metallic alloy


Their body jewelry is poorly cut and is known to have jagged edges that will hurt you. They are known for using poor quality metal, and often their metal alloys contain lead. Worst of all, their jewelry is not properly sanitized and is known to cause infections. 

A lot of professional piercers warn their clients against buying body jewelry from Hot Topic. This is a warning for everyone who was not told that. Please spread this. 

Culinary History (Part 15): European Table Knives

The practice of carrying your own knife around to use as both weapon and eating utensil began to disappear in the 1600’s.  First, knives started to be laid out on the table, along with forks (which were new).  Cases of identical knives were being sold, instead of personal, individual ones.

Second, knives stopped being sharp, thus taking power away from them physically, not just personally.  The purpose of a knife is to cut, and for a civilization to deliberately make knives blunter is because of extreme politeness (or passive-aggressiveness).

As the story goes, in 1637 Cardinal Richelieu (Louis XIII’s chief advisor) saw a dinner guest using the tip of a double-edged knife to pick his teeth.  The cardinal was horrified, and ordered all his own knives to be blunted.  It’s not known whether he was horrified at the guest’s manners, or the danger.  In 1669, Louis XIV forbade French cutlers to make pointed dinner-knives.  They used to be sharpened on both sides (like a dagger), but now this changed.

At this time, culture was undergoing some dramatic changes.  The Catholic Church was no longer as unified as it had been, and the chivalric codes of behaviour were long gone.  Things that were once normal now disgusted people – drinking soup straight from the bowl; using the fingers to take meat from a common dish; using a single, sharp knife to cut everything.  Table manners and table utensils were changing, and the Europeans, like the Chinese, began to distrust sharp knives at table.  But unlike the Chinese, they kept them at the table, blunted and less threatening.

In France, knives were often kept off the table in general (except for certain tasks such as peeling/cutting fruit, which personal knives were still used for as always).

But in England, knives stayed on the table and became blunter.  Table knives from the 1500’s and 1600’s look like miniature kitchen knives, with various blade shapes, from dagger-like to pen-knife, even scimitar-like.  The blade could be double-edged or single-edged.

Knives from the 1700’s are completely different.  The blade often curves gently to the right, ending in a rounded tip.

The way to hold a knife also changed.  Sharp knives were held with the whole hand, in a stabbing pose.  Blunt knives were held like we do now – with the index finger along the spine, and the palm wrapped around the handle.

The blunting of table knives, and the consequent new way to hold them, is why many people have bad knife skills in the kitchen. Holding a kitchen knife like that is actually dangerous – you should strongly grip the bottom of the blade between thumb and forefinger.

So the English in the 1700’s sat at table with their pretty, useless little table knives, trying to avoid any gesture that could suggest violence.  By the late 1700’s, the Sheffield table knives were really just about display – in high London society, people laid them out on the table to show off the host’s taste and wealth.  They were beautiful objects, but that was about it.

Carrying a knife with you was very bad manners, now.  In 1769, an Italian man called Joseph Baretti was charged for stabbing a man in self-defence in London, with a small folding fruit-knife.  Baretti defended himself by saying that on the Continent, it was normal to carry a sharp knife around for cutting fruit and sweetmeats.  A century ago, he wouldn’t have had to explain this.

The Sheffield cutlers used carbon steel for table knives, which was a better metal for forging than previous metals used.  But for taste, it was dreadful.  Non-stainless steel reacts badly with acid, turning black, and giving a gross metallic taste/aftertaste to the food. This is why even today, the French consider it bad manners to cut salad leaves – vinaigrette in particular reacted badly.

And fish.  For centuries, people had eaten fish with lemon – but until stainless steel was invented in the 1920’s, lemony fish would be ruined if you ate it with a knife.  In the 1800’s, silver fish knives were invented – silver is non-corrosive and doesn’t react with lemon juice.  Of course only the rich could afford them.  They had a scalloped shape, originally to distinguish them in the cutlery drawer, and because fish was soft and didn’t need strong/sharp cutting.  If you didn’t have silver fish knives, then you’d use two forks, or a fork & piece of bread – or put up with the gross taste.

Stainless steel is also called inox steel, or non-rusting steel.  It is a metal alloy with a high chromium content.  What happens is that the chromium forms an invisible layer of chromium oxide when exposed to the air.  This stops the knives from rusting, and keeps them lustrous.

