here!”

You jumped in Dean’s arms, looking over at Sam, who was glaring right at the two of you.

“Sorry, Sammy”.

“No. Not ‘Sorry, Sammy’! Sam…think you can…y’know…”, Dean trailed off, hoping his brother would get the hint.

Sam rolled his eyes, sighing heavily before grumbling as he got up and grabbed his coat, slamming the motel door shut behind him.

“I kinda feel bad now”, you whispered, the sound of rain easily audible as it fell all around, knowing Sam would get soaked out there. 

“Sweetheart, you’ll be feeling better than ever once I’m done with you”.

You squealed as Dean pulled you onto the bed, pinning you down before he started kissing down your neck. 

Yep. Dean would most definitely make you feel good tonight. And not only once either.

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Unbreakable (Part 4)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Torture, Swearing, Abduction, Fire
A/N: Prompt. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. I can’t believe how long this thing bloody took me! Sorry it’s been so long since I last updated it, but here is part 4 for ‘Unbreakable’!

Bucky’s POV

“Well, being there is a start.” Natasha said, her usually harsh-sounding voice taking on a softer tone.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Bucky replied, head tilted up to the night sky as him and Nat began to stroll back towards the tower.

“Good.” she smiled, green eyes glinting slightly as she glanced up at him, “Y/N deserves someone who’ll fight for her.”

“Well, I’m gonna damn well try.” Bucky said, eyebrows furrowing as a fire engine went speeding past, sirens blaring.

Mindlessly kicking at a stone on the pavement, Bucky let out a shaky breath as he shoved his hands deep in his pockets. Even now, your look of fear and betrayal was painted across his eyelids, flickering in his vision every time he blinked. If it was the last thing he did, he would make sure you never looked like that ever again.

“Hey Buck?” Natasha asked quietly, “Is that coming from the tower?” Nudging Bucky to point out the pillar of smoke that was starting to billow into the sky.

“Shit.” Bucky said, the pair immediately breaking into a sprint as a couple more fire engines zoomed past.

About a million thoughts went racing through Bucky’s head as him and Nat ran towards the spiral of black smoke. Bucky knew all about your pyrokinesis, yet he couldn’t help but worry. If the tower really was on fire, and you couldn’t control it, then something was seriously wrong. Feet pounding against the pavement, Bucky couldn’t stop the way his heart felt like it was beating out of his chest. As the two neared the tower, they spotted a huddled group of people, being able to pick out a few of their teammates in the gathering.

“Steve!” Bucky yelled, running up to his blond friend, black soot smudged across his cheeks and dusting his hair.

“Bucky, thank god!” Steve said, blue eyes filled with worry as he clutched at Bucky’s shoulder, “We’ve been looking all over for you… it’s Y/N…”

Without another word, Bucky sprinted into the building, ducking around anyone who tried to stand in his way. This is all my fault, he couldn’t help but think, jaw clenched and eyes wild. He didn’t know what he was going to do once he got to you, he just knew that he had to. As he weaved through the many corridors, often crashing into walls in his haste, Bucky didn’t even notice as the smoke became thicker around him. As he neared your door, he began to feel the heat licking at his skin, the flames crackling around him.

“Bucky!” Steve’s voice suddenly called out, the sound of his pounding feet coming up behind him.

“Steve?” Bucky said, covering his mouth as he let out a string of coughs, “What are you doing in here?”

“You think I’d let you come in here on your own, no chance.” Steve replied, clapping Bucky on the shoulder, “Besides, I have a plan…”

“Oh god.”


As the fire burned on around you, smoke filling your lungs, and flames licking against your bare skin, you couldn’t contain the sobs that continued to break past your lips. You never wanted this, this ‘gift’ as Steve kept referring to it. All it had ever done was cause you pain and suffering. Your father was right to give you up, you put everybody around you in danger. Digging your nails into the burning skin of your thighs, you barely registered the distant sounds of voices, instead only focusing on the sounds of the fire slowly destroying everything around you. So far it had burnt everything in your room, and the rooms either side of you, blackening your walls and creating a blockage in front of your door.

