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I’ve been wanting to draw @papabay ‘s NejiTen girl Keiko soo uh, i drew some Next Gen peeps.

Chan Ji has a habit of just…picking people up like they weigh nothing when she gets excited. it, uh, takes a while to get used to (and Metal’s very excited for the day he gets that confident strong)

Silver for Monsters

Series: Fairy Tail/Witcher AU

Pairing: Gajevy

Summary/Key:  (This is a huge oversimplification so anyone not familiar with the franchise can understand the references enough to enjoy the story, I hope!) Story starts in a Province called Velen.  Velen is primarily swampland, often called No Man’s Land, it is filled with death and the leftovers of war.  The land is embroiled in a war between the Nilfgaardians(The Black Ones) and the Redanians(Led by King Radovid).  Under Radovid’s rule and in his controlled territories, non-humans and mages are hunted and burned at the stake by witch hunters, and possession of magical paraphernalia is a crime.  Novigrad and Oxenfurt are the names other large cities.  Witchers are technically non-human though once were.  They are created, given mutations that enhance all their senses and abilities, allow them to use “signs,” give them long lives, and yellow, cat-like eyes.  Their purpose and livelihoods are to hunt monsters and complete contracts for money, but do not take sides in politics.  The Lodge, or Lodge of Sorceresses, was initially a secret organization of all female mages formed during the political climate that had turned against nonhumans and mages.  It essentially collapsed when most of the sorceresses needed to go into hiding or were captured. All monsters named in this AU are all ones that exist in the game.


Good folk,

It is with great urgency that I write this contract, beseeching the help of any capable.  A beast lurks in our woods, to which I believe we can attribute the disappearances of multiple citizens.  I can no longer enter the wood to gather ingredients necessary for medicine.  It threatens our lives and our livelihood.  We are in grave need of a Witcher.  To any this concerns, please seek the healer’s hut in Midcopse.

A gloved hand pulled the paper off the noticeboard, yellow eyes scanning over the ink.  Briefly, he pulled the paper close and sniffed.  Lavender.  Typical.

The tall, broad man stuffed the contract into the pouch at his side and glanced at the sky, gauging what time it was and what time he would arrive at Midcopse if he left now.  It was early morning, barring any interruptions he could be there by mid afternoon at a healthy trot.  If he was lucky, he could have a trophy, a reward, and a hot dinner before nightfall.

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Request: omg can you do a fic where hux is away from some trip or something and you’re like a high ranked officer and kylo talks to you lots bc he likes you and respects you but one night kylo steals hux’s cat bc he’s mad at him (as always) and the reader finds the cat and then kylo is like running down the halls in his sleepwear and no mask and finds millicent with the reader and he’s like wtf this is so cute and you’re like who are you to kylo and he’s like uhhhhh what other 6ft person do you know

A/N: Hello and thank you for the request! I’m amazed at how fast I was able to get this one done when usually it takes me a bit to do requests…I guess since this one was pretty length (the request) it narrowed it for me and made it a bit easier. Anyways, enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 2.4K+

There was nothing like being in control–although it was temporary due to the fact the general was off on a trip–you enjoyed that everyone had to answer to you. Being the second highest in rank, Hux took it in himself to make you take over his position for the time being. Although it was a bit hectic and quite tiring, you didn’t mind. It kept you on your feet and everyone respected you; though they already had, it was hard not to like you. Unlike the commander and general, your personality wasn’t too strong of a quality.

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anonymous asked:

Good luck with your blog! Could I ask for a scenario of tfp optimus, wheeljack, and ratchet reacting to their human s/o trying to speak with them in sign language since they're mute?

Scenarios are closed, but I can write headcanon-type things!

Optimus Prime

- At first, he’s definitely confused as to what you’re doing with your hands. It takes him a second until it kicks in.

- He does his best to translate with it. He’s definitely learned sign language; he knows plenty of languages from all across Earth. It’s just a bit more difficult for him due to how fluent you are.

- Once he’s able to translate, he does his best to keep up conversation with you as if nothing were different. You definitely appreciate it.

- As you and him talk more, he becomes more fluent in what you’re saying to him. He keeps up with your hand movements better and is able to understand humor; well, to an extent. This is Optimus, we’re talking about.


- What the fuck??? 

- Doesn’t understand at all. He barely got his uncaring wrecker ass to learn English. So when his little human charge starts moving their hands in a weird way, he’s not sure what to do.

- Until you teach him how to speak sign language, it’s better to either lip sync or write things out for him.

- Will definitely call you his “handy human” to make you smile. Mute or not, you’re still an absolute ball of sunshine and he adores you.


- He’s probably the one who understands most. When you start hesitantly signing to him, he raises a metal brow at you and goes “You don’t have to sign so slow. I may be an old bot, but I know my languages.”

- Can easily keep up conversations with you. Laughs at any snark you give him through signing; that’s his human!

- He’ll act as the Rafael to your Bumblebee. He translates what you sign for any bots who don’t understand sign language, and the humans(because the only one who gets some sign language is Rafael). He purposely mis-translates sometimes, laughing at you when you swat at him. 

Can Metal please not be a carbon copy of Bushy Brows? We’ve already seen that story arc with Lee and Guy. I think it would be interesting if Metal found his own fashion and fighting style instead. Then there could be an arch where Lee has to come to terms with the fact that his son doesn’t idolize him the same way he had with Guy. On top of that, it could help with character develop in the sense that Metal would break out of his shell a little bit and come into his own. Might even help with his anxiety!