In 1908, Friedrich Krupp built a 366-tonne yacht called Germania with a chrome steel hull.  Before WW1, Harry Brearley (of Thomas Firth and Sons, in Sheffield) was trying to find a metal for gun barrels that wouldn’t corrode.  This led to stainless steel cutlery.

At first, stainless steel was hard to work in all except the simplest of cutlery patterns.  But WW2’s industrial innovations meant that stainless steel knives could now be made cheaply and efficiently, in the shapes people wanted.

endragoneel  asked:

your evolution au is super cool! do you have anymore random headcannons about it? :o

I have lots, thank you for asking~! 

Evolution AU Headcanons: 

  1. This AU is set about 3 years from where the show takes place. 
  2. Lance’s species is unnamed so I’m calling them Me’revids.
  3. Lance cannot eat beef or pork (not that they have much of it in space). 
  4. Keith’s tail is almost fully prehensile and if necessary he can use it to grip things with it. 
  5. Keith’s ears are so sensitive no one can whisper without him hearing. It takes weeks for him to get used to the noises so he can get proper sleep.
  6. Shiro doesn’t need to sleep but he does so out of routine.
  7. Hunk has to run every morning as fast and as hard as he can or he gets naturally restless. 
  8. Hunk’s hooves are very expressive, if he is angry he’ll stomp, if he’s nervous he’ll plod the ground, and if he’s excited he’ll jump and clop quickly. 
  9. Hunk can lift 5xs what he could as a human. 
  10. Shiro’s species are known only as Void Walkers and are made entirely of energy. His species is highly sought after by the Galra Elite, but it’s impossible to contain him.
  11. Zarkon is directly responsible for the release of the virus which evolved the paladins- he intended to kill them, not knowing humans would react differently. 
  12. The virus which caused the evolution was considered a plague for Alteans which devastated their people thousands of years ago, but when the vaccine was found, it was considered non-threatening. Allura was terrified to learn the paladins had been exposed to it because she assumed that as humans they might die. 
  13. It took a week for them to change- Lance was first, then Pidge, Keith, Hunk and Shiro.
  14. Keith can read people’s emotions by how they smell. 
  15. It took a lot of meditating before Shiro could calm his mind from the thoughts of everyone freaking out.
  16. The Evolution AU is a completely multishipping AU. Typically I draw Hance, Klunk, Heith, and Sheith, but everyone loves everyone, Pidge is asexual, and Coran is genuinely pleased for everyone. 
  17. Pidge talks to the Castle and Allura is a little jealous of this. If Allura is not around to pilot the Castle, Pidge can. 
  18. Lance’s gills are in his ribcage. His mouth is purely for eating and he can unhinge his jaw. He has an organ in the back of his nose which allows for both smell and echolocation. Because of this, when he laughs sometimes you hear little clicks. 
  19. Keith has pink paw pads on his feet and his hands. 
  20. In this AU Galra connect through scent and share memories through forehead touches. 
  21. Hunk has two ribcages; his primary lungs are in his horse chest, his heart and secondary lungs (backups for extra oxygen during heavy running) are in his human chest. Because of this he typically doesn’t appear to breathe from his human chest unless he’s exercising. 
  22. Keith can’t sweat; he pants. It’s really annoying. 
  23. Lance has to lotion a lot when outside of the water or his skin cracks. 
  24. Keith really likes to brush Hunk’s hair, fur and tail; Hunk really likes having himself brushed since he can’t reach himself. 
  25. Pidge’s bones are made of a self-repairing sentient metal. Every part of her body is capable of self diagnostics and she even grows her own cells that are made of living metal alloys. She is a scientific enigma to Coran and Hunk, but she’s loving every second of it. 
  26. Pidge can alter her voice to sound like anyone so long as she has heard them enough to picture them in her mind.
  27. The moment Zarkon finds out that Keith is Galra (and more amazingly has a tail, which is considered a mark of high breeding) he sets out to catch him which is why Lotor kidnaps Lance to use as bait (and also to flirt).


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“Beings Are Visiting Us From Other Dimensions” – Confirms The FBI

Back in 2011 after there were some important documents which had been “declassified” a report written by a special agent of the FBI in 1947 reached the public. This particular FBI special agent, who was a lieutenant colonel whose identity has remained anonymous because of “national security” had gathered numerous amounts of data on the UFO phenomena after interviewing and studying the phenomena for many years.