“Y/N?” Can you hear me?” Steve’s muffled shout could barely be heard over the fire, the sound of his voice only causing you to burrow further into yourself, “We’re going to get you out of here, okay?”

The sounds of debris shifting, and the fire spitting out accompanied two murmured voices. Suddenly, the sound of your door groaning filled the room, before it seemed to fall off its hinges, crashing to the ground.

“Doll?” Bucky’s hoarse voice coughed, his flesh arm thrown up to his face and his metal one laying limply at his side.

Grey eyes flickering around the room, they quickly locked onto your cowering figure, gaze filling with both relief and fear. That look on his face felt like a stab to the heart. It was such a familiar expression, the look of fear as someone realised what you were truly capable of.

“Y/N…” he said, inching around the fallen debris to get to you, “Doll, everything’s going to be okay, I’m gonna get you out of here.”

Pushing past a fallen beam, Bucky hissed as the smouldering metal contacted with his bare flesh. Screwing his eyes shut, he carried on towards you, barely flinching as a chunk of debris fell onto his metal shoulder.

“Doll, I’m here.” Bucky murmured, fingers brushing against yours as he crouched in front of you.

“Bucky…” you whispered, feeling the fire ebb at his touch.

“Come on.” Bucky said, carefully hosting you up with his flesh arm alone, “I’m so sorry Doll.”

Walking back through the destruction, Bucky hunched over your body as the building continued to crumble around the two of you.

“Buck, you got her?” Steve asked, shield propping up the largest piece of debris that had previously been blocking the door.

“Yeah. Yeah, I got her.” Bucky said, gripping you close to his body as the three of you navigated your way out of the burning building.

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The Way You Are

Request: I was wondering if i could request a bucky x reader where the reader has a facination with buckys metal arm & is always playing with his metal fingers when they cuddle but buckys insecure about his arm so reader is really reassuring? If so ty in adv!

Summary: Reader is always staring at Bucky’s arm.. He thinks she’s afraid. She knows she’s fascinated. 

Bucky Barnes X Reader 

Word Count: 1362

A/N: I hope this is okay!! I’ve read a bunch like this, so I wanted to try and make it a little different!! Hopefully it’s not terrible xoxo (I know, I suck at summaries AND titles..)

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Devil's Side

Prompt:  I fucked up. & We’re not talking about this. & Since when have we ever been friends?

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Captain America

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: harmed reader, but nothing lethal.

By @milleniumxhan​ 

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Battered and Bruised Ch. 3 (Bucky x reader)

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed chapter two because things are about to get intense for chapter three. I hope the cliff hangar was good enough. Just a reminder that I love you all and that you have a wonderful day. I posted a Masterlist last night and you can find all my other works on there :)

Chapter 1 2

Description:  Bucky sees all the damage he’s physically done to you because of what H.Y.D.R.A. did to his mind.

Warnings: Violence, cursing, angst.

“I love you F/N. I never thought I would be able to love somebody, but I love you. And I never want to lose you. Never.” 

“And I love you. I always have and always will.”

The Russian man threw the notebook down, smirking. From your chair in the corner, you could see the scowl on Bucky’s face, but his hands were shaking. He was trying to be brave, but he was terrified. Your tears were streaming down your cheeks and every breath hurt like hell. You had been screaming out for Bucky, trying to calm him down in anyway possible. The pain in your ribs was excruciating, and you began to choke on your sobs, your throat burning. 

“Soldier, welcome home.” The man’s accent was so thick you could barely understand what he was saying.

“I am not your soldier. And this- this is not my home, you fucking bastard.” Bucky thrashed against his restraints. A heated anger began to burn inside his chest. 

The agent just scoffed at him, then turned his full attention to you. 