Key Points of the Transcript

1. Part of the disks carry crews, others are under remote control

2. Their mission is peaceful. The visitors contemplate settling on this plane

3. These visitors are human-like but much larger in size

4. They are not excarnate Earth people, but come from their own world

5. They do NOT come from a planet as we use the word, but from an etheric planet which interpenetrates with our own and is not perceptible to us

6. The bodies of the visitors, and the craft, automatically materialize on entering the vibratory rate of our dense matter

7. The disks possess a type of radiant energy or a ray, which will easily disintegrate any attacking ship. They reenter the etheric at will, and so simply disappear from our vision, without trace

8. The region from which they come is not the “astral plane”, but corresponds to the Lokas or Talas. Students of esoteric matters will understand these terms.

9. They probably can not be reached by radio, but probably can be by radar. if a signal system can be devised for that (apparatus)

Addendum: The Lokas are oval shape, fluted length oval with a heat-resistaning metal or alloy not yet known the front cage contains the controls, the middle portion a laboratory; the rear contains armament, which consists essentially of a powerful energy apparatus, perhaps a ray.

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what metals are tiaras made of nowadays?

Tiaras like other jewellery are made from precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum.  These metals are used because they are less reactive but they are also more expensive.  The metals used in tiara making (and most other things) are not 100% pure instead the main metal is alloyed with others to improve the strength, durability, malleability, luster, or resistance to corrosion.  Also you asked for “nowadays” so all of the tiaras seen here except for one have been made in this millennium.

Gold is probably the most used metal for tiaras.  It’s typically but not always used in combination with silver.  The diamonds would be set in silver and any other gemstone in gold.  Overwhelmingly the tiaras covered here on Tiara Mania are set with both gold and silver but it can also be combined with platinum or white gold or sometimes just used by itself.  I’ve seen people say before that there are not very many gold tiaras anymore but just because it’s not in your face yellow gold doesn’t mean it’s not there.  Skilled jewellers can set gemstones in a way that very little of the metal is showing but sometimes they use the metal as an important part of the design and not just as something to hold the gemstones like in Joanna Newsom’s Opal Tiara.

Silver is the longest used of the white metals here.  It’s cheaper than the other metals but it also easily tarnishes.  I think the only recent tiara I’ve covered here that is made of silver only is Princess Marie of Denmark’s Amethyst Lily Tiara but if you look outside of the world of royals you’re more likely to find tiaras made of just silver.  Axenoff is a jeweller that is making great tiaras using silver and semi-precious gemstones meaning they’re cheaper though still above my price range.

Platinum became popular in the early 1900s and continues to be popular to this day so I was surprised to find that the most recent tiara made of platinum that I’ve covered was made in 1976.  It’s a Diamond Tiara made by Van Cleef & Arpels that has been loaned out to several royals including Princess Grace of Monaco.  Platinum is stronger and heavier than gold and silver meaning it is more durable but it also means that it is more difficult for a jeweller to work with.  In addition to the extra cost of craftmanship needed, the price of the platinum itself is more expensive than the other metals here meaning a very expensive tiara. 

White Gold which is an alloy of regular yellow gold and a white metal like nickel but can include several other metals like silver, palladium, or manganese maybe even with some copper or zinc.  The whole thing is then plated in rhodium for added strength and whiteness.  Out of the 356 tiaras I’ve covered there are only ten of them that I know for sure use white gold.  That doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of white gold tiaras out there, they’re just not royal ones.  As white gold has become more popular, royals have come under more scrutiny for their spending on jewels so they buy less tiaras then they used to.  But jewellers are still making plenty of tiaras for non-royals who have the money to buy expensive jewellery and are not in the public eye.  Which sadly for us means we don’t get to see all of the new white gold tiaras being made.  Queen Letizia of Spain’s Fleur de Lys Tiara is one of the few new royal tiaras and it is made of white gold.

Unless the jeweller makes it known which metal was used, it’s usually impossible for us to tell the various white metals apart from each other.  Understandably, the gemstones are considered more interesting so sometimes the jeweller will release information about the gemstones and forget about the metal.  For example, when Van Cleef & Arpels made the Ocean Tiara for Princess Charlene of Monaco in 2011, they released all sorts of information about the gemstones but nothing about the metal.  It’s clearly a white metal we just don’t know which one.