“And I’m guessing your the American, scum agent that knocked out most of my men.” His back was to the light and his enormous shadow loomed over you, obscuring his features. “Hmm,” he tilted your head up towards him with his index finger, letting him see your flushed, tear-stained face, “but with your skills, you could be a wonderful soldier. for H.Y.D.R.A.” He chuckled lightly.

“Don’t you fucking touch her.” Bucky growled, his chest heaving.

The unknown man circled you, like a vulture. He began to twist a curl of your hair, suddenly grabbing a fistful, yanking your head back. You cried in pain; hot tears were stinging your eyes. 

“Stop it! Get away from her!” Bucky was thrashing against the table, screaming, but it wasn’t moving one inch. You realized this table was specialized to keep him restrained. 

“Ah, so I found your weakness, зимний солдат.” The man had a wide grin on his face. “You love her, don’t you?” He released your hair and walked back to the table in the middle of the room. The pain from your head began to subside, but the waves of pain every time you breathed were still prominently there.

“I swear to God, if you lay another hand on her I will kill you.” The words were seething between Bucky’s clenched teeth. 

By the way this was going, you didn’t know if you were going to be leaving alive or in a body bag. Or worse, you would sticking around as another one of their super soldiers. 

“Bucky, look at me,” you croaked. Every word burned your throat and sent screams on pain through your body. He turned his head to you, eyebrows stitched together with hurt and worry. “I love you, James Buchanan Barnes. I always have and always will.”

“F/N, don’t say it like this is goodbye. Don’t do this.” Tears were making streaks down Bucky’s beautiful face. You gave him the best smile you could despite the immense pain. You didn’t know what could happen next, you and him were completely helpless. They took all of your weapons, even the extendable blade that was embedded into your uniform. He had a better chance of making it out, he was a super soldier after all. Though, your luck was running thin. Your chances of getting out of there in one piece were slimmer than ever.

“Enough of this.” The man spoke clearly this time, his anger and annoyance was building in his voice. “Let’s get started now солдат. Shall we?” He motioned towards the leather notebook, the star matching the one that used the be on Bucky’s vibranium arm. The agent picked it up, his eyes boring holes into him. 

Taking his sweet time, he opened it, flipping through the pages. He was going to enjoy watching both of you suffer.

“Bucky. Baby. Stay strong. Fight it, I know you can. Focus on something. Focus on me or Steve or us.” Your words brought more tears to your eyes, it was breaking your heart. “I love you. It’s going to be alright.” 

As you were talking him down, Bucky listened to the sound of your voice and closed his eyes. 

“Catch me if you can!” You yelled, caught up in a fit of laughter. You were wearing a yellow sundress, weaving in and out of the trees. 

“I’m coming after you!” Bucky chuckled, a huge smile was plastered on his face. He finally caught up to you, hugging your waist from behind. You both were breathless, falling to the ground, laughing. 

He opened them. Worry was knitted on his face. He had to keep these memories. He had to hold onto them, and maybe, just maybe his mind wouldn’t succumb to the pain and brainwashing. 

“Тоска..” The agent bellowed, letting the word echo through the room. Bucky’s metal arm twitched. He had to fight this. He couldn’t leave you. You were the one person he had, the one person he loved. 

“Ржавый..” Something began to click in Bucky’s head. The world began to spin around him.

“Stop!” You were screaming as you saw the love of your life being ripped apart right in front of you. “Baby, no. Don’t forget me. Don’t forget us.” You were choking on air and tears, your vision blurry. 

The man wielding the notebook began to speak louder and faster, realizing that you could jeopardize the activation.

“Печь, рассвет, семнадцать.” Bucky was thrashing around, trying to stay grounded. It was becoming harder and harder with every second. He was going in and out of his own, controlled mind. He tried focusing on another memory.

He rolled over, seeing your beautiful body laying beside him. This was the first morning you ever woke up together. He wrapped his arms around you, kissing you on the shoulder. A corner of your mouth curled up in reaction. 

“Good morning my love.” He spoke, breathing the words into your neck. 

“Good morning.” You groaned, placing a sweet kiss on his lips.