Personally I like it when jewellers experiment with metals like Crown Princess Mary of Denmark’s Midnight Tiara which uses rose gold, white gold, and black oxidized silver.

Or Boucheron’s Emerald Ivy Tiara which is made with black gold and has been worn by Queen Rania of Jordan and Dita von Teese.

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What's your opinion on the ShinMaywa US-2?

As one of the very few flying boats still in production, and among the even rarer large flying boats, I think it’s wonderful this kind of aircraft is still in production as of 2017, as it was with the flying boat that the first golden age of aviation began, during the interwar period. 

And I just love that she’s a T-tailed design, a nice modern touch to such age-old concept, given that back in those days such configuration was impossible, as no metal alloy was available that could withstand the forced a T-tail is subjected to. 

Japan, China, Canada, Russia, and very recently, Germany, are the only countries still producing proper flying boats, and while their numbers are minimal compared to conventional aircraft, nevertheless, the fact that the era of these ladies, masters of both the sky and the high seas, never really ended, always makes me smile!  

Why Polish orthography is important? #2

Originally posted by surepure

  • lud m - people, nation
  • lód m - ice; ice cream
  • lut m - solder (a fusible metal alloy)

Here we’ve got two things - final devoicing and letters u/ó. Final devoicing is when voiced obstruents at the end of a word become voiceless. In words like lud / lód / lut [d] and [t] are pronounced as [t].

What’s about u/ó? The pronunciation of these letters is the same. Why Polish decided to complicate our spelling so much? right now ó represents [u] but long time ago it was pronounced as a long [o] (so called vowel length - modern Polish doesn’t use it). Later on it evolved into short [u], thought in some places in Poland you can still hear ó as [o]. 

If you want to know more about u/ó, check THIS video.

Lud robotniczy wszczął bunt.
Working people started a revolution.

Lód się topi!
Ice is melting!

Lut jest używany w elektronice.
Solder is used in electronics.


It’s DaRMA! Originally the Logic Core (the cake core) but repurposed significantly to be a manager of the maintenance and disassembly of Aperture’s hazardous materials and locales. She can float! Being filled with lighter than air gases and made of light metal alloys, she appears to swim and bounce along the superstructures of Aperture. Her design was conceptualized by the Military Android department, her model function being either to service an open air facility like Aperture or attend to facilities beneath the waves.
Her personality core is a hippie and a marginal cook, but enjoys doing it even if its no longer a directive for her. She was purportedly part of the Genetic Life-form program.

Future, Meet Past

Day One fic for the Empty Child/Doctor Dances anniversary celebration! By Clare Hope, aka Admin Ianto at We-Are-Torchwood


That sounded like Owen. Why was Owen groaning? Wasn’t it night? Night was usually when Gwen was asleep.

“Owen? Gwen? Are you there?”

And that was Ianto. What was going on? Gwen sat up and rubbed her eyes.

“Gwen, you’re awake. Look, we’re in this room. I can’t find any doors or weaknesses in the walls,” Ianto said. The only light was coming from a small torch that he was carrying. “You and Owen have been out for about 20 minutes.”

“Where are we? How did we get here?” Gwen groaned.

“Well, we were investigating Rift activity, so I’m guessing the Rift brought us here.” Ianto tapped the wall. “It seems to be some sort of high-strength metal alloy.”

Gwen crawled over to Owen and shook him roughly. “Wake up. We’re trapped.”

“Great. You know, I think I’m gonna stay asleep,” he mumbled.

“What’s that noise?” Ianto said suddenly.

Gwen knew that noise. So did Ianto, though he would prefer not to remember it. It was the whirring, wheezing sound of one space-time ship that had once whisked Jack away from them for three months. Their best guess as to the occupant of the ship was whoever Jack’s “doctor” that he kept referring to was, but they didn’t know for sure.

“What the hell is going on?” Owen snapped.

There was a thud, and another, higher pitched whirring. Part of the wall swung inwards, almost hitting Ianto in the face. “Hey!” he cried.

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Date a girl that shall send to the moon, 240,000 miles away from the control station in Houston, a giant rocket more than 300 feet tall, the length of this football field, made of new metal alloys, some of which have not yet been invented, capable of standing heat and stresses several times more than have ever been experienced, fitted together with a precision better than the finest watch, carrying all the equipment needed for propulsion, guidance, control, communications, food and survival.