He smiled. “God, I love you so much F/N L/N.”

Thinking about you brought him back a little, making it easier to think clearly.

“Доброкачественный, девять, возвращение на родину.” The man was grinning from ear to ear as he saw you struggling against your restraints. 

You couldn’t run to him, bring him back down from this. Your croaked whispers were being drowned out by the echoing voice of the man who was torturing Bucky, right in front of you. 

“Один.” The room was booming with noise. Bucky’s screams gave you a sinking feeling and you felt yourself falling apart. 

He couldn’t fight it any longer. He kept recalling memories of you, repeating his name and your name in his head, hoping he wouldn’t forget it. Searing pain crept up to the front of his head, making his vision go blurry. Tears were streaming down his face, he was covered in sweat. 

He looked at you one last time, “F/N, forgive me.”

“грузовой вагон.” The agent stood still, waiting for a reaction from Bucky. His head was drooped forward, the long black strands covering his facial features. 

“Солдат?” He was eager for a response. 

Bucky’s head slowly drew up. “Готов выполнить.” 

The agent began to laugh hysterically. “Impressive, no?” He looked at you, the life drained out of you. 

“Солдат, kill her.” He smirked down at you, watching you as you remained stoic. The only thing that he could see were the silent tears rolling down your cheeks. He unlocked Bucky’s restraints and he immediantly got up, walking briskly towards you. 

“Bucky, I know you’re in there somewhere. I want you to know that I love you.” Your voice was scratchy and whispered. 

“Who the hell is that?” He asked you, pure evil was the only thing found in his once loving, blue eyes. Before you could say anything his metal fist came into contact with your jaw. An instant spike of pain emerged, you could taste blood in your mouth. 

“I don’t blame you for this. This isn’t you.” You whimpered, the pain in your jaw made it incredibly painful to speak. Were you afraid of him? No. What you were afraid that the real Bucky, your Bucky, would never come back. 

One, two, three punches landed in your other ribcage, gut, and face. 

You were spitting out blood. “It’s okay baby. I’m not afraid. I’ll always love you.” Your vision became spotty as pain coursed through every inch and every nerve of your body. 

“Shut up!” The Winter Soldier was all that was left standing in front of you. He began to deliver a series of punches all over you body, making your head spin. You didn’t scream or yell. You took it, every single punch. 

Blood was streaming down you face, arms, and it began to seep through your clothes on your stomach. You couldn’t focus on anything as your body became numb. He kept punching you, but you could no longer feel it. 

A blanket of white overtook your vision as you whispered, “I love you Bucky,” one last time before you collapsed in your chair, your world fading to black. 

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All Chained Up

Warning: SMUT, cussing, Unprotected sex (WRAP IT UP), Bit of a Dom! Loki

Pairing: Loki x reader

(Y/n): your name

Request:  Can you write a Loki smut where he gets mad after he sees a guard flirting with you? ~Anonny

A/n: sorry it took so long. Hope you like it. This is the longest smut I have written ever and I’m glad it was with Loki, I had Tom Hiddleston in my mind as I wrote this so…… Hope you like it.

tag list: @captainamericasbeautifulbutt

               “Loki, what is your problem?” You look back at the man who just shoved you into your shared room. Sure you were being flirted with by one of the guards but you didn’t return it at all. Some of the guards had tried to get you to leave the man you had sworn to love for all eternity.

               Loki stalks over to you. The look in his eyes told you he was beyond mad, he was pissed off. You knew something was going to happen and you also knew that it was going to feel absolutely amazing. “I hate how he just openly did that with you. He knows who you belong to.”

               “Loki, darling, just to make it clear. I did not return his advances and I had even tried to get him to stop but he kept pushing. I was going to mess with his mind as you dragged me off.” You laid a hand on his arm but he quickly pulled back. You tried to remain calm despite the fact that you wanted him to take you right then and there.