The European explorer, Christopher Columbus, even made mention of the African presence in the Americas in his logs.  Columbus stated that the purpose of his third voyage was to test the claims of King John the second of Portugal, that “canoes had been found which set out from the coast of West Africa and sailed to the Americas”.  Columbus also stated he heard claims of the native inhabitants of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, that black people had come from the southeast who were trading with spears that were made of a gold metal alloy developed in west Africa.  Columbus’s son, Ferdinand, said his father told him that he had seen black people north of what is now Honduras. The scholarly art historian, Count Alexander Von Wuthenau, also discusses fourteenth century carvings and sculptures that were found in the Americas which show women and men wearing turbans, clearly African with tribal marks cut on their cheeks, indicating that the people came from Mali.

Adapted From “They Came Before Columbus” Chapter 3, The Mariner Prince of Mali, page 39-50, by Ivan Van Sertima.

Welcome Back

Fandom: James Bond’s movies

Summary: Based on an imagine: “Imagine Q complaining about you breaking equipment while you were on mission, but secretly being relieved that you had returned unharmed” by @scribblesandimaginings


Originally posted by fy00q

The day was quite peaceful for the most part. The lab Q was given, allowed him to have a decent level of privacy and the location on one of the less frequented levels provided a small amount of unwanted guests. That was one of the better aspects of the forced moving out from the old quarters when they got destroyed. His previous work place was bigger, but also more… crowded. And noisy. Without people, Q was able to work faster and more efficiently, not to mention the sheer pleasure of creating things in blissful silence.

At least most of the time.

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mchanzo insp prompt : laziness

It begins as a dull throb in the back of his head before working it’s way outwards, pressing against the edges of his skull, begging to be let out; the promise of a migraine at the archer’s peripheral, the edges of light caught in his eyes beginning to tint with an array of colors, as his throat grows wet and his body begins to shake- pathetic, useless, without worth. He presses his body against cold concrete, brings a palm up to his lips against his own desires, and feels a rush of bile flow freely from mouth to hand- he provides a disgusted sneer, tries hard to ignore the dark burgundy that smells too much like metal alloys and death, flicks it away with a growing distaste as he tries to focus his vision once more on to the battlefield.

The cowboy barks something or another at him through the com and he’s already on it before he can really even process the man’s words, drawing back upon his bowstring despite the growing protests of his body- the pleading ache from within his core to stop- releases three arrows in rapid succession; each dispatching their target with practiced ease, he feels his lips quirk up in spite of the pounding sensation making it’s home between his temples barely registering McCree’s gratitudes beyond that of a muffled hum.

He prays for a lull in the fight so that the fuzziness within his sight may fade or the growing nausea might subside, then quickly crushes said desire beneath his metaphorical heel, appalled that he would think something so selfish and juvenile; he can swear that in the fog of his mind he can hear his mentor’s voice, rightfully demeaning him, slurs rattling within the cage of his mind- feeble, expendable, broken. Hanzo stands, pulls back upon his bow once more, relinquishes another swell of projectiles and each pitiful whine within his body is met with familiar words in a voice he hadn’t heard in more than a decade. ‘You are not a child, get up, do it again.’ Again, again, again. He keeps pushing forward, every protest smothered almost instantly, and when their victory is proclaimed all he can feel is contempt for himself- he could’ve done more, easily, if he wasn’t so weak.

He sits down, seiza, places his weapon across his lap and allows himself to rest against his cover. He knows he cannot stay there much longer, that he needs to regroup sometime soon, but with the adrenaline slowly ebbing out of his system the overwhelming hurt begins to wash over him anew; it comes from his center but quickly works its way to the outermost parts of him, he had no doubt if he were to look at his hands they would be shaking, 'like a leaf in a hurricane’ the gunslinger would say; he huffs out something that’s a little too dry to call a laugh, lets his shoulders go lax and puts most of his weight upon the concrete backing rather than the sharp edges of his prosthetics.

 He steadies his fingers long enough to tug at the end of his ribbon- dragging the fabric from his hair -sighs softly as the steady pressure of the tie falls away offering a brief relief from the twinges of pain raking his head inside and out. “Shimada-san!” A short-lived reprieve. “I know your ass is up there! C'mon now, we won, stop broodin’ for a moment will ya?" 

The noise the archer made was rather undignified for a man of his supposed caliber, weary and too similar to a child’s whine, as he forced himself to sit straight along with pivot the upper portion of his body towards the gaudy cowboy. He hesitates and the archer wonders idly if perhaps he looks as awful as he feels, can only discern it through the flightiness of his vision and how the corner of his lips keep trembling every time he tries to school it into a harder scowl; the wind shifts strands of freed hair across the shorter’s face and it’s with the subtle shift of Jesse’s attention that he realizes what exactly caught the younger’s attention, calloused fingers brush back the few locks that threaten to fall between pale lips, dark eyes scrunching in amusement. "We- ah- need to get back to the shuttle, anyways, so ya gotta come down.”

“Very well.” Hanzo doesn’t bother hiding the playfulness within his tone, he suspects that McCree knows he was caught anyway, and focuses on securing his bow upon his shoulder. The presence of someone else forces all thoughts of lingering pain away but he can’t help but sway as he stands and falter upon to edge of the rooftop, he steps off it, feels gravity take hold- dragging him down, down, down -until metal meets ground and jolts him hard enough that he can’t help but stumble. The cowboy’s there in an instant, gaze flickering about his teammate’s personnel, and he’s uttering something or another about having more tact than that followed by a distressed 'holy shit, you look fucking awful.’

The archer jerks out of the other’s grasp, tries shouldering pass, takes three wavering steps before the scene around him starts to swirl only to disappear completely with the resounding crack of a person’s head upon stone. He could probably force himself back up, if he truly wanted to, but between the warmth that comes from the blood seeping out of his skull and the arms of someone trying to lift a wounded body without damaging it further he can’t seem to will himself; he let’s his head lull forward, presses his nose into the solidness of a shoulder as his legs slot against the cowboy’s waist, ignores the way Jesse’s breath hitches or the feeling of hands beneath his thighs- too tired to feel shame in being carried like a child, too tired to feel the bubbling upset within himself at the intimacy, too tired to pay mind to a quiet voice in the back of his mind calling him a lazy whelp.

Open indefinitely for McHanzo Prompts! Send them in.

Gene Rating

God tier: Cherub, Falcon, Giraffe, Poison, Ripple, Skink, Current, Hex, Peregrine, Spinner, Toxin, Okapi, Opal, Thylacine
Good tier: Bar, Jupiter, Vipera, Butterfly, Saturn, Circuit, Contour, Lace, Runes, Stained
Alright tier: Clown, Petals, Piebald, Daub, Eye Spots, Paint, Crackle
“I prefer it over genes I can’t stand” tier: Crystal, Iridescent, Facet, Shimmer, Glimmer, Smoke, Spines, Underbelly
“There’s a total of two instances where I have liked it” tier: Speckle, Freckle, Hypnotic, Seraph, Stripes, Gembond
Garbage tier: Metallic, Tiger, Alloy, Scales

Okay so, as I am free this week, I will be opening up three commission slots for busts, similar to the busts pictured below. 

They would be $15 USD each or 1500 gems. I’m also looking for these genes (opal, alloy, metallic, and petals), and would be willing to take those as payment too. If you are interested, please send me a message over FR (I am Mundanli on FR)

  • Slot 1-Battle
  • Slot 2-Ro
  • Slot 3-Diver
Metalwork - Omake


This takes place between Gajeel and Natsu’s conversation, and Natsu’s nightmare in chapter two.


A/N: Okay, Anon. What you sent really made me think of this fic of mine, so I added an omake chapter. Sorry it took so long…writing this AU of mine is rough. Especially this chapter. 

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: NaLu

Rating: T - adult themes, PTSD from sexual assault

Summary: Still recovering from a bad relationship, Lucy struggles with returning a white scaled scarf to its owner—the pink-haired man always running around her apartment complex. A man who seems like he might be just what she needs to heal. Modern AU. NaLu. TwoShot.

Part(s):  Part 1 | Part 2 | Omake | Omake #2 | Omake #3 | Omake #4


                                1. A metal or metallic alloy used when 
                                      melted to join metallic surfaces.

                                      2. Something that unites.

The guilt was eating at her.

He was amazing. Kind. Caring. Patient. Conscientious of her reactions to him. Sensitive to her state of mind, and beyond understanding of her boundaries it was almost annoying. But it showed that he cared, and every day she was more comfortable than the last.