               “I saw the way you looked at him. You wanted him and you know it.” He looked at you once more. Loki came closer to you, his long fingered hand wrapped itself around your neck. “I’ll teach you that you belong to me and only me as well as let every guard in this palace know that you are mine.” His voice came out in a growl, low and husky next to your ear.

               With a firm grip still on your throat, he guided you backwards towards your bed. With a wave of his hand, your dress along with your emerald lace panties disappeared. Once he was satisfied with how you looked, he shoved you onto the bed. “You know the way I want you to lay, my pet.” His eyes weren’t all cold, there was a hint of possessiveness in them. Loki’s voice was demanding, causing you to become even wetter than before.

               You scooted up towards the headboard, lifting your arms above your head. You felt cold metal appear on your wrists. You couldn’t hold back a soft moan when the metal made contact with your slightly heated skin. Loki looked down at you with a smirk on his face. His long slender fingers dragging slowly up your left leg as he walks up the side of the bed. When he lifted his hand off your body, you whimpered causing him to smirk even more.

               “What is the matter, my pet?”

               You tried not to let out a moan but you couldn’t help it. “I need your touch, my king.” You knew he loved it when you called him that.

               “I was touching you my queen.” He started to undress himself, at least his top half. He crawled onto the bed, settling himself between your legs. He ran both hands up the sides of your legs, bypassing where you wanted him most. His hands continued up your sides, cupping your breasts in each hand. Kneading them, twisting each nipple between his index and thumb causing them to harden as well as make you moan loudly. “Is this how you want me to touch you, my pet?”

               You moaned your answer as he latched his lips around one of your harden nipples. You had the ability to make your restraints vanish but you knew if you did, Loki would not touch you for at least a week or until he thought you learned your lesson. As he sucked and nibbled on your nipples, he kept his body off of yours keeping you from seeking out any kind of relief.

               “Please, my love, I need you to touch me more.” You were able to get out in between moans and whimpers.

               He released your nipple with a wet pop. He leaned down close to your ear, nibbled lightly. “Do you really want me? Do you really need me to touch you more?” You managed a breathy yes as he continued the torment on your nipples as well as nibbling on your earlobe. “You will get what you want once I get what I want right now.” His hands stopped their motions as one of them waved above your head releasing you from the cuffs. He grabbed you by your hair causing you to moan lightly again at the roughness Loki was showing. He sat back on his heels as he made his pants disappear causing his extremely hard erection to fall against his flat muscular stomach.

               You got up from your spot and got on all fours in front of the god in front of you. He leaned back a little, silently giving you permission to continue. You reached out with one hand, gripping the base of his cock as pre-cum leaked from its slit. You lightly licked the head of his dick before taking him into your mouth. Relaxing your throat, you took him all the way in knowing he loved knowing you could take all of him in your mouth. You hummed around him as he tangled his hands into your hair.

               He pulled almost all the way out before pushing back in, fucking your mouth as he held onto your head. He continued a quick pace, your hollowed out your cheeks and shallowed around him causing him to moan and grunt loudly. You loved being the cause of the sounds he makes, they made you that much wetter that much more ready for him. It didn’t take long for the god to come undone in front of you. The grip on your hair became tighter causing you to reach up and started to massage his balls causing him to cum down your throat with a shout.

               You sat back on your heels after helping him down from his high. You wiped the back of your hand across your mouth then licking cum off the back of it. Loki looked down at you before crawling over you, causing you to lay back down on the bed. He ran his hands up your sides again, up your arms causing them to move above your head once more. The restraints appeared again, causing you to whimper lightly.

               “Really my love?” You looked up at him, pleading to him. You wanted to touch him like he had you.

               “No my pet. I don’t think you have learned not to flirt with any other men.” His eyes almost glowed in the light that came in from the window.

               Without warning, Loki attached his lips to your neck right at that sweet spot that made you melt. You moaned in response, arching your back so your chest could touch his. He started to kiss, suck and bite his way down your neck and chest. He was making his way down to where you had been wanting him. His lips made contact with your hip, making you whimper. You could feel him smirk against your skin, he had you right where he wanted you.

               He ran a single finger up through your wet folds, causing you to gasp at the sensation. “Is this where you want me my pet?” He voice was husky due to lust, your wet core becoming even wetter if that was even possible.

               “Yes!” You practically screamed as his lips met your clit. You pulled at the restraints that held your hands, wanting to bury your fingers into his long raven hair. Wanting to run your nails against his scalp, showing just how much you absolutely love what he was doing to you. He added a single finger into your soaked center as his lips continued to suck, lick and bite at your clit. The sounds you were making kept getting louder. Without so much of a sign, he added two more fingers to the first making you moan loud.

               “That’s it, my pet. Take everything that I’m giving you.” He knew you were close, you were so close. He picked up his pace with his fingers, your moans filled the room and his ears.

               “Please, my king. I need to cum. Please” You begged as he looked up at you as his lips still sealed around your clit.

               He released you from his mouth. “Cum. Cum for your king. Now.” As if on que, your body started to tense up. Loki removed his fingers from your core, replacing them with his tongue. Your body was thrown over the edge and you came on a scream. He lapped up everything you offered him, helping you come down from your high.

               He crawled up your body, sealing his lips to yours. Moaning at the contact and at the taste of yourself on his lips. Your lips moved in sync together. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he slide a hand down your side, down to your ass and kneading it with his long fingers. A soft moan escaped your lips, allowing him to slide his tongue into your mouth. Exploring every inch of your mouth as you kissed.

               He reached down with his other hand, took a hold of his harden length and lined himself at your entrance. He took his time pushing into you, which caused both of you to moan at the sensation. He was able to get half way into you before he decided to shove the rest of his length into you causing you to scream in pleasure. He kept up a pace, pulling almost all the way out and slamming back in.

               Your screaming moans, a slew of profanities, and skin slapping skin filled the room, possibly the halls of the palace. Loki kept his pace strong, grunts and moans fell from his lips as his head buried itself into your shoulder. The restraints that held your hands disappeared once again, allowing you to rest your hands on Loki’s forearms as he fucked into you. He angled his hips perfectly to hit your sweet spot with ever thrust, throwing you closer to your second orgasm.

               Loki knew you were holding back your second orgasm. He snaked a hand in between your bodies, applying pressure to your clit. “Cum for me, my queen.” After a few more thrusts, you came undone under Loki. This orgasm was more intense than the last one, causing you to cum on a silent scream. Your body shivered under his as he was closing in on his own release. After a handful of hard thrusts later, his release came. Shooting his hot load into you, causing a third yet smaller orgasm from you. Your name fell from his lips as he stilled inside of you.

               He collapsed on top of you, not caring about his weight on you. Waiting a few moments, he pulled out and rolled off you. He pulled you into his chest, kissing the top of your head affectionately.

               “I will always be yours, Loki. No man in this realm or any other can change that. You will forever by my King.” You placed a kiss on his chest, as your arms wrapped around his waist.

               “I know, my queen. I never like the guards openly flirting with you. You are mine and they will learn the hard way not to mess with what is mine.” He pulled you in tighter, holding on to you like his life depended on it. He reached for your wrists, looking at them seeing how the cuffs almost cut into your skin. He kissed each one before placing them where they once were. “I love you, (Y/n).”

               “And I love you Loki.”


Marilyn Manson - Luchbox


Originally posted by lunasterys

This request was a bit of a challenge because I’m new to writing violence and intimacy, but I enjoyed it all the same. For clarification, things do get steamy, but I wouldn’t classify it as smut. I’m worried that this is low quality and that the pacing may be poor so I’d love any criticism or feedback so I can continue to improve.

The poster requested a Michael x Reader fic in which Michael finds himself in a bit of a bind after getting caught up in the illegal side of the business and runs to the Reader’s house for medical attention and support. As best friends she cares for him and things heat up. 

Michael x Reader

Warnings: mild violence 

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