But she would get flashes.

When he’d hug her, she’d have a flash of him groping her hips. When he’d kiss her, she’d remember him hovering over her. Sweaty. Rough.

And she hated it.

She hated it, because Natsu was nothing like him. She hated how she couldn’t seem to keep a wrap on her memories and she hated how it was affecting him. His touch sometimes made her flinch, and she could see how it stung him—even though he knew why she did and he hadn’t done anything wrong.

It had been almost two years since they’d split, and those flashes were still there. They wouldn’t cause her to panic now like they had in the past, but her heart would race a bit and she’d need to remind herself he was gone.


The blonde turned from her spot at the window to Erik.

He was casual today with a slightly open button-down shirt, cuffs rolled up. He’d foregone a tie and his hair was more wayward than usual. It was comforting.

“You haven’t said anything yet.”

Lucy blinked, looking up at the clock, realizing that she had indeed been staring out the window for twenty minutes, lost in thought. She shook her head and wandered over to the couch, sitting down.

“You haven’t been back much since Natsu was here,” he regarded her with a soft expression, “are you still okay with talking to me?”

The blonde blinked, “Of course! That’s not the issue!”

The violet-haired man eyed her curiously, waiting.

Lucy bit her lower lip, bringing up her knees to hug them to her chest. She didn’t want to tell him, but knew she had to. She shouldn’t be thinking this way. She had an amazing man in her life who was everything she’d ever wanted, yet her head refused to let her forget.

It was a few more moments before she looked back to Erik.

“I get flashes when Natsu and I are together…” she said softly, averting her gaze from his once again, “and it’s killing me.”

There was a pause before Lucy heard his pen scratching against the paper. “Is he doing anything that—”

“No!” the blonde snapped back to look at Erik and shook her head furiously, “Not at all! That’s why I feel so guilty.”

Erik cocked his head to one side, “Why guilty?”

Lucy sighed, “Because he’s amazing, and I shouldn’t be thinking about…him. Natsu is nothing like him and I don’t know why…” her voice cracked. “I just feel so bad.”

She watched as her shrink set down his notepad and pen, and rested his elbows on his knees, leaning towards her. “Lucy, you have nothing to feel guilty about.”

Tears pricked the backs of her eyes as she curled more into herself, “But…”

Through the haze of her watery eyes, she could see him smile. “You are perfectly normal. Don’t feel guilty about this. These memories are vivid, they’re still fresh. It’s okay for them to pop up once in awhile. It’s normal. Especially with what you’ve been through.”

Her vision cleared as the saltwater cleared from her eyes, warming her cheeks and soaking into where her chin met the fabric of her jeans.

“Lucy…” Erik’s voice was soft, “have you talked to Natsu about this?”

She shook her head, “I’m scared to.”


“I just…” she trailed off, voice lowering to a near whisper, “…I don’t want him to think he’s done anything wrong or that I’m thinking of someone else when we…”

A small smile pulled at the corners of Erik’s mouth.

“You and I both know he won’t think that.”

Lucy took a deep breath and let it out slowly, pressing a hand over the pounding thrum in her chest. Logically she knew that. Her heart just decided not to catch up to her head for some stupid reason.

“It’s just, Natsu’ll hold me…but then it’s not him anymore. Suddenly I’m back in his hands, I’m stuck in his room, in that house. In that relationship. I’m back there and I panic even though I know it’s over and…” she swallowed thickly.


The blonde’s eyes darted over to her shrink.

“Do you trust me?” he asked, relaxing back into the cushions of his chair. There was something smug about his body language and Lucy’s eyes narrowed.

“Yeeeah…” she drawled, eyebrow raised, “why?”

“Talk to Natsu about this. Tell him.”

Lucy’s stomach plummeted and churned so quickly she felt like she might puke.

Tell Natsu?

Erik smiled at her fidgeting.

“I know Natsu, Lucy. Trust me.”

His eyes were alit with a painfully large smirk, yet held a knowing behind them that had Lucy’s anxiety fading quickly.

Tell Natsu.

Back out the window, the two birds she was staring at earlier burrowed into their little nest together. The male cardinal rubbed his cheek against his mate, resting his beak atop her head as she lay down on the bundled twigs.

“Alright,” she whispered.